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How Often To Do Coffee Enema

What To Expect During A Coffee Enema Procedure

How Often Should You Do Enemas?

There are three essential parts to any coffee enema:

  • Coffee the type, quality, and roast of the coffee is critical
  • Water pure, high-quality, sterile water for mixing
  • Equipment the method of insertion
  • Typical methods involve:

    ;; One qt of filtered water

    ;; 2-3 tbsp organic ground caffeinated coffee

    Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean the equipment, and a clean, non-irritable lube helps ease the insertion of the tube. Stainless steel containers should be used during the preparation of the coffee-water mixture. Thats because the natural compounds in coffee can react with plastic containers. The last thing you want is to absorb these toxins. Stainless steel is completely inert, however.

    As for the coffee itself, we recommend S.A. Wilsons Gold Roast coffee. Unlike other brands, this Gold Roast coffee guarantees enemas good for you. Indeed, the formulation is specially designed for enemas. With levels of certain key medicinal compounds double those of other light-roasted coffees.

    Here are the steps for coffee preparation:

  • Place two to three tbsp of coffee in a stainless-steel pan.
  • Add one qt of distilled water.
  • Bring the pan to a gentle boil for 3 minutes. Then, let the mixture simmer for a further 15 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture through a stainless-steel, fine-meshed sieve.
  • Let the solution cool to room temperature.
  • Add a further 1L of body temperature distilled water.
  • History Of The Coffee Enema

    Enemas are an ancient form of hydrotherapy.; They have been used for thousands of years for mechanically cleansing the colon.; This is proven in the Dead Sea Scrolls.; To read about this interesting use of enemas, read Coffee Enemas on this site.;Enemas and colonic irrigation were used routinely in hospitals.

    Coffee enemas were mentioned in older editions of the Merck Manual, a handbook for medical physicians. They were later popularized by Max Gerson, MD, author of A Cancer Therapy Results of 50 Cases.

    Dr. Gerson pioneered nutritional therapy for cancer and other diseases with excellent results.; His therapy combined coffee enemas with a special diet, juices and other supplements.; The enemas were an integral part of the therapy.

    Things You Must Know Before You Do An Enema

    If youre constipated or if youre really sick and things just arent moving, doing an enema can help you in ways that you cant even possibly imagine.

    Let me tell you about the first time I ever had an enema.

    I was a young teenager and so sick with the flu, it felt like I was dying. Now, that didnt happen very often.

    But on this occasion, my mother took me into the bathroom, asked me to take down my pants and bend over. Then she stuck this thing up my bum and gave me an enema.

    Having my mother stick something up my butt was probably THE WORST experience Ive ever had! I remember running to the toilet and loads of stuff just started coming out. Ill never forget it.

    Right afterwards, it was like, Wow. The pressure in my head, my fever, and the pains in my body all seemed to almost immediately go away.

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    How Do You Do Coffee Enemas While Traveling

    Yep. I travel and sometimes still do travel with my enema bag and organic coffee and filter. Its easier than you think. I bring my enema bag in my suitcase. One time the TSA folks had to search my bag and they pulled it out and I almost died of laughter. Hysterical. Oh, the joys of detoxing!

    I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Always happy to help any of you that I can.

    Big hugs!

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    Evaluation Of The Risk Of Biases

    Detoxify Your Body with Coffee Enemas

    For studies that investigate the effectiveness of coffee enema, the researchers adopted the Cochrane risk of bias tool for randomized controlled trials and the risk of bias assessment tool for nonrandomized studies . For case reports, critical appraisal checklist for case reports developed by Moola et al was used. If a case report satisfied 5 appraisal items out of 8, the case report was regarded to have an acceptable quality and thus, included in this systematic review. Two independent reviewers performed the risk of bias and a consensus was reached with another reviewer in cases of inconsistency.

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    What About The Caffeine

    If you are sensitive to caffeine, coffee enemas likely wont be a concern for you. While on rare occasions caffeine-sensitive people feel an effect, studies show that the bioavailability of caffeine during enemas is 3.5 times less;than that of drinking coffee.

    If you are sensitive to caffeine, start with 1/2 teaspoon of coffee grounds in the solution earlier in the day and see how your body responds.

    The Enema In Early Medical Writings

    The earliest known mention of the enema comes from Ancient Egypt. Both the Edwin Smith Papyrus and the Ebers Papyrus , some of the earliest known medical documents, describe enemas in detail. In 500 BC, Hippocrates considered the Father of Western Medicine, and his followers in Ancient Greece advocated the maintenance of optimal health using enemas as well.

    Another early writing about internal cleansing with water is recommended and described in great detail in The Essene Gospel of Peace . This fascinating Dead Sea Scrolls text, probably written somewhere around the second century AD, was found by Hungarian biblical scholar Edmond Bordeaux;Szekely, who was also a linguist, philosopher, and natural living advocate. Szekely claims to have found an Aramaic copy of the book in the purportedly cavernous Vatican library full of scrolls, parchments, and paper manuscripts. He translated the small book into English and published it in 1936.

    In the New World, Native Americans from both North and South America used enema bags made from animal bladders and other materials for seasonal cleansing and to maintain regularity. Ancestral African tribes fashioned and used enema bags in a similar manner.

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    Do Coffee Enemas Deplete Minerals

    Remember, coffee enema benefits primarily aid in the purging of toxins. Getting these toxins out helps take the burden off your liver. Its important to keep in mind that other substances get purged as well. Minerals can be removed along with the toxins. Doing three or four coffee enemas a week shouldnt be a problem.

    Because they are typically energizing, some people choose to do them multiple times a day. This is too often. Your body will only release so many toxins at once. Remember that this is a journey. Give your body time to benefit from your coffee enema protocol.

    How To Do A Coffee Enema At Home

    COFFEE ENEMAS | Ultimate Guide | How to do a Coffee Enema at Home | Step by Step Detox at Home

    Step 1: Make the coffee

    Make your organic, mold-free coffee and allow it to cool.

    Step 2: Set up your equipment

    The bathroom is the best place to do a coffee enema. Youll need a spot where the enema bucket can be placed above you 12- 18 inches is ideal. Grab your enema bucket, tubing, lube for insertion, and a thick towel.

    Place a thick towel on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub. Connect the tubing to the enema bucket and make sure the clamp is closed. Lube the tip of the tubing

    Again, make sure the clamp on your tubing is closed. Pour the cooled coffee into the enema bucket, using a sieve to strain the coffee ground out.

    Step 3: Prime the tubing

    Holding the tubing over the sink, unclamp your tubing briefly and let a bit of coffee run through before you begin so that you get all the air out of the tube.

    Place the enema bucket on the edge of the bathtub, on a chair, stool or toilet next wherever you will be laying. NOTE: the enema bucket must be higher than your body in order for the coffee to flow.

    Step 4: Get into position and insert tubing

    The ideal position for starting a coffee enema is laying on the the left side. Laying flat on your back works as well.

    Once you are comfortable on your towel, take a deep breath and gently insert the enema tip into the rectum, about 3 inches in. Again, make sure there is adequate lube.

    Step 5: Let the coffee flow

    Step 6: Let it go

    Step 7: Rehydrate and replenish

    Step 8: Clean up

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    Complete Uncensored Guide: How To Do A Coffee Enema

    by Sally Oh | Aug 9, 2018 | #detox, Healing Protocols

    My husband begged me not to describe;how to do a coffee enema. But but, I sputtered, How can I not write about something so faaaantastic, so rejuvenating, so good for your liver, so simple to do? One of the few times Ive left him speechless.

    Im fairly confident he will NEVER do one, short of;developing a dread disease. Even though one of our personal heroes, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, did them often;for preventative and overall health measures.

    In fact, every cancer healer Ive ever heard or read including everyone on the 2012 and 2015 cancer summits DO coffee enemas and recommend them during treatment, at least one daily. Gerson recommends FOUR-FIVE a day.

    What Is Gerson Therapy

    Gerson therapy is an approach to healing developed by German-American physician Max Gerson, who lived from the late 1880s to mid-1950s. Gerson advocated the use of coffee enemas along with a plant-based diet as a means to heal and detoxify the body.

    Today, the Gerson Institute, which is dedicated to continuing his medical research, keeps his ideas alive. Dr. Gerson saw coffee enemas as a means of detoxifying the body of poisons living in the tissues and body.

    According to a paper from the Gerson Institute, coffee enemas have the following benefits:

    • Boosted energy cell production

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    The Steps Of A Coffee Enema:

  • Cook 2 Tbsp. of organic coffee on the stove-top with 4 cups of filtered water.
  • Strain coffee and discard the coffee grounds.
  • Place cooked coffee into the enema bag.
  • Add filtered water if needed.
  • Go into the bathroom and lock the door.
  • If you have low blood sugar, eat before you do the enema.
  • Do this in the bathtub or on a thick towel on the floor near the toilet in case you leak.
  • Light a candle and put on soft music to relax your body so you can enjoy the process. Put some coconut oil on a tissue and spread it onto your butt hole, where you are inserting the enema.
  • Insert the enema into the colon and retain it for 15-20 minutes. NOTE: You wont be able to hold it for this long the first few times you do an enema because youll have SO much junk inside of you so get ready to hit the toilet after only a few minutes. Youll gradually work up to 15-20 minutes.
  • Release on the toilet and flush.
  • Stay close to the toilet for the next 30 minutes or so just in case you need to release more from your colon.
  • Drink lots of purified water mixed with sea salt or bone broth to hydrate yourself throughout the day so you dont get dehydrated.
  • Smile.
  • What Should I Do After My Coffee Enema

    Can Coffee Be Used to Do Enemas?

    Coffee enemas should always be done together with plenty of organic juicing.

    Drinking fresh juices with coffee enemas will ensure your body maintains the proper electrolytes and minerals you need.;

    Cleansing and nutrition go together.; You cant ignore either one.

    Here are some of my favorite juices to make after a coffee enema:

    Some other healthy options are organic coconut water or organic fresh watermelon.

    Another nourishing recipe to make to help support the liver is Dr. Group’s Liver Cleanse Soup.

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    Why Would You Do A Coffee Enema

    Coffee enemas are used to detox;the liver. Liver health is critical to overall health. You can live without an arm, a gallbladder, a kidney, a lung, part of your brain, a voice, your eyes, your hearing, but not a liver. The liver goes, you go.

    Heres Dr. Gonzalez with Ty Bollinger on coffee enemas.

    Listen to Charlotte Gerson on the topic.

    If 95% of disease is caused by lifestyle, you want a clean lifestyle and working organs.;AFAIK, a;coffee enema is;the #1 detox protocol for your hard-working;liver.;Along with drinking beet kvass, of course!

    How Will I Feel After A Coffee Enema

    Most people report increased mental clarity and energy after a coffee enema. They can also help to normalise bowel movements, particularly if you suffer from constipation, contrary to many peoples fears that using enemas will make the bowels weaker. The fluid actually increases peristalsis, the movement in the gastrointestinal system that aids the movement of substances through and, in the case of unwanted or indigestible substances, out of the body.

    However, coffee enemas are not suitable for everyone and certainly if you feel wired or jittery afterwards with as little as a teaspoon of coffee then it would be wise to try the alternatives suggested below instead.

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    Learn More About Vagus Nerve Health In My Brain Book And Food Sensitivity Course

    I write in more depth about vagal nerve function in my brain book, Why Isnt My Brain Working? In addition, I invite you to check out my online brain health course, Save Your Brain ;the Six Week Rescue Plan. The course guides you step-by-step through the same brain health strategies that I use with my patients.

    If you are on an elimination diet for chronic illness, have leaky gut, or suffer from unexplained food intolerances, I invite you to take my self-paced online;course, The 3D Immune Tolerance Program: Steps to Restoring Oral Tolerance. In the course you will learn what oral tolerance is, what causes its loss, and the role it plays in recovering from or managing chronic illness. You will then learn how to improve your oral tolerance so you can eat a wider variety of foods, and what factors can thwart attempts to recover oral tolerance.

    How Poor Brain Health Leads To Poor Gut Health

    Coffee Enemas: How Often Should You DO them?

    Poor brain function leads to poor gut health. When the brain ages, degenerates, is injured, or otherwise becomes impaired, total output to the vagus nerve decreases. As such, the organs do not receive enough neurological input to function properly. Think of poor water flow through a hose.

    This can cause such gut health problems as:

    • Difficulty digesting foods
    • Difficulty swallowing supplements or large bites of food
    • A gag reflex that is either too sensitive or under active

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    How Poor Gut Health Can Worsen Brain Health

    Just as poor brain health can impact the gut, so can poor gut health worsen brain function.

    The gut uses chemical messengers to send messages to the brain along the vagus nerve. These chemicals influence the brains immune system and its neurotransmitter activity.

    When the gut is healthy, these messenger proteins can enhance memory and learning. However, when the gut is inflamed and unhealthy, these messengers are linked to:

    • Depression and anxiety
    • Parkinsons disease
    • Memory loss

    Have you ever become bloated after eating a certain food, and then noticed youre also suddenly irritable, depressed, or brain fogged? This is an example of how your gut can affect brain chemistry.

    I write more about the vagus nerve and the gut-brain axis in my brain book.

    Why The Use Of Coffee For An Enema

    The coffee enema as we know it today made its debut in modern medical literature in 1917.;Some may be surprised to learn that the coffee enema remained in the Merck Manual as recently as 1972. Coincidentally, this is about the same time that plain water enemas were stopped as an important cleansing protocol for pregnant women about to go into labor, an indication that the enema seemed to fall out of favor for a time.

    Why focus on cleansing when you can just take antibiotics and other drugs to zap the microbes, neutralize toxins, and cover-up symptoms instead? ;This narrow-minded thinking seemed the order of the day.

    Fortunately, the unmatched effectiveness of this ancient practice is being rediscovered, unfortunately, much of it due to the cancer epidemic. People are seeking holistic detoxification alternatives that provide rapid enough results to avoid the cut, poison, burn approach of conventional oncology which brings such intense and long-lasting suffering.

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    Coffee Enemas Can Help Detoxify And Protect The Intestines

    The main coffee constituents can also have potent detoxification effects in the intestines as well. Different enzymes and chemicals control all our genes within the body. The rate of detoxification in the intestines is no exception. These palmitates can double the amount these genes are expressed. Coffee enema protocols can double your detoxification rate in the intestines! Glutathione has also been shown to increase.;

    Its important to note that glutathione is more than a powerful antioxidant in the body. While it’s performing its amazing detoxification action, it also helps to inhibit neoplasia. Neoplasia is the growth of new, abnormal and uncontrolled tissue. These new tissues can eventually become tumors. Blocking our tissues from this abnormal growth could be vital in preventing disease. It can also help to create optimal function of our intestines.

    Weve talked about the important role of palmitates are in detoxifying the liver and intestines. Its important to note that coffee is the only known source of these two constituents.

    Another health promoting part in coffee is theophylline. Theophylline reduces inflammation in both the liver and the intestines. It might be especially useful in ulcerative colitis.


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