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Who Sells Royal Cup Coffee

Where To Find The Best Hot Chocolate In The World

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Delivers Exceptional Buying Experiences

Established in New York City in 1987, L.A. Burdick Chocolate now has multiple locations across New England, producing some of the best chocolates and hot chocolates in the world. L.A. Burdick cafes sell dark, milk, and white hot chocolates, as well as single-source varieties from places like Ecuador, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Peru.

First and foremost, Royal Cup is known for the superior quality of coffee and tea that we provide.

How Big Is A 6 Ounce Hot Chocolate Cup

Although che . If you like your hot chocolate straight up, this is a good betwe loved the smooth flavor profile . . . although you may want to use the 6 ounce setting for thicker cocoa. If you like your hot chocolate straight up, this is a good betwe loved the smooth flavor profile . . . although you may want to use th

Royal Cup Coffee Announces Layoffs Job Eliminations

Royal Cup Coffee & Tea is rolling out four new brand concepts.

The large-scale economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has affected long-time Birmingham company Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.

The company says it has had to reduce its workforce and eliminate some positions.

The reductions in travel and closure of restaurants to all but takeout and delivery have impacted the company across a wide spectrum. Royal Cup provides coffee, tea and beverages for offices, hotels, food service establishments, lodging facilities and convenience stores.

CEO & President Chip Wann said in a statement that the pandemic has had an immediate and overwhelmingly negative impact on our companys operations.

Since the outbreak of the virus domestically, we began reducing as many expenses as possible. Unfortunately, given our current volume levels, it became necessary to reduce our workforce. We did not make this decision lightly, Wann said.

Wann said a significant number of employees will be affected by reduced work schedules, with some positions being eliminated. The company did not disclose how many.

While this decision was very difficult and reviewed at great lengths, we determined the hardest decision the one that directly impacts members of our team had to be made, he said. “Our focus is to get to the other side of this crisis and restore as many positions as possible over time.

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Royal Cup Coffee And Tea 1

Royal Cup Coffee Reviews: From convenience stores, to restaurants and hotels, Royal Cup Coffee delivers amazing coffee solutions for business. Royal Cup Coffee has been in business since 1896 and provides coffee service to over 40,000 customers. With over 58 million pounds of coffee roasted each year Businesses all over the US rely on Royal Cup Coffee, and they are one of the best coffee providers in the nation. Contact Royal Cup for:

  • Coffee, Tea, Supplies, Equipment
  • Serves Restaurants, Hotel, Office, and Convenience Stores.
  • Brands Carried Kenya, Aztec Organic Roast, Royal Cup, Fancy Gourmet Blend, Dakota Roast Blend, European Gourmet Bend
  • Supplies Cups, Lids, Stir Sticks, Straws
  • Tea Pots, Brewers, Airpots

About Royal Cup Coffee: Founded by Batterton Royal Cup now serves over 1 million cups a day. Royal Cup has been awarded Vendor of the Year, North American Tea Championship, Outstanding Business and more.

More About Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

There are many great local coffee suppliers and our goal is to help you compare prices and get the best deal for your business. Contact us to compare quote from local suppliers, or contact Royal Cup Coffee Service at:

Royal Cup Coffee & Tea Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Birmingham company Royal Cup Coffee &  Tea launching new ...

The coffee and tea manufacturer and distributor reflects on a humble beginning to becoming a nationwide, industry leader

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Cup, Inc. is celebrating 125 years of coffee and tea excellence this month. The Birmingham, AL based Company is a manufacturer and distributor of quality coffees and teas to restaurants, hotels, resorts, offices, and convenience stores across the county.

Founded in 1896 as the Batterton Coffee Company, the coffee was said to be fit for royalty so when the organization was purchased by the Smith Family in 1950, it was aptly renamed Royal Cup Coffee. Built on a foundation of quality, consistency, and customer service Royal Cup grew rapidly from an Alabama coffee and tea supplier in the southeast to ultimately a nationwide distributor of its products.

“Quality was just as important then, as it is now. It is part of everything we do and if we ever lose sight of that, we will lose sight of our competitive advantage,” shares owner and Chairman of the Board, Bill Smith, Jr.”We focused on determining the best way for all consumers to enjoy a consistent quality cup of coffee from their favorite restaurant no matter where they were across the country.”

To share in their 125th Anniversary, Royal Cup will release a limited edition 12oz Rainforest Alliance certified coffee sold exclusively on Amazon later this month and will celebrate with customers, friends, and followers across social media throughout October.

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Royal Cup Launches Amazon A New Way To Purchase Your Favorite Pick

Times like these definitely call for a pick-me-up and we have news to share that will do just that. Our team at Royal Cup couldnt be more excited to announce the launch of our Amazon shop! It is now easier than ever to purchase our coffee and tea selections that you know and love.

Weve been serving up the best cup around for more than 100 years, and this opportunity brings a whole new level of convenience, ease, and comfort to our customers around the world! The same Royal Cup beverage youve enjoyed at your favorite restaurant or workplace is now available for at-home purchasing through just a few clicks .

Royal Cup is humbled to walk this crazy journey with our loyal customers who have supported and stood by us every step of the way this ones for you guys!! So heres to a new chapter of the Royal Cup story one rooted in tradition but always evolving to serve the next generation of coffee and tea lovers.

Follow along as we share the ins and outs of our new shop!

Royal Cup Coffee And Tea Menu Prices

Item Granulated sugar dispensed from a canister. Each cannister contains 20 oz. of sugar. $3.00 – – Equal PacketsEqual original packets are perfect for coffee, iced tea and other drinks. Each zero-calorie packet quickly dissolves in hot or cold drinks and sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar. Each box contains 100 packs of equal. $13.00 – – Splenda PacketsSplenda no calorie sweetener packets are great for sweetening coffee or tea. Each packet sweetens just like two teaspoons of sugar without all the calories. Each box contains 100 splenda packets. $15.00 Non-dairy creamer. Each cannister contains 20 oz. of powdered creamer. $3.00 International Delight Creamer Half & Half Regular Land o lakes mini-moo liquid creamer. Each case contains 180 liquid creamers. $30.00 – – International Delight Creamer OriginalSometimes you just wanna keep it simple, like our sweet and creamy original flavor. Each case contains 384 liquid creamers. $36.00 – – International Delight Creamer HazelnutA toasty hazelnut flavor in a creamy swirl of pure, fragrant delight. Each case contains 192 liquid creamers. $32.00 – – International Delight Creamer French VanillaA rich, creamy dream of sweet and mellow French vanilla flavor. Each case contains 192 liquid creamers. $32.00

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What Products Can You Purchase On Amazon

Not only do we have amazing coffee and tea selections available in our shop, weve also included product descriptions and portion information to guide you to your ideal perk! See below for an overview of our available selections.

Prideland Fancy Gourmet Coffee: This crisp, light-medium brew has a fancy, delicious taste that you can enjoy every day. The 2 oz. portioned packs make for the perfect sized morning cup.

Prideland Hot Tea: Why cant teatime be all the time?! Find your match from this delicious line of tea blends featuring a caffeinated black tea, an antioxidant rich green, or a soothing, naturally caffeine-free chamomile.

ROAR Line of Organic Teas: Giving back has never tasted better! Royal Cup has partnered with Neverthirst to help provide clean water to those most in need through the sale of our ROAR product line. A portion of EVERY cup sold is donated to help fuel Neverthirst projects and make a positive impact in the global community. From our classic breakfast blends to light and breezy passion selections, this line of teas makes it easy to give back.

Royal Cup Signature Iced Tea: Summer may be nearing an end, but iced tea never goes out of season! This product makes the perfect one gallon brew every time.

Royal Cup Signature European Ground Coffee: This well-rounded light roast ground Arabica coffee has a full body and sweet finish that will perk up anyone after a long day!

Royal Cup Coffee Salary Faqs

Royal Cup coffee gets rare Q grader

The average Royal Cup Coffee salary ranges from approximately $43,589 per year for an Order Selector to $64,411 per year for a Territory Manager. Royal Cup Coffee employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.6/5 stars.

The highest-paying job at Royal Cup Coffee is a Territory Manager with a salary of $64,411 per year.

The lowest-paying job at Royal Cup Coffee is an Order Selector with a salary of $43,589 per year.

Royal Cup Coffee employees attributed a compensation and benefits rating of 3.6/5 stars to their company. Read what they think about their salaries on our Compensation FAQ page for .

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Colorado Springs Coffee Service

Royal Cup is proud to offer you industry leading coffee service with a variety of coffee, tea and beverage solutions for offices, hotels, food service establishments, lodging facilities and convenience stores optimized to increase customer offerings, employee satisfaction and help drive revenue.

Royal Cup Coffee & Tea is the proven leader in coffee service from sourcing, roasting, blending and providing high-quality coffees and fine teas since 1896. We proudly serve as the chosen partner for restaurants, hotels, offices and commuters across North America and the Caribbean.

With over 120 years of experience, Royal Cup Coffee & Tea is Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas coffee and tea vendor of choice with all of its beverage and coffee service needs. We are committed to offering Colorado a wide range of the best products and services on the market. If you are looking for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees, organic coffees, cold brew coffee, fresh brewed or bottled iced teas, ready-to-drink products or a large selection of beverage supplies, Royal Cup has the solution for you.

We are a family-owned business rooted in the longstanding tradition of coffee roasting and tea blending excellence who takes pride in our unparalleled dedication to serving the Colorado Springs area with the best services available.

  • About Us

Royal Cup Cold Brew Coffee Now Available At Walmart

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. Royal Cup, Inc., a leading importer, roaster and distributor of premium and specialty coffees and teas, today announced that select products from its new shelf-stable, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee line are now available for purchase at more than 280 Walmart stores.

In March 2018, Royal Cup introduced its first line of shelf-stable, ready-to-drink cold brew coffees, which includes three flavors French Roast, French Roast Lightly Sweetened and Rain Forest Bold. Consumers now can find two of these blends French Roast Lightly Sweetened and Rain Forest Bold on the shelves of their neighborhood Walmart store.

We are thrilled that our ready-to-drink cold brew line will now be so readily available to customers, said Bill Smith, CEO at Royal Cup. Weve had such a positive response to these products in the short time since their March release and fully expect the excitement will carry over into the retail space.

In 2017, Royal Cup acquired Richgood Gourmet LLC, the manufacturer and distributor of Icebox Coffee, one of the nations first shelf-stable, cold brew coffees. Bebe Goodrich, founder of Icebox Coffee, now leads Royal Cups liquid manufacturing vertical as director of liquid product innovation and spearheaded the development of its new cold brew line.

The introduction of Royal Cups ready-to-drink cold brew coffees into Walmart stores demonstrates a major evolution in the companys long-standing B2B business model.

About Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

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How Do You Find Royal Cup Products

Buying your favorite Royal Cup blends has never been simpler! You can keyword search for Royal Cup coffee from the main Amazon homepage, but we recommend getting the full experience by visiting our shop linked here. Scroll through to see our beverages organized by product line! Learn more about the unique taste and features of each line by clicking on the shop buttons.

Royal Cups Humble Beginnings

Royal Doulton " Juno"  Coffee Cup  MrPottery

Royal Cup was founded in 1896 as the Batterton Coffee Company. 54 years later, the Smith Family bought the organization. They said the coffee was fit for royalty, so they renamed it Royal Cup.

The company started supplying coffee and tea in Alabama and the southeast. With time, its distribution moved nationwide.

Its founding principles are quality, consistency and customer service. These three principles have stood true for decades.

Quality was just as important then, as it is now. It is part of everything we do and if we ever lose sight of that, we will lose sight of our competitive advantage. We focused on determining the best way for all consumers to enjoy a consistent quality cup of coffee from their favorite restaurant no matter where they were across the country.

Bill Smith, Jr, owner and Chairman of the Board, Royal Cup

This family favorite turned nationwide staple has mastered the coffee and tea industry.

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Grab A Cup Anywhere + Everywhere

You can get your hands on a Royal Cup of coffee or tea anywhere: restaurants, hotels, resorts, offices and convenience stores. With Royal Cups reach, you know your cup of coffee will be consistently delicious.

To celebrate over a century of service, Royal Cup is releasing a limited edition 12oz Rainforest Alliance certified blend sold exclusively on Amazon.

We love celebrating milestones with Birmingham-based businesses and companies.

Did you know that Royal Cup started in Birmingham? Let us know on .

  • There are no upcoming events.

Royal Cup Buys Out Owner Of Us Cold

CategoriesBeverageBusinessIndustriesMergers & AcquisitionsTea & Coffee

Speciality coffee importer and roaster Royal Cup has acquired Richgood Gourmet, the maker of cold-brew brand Icebox Coffee.

The line of shelf-stable and cold-brew coffees is available in both ready-to-drink and concentrated formats. For Alabama-based Royal Cup, it marks a significant venture away from its traditional business of coffee beans.

Bebe Goodrich, who founded Icebox Coffee, will join Royal Cup as director of liquid product innovation.

Richgood Gourmet perfectly complements Royal Cup in its commitment to innovation, product quality and excellent client service, said Royal Cup CEO Bill Smith. Combining forces to expand our cold-brew offering and improve our ready-to-drink product mix is a strategic move. We are excited for Bebe to join us, and are confident that her industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit will shape the future of Royal Cups liquid-manufacturing processes and SKU development.

Royal Cup said the acquisition marks a significant evolution in its business-to-business model.

One of the US first shelf-stable cold-brew coffees, Icebox grew its customer base rapidly through early distribution agreements with major retailers, including Whole Foods and Central Market, and today is sold across the country.

Richgood Gourmet also supplies shelf-stable cold brews to large retail chains for private-label use.

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Hot chocolate bombs or hot cocoa bombs are the next biggest trend this holiday season, so why not make them more irresistible by mixing up the flavors and adding flavor add ins to make a delicious cup of cocoa and also make a great gift when paired with a mug! Make this holiday special with Hot Chocolate Bombs in unique styles and flavors!

How Do You Leave A Customer Review

Roar x Neverthirst Partnership Overview

Its as simple as it gets — scroll down to the bottom of a Royal Cup product page and select leave a customer review. We would love to hear your thoughts!

We hope you enjoy the benefits of purchasing your favorite Royal Cup brews on Amazon. Our team couldnt be happier about this new way to serve and connect with our customers. Happy shopping!

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