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Does Celsius Drink Have Caffeine

How Much Caffeine Is In Popular Energy Drinks

CELSIUS Drink Honest Product Review

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As a lover of coffee, I dont turn to energy drinks very often.

Dont get me wrong: I actually enjoy some occasional caffeinated energy drinks, but since I typically drink my cold brew coffee every single day, thats plenty of caffeine for me.

Can you have coffee & an energy drink on the same day? Of course.

But, depending on your caffeine tolerance, you may find that level of caffeine consumption to be too much for you.

I want to break down some of the more popular energy drinks out there to see how they stack up. And since this blog is all about health and nutrition, well also take a quick look at the calories, sugar, and ingredients.

Who Owns Celsius Drink

CELSIUS MANAGEMENT. With an extensive consumer goods background, John Fieldly, is a results-driven executive with over 20 years of broad financial and operational experience. In April of 2018, Fieldly was named Celsius Holdings Inc.s CEO. Prior to that, he served as the companys CFO since 2012.hace 4 días

Sugar In Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius Energy Drink is entirely sugar-free.

However, if you are watching your carb intake, note that Celsius has 2 grams of total carbohydrate listed on the label.

I highly suspect that this hidden carbohydrate content may possibly come from the natural sugars present in the ingredient listed as Fruit and Vegetable Juice.

Please consult your physician if you are unsure whether these 2 grams will make a difference.

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Vitamins In Celsius On

Celsius On-The-Go is rich in B vitamins, and it also contains vitamin C.

Heres a table containing the amounts of vitamins in Celsius On-The-Go energy drink:


Based on the table above, you can drink up to one serving of Celsius On-The-Go per day.

Celsius On-The-Go doesnt contain any sugar while containing only 10 calories. So, the only thing that restricts you is the caffeine amount.

If you consume more than one sachet of Celsius On-The-Go, youre likely to exceed the daily limit. This is because a lot of other beverages like tea, coffee, and soft drinks contain caffeine.

If you exceed the daily limit, you might end up experiencing the side effects of caffeine overdose, such as:

  • agitation
  • heart rate disorder
  • fever

If you encounter any of these side effects, you should take a break from consuming caffeinated products.

Caffeine Content Of Celsius On

Celsius Energy Drink  Caffeine & Ingredients (guide ...

Celsius On-The-Go has around 200mg of caffeine in each 5.9g serving. Its actually a high amount of caffeine in such a small sachet.

For your information, the FDArecommends that you should consume no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. And that means consuming more than one pack of Celsius On-The-Go can lead to caffeine-related side effects.

If you consume too much caffeine in a day, you might experience these problems:

  • Rapid;heart;rate
  • Digestive;issues
  • Fatigue

Keeping these in mind, try to keep your daily caffeine intake between 50mg to 200mg. This way, you can get a solid boost while keeping the side effects at bay.

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Artificial Sweeteners In Celsius On

Stevia is a sugar substitute that is around 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Its used in Celsius On-The-Go to sweeten the beverage. Some people think that it has a bitter aftertaste.

Erythritol is a low-calorie sugar alcohol that replaces sugar in Celsius On-The-Go energy drink. Its a natural substance, and it tastes almost like sugar.

While each gram of sugar contains 4 calories, each gram of erythritol contains only 0.24 calories.

These sweeteners dont mess with your blood sugar levels or insulin levels like sugar. However, you should consume these sweeteners in moderation to avoid any unknown side effects.

Vitamins And Minerals In Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius contains vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, and chromium which are all essentialfor overall health.

B-Vitamins are known to have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. They are also needed for:

  • good eyesight
  • cardiovascular health
  • proper nerve function

B-Vitamins are also water-soluble, which means that they cant be stored in the body. So, the only way to obtain it is through food and beverages that are rich in B-Vitamins.

Vegetables and fruits are naturally rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C are commonly known as nutrients that provide a boost to the immune system and fight off chronic diseases.

Some functions of vitamin C include:

  • helps with iron absorption
  • lowers the risk of cancer
  • helps to reduce inflammation
  • heal wounds quicker;

The vitamins and minerals in energy drinks such as Celsius play an important role in the body like healing and strengthening the immune systems.

Keep in mind that eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are essential to staying healthy and strong. And it is a pretty bad idea to only rely on energy drinks, in general, to obtain these types of nutrients.

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Celsius Drink Price Review

A can of Celsius is quite affordable given the size, taste and the overall ingredients.

Celsius comes in at a bit over two dollars per can, which I think compared to many competitors is very reasonable, but certainly not the cheapest option in the world.

There are definitely better value options out there if youre willing to look, but it certainly isnt expensive when compared to competitors like XS drink, Red Bull, Rockstar and others.

I give Celsius a 7 out of 10 for price.

Celsius Has None Of The Bad Stuff

Healthier Energy Drink Series – Celsius Energy Drink Product Review

One of the things I LOVE and a major consideration I make when it comes to energy drinks is that Celsius does not contain any of the crappy ingredients, like

  • Sugar
  • Artificial flavors

Celsius is sweetened with sucrose and uses beta-carotene and other natural ingredients for color.

Wondering what else is in your Celsius Energy Drink? Heres a;thorough list of the ingredients because what you put inside of your body MATTERS.

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Each 12 Floz Can Of Celsius Originals Energy Drinks Contain:

10 calories per can

1.7mg of Riboflavin

20mg of Niacinamide

6mcg of Cyanocobalamin

300mcg of Biotin


Natural flavor

For a comprehensive breakdown of all of the Celsius drink ingredients, check out my other post where I compare Celsius Originals, Naturals, On-The-Go and Heat all in one place.

The Final Word On Celsius Energy Drink

When I set out to create this Celsius drinks article I wanted to make it as objective and matter-of-fact as possible.

But after reading the research papers for all six of the university studies and then seeing how Celsius and seemingly everyone on the internet have latched on to the idea that Celsius drinks are some kind of miracle fat-burning innovation really bothers me.

All things considered, I like the drink and I think it tastes fine. Celsius also boasts a huge range of products and flavors which means that youre very likely to find something that you like.

But lets be clear, the reason that Celsius helps to increase metabolism and burn fat is because it contains caffeine.

Just as many other energy drinks do.

I really dislike the way that Celsius have engineered things to try to appear to be some kind of miracle health drink, because I know that lots of unsuspecting people will blindly buy into it without actually reading the research papers themselves.

All of Celsius health claims are based on the proven health benefits of caffeine.;

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What Are The Advantages Of Celsius

  • Contains green tea extracts, a component that may help boost your rate of metabolism for breakdown of fats.
  • It might increase the levels of energy for you to exercise well and achieve optimum benefits.
  • The components in the product are claimed to be all natural and therefore, it may cause no side effects.
  • The product can enhance thermogenesis process so that it can produce extra heat to burn stored fats.
  • Available both in online stores and also in popular retail stores.

What Flavors Does Celsius Have

Celsius Energy Drink Nutrition Facts (Summarized)  Energy ...

My favorite is the Sparkling Orange! Its not too sweet and has the right amount of carbonation. I look forward to mine every morning after breakfast, on the way to the gym. It gives me the perfect amount of focus and energy to power through my workout, and the best part no crash!

Other flavors include:


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Is Celsius Drink Healthy

Celsius drinks are certainly positioning themselves as healthy. Furthermore, they also definitely positioning the Naturals range as natural.

However, Celsius energy drink do contain a bunch of artificial ingredients.

The fact that Celsius is sugar-free is great, but there are many other great energy drinks out there that are also sugar-free.

Indeed, the ingredients of Celsius energy drink are typical of most energy drinks.

While Celsius drinks are likely no worse for you than any other energy drink, its also not clear that it is actually any healthier than any other sugar-free energy drink.

The bottom of the Celsius can shows the expiry date of the drink.

When Should I Take My Celsius Drink

Celsius is marketed as a fitness drink that accelerates metabolism, burns body fat and provides healthy energy*. Take it before working out or any kind of moderate activity.

Although its been around since 2004, its evolved with the energy drink industry over the last decade. New trends and new tastes were appearing everywhere to keep up with the ever-busier and faster-paced lives of the millennial generation.

Much like Monster Energy Drink, Red Bull and Rockstar, Celsius saw themselves as not just a power-boosting product, but a lifestyle brand.

Given the ingredients in Celsius energy drink, and their proprietary metabolism-boosting, fat-burning formula, they decided to officially rebrand and reposition as a Fitness Drink.

It seemed to go down well, as they won the InnoBev Best Functional Drink at a big fancy gala dinner in Frankfurt, Germany. Judges recognised their innovation interesting flavors sleek packaging design. Ticking all the boxes there, Celsius!

In fact, Celsius can be a good pick-me-up during the day, especially after a late night. However, you should avoid drinking it within five hours of bedtime.

200mg of caffeine will have you counting sheep for a while.

Celsius also have a proper pre-workout version: Celsius Heat, containing 300mg of caffeine.

If youre struggling to hit that PB in the gym, or youve decided to run from LA to New York in three days, take this trainer grade version and call me from the road.

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Alternatives To Celsius Energy Drink

Theres a whole world of great energy drinks out there.;

While Celsius energy drink come in a wide range of flavors, there is an entire world of amazing energy drinks out there just waiting to be explored.

Why limit yourself to just one energy drink, even if they did pay for 6 university studies?

Wink, wink

Here are some other great brands and flavors that are similar to Celsius drinks:

Red Bull energy drink


REIZE Energy Drink

If energy drinks arent your thing, you might like to consider something like Mio water enhancer or;Vivarin pills.

All of the above products contain caffeine, thus, all of them will boost your metabolic rate and help you to burn more fat if you exercise.

Sorry, I couldnt resist.

Where Can I Find Celsius

Celsius HEAT PreWorkout Energy Drink Product Review; Celsius Energy Drink adds Preworkout to line

Most places that sell supplements and protein shakes will sell Celsius.

  • Grocery stores like Winn Dixie and Publix sell them in four packs on the shelf, but not in single cans from a cooler.
  • The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC sell both four packs, 12 packs and single-serve cans in the cooler section.
  • Gas stations such as Race Trac and Shell carry the Sparkling Orange and Raspberry Acai Green tea .
  • Recently launched, 7Eleven now carries Celsius in four flavors: Sparkling Grape Rush, Sparkling Orange, Raspberry Acai Green Tea and Mango Peach Green tea. They are Buy One get One Free at participating 7 Elevens up until May 3, 2016.
  • Popular gyms like L A Fitness and Golds, and mom-and-pop facilities like crossfit centers carry them in a variety of flavors, cold and ready to drink.

For all locations go here:;

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What Is A Good Time To Drink Energy Drink

For most people, drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks at 8 to 9 AM is common, but it isnt the best time to drink caffeine. Because if you take your coffee at this time, you become out of your circadian rhythm, which means you are awake at that time and do not need caffeine.

The reason is that you are getting caffeine tolerance but with a low boost.

So the best time to drink caffeine is to drink at 9 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1 PM to 5 PM to benefit from caffeine the most.


However, you can Celsius Energy Drink 15 to 20 minutes before a workout to have more energy for exercise.


Celsius Heat: How Much Caffeine Sugar And Calories

The Celsius Heat energy drink is designed to provide you with an extra power boost and a performance-enhancing experience. Celsius Heat contains 2,000 mg of L-citrulline and 300 mg of caffeine per can.

This article discusses the Celsius Heat, Caffeine, Sugar, and Calories.

Summary of the Article, if you dont have enough time to read:

  • Caffeine: 300 mg

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How Much Caffeine Does Celsius Heat Contain

The Celsius Heat Caffeine is 300 mg.

Celsius Drink contains a lot of caffeine that will help you do your work and stay focused on what you are doing or even reduce fatigue if there is someone who doesnt have enough sleep.

That is what caffeine does. If you want to sleep because you havent slept, but you also have to do so much work, the caffeine can keep you busy in your works.

Is Celsius A Pre

Celsius BCAA plus Energy brings together BCAAs, caffeine ...

Celsiusmarkets itself as a fitness drink that accelerates metabolism, burns body fat and provides healthy energy*.

Sounds like a good option for a pre-workout to me.

With 200mg of caffeine per can, its hard to imagine what else youd want to drink it for. Staying up for a full week ahead of finals? Building a house with your bare hands?

Celsius also have a drink thats specially formulated for fitness CELSIUS HEAT, the Trainers Grade version. It contains 300mg of caffeine Im amazed the can doesnt explode. Its probably carbonated by the caffeine alone.

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The Ingredients Benefits And Side Effects:

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels and skin. It is necessary;for growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Anywhere from;500 mg to 2,000 mg is considered safe. The benefits of Vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and skin wrinkling. Vitamin C is not stored in the body so overdose is unlikely. If you do go over 2,000 mg you could experience diarrhea.
  • Riboflavin is a yellow, water soluble vitamin of the B complex that is essential for metabolic energy production. It is crucial for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients and maintaining tissue. Our body needs vitamin B2 to breakdown macro-nutrients . The benefits of riboflavin include healthy eyes, nerves, muscles and skin. It also helps with the hormone production of the adrenal glands. For healthy adults, 1.1 1.3 mg a day is recommended. There has been no reports of overdose from vitamin B2 because excess gets excreted in urine.

MetaPlus® Propriety Blend 1,810mg

  • Other Ingredients : carbonated filtered water, citric acid , natural flavors, sucralose , beta-carotene for color.

*Contains: 200mg total caffeine per serving

Is Celsius Just Like Any Other Energy Drink

Yes, in my opinion Celsius is a regular energy drink.

Everyone wants an easy fix, so if a product comes along that promises to help you burn fat just by drinking it, then lots of people will buy a can in the hope of shedding a few pounds.

The truth is that Celsius drinks are very similar to most other energy drinks on the market. The main difference between Celsius and other energy drinks is that Celsius contains a lot more caffeine than most energy drinks.

Indeed, Celsius is marketing and positioning is somewhere in between energy drink and pre-workout.

Overall, I would say that Celsius is a pretty good drink, is reasonably priced and I like the fact that its sugar-free.

Negatives about Celsius drinks in my opinion are the super-high caffeine levels and the misleading marketing about how healthy they are.

The taste is also a little too subtle for my liking, but certainly not bad.

Celsius drink contains ingredients typical of most energy drinks.

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Celsius Energy Drink Review

Celsius Energy Drink is claimed to be a vitamin-enriched drink for clean energy. It includes a number of ingredients along with a long list of vitamins, and the company claims that the combination of these ingredients provides you with a quick energy boost. Unfortunately, Celsius Energy Drink is not much different from other so-called energy-boosting drinks currently available in the market, as it also relies heavily on caffeine to give you an energy boost.

Celsius Energy Drink contains green tea extract and caffeine. While green tea extract provides you with antioxidants, it also contains caffeine. Similarly, guarana seed extract is also included in the formula, and it also adds more caffeine to this proprietary blend. Guarana is often used to improve athletic performance and reduce physical fatigue and it works mainly because it contains more caffeine than coffee beans. There is insufficient evidence to support the claims that guarana helps in weight loss, but it provides you with caffeine and that is exactly what most energy drinks require. Celsius Energy Drink is no different in this regard.


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