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Where To Buy Keurig Coffee Pods

Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Best Fancy Flavor K Cup The Best Place To Buy Kcup Compatible Coffee Pods

It doesnt really get more classic than Cinnabon, does it? If you want to bring the taste of everyones favorite breakfast to your home, this is the way to do it. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee is made to taste like a cinnamon roll, as much as a cup of coffee can taste like a pastry, anyway.

This certified kosher blend is infused with brown sugar and cinnamon to give it that classic cinnamon roll taste. Additional flavoring even gives the coffee an icing taste. Indeed, the biggest selling point here is that you get a classic Cinnabon flavor that might make you feel like youre dining at one of the worlds most popular breakfast franchises.

However, the cinnamon does take the drivers seat, undermining some of the nuances of the blend. In fact, you could probably produce something similar to this coffee simply by sprinkling some cinnamon into an ordinary cup. Still, if youre a big Cinnabon fan, this is a great way to start your day.

  • Cinnamon flavor is a little too prominent

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How To Choose The Best Keurig Coffee Maker

If you are thinking of choosing a fast and convenient coffee maker and want to ditch your old French press, cold brewer, stovetop espresso maker. Then Keurig has become synonymous with convenience with so many different products available.

It helps to brew your coffee quickly without the mess involved in grinding and brewing. With so many Keurig models, you can get exhausted, and it can be challenging to find the suitable Keurig coffee maker for you. The different parameters that are essential while choosing the coffee maker that suits your desire are explained below.

Cup Sizes;

Most Keurig machines are single-serve and are available in at least three basic cup sizes, which are 6,8, and 10 oz. Some products also work with 4-ounce and 12-ounce cups, which is an excellent option if you like espresso pods or want to fill up a tall mug. If you live in a family of coffee fanatics with different taste palates, find the best coffee machine that comes with multiple brew sizes to modify it according to your demands.

When you alter the cup size, you slightly change the strength of the coffee. Like if you want a more robust brew, you have to select the six-ounce option. But remember, the cup capacity will also influence the number of drinks the device can prepare before going out of water.;

Water Reservoir Capacity;

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Buyers Guide: How To Find The Best Keurig Coffee Maker

Now that youve read our reviews, its time to prepare for a final decision. If youre still trying to work some things out, read on for some buying considerations that should clarify the decision. Our goal is that after reading this you should be fully equipped to find the best Keurig coffee brewer for your needs.

Beverage Varieties And Brands

Keurig Single

Through its owned brands and through its partnerships and licensing, as of 2015 Keurig’s K-Cups and other pods offer more than 400 beverage varieties from 60 brands, including the top ten best-selling coffee brands in the U.S. The beverages include coffees, teas, hot chocolates and cocoas, dairy-based beverages, lemonades, cider, and fruit-based drinks. Keurig also offers Brew Over Ice pods for cold versions of teas, fruit drinks, and coffees.

Keurig-owned brands

As of 2015, brands owned by Keurig/Keurig Green Mountain, and used in its K-Cup and other pods, include:

  • Adagio

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Starbucks Pike Place Keurig K Cups

We couldnt have a list of best coffee pods without throwing in some Starbucks, right? If youre a fan of this coffee giant, you will appreciate what you find here. The Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast is a moderate medium roast flavor with mellow smooth mouth notes that encourage a relaxing experience.

The blend has undertones of cocoa that enhance the taste of each cup. Its a great, classic flavor for coffee drinkers who need their java smooth but rich in flavor.

The biggest problem with this blend is that it wont taste quite like a cup of Pike Place at Starbucks. You just cant quite replicate that brewhouse flavor with an ordinary Keurig. This leaves some drinkers disappointed, but the flavor notes are still impressive.

  • Doesnt quite live up to expectations for Starbucks coffee

Welcome To Our New Sourced Coffee Website

We have recently decided to expand our on-line offer and would like to introduce you to our new Sourced Coffee website.

With over 20 years of coffee supply under our belt,;our Team in the Coffee Industry we are passionate about delivering outstanding quality Coffee in every cup. We have sourced a unique and outstanding range of blends and single origin products in order to provide our Customers with a truly special Coffee experience as well as being able to offer high street branded Coffee offers. Stateside Coffee Company and Sourced Coffee are one business with the same goals of delivering great Customer service and exceptional quality drinks.

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The Cheapest Places To Buy Keurig K Cups Online

Keurig Dr Pepper is one of the leading beverage companies in North America with over 25,000 employees and $11 billion in sales. Not only do they produce the popular Dr Pepper cold beverage, but they also produce a successful coffee machine line that uses pods called K Cups.

The machines use a pod system that contains the coffee along with a paper filter. When placed in the machine, you can select the size of cup you want, and it will do the rest. One of the best parts of a system like this is it can also create other beverages such as iced teas, traditional teas, and hot chocolates. As well as the pod system, there is also a model that has dual use as a pod system and percolator.

These machines are supported by their large range of coffee brands including Green Mountain, Peets Coffee, Barista Bros, and Krispy Kreme. This means you have a huge range of brands to choose from.

While there are many places you can buy the K Cups that are used in their coffee machines, people are always looking for a bargain. Here are some of the cheapest places where you can buy Keurig K Cups.

Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Keurig K Cups

Recycle Keurig Pods into Net Pots

We end things with an option that comes directly from one of the most popular coffee brands in the U.S. Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Coffee may not be as sophisticated as some of the other options on our list , but its classic and delicious.

The coffee is a little bitter, and we do still see the defective cup problem, but if you want something basic and affordable, this Original Blend will be a great option for you. As we all know, it also pairs well with donuts.

  • Defective cups

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Does Keurig Offer A Warranty

Yes! Keurig offers a limited one-year warranty for all of its brewing devices. The warranty covers issues that arise from general home use, but it does not cover consequential or incidental damages. Depending on the defect, Keurig will either replace individual parts or the entire brewer, both free of charge.

Keurig Deals With Companies That Prioritize Ethical Sourcing

If ethical sourcing is important to you, youll be happy to know that Keurig works with manufacturers that feel the same way. Companies like Green Mountain make a point of paying their employees fairly. They also work hard to be environmentally conscious in their manufacturing process.

If you want to be sure that the company you buy from engages in these practices, its usually as simple as reading the label on the packaging.

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You Wont Believe How Cheap Keurig Coffee Makers Are At Best Buy Today

If youre the type of person who cant function without a hot cup of joe in the morning, you should definitely keep a bean on the latest Keurig deals and Nespresso deals. They are some of the most versatile coffee machines unless you want something more specialized, like an Americano or espresso. For the latter, youll want to check out some of the espresso machine deals that are live.

If youre in a small living space or dont drink a lot of coffee, then Best Buy is hosting an awesome sale on single-serve Keurig coffee makers. Starting with the Keurig K-Select, its $30 off or $100 with free shipping in several colors. Then theres the Keurig K-Duo 12-Cup Coffee Maker for $51 off or $129 with free shipping. You can read more about those brewers and deals below!

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How To Choose A Keurig


Perhaps the most attractive feature of a Keurig coffee maker is its ability to produce a nearly perfect cup of joe with a simple touch of a button. It also works with pods containing a variety of coffee types and brands as well as tea, hot chocolate, and cider. And since all current models are based on a similar brewing system and use pre-measured K-Cups, youll most likely get the same cup of coffee with each machine. That doesnt mean all of them are created equal, though. Brew functionalities and size capacities still vary from model to model.

One of the first steps in picking the right Keurig coffee maker is identifying the most ideal size for your space. A small model is a great choice if you have limited kitchen space or if theres only one coffee drinker in your household. The only downside of having a small machine, though, is that youll need to fill it up with water every time you use it. But you can think of it as starting with fresh water every time you brew.

Larger machines are suitable for bigger kitchens, offices, or households with lots of coffee drinkers. This type typically carries a water reservoir which lessens the need for you to keep refilling from time to time. There are also models available that can connect directly to a water source, completely removing the hassle of refilling.

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Where Can I Buy Keurig Brand Online At The Lowest Price In The Egypt

Desertcart is the best online shopping platform in the Egypt where you can choose to buy from the largest selection of Keurig products. Desertcart Egypt delivers the most unique and largest selection from around the world especially from the US, UK, India at a reasonable price and fastest delivery time. If you can’t find a particular Keurig product on Desertcart, we pay you!

Best Cheap Keurig Deals For September 2021

Start each day with a good cup of coffee with the added convenience of a Keurig K-Cup single-serve coffee maker. We gathered the best Keurig deals available to make it easy for you to choose the model thats best for you. When you have a Keurig coffee maker on your countertop, you can get the satisfying taste you desire and caffeine push you need in just a couple of minutes. Keurig coffee makers brew tea and cocoa creations as well as coffee. Right now, you can even bank on savings as weve rounded up here the best Keurig deals on major retailer sites. We tossed in a few buying tips and discussed some features to help you select which model suits your needs best.

Looking for more savings other than these Keurig deal options? You may want to browse through our compilation of coffee maker deals, which include models from Nespresso deals, Ninja, Breville, KitchenAid, and other leading brands.

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Acquisition By Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

In 2006, the publicly traded Vermont-based specialty-coffee company Green Mountain Coffee Roasters which had successively invested in and acquired increasing percentage ownership of Keurig in 1993, 1996, and 2003, by which time it had a 43% ownership completed its full acquisition of Keurig. Green Mountain also acquired the four additional Keurig licensees, Tully’s Coffee, Timothy’s World Coffee, Diedrich Coffee, and Van Houtte, in 2009 and 2010.

The joining of Keurig and Green Mountain combined a highly technological brewing-machine manufacturer and a nationwide high-end coffee provider into one company, and created an effective “razor/razorblade” model that allowed for explosive growth and high profits. By 2008, K-Cup pods became available for sale in supermarkets across the U.S. Coffee pod machine sales overall multiplied more than six-fold over the six years from 2008 to 2014. In 2010 Keurig and K-Cup sales topped $1.2;billion. The high-margin profits from K-Cup pods are the bulk of the company’s income; for fiscal year 2014, Keurig generated $822.3 million in sales from brewers and accessories, while the pods had $3.6 billion in sales.

Tips For Saving Money On K Cups

Where To Buy The Cheapest K-Cups — It’s Not Where You Think!

1. Buy k cups in bulk. As mentioned, this is the best option that will provide the lowest possible price, especially if you know your favorite brand and you drink that coffee all the time.2. Choose small packages when buying coffee for the first time. How do you know youre not just wasting $40 on something you wont like? Get a small box first or get a sampler pack to make sure you like the flavor before spending money on a 100 ct box.3. At the grocery store, always check the expiration date on the box. If the k cups are close to the expiration date, theyll probably be on sale. Buy only as much as you can drink before the date expires.4. Use coupons. A coupon can save you $0.50 $1.50 per box. Check coupon sites or store websites.5. Compare clearance price and regular price. Dont get a 100 ct box of k cups just because the sign says its a great price. Compare clearance price with the regular price and then decide will the deal really save you money.

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How Natural Are K Cups

K-Cups come in all varietals: from light to dark roast, mild to bold flavors, and a broad range of additional flavors. There are literally dozens of different types of K-Cup coffee flavors to choose from, with classics like French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Cinnamon Swirl, and White Mocha.

But how natural are these flavors? Are they natural at all, or are they loaded with artificial ingredients?

Heres the truth: K-Cups are packed with the same coffee ground you would buy in your grocery store or supermarket. Flavored coffees are made by;spraying propylene glycol;on the coffee beans/ground, then adding the flavoring oils or liquids afterward. The propylene glycol helps the beans/ground to hold the flavor, and it acts as a preservative. Every time you drink flavored coffeewhether its in a K-Cup or a regular coffee machineyoure ingesting propylene glycol and natural and artificial flavorings.

Propylene glycol is a potentially harmful ingredient, with;side effects;that include skin irritations and allergies, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, neurological symptoms, and potential organ toxicity. While the FDA recognizes it as generally safe, those trying to live a clean life may want to avoid anything that contains the chemical.

Sadly, this includes flavored coffees of all sorts!

How Much Coffee Is In A K

Each K-Cup holds between 10 to 12 grams of coffee , or roughly two heaping tablespoons.

For a dark, bold roast, this is enough to make;one decent 6-ounce cup;of coffee. You can get away with using 8 ounces of fluid for the coffee, but you will dilute the flavor of the brew. Thankfully, the richness of the dark, bold roast will prevent severe dilution.

For a lighter, milder roast, youre at risk of ending up with too-diluted coffee if you brew with more than six fluid ounces. Youre better off using K-Cups to brew espressos or cappuccinos where the extra strength of the roast and the reduced water usage produces a more robust, better-flavored brew.

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Best For Iced Coffee: Keurig K

  • Large water reservoir

  • Short cord

  • Hard to see water level

Theres no doubt that this sleek coffee maker will look elegant on your counter, taking its place as coffee royalty. But it doesnt just look good. This machine also gives you plenty of options, including 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce serving sizes to fit all of your favorite coffee mugs; a strong brew button; and an iced setting to give you a delicious coffee over ice. If youre craving tea, this Keurig also can dispense hot water straight to your mug.

The reservoir holds 75 ounces, so youll only need to refill every couple of days. The drip tray is removable so you can easily fill a travel mug, and its large enough to hold a full mugs worth of liquid. The machine comes with six K-Cup pods to get you started, plus a water filter and a filter handle you can install if youd like.

Colors: Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Brushed Slate | Water Reservoir: 75 ounces | Frothing: No | Strong Brew: Yes | Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.9 x 12.7 inches


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