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Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Makers For Business:

Cuisinart® | Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker Shortened Commercial

If your customers want to keep theirpresso drinks cold, they will enjoy something warm and comfortable to drink. With coldpost coffee makers, your customers will love hot espresso drinks with cold beverages. They will have a great time-consuming to to their their drinks, cold coffee makers will keep their customerspresso drinks cold and ready to drink. With coldpost coffee makers, your customers will love hot espresso drinks warming while their stay is comfortable. With cold temperature makers, your customers will love the great espresso drinks hot and cold beverages for their stay.

With cold release coffee makers, your customers can enjoypresso cold and espresso drinks instantly.

For your customers who like hot, iced coffee capsules, nuts, and drinks, cold mini coffee makers will be good for their customers who like hot, iced coffee capsules, their their bars, and pubs. They can even have a icing tea blend or good icing tea blend.

If your customers are looking for a coldwing coffee maker that they can enjoy hot drinks, take a look at Alibaba.coms wide selection of coldeware coffee makers to make their clients enjoy hot drinks whilever. Find a cold and coffee presso drinks within minutes, the machines will allow you to make presso drinks immediately without the hassle of transport.

Why You Should Trust Us

Ive made hundreds of gallons of cold brew in my 10 years behind the bar. I had one job in particular where it was so popular wed line up glasses of ice and just continuously pour cold brew and hand it off to guests.

Ive written a lot about coffee, including reviews on the best espresso machines and milk frothers, for Serious Eats. This cold brew article presented an interesting opportunitybecause I didnt have to drink anything I made immediately, I was able to randomize everything I made to ensure I wasn’t influenced by any preconceived notions if which would be the best brewers.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is very much how it sounds brewing coffee using cold water. Its doable in various ways from cold drip to immersion. Every way involves having cold or room temperature water come into contact with ground coffee for a longer than normal period of time.

  • Immersion brews 16 hours
  • Cold drip four hours

Once the brew cycle is done, youre left with deliciously smooth coffee concentrate . Its a strong, thick coffee liquid. The concentration is then diluted to a 1:1 ratio with water straight over ice. If you feel cheeky, you can add in soda water, tonic or milk.

Now, you may be wondering why wait for coffee thats going to take 16 hours to brew when you can make a hot coffee and throw in ice. Give me two minutes to explain.


Brewing coffee is the process of taking some of the water-soluble stuff from the coffee beans structure. Typically, when making a regular hot brew, we use hot water and pour it over the coffee. This hot water moves through the coffee, taking a percentage of the coffees water-soluble material with it. Voila! Delicious coffee in roughly three minutes.

Heres what you need to understand: different temperature water extracts different flavors from the coffee.

Certain compounds that could cause coffee to taste acidic may only be soluble in hot water. Brewing with cold water may leave that part behind. Same thing goes for bitterness.

Grind Type

What Coffee Should You Use?

Cold Brew Coffee To Water Ratio

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

You can buy cold brew coffee ready to add to your nitro coffee maker but if you enjoy the simple satisfaction of brewing coffee at home then you may like to try making your own cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is a slow extraction process where ground coffee is steeped in cold water for around 12 hours to give a smooth, mellow, sweet cup of coffee thats lower in acidity compared to regular coffee.

To make your own cold brew at home you need some coffee beans , a grinder, a jar or pitcher, and some means to filter out the coffee grounds. This can be a specially bought cold brew coffee maker, coffee bag, french press, tea strainer, or anything similar.

You want to grind the coffee on a very coarse setting and add this to the jug or jar at a 1:7 ratio to cold water. You can adjust this ratio to suit your own taste preferences. Its a good idea to use filtered water to get the best results.

Let the grounds steep in cold water in the fridge overnight or for around 12-14 hours. Once its fully brewed you can pass the whole lot through a coffee filter or remove the coffee bag if using.

This will leave you with a lovely dark, cold brew concentrate that you can drink as is or dilute to suit your tastes.

This can be added as is to your nitro brewer or you can mix some creamer or cold water with it before you add it. Have a play around with different ratios and coffee types until you get a batch that suits you perfectly.

More Caffeine Than Regular Coffee

Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker (30 Gallon)

Since the steeping process is long, usually between 12-24 hours, the cold brew coffee to water ratio is around 1:60, as compared to the regular drip coffee which is around 1:20. Regular coffee is usually diluted with milk or water and that reduces the caffeine concentration.

A regular 16 oz cup of cold brew coffee has around 200 mg of caffeine a 16 oz hot brew gives you between 160-180 mg of caffeine depending on your coffee beans and the amount of milk, cream or water you add to it.

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Test #: Maximize The Potential

Serious Eats / Ashley Rodriguez

Once we settled on our four favorite brewers, we decided that this test should maximize the potential of each brewer. However, we still wanted to do some of the testing without knowing which brewer produced which coffee, so we broke up the testing into two phases.

Phase 1: We used a different coffeea light-roasted single origin coffee from Ethiopiato determine how well each brewer would work with a range of roast profiles and origins. We followed the protocol set in Test 2, then sampled each coffee and discussed our results.

Phase 2: Once we knew which coffee was from which brewer, we experimented with dilution. We discussed what we liked about each coffee and tried to achieve the most balanced cup possible.

The Best Cold Brew System For Your Coffee Shop

From coffee trend to cafe staple, cold brew beverages now grace the menus of most coffee shops all year round. Just one question remains: Whats the best way to make cold brew in your cafe? This article examines a few of the best immersion-based cold brew options for your business.

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by the TRUiC Team

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Primula Burke 16qt Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker Best Quality

Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: Pros

  • Makes iced-tea and fruit infused water


Primula Burke is well known in the cold brew coffee world, and many enthusiasts recommend their makers. The 51oz or 1.6qt Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is no exception, especially if youre looking for a budget-friendly price.

At that size, its also one of the largest makers on the list. Brews take 12 to 24 hours, and like many of the other makers, the filter sits in the middle of the carafe where you pour your coffee grounds, tea or fruit. Yes, it can be used to brew or steep other cold beverages like tea and fruit-infused water. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, and has a non-slip base, and a removable cap, that seals up the container nicely. The entire thing is dishwasher-safe too. You may be wondering about espresso machines and if that is your choice, read all about the best home espresso machine.

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker For A Crowd: Toddy Cold Brew System

Brewing With The Brew Bomb | Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

The Toddy Cold Brew System is as ubiquitous in cafes as espresso machines. It makes a liter of cold brew, which is enough to last even the most insatiable cold brew drinkers at least a few days. The Toddy uses both a paper filter and a felt disc to produce an ultra clean cup that’s nuanced and smooth and can hold up well to the additions of milk and sugar. Although its a little finicky to use, once you get the hang of it, the Toddy cold brewer makes a superb beverage.

Best for: People who want a clean cup of coffee without any soot or coffee particles who need to make larger amounts of cold brew who love cold brew from their local coffee shops and want to closely mimic those professional brewing techniques.

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Brewista Pro 2 Commercial Cold Brewing System

The Brewista Cold Pro commercial cold brew system is undoubtedly one of the better products that you can get your hands on if you are looking for a reliable and efficient cold brew system.

This brand has revolutionized cold brewing since 2015 with their innovative design and working mechanism. With all the convenience and easy of handling you could ask for, it just doesnt come better than this at this price.

Iced Coffee Makers Vs Other Coffee Makers

The basic features for brewing a well-extracted cup of iced coffee are essentially the same as a traditional coffee maker, with a few notable differences. Like any other coffee maker, the best cold brew coffee makers exhibit a reusable metal/mesh filter, the ideal time and temperature settings for proper extraction, and a well-insulated carafe.

Like the best french press coffee machines, youll also find cold brew machines that are compact and easy to use, especially single-serve iced coffee machines that brew one cup at a time. Youll often find that you can brew regular hot coffee with an iced coffee maker as well. This is, in part, because all iced coffee starts as hot coffee.

Iced coffee makers tend to be pricier than traditional coffee makers because of their additional features. Thats probably why you wont see them, particularly in offices, which is why youll need a great office coffee maker instead. The double-walled carafe keeps the coffee chilled for longer and prevents sweat droplets from forming on the outside. Depending on the brew size, the device comes with water and ice level lines that indicate the perfect measurement.

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Top 5 Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers

  • Not the most comfortable handles to shake with
  • Its not double wall insulated so needs kept in fridge

You cannot ask for a better machine than the Nitro Tapp for making smooth creamy cold brew coffee at home, its specially designed tap gives a smoother flow for maximum creaminess and flavor so that you dont need cream or sugar.

But what I love best about it compared to the GrowlerWerks which is the runner up is that its about $50 cheaper and comes with 10 cartridges to start you out. Plus you can pick up another 30 cartridges for just $35 compared to the same amount of growler cartridges for $51. $100 saved right off the bat? Yes please!

Plus if you read through all the reviews time and time again people are saying it makes better Nitro coffee than Starbucks, which is high praise.

And whats great is that the coffee inside will last for 2 weeks in the fridge, you can make the full 24oz batch, pop it in the fridge and youll have delicious cold brew for days, though if youre like me it definitely wont last 2 weeks.

It works by adding the nitro canisters to the machine along with your cold brew, then you shake it using the handles on the sides of the keg for about 15 seconds, leave it for an hour in the fridge and its good to go. It feels a little clumsy shaking the whole thing but this is standard for nitro brewers and there are definitely harder machines to shake up.

Easier, better, cheaper.

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Deluxe Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker w/ Filter (50 Gallon)

Brand: Royal Brew

  • Tap Plug Plus Carry Bag

Price & Reviews

Next up, we have this clever little model by Royal Brew. I love the classic keg design with its clean, stainless steel finish and it even comes with a handy carry bag. To help keep those countertops clean, the tap plug catches all those pesky drips which help to make this a clean kitchen companion.

You do need to brew your coffee separately, but once its ready you simply add it to the keg. The dispenser screws in place and then all you need to do is add two nitrogen or a single nitrous oxide canister. Shake the keg well for 15-20 seconds and let it sit for half an hour. You can then add the second cartridge and place the keg in the fridge for an hour.

The manufacturers have included bonus o-rings which help give a perfect seal and avoids nitro gas leakage. This little extra helps make this cold brew system clean and efficient to use as well as giving you beautiful velvety, frothy iced coffee again and again.

As a nice bonus, this option comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

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Our Top Pick For Commercial Cold Brewing Coffee Makers

Our top pick in the commercial cold brewers is the Brewista Pro 2 Commercial Cold Brewing System. With their innovative lift, twist and drain design, the whole process of cold brewing gets a lot easier with this machine.

The Cold Pro 2 comes with a 6.5 gallon capacity that meets the needs of those who need commercial-level cold brewing. Also, it has a triple filtration system that gives you rich and refined cold-brewed cup of coffee.

Best For Large Quantities: Kitchenaid Brushed Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Prone to leaking

Want to make a big batch of cold brew for your next party? Then you need the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which is available in two large sizes and has a convenient tap for pouring.

This sleek cold brew maker is made of stainless steel and glass for a sophisticated design. Simply put coffee and water into the machine, then place the whole thing in the fridge to steep. Once youre ready to serve, you can press the included tap to dispense the right amount of coffee into your cup. Since its a bigger brewer, the stainless steel steeper includes measurement marks in case you just want to make a few servings.

Reviewers say the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes great coffee and is ideal for entertaining guests. While this product is more expensive than many comparable cold brew machines, its worth the price if you drink a lot of coffee or frequently host parties.

Style: Immersion | Capacity: 28 and 38 ounces | Material: Glass and stainless steel | Warranty: 1 year

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The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Oxo Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The OXO Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker consistently produced the most delicious cold brew and, unlike many of the other brewers I tested, it’s dead simple to use. Its compact size also means its easy to store, and it comes with an attractive glass carafe for pouring.

Best for: People who drink a cup or less of cold brew a day need a simple brewer with minimal instructions have a small kitchen or workspace want a brewer that performs well every time.

What Is Nitro Brew Coffee

100% Reusable Stainless Steel Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System

Cold brew and Nitro brew coffee are similar to some extent, however, the major difference being the fact that it is a nitrogen-infused brew that is stored in beer kegs served on draft.

The main idea of using a beer tap for serving Nitro coffee is to give a more sweeter, creamier and foamy effect to the beverage. It is a perfect drink if you are a fan of cold, strong and creamy cup of Joe on a hot summer day!

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Primula Burke Coffee Maker


  • May produce grainy brews

This system is fantastic for making delicious cold brews of coffee at home in the same style that a barista would make at your favorite cafe. Youll love how rich and smooth each carafe is when you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. However, youll want to keep your eye out for loose coffee grains in your brews. The permanent filtration system in this design seems to leave something desired by some consumers.

A streamlined design means that this is a perfect option for both beginners and more advanced coffee consumers. All you need to do is add in your favorite ground coffee, correctly measure out the cold water, and then allow it to brew in your fridge overnight. From there, youll have up to 52 ounces of smooth, fresh cold brew to enjoy at your leisure. This means you can expect up to six cups of coffee from a single brew session.


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