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How Much Room Between Couch And Coffee Table

Large Dining Room Furniture Arrangement


In an oversized dining space, opt for a table that preserves open space for other uses . Add storage that will accommodate all the activities that take place in the room. When choosing chairs, select models that can also easily be brought up to the table for extra dining seating. Anchor the secondary seating areas with lamps and occasional tables. A good living room/dining room combo furniture arrangement looks natural and allows for meals and entertainment to coexist seamlessly.

For Most This Will Be Between 14 And 20 Inches

If between the sofa and the coffee table isnt used for general passage, and wont get much foot traffic, 14 inches should leave adequate leg room to seat most people without bumping their knees on the coffee table when they sit down. A distance of 20 inches will still provide a convenient surface for drinks and bits , whilst offering enough space to walk between the sofa and coffee table should you need to. With a distance of 20 inches, even the tallest, lankiest of folk should be comfortable sat on the sofa and not made to feel as if theyre flying on a budget airline. But for shorter people who very rarely entertain tall guests, this will be far too much.

The best way to measure how far a coffee table should be from the couch is to simply test it out yourself.

  • Sit down on the very edge of your seat, the closest from the edge that you can comfortably sit without falling off.
  • Now stand up.
  • If you bump into the table, youll need to push it out a bit more.
  • Now try holding a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and sit all the way back in your seat.
  • Try reaching forward to put your cup down on the coffee table.
  • Can you do this comfortably, even if you have to shuffle a little forward in your seat?
  • Maybe people will have to walk in between the sofa and the coffee table to get to their seat.
  • Ask someone to get to their seat, while you sit back in yours.
  • If theyre stepping on your toes, or bumping their legs on the table, push the table back even further.
  • If You Entertain Often

    Another time to consider a coffee table thats higher than your couch is if you have people over often. A taller coffee table is easier to reach, so if people are using it to place food and drinks, its better to have those closer with a higher coffee table.

    This also applies if you use your coffee table to eat off of since you want to have your food easily accessible. You dont want to have to keep stretching and bending down for every bite.

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    Establish The Center Point

    This isnt necessarily the middle of the room but most of the time it will be. Generally, this is where the coffee table or center table should sit. If your home has a very long, or very large living room, consider having two center points, one will be larger than the other. In this living room arrangement, the first center point is where the glass coffee table is, the second one is near the windows.

    Dimensions To Follow: Proper Furniture Spacing Basics

    Furniture Spacing Guidelines  Kelsey Lee Interiors

    Have you ever been in a home that just feels right? One where chairs pull out easily from the dining table and conversation can be made without shouting across the living room? Well there are reasons for that, and they probably have a lot to do with spacing and placement. Following a few simple guidelines will make a world of difference in the functionality of your homes layout.

    In general I believe that design rules are meant to be broken, but not when it comes to proper height and furniture spacing. When these basics are out of whack even the most delicious assortment of furnishings will seem off. Lets run down the basics

    Dining Room:

    Distance between the walls and the dining room table: Ideally, provide at least 36 between the dining table and any walls or other furniture on all sides to allow seats to slide out easily.

    Distance between a dining table and an entrance: Provide around 48 between the table and an entrance to allow people to enter and exit the room with ease.

    Vertical space between a dining chair and dining table: Chairs and chair arms should be able to slide under the table with ease. Leave about 7 between the chair arm and apron of the table.

    Area rug and dining table: A rug should span about 36 wider on all sides of a dining table to allow chairs to pull out easily without catching.

    Living Room:

    Distance between seating furniture: Aim to provide between 3.5 and 10 between seating options to help conversation flow without crowding a room.

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    Can Coffee Table Be Higher Than Couch

    The coffee table should not be higher than the couch because it will feel awkward to use for holding and getting the items over it. More so, having the coffee table elevated significantly than the sofa will look disproportionate in interior design. Instead, have the coffee table the same height as the sofa seat cushions or a maximum of four inches taller or two inches lower.

    Furniture Arrangement By Shape

    • Oval or rectangular coffee tables are best in smaller rooms or in rooms with 2 identical sofas facing each other
    • Square or round coffee tables work well with sectional sofas or large furniture groupings

    Lets look at some layouts get an idea of how the furniture can be arranged with the various shapes of coffee tables.

    My main reason in showing you these layouts is to show you scale and the distance between furniture.

    Two Sofas and a Rectangular Coffee Table

    Having a rectangular table that is a little larger is perfect for this furniture layout with sofas directly across from each other and a chair at the end.

    Everyone in the room has access to using the coffee table, so they can prop up their feet or set down a drink.

    Sectional Sofa, Two Chairs, and a Round Coffee Table

    Many people have sectional sofas and get confused by what shape table will look best.

    The best approach with a sectional sofa is to focus on tucking the coffee table into the L shaped area.

    Both a round or square table fit nicely in that space, if you have a shorter sectional like I show above.

    If the sofa part of the sectional has 3 cushions and is longer, then an oversized rectangular coffee table may be best.

    Deep Sofa, Two Deep Chairs, and a Large Square Coffee Table

    In this layout, both the sofa and chairs are really deep at 44 inches.

    Oversized furniture in larger rooms coffee tables have to be dealt with differently.

    An oversized square coffee table looks amazing in a space like this!

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    Where To Position Your Coffee Table

    Dont leave the job of arranging your living room to chance employing a few key design rules will really pay off whatever the size and shape of the space.

    Along with the sofa, the placement of your coffee table, will form the backbone of the entire look of your living room layout, not to mention the way you can use it. Positioning your coffee table, a piece of furniture which when well-chosen can become the focal point of the room, in the wrong place can make or break the way the space flows.

    What Size of Coffee Table?

    Choosing a new coffee table comes down to more than just looks size matters too. So, before you buy, there are a few insider tips to take into consideration.

    • Coffee Table Height

    Coffee tables come in all sorts of heights, but as a general rule of thumb, aim to keep the height of your coffee table pretty close to the height of your sofa give or take around four inches. This in order to allow you easy access to the table when sitting down.

    • Coffee Table to Sofa Size Ratio

    Getting this bit right will really ensure that the proportions of your living room are easy on the eye. Although there is no need to get the measuring tape out, try to ensure that your new coffee table is around half to two thirds of the size of your sofa.

    • Coffee Table Size

    The Centre Point of the Room

    Focal Point Coffee Tables

    However, choosing a coffee table as a focal point, particularly given its central position within the room, is a wise move.

    Qualities To Look For:

    How to Style a Sofa & Coffee table | Living room Decorating Ideas |3 ways Glam Squad
  • Will the top be durable?
  • Is it cleanable?
  • Does it fit with my decor?
  • This time I chose not only a beautiful coffee table, but one that was WAY more durable.

    The white lacquered top completely changed the space and I can spray it down to clean perfect!

    If you are putting the coffee table in a room that doesnt get a ton of use, then you can just think through getting one that looks good.

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    Shop the Room

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    How Do You Pick A Coffee Table For A Sectional

    Picking a coffee table for your sectional sofa means you have to consider style and functionality. The style will depend on the existing decor and general theme of the room. On the other hand, the size and shape of the coffee table are influenced by your usage of it and if it wont be intrusive for traffic in the living room.

    The coffee table and the sectional couch should be proportional to each other without making the room look empty nor overstuffed. More so, their pairing should still offer comfort for people who want to reach the item on the table or get in and out of the couch. And for aesthetics, the shape and design of the coffee table can accentuate, soften, or enhance your sectional.

    How Much Space Between Couch And Coffee Table

    Picture this! You finally got around to buying that coffee table you love, but now youre not sure how close it should go to your couch, or maybe you already have your coffee table, but youre still feeling unsure about the placement. Well, weve looked in depth just how much space you should have between a couch and a coffee table and have an answer for you!

    The space should be between 14 to 18 inches. Position your coffee table no closer than 14 inches away from your couch but no further than 18 inches. This range should give you enough space for legroom but keep the table close enough for its intended use. Any further away, and you or your company might have difficulty reaching it easily.

    Now you have a range to consider when placing your coffee table by your couch, but please keep reading as we discuss this further. Well go over some important factors to consider when choosing your coffee table placement. Additionally, well answer some other questions regarding the space you should have around furniture in your living room!

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    If You Entertain A Lot Opt For A Coffee Table

    Yes, you can easily set a tray on an ottoman, and place your drinks and food on it. But first placing a tray and then placing things on it can constrict the available space that is needed for a lot of things when you are entertaining. And it may not seem like you are losing a lot of space, but you actually are. Plus, coffee tables handle spills better, no matter how moisture- or stain-resistant your ottoman fabric is.

    Pay Attention To The Proportions

    How much room do you need to leave between the sofa and ...

    Similarly to finding a coffee table that has the right height, you should look for one that has the right length in relation to the width of your sofa. Specifically, your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. So for a 96-inch sofa, for instance, you should look for a coffee table that’s 64 inches long.

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    Get The Right Size Of Everything

    The most important rule to remember when designing your living room is balance. Large rooms can take large pieces, but not every piece should be large. Small rooms can withstand a large sofa however large sofas command large coffee tables, which will quickly fill the room. Use the newspaper trick to move furniture around it will help you decide between sizes before purchasing. If you need help rearranging heavier furniture pieces, consider hiring moving labor help from a marketplace like HireAHelper. Once youve established your sofa and chair sizes there are good guidelines to follow for appropriate table sizes. The coffee table should be about 1/2 2/3 the size of the sofa. Sofa tables should be no taller than the height of the back of the sofa and can be nearly the length of the sofa .

    Floating On The Floor

    To float a couch means to place it away from a wall. In most cases, you can freely move around the entire couch. When you float a couch, you need to keep about 3 feet of space around the couch to allow movement around the furniture.

    Of course, if you have a sofa table, end tables, or lighting, these will often be against the couch, so include them in the size of the couch and make sure there are about 3 feet of space around them.

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    Choose Your Materials Carefully

    Lastly, before shopping for your perfect coffee table, pick a few materials that would work well with your lifestyle and your space. Don’t just default to woodthere are so many options out there. Now that glass is out of the question for families with small children, think of other options that could work well for your lifestyle. If you have a small space, a lucite coffee table could be a good option to not visually clutter the room. If you have hardwood floors in a mid-tone color, try staying away from woodand pick something complementary like marble or travertine. Think of whether you’d rather be able to move the piece easily or if you’d rather have it anchor the space permanently. These are all questions that can help you choose the perfect coffee table.

    Does A Coffee Table Need To Be Centered

    How to make couch center table | Coffee Table

    You dont always need to have the coffee table in the center, but it is the optimal placement for most living room styles. The coffee table makes an excellent focal point because of its size, shape, or even color while allowing you to decorate it with other eye-catching pieces like small sculptures. The more unique your coffee table is, the more its suitable to become the centerpiece, especially in a huge living room.

    When shouldnt you have the coffee table in the center? Narrow and long spaces will create several center points visually. Therefore, do not center the coffee table in the living room, but instead have it close to the sofa and chairs arrangement symmetrically or asymmetrically.

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    Bedroom Furniture Arrangement With Windows

    When arranging bedroom furniture in a long and narrow space, face the bed toward the window to make the most of the view. Include a desk or dressing table, chair, and mirror opposite the doorway. Place a bench or a pair of stools at the end of the bed for seating. Flank the bed with nightstands or nestle the bed into a built-in storage unit that includes two cabinet towers and a cabinet that bridges the head of the bed to create an alcove.

    Picking The Wrong Sized Rug

    Most designers agree that bigger is always better when it comes to rug size. “Using too small of a rug in a living room setting can actually make the space feel much smaller,” Stucker explains. “We’ve seen a lot of small-sized patterned rugs being placed underneath the coffee table, which makes the room look small and awkward.”

    Large, natural fiber rugs, for example, add an element of luxury and sophistication.

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    Average Height Of Sofas

    When talking about the height of a sofa, were focusing on the height of the seat. When measuring this, you want to start at the floor and end at the top of the cushion.

    The average sofa is between 17 and 18 inches .

    You may also find sofas anywhere between 15 and 20 inches .

    Here are some couches that have a seat height of 17 to 18 inches:

    Now, lets take a look at a few sofas that have seats that are below 17 inches:

    If you have one of these couches or one of a similar height, you may find yourself needing a taller coffee table. Just keep in mind that it shouldnt be more than a couple inches higher than the level of the seat.

    Rules For Arranging Your Living Room

    Tips for Choosing the Right Size Coffee Table for Your ...

    Does your living room need a makeover? Just follow these rules to make the most out of this room.

    Our living rooms are often the center of the party: we entertain, hold meetings, host parties, and lounge. Some homes have very formal spaces, others quite casual. Regardless of how you use your living room, follow these rules of thumb to make your furniture placement functional and beautiful.

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