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Where To Buy Kopi Luwak Coffee In Usa

How To Make This Coffee In A Right Way

Kopi Luwak – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee! Ranting in Havertown!

Many nationalities use ibrik or coffee machines to make a coffee. These methods got little popularity in Vietnam.

As with many other types of coffee, there is a special ritual to make Kopi Luwak before you will be able to try it:

  • You will need a so-called fin mini-brewer that reminds drip coffee maker. Basically, it is a construction that consists of a small iron cup with holes in its bottom, a round saucer with holes, a press, and a lid.
  • You need to put the saucer on your mug, and then put the iron cup atop of the saucer.
  • Put a small amount of coffee into the cup. Leave someplace for the water.
  • Put a press atop, but dont press it too much.
  • Pour hot water and cover the iron cup with a lid.
  • Then you have to wait drop by drop, your coffee is going to fill the mug.
  • Drink and enjoy!

Of course, you can make Kopi Luwak using more common approaches, but for the sake of the Vietnamese experience, we recommend to try this method if only once.

We already mentioned that traditionally coffee is served with ice in Vietnam. You can also add some condensed milk if you wish. Local traditions also dictate to bring the guests cold green tea along with the coffee, so do not be surprised by that!

Introduction Pack: Kopi Luwak Gold + Black Labels

The GOLD LABEL“Orange winey with a hint of roasted truffles, bright acidity, strong body with a soft sweet lychee finish”REGION:BENGKULU | SOUTHWEST SUMATRA | INDONESIA

The BLACK LABELWonderful exotic spice and deep ripe berry with a mild roasted chestnut aromas, full body and haute acidity followed by a black fruity pastilles aftertasteREGION:GAYO | NORTHERN SUMATRA | INDONESIA

The wild berries are meticulously selected to produce these unique and naturally flavored coffee beans. The beans undergo stringent quality control prior to being processed in our roaster.Ingredients: 100% Authentic Wild Roasted Arabica Kopi Luwak beans Packaging: 1 x 100g Black Label pouch & 1 x 100g Gold Label pouch

Ultimate Guide To Cat Poop Coffee

Kopi Luwak Coffee by Volcanica Gourmet Coffee 4.0

Just in case you didnt know, cat poop coffee has two names: Kopi Luwak and civet coffee; which is how its presented at online stores and other marketplaces. Also, some of the civet coffee below are grown in the Philippines but roasted in the United States. Also a majority of the negative reviews focus mainly on reviewers opinions on how the cats, which produce the coffee, are raised and treated, not the quality of the beans. So our ratings are calculate without taking into account the negative, biased reviews.

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Kopi Luwak Benefit : Malic Acid

Malic acid is known for its ability to rapidly increase energy and tolerance to strenuous exercise and muscle pain, which is why its often given as a supplement for chronic fatigue syndrome. According to the Journal of Nutritional Medicine, malic acid aids in the Krebs cycle, our bodys process of metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins into usable energy in the body. The Journal of Rheumatology agrees: exogenous malic acid helps the body to make ATP, the bodys energy, more efficiently. Kopi luwak has significantly higher levels of malic acid than other types of coffee, which is thought to be why kopi luwak gives a smoother, longer-lasting boost of energy than other coffees.

Why You Should Try Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak usato in Italia

Whether you are a casual coffee drinker, a coffee lover, or a coffee connoisseur, your life experience will not be complete without sampling this unique coffee that has an interesting story to tell. But it does not stop there Kopi Luwak Black label from the Gayo Mountain of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia has a distinct aroma and flavor you will not find in your everyday coffee shop. Its complex flavor and aroma has been described by coffee enthusiasts as the Best Coffee in the World.

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Free Range Kopi Luwak Coffee

Volcanica Coffees Kopi Luwak Coffee beans are wild gathered from civets that are not caged, thus the title of Free Range Kopi Luwak. The company works closely with Indonesian exporters who bring Kopi Luwak to the U.S. and support organizational efforts and people against unacceptable civet abuse in the harvesting of coffee. Wild civets make a higher quality coffee since they decide which coffee cherries to eat and they usually prefer the ripest. Because of this, it is in Volcanica Coffees best interest to support Kopi Luwak coffee from civets that are not caged. Upholding this standard is one of the main reasons Volcanica Coffees Kopi Luwak Coffee is priced higher than others. Volcanica Coffee not only focus their efforts on keeping the civets in the wild but also goes beyond the Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance efforts by paying a premium price.

Where To Buy Kopi Luwak In Vietnam

Kopi Luwak is easy to buy in Vietnam because it is very popular not only among the tourists but locals as well. Not unlike other resort cities, the city of Nha Trang has lots and lots of small coffee shops and big coffee stores. You may find any type of coffee in there the selection is astonishingly big. You may choose the specific type of coffee, ground or in roasted beans everything is here to fulfill your wishes. There is also a possibility that while buying Kopi Luwak beans at the market stores you may be able to get it ground right away. Fancy wrapping included! You may also ask for tasting the coffee first, not only stand there admiring the aroma. You will not have to buy it to try it but will be able to tell if you want it right away. Try it and then buy it!

Kopi Luwak is also sold in the supermarkets, but the selection of it is not as rich as at the coffee stores.You can read about shopping here:

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Every Coffee Tells A Story

At Gayo Estate in Indonesia, the exclusive source of Difference Coffees Wild Kopi Luwak, wild civet cats roam freely through the coffee plantation. They feast without interference, naturally selecting the ripest, plumpest coffee berries to eat as part of a varied natural diet. So begins a unique process by which the coffee berries become de-pulped, fermented and transformed by enzymes into coffee beans of unrivalled quality.

The next stages of Kopi Luwaks progression from plant to cat to cup are handled by Gayo Estates experts. They gather the civet droppings and rigorously wash and sort the Wild Kopi Luwak beans for quality, all according to the strict standards laid out by the Specialty Coffee Association. Only then are these rare coffee beans ready for roasting, enjoying and celebrating as one of the most astonishing cups of coffee youll ever taste.


How Is Kopi Luwak Coffee Made

Kopi Luwak – The Worlds Most Expensive Coffee.. Is it the S#*t?

The reason civet coffee is so notorious is due to the way its beans are produced and the role of the cherry-eating civet in this process.

With regular coffee, cherries are hand or machine picked then processed, with producers using either natural, washed or hybrid methods to separate coffee beans from their flesh. Beans are then dried, rested and roasted.

Kopi coffee follows a very different journey, beginning with the Asian palm civet. These small nocturnal animals are mainly frugivores, with a diet consisting mostly of fruit, including coffee cherries. The animals eat the berries, which are then digested, fermented and excreted. The inner red coffee beans cannot be digested, so local farmers forage for these and once collected, thoroughly clean them before roasting at high temperatures.

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Kopi Luwak Benefit : Citric Acid

Just like malic acid, citric acid also plays a major role in the Krebs cycle, which means boosted levels of citric acid give you more energy. When citric acid is metabolized by the body, it actually increases the bodys pH levels, making it more alkaline. Thats exactly why many people on an alkaline dietadamantly supported by people like Tony Robbinsadd lemon to their water in the mornings; contrary to what you may think, adding citric acid to your diet makes your body more alkaline, and thus stronger and more capable overall. Kopi luwak has much more citric acid than other types of coffee.

Where To Buy Kopi Luwak

To get the Best Gourmet Coffee in the world, you do not need to visit the mountains of Indonesia or search in exotic places. Simply contact us at +61410113011 or place an order right here at We offer free delivery worldwide.


Watch out for fake products on the market many of these might contain as little as 2% civet coffee combined with regular coffee beans.Cluwak guarantees only 100% Roasted Arabica Kopi Luwak beans.

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Why Would You Want To Eat Drink Poop Coffee

Cat shit coffee does sound gross, but theres a good reason that Kopi Luwak is so sought-after. The idea is that unlike human coffee pickers, wild animals will only eat the best, ripest cherries, so you dont end up with inferior, unripe beans. Plus, the enzymes in the civets digestive system alter the coffee beans, producing a smoother cup of animal coffee.

How do they do that? While passing through a civets stomach, the cherries get fully stripped of their fruity exterior. Its essentially a very thorough washing process that prepares the beans for drying and roasting. Without any fruit left on the bean, mold doesnt grow, resulting in a better cup of coffee.

ANIMAL COFFEE FUN FACT: Theres another kind of animal poop coffee. Though its often called monkey poop coffee or monkey shit coffee, the coffee produced by rhesus monkeys and macaques in Taiwan and Indian is actually chewed and spit out.

Free Delivery For Eligible Orders

kopi luwak the worlds most expensive coffee chino

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How Do They Make Kopi Luwak Nowadays

These days using the traditional way of Kopi Luwak production is not easy the coffee made in the wilds is the most expensive one. Searching for and gathering the beans that way is difficult. That is why there are many farms, where civets are bred and fed with ripe coffee cherries. This process also costs a lot, not to mention the hard work of the farmers and gatherers. All raw materials are gathered without using any tech or machinery people use their hands. Farmers also thoroughly wash each bean using their hands, and only after that coffee can be left to dry.

Heres Where To Get Kopi Luwak In Los Angeles

Weve searched the city from top to bottom, asking the experts and popping into coffee shops to hunt down potential leads. However, weve only been able to find 3 places that currently serve kopi luwak in Los Angeles. Perhaps this isnt surprising, given that kopi luwak sells in cafes for $20-$100/cup or more.

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A Very Expensive Coffee Thats Worth Its Price

For a truly special coffee with no bitterness due to excellent processing, look for online coffee roasters selling Hacienda La Esmeralda geisha coffee from Panama.

World-renowned specialty coffee roasters La Cabra of Denmark had this extraordinary coffee on sale only recently.

A 100g box of expertlyroasted coffee beans was the offering at the remarkable price of only£26.50 . I think £265 per kilo is enough to give youboasting rights, dont you?

La Cabra ships all over the world, and if you visit their website, you can add your email to be notified the next time that this wonderful coffee is available.

If you cant stretch to paying £265 a kilo, try some exceptional coffees from the Best UK Specialty Coffee Roasters in 2021, which start from just £5 a bag. Every coffee roaster on the list has international shipping.

Does The Craziness Stop Here


The hype about Kopi Luwak went beyond any reasonable limit. Even Jack Nicholson appeared in a hilarious promotion video, published in 2010. Sure, kopi luwak has a novelty factor working for it along with a hint of disgust at the production process. But is it really worth the money? Thats entirely your own decision. If you have money to burn, go ahead. But keep in mind that there are animals suffering for your pleasure.

The craziness does not stop here, more creative minds are jumping on the poop bandwagon. Coffee extracted from the poop of monkeys and elephants is already available. What would you think of a human version? If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends on your favorite social network and feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your opinion.

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The Price Of Kopi Luwak

Kopi luwak is renowned as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, if not the most expensive.

The dispute as to whether or not it is the most expensive is due to some coffee companies setting artificially high prices in order to claim the coveted top spot of the worlds most expensive coffee.

But whether or not kopi luwak is, in fact, the most expensive, theres no doubt that its ludicrously expensive.

Prices for kopi luwak per cup or per kilo vary considerably depending on its origins.

There is an enormous difference in price between farmed kopi luwak and wild kopi luwak. As well as being superior in flavour, wild kopi luwak is so much more expensive to produce due to the increase in labour.

Heres a breakdown of the most common prices found for a single cup of kopi luwak:

Price per cup
$100 $1300

The price of a cup of farmed kopi luwak in kopi luwak-producing countries can be as little as $4. One such example is in Bali, a popular destination for those that want to try out this mysterious drink.

Outside the countries of origin, the prices rise dramatically. The prices for wild kopi luwak range anywhere from $35 $100 per cup.

For those that want to buy kopi luwak by the bag, the price of wild kopi luwak is over 13 times more expensive than the farmed variety.

In Indonesia, low-grade farmed kopi luwak can be bought at supermarkets as cheaply as $45 per pound .

So Heres Some Of That Science We Talked About:

When coffee beans are exposed to the conditions of an animals digestive tract , they undergo a change that results in an alteration of the flavor of coffee thats produced from these beans. The digestive juices break down the coffee beans to some extent, and what you get as an end result are reduced acidity and a lot less bitterness.

Wow! All that to get a cup of coffee that isnt bitter. Seems a bit much, right? Well, the fact is, the coffee produced from these beans, happens to be insanely good, which is partly why it costs so much. It also costs so much, because harvesting the beans means that some lucky person has to dig through poo or scour the ground to get them to your cup. This is the price you pay for poop coffee.

There are in fact, styles of animal poop coffee. They are as follows:

Civet Cat Coffee

After its initial discovery in Indonesia, Civet coffee is now produced in Bali, East Timor, Sulawesi, Java, the Philippines, and Sumatra. Following a balmy 24 hours in the digestive tract of a civet, the coffee berries are excreted out in the cats poop. Its price tag ranges between $100 and $600 per pound though up to 80% of Kopi Luwak on the market is fake. As for flavor? Its described as smooth and earthy, not as bitter as non-poop sourced coffee beans.

Monkey Coffee

Elephant Coffee

Moving on.

Bat Coffee

Bird Coffee

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Is Kopi Luwak Worth The High Price

Kopi luwak is sold on the premise that it has a unique taste owing to the enzymatic process that the beans undergo whilst inside the civets digestive tract. The coffee is said to contain less bitterness and acidity, contributing to a smooth flavour and complex aroma.

Whilst this no doubt would appeal to those whose misconception is that all coffee is inherently bitter, coffee aficionados within the industry say otherwise.

There have been various assessments made of kopi luwak in recent years, and the results are quite damning. The Specialty Coffee Association of America drew the conclusion that kopi luwak simply tastes bad.

Other critics couldonly muster the backhanded compliment of saying that there wasnothing to make kopi luwak superior to any other type of coffee.

SCAA and other critics did admit that the lower levels of bitterness and acidity, as well as kopi luwaks smooth body, would be characteristics that appeal to some coffee drinkers.

In truth, people dontbuy kopi luwak for its exceptional taste. They do so because of themystery that surrounds one of the rarest and most expensive beverageson the planet.

Theres no getting awayfrom the fact that wild-sourced kopi luwak is superior to the farmedvariety. But at around $600 per kilo, there are so many other greatcoffees on the market that truly are delicious and worth seeking out.


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