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How To Brew Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Vs Cold Brew Concentrate

How to make Cold Brew Coffee (that doesn’t suck)

Although it’s possible to brew your cold brew at a ready-to-drink strength, it’s common to prepare a stronger brew, known as a concentrate, and then dilute that with cold water to the desired strength.;

One reason for this is that it can be difficult to hit the exact right level of strength given the number of variables, such as the type of coffee used, the coarseness of the grind, the brewing time, the temperature, and so on. So what many cold brewers do is intentionally make a super strong brew and then dilute it. The thinking is that it’s easier to add water until it tastes just right than it is to pinpoint the exact proportions, times, and so on.;

Another advantage of brewing a concentrate is that it takes up less space. Given that it can take 18 or more hours to prepare a batch of cold brew, it makes sense to make several days’ worth in advance. But this amount of liquid might take up as much space as a gallon jug of milk. Making a concentrate lets that same amount of coffee take up less space in your fridge. You simply dilute each serving with tap water when you’re ready to drink it.

Why Is Cold Brew Coffee More Expensive

If you compare the price of a cup of cold coffee with a cup of hot coffee in the cafe you frequent, you will find that cold coffee is more expensive, and this is because of two main things, the first of which is time. Cold coffee requires at least 12 to 24 hours to be prepared, and sometimes up to 48 hours. And time equals money. The second thing is the amount of raw coffee used. Cold coffee requires a larger amount to raise the concentration of flavors extracted. Thus, the reason has been manifested.

What Does Hot Cold Brew Coffee Taste Like

Hot Cold Brew has that smooth sweet cold brew taste with a warm feeling to it.

Hot cold brew coffee tastes similar to normal coffee -, except its not as strong or has that intense acidic taste.

Now when you compare hot cold brew to regular cold brew, the hot-cold brew has more kick to it meaning that it has a stronger distinct and less smooth taste over normal cold brew coffee.

So to conclude hot cold brew coffee is smoother and sweeter than regular coffee but not as smooth or as tasty in my opinion as regular cold brew coffee;but;it is;definitely worth trying especially during the winter months.

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With Fresh Lemon Juice

  • 3 to 5 ice cubes
  • 10 ounces cold brew coffee
  • 4 teaspoons lemon juice

What could make more sense than giving a tangy cold brew the additional boost of real lemon flavors? I use a juicer;and that way get a bit of the rind aromas from the organic lemons into my drink too. Smashing.

Youll probably have to make several attempts here at figuring out how to make cold brew coffee work well with lemon. Because after sour you dont get funny, but yuck.

Once again, this tangy cold brew is no nightcap. Even with a brew time of only eight hours, youll still supply your body with around 285 milligrams of caffeine.

Ingredients And Some Pro Tips:

How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
  • 1 cup of coffee beans;
  • A coffee grinder
  • A cold brew coffee maker or a mason jar
  • 1 cheesecloth or paper coffee filter or a fine-mesh sieve

Experts are divided on what makes the best coffee beans for cold brew, so the most important advice we can give is:

;Buy a coffee whose flavor you enjoy.

Brewing without heat means that certain flavors, especially bright and acidic fruit and floral notes, wont extract as well. For this reason, some people prefer light to medium roasts, because the cold brew process tempers the acidity. Others prefer dark roasts for their bolder chocolate and nut flavors.

More important than the type of beans you use is the SIZE of the grind. Check out our grind size chart here.

Making cold brew demands a coarse grind.

Otherwise it can easily end up bitter and over-extracted during the long steep. Unless its marketed specifically for cold brew, most pre ground coffee found in stores is TOO FINE.

The best option is to buy whole beans and grind them yourself.

But if you dont have a grinder, you can always ask your local coffee shop to do the grinding for you.

The best water for coffee is filtered or purified water.

Cold brews long brewing time also means you should consider water quality. After all, coffee is 98% water, and with cold brew, your beans are going to be sitting in that water for a long time.

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Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Copycat Starbucks Drink

The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew is a Starbucks fall drink that I love. I am actually a fan of all pumpkin coffee drinks that you can find virtually anywhere, starting from the end of August and the beginning of September. This beverage, in particular, is very flavorful, yummy, and at the same time easy to make, so I decided to share its recipe.

So heres my take on the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew recipe.

Youre going to need the following ingredients:

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • 1 teaspoon. Its actually made by mixing 2 parts ground cinnamon, 1 part ground ginger, 1 part allspice, 1 part ground cloves, and 1 part ground nutmeg.

  • Pumpkin puree 1 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons
  • Heavy Whipping Cream 1 fl. oz. .
  • Vanilla Syrup 1 to 2 tablespoons. Again, I use Monins Vanilla syrup which you can find on Amazon here.
  • Cold brew concentrate 2 fl. oz. or 3 fl. oz. .
  • Water 2 fl. oz. . By the way, I use filtered water to dilute my cold brew concentrate. My tap water is not too hard and the Brita filter pitcher removes all the chlorine odors from the water. This does improve a drinks taste. This may not be as noticeable when you have a coffee beverage such as the Pumpkin Cream Cold brew. Nevertheless, I usually have my coffee black, so the type of water I use for brewing does have an impact on my cups flavor. If you want to find out more about whats the best water for coffee, check out this beginner-friendly guide.
  • Ice Cubes

And heres how to make Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew:

  • Dilute with water.
  • How To Make Cold Brew In A French Press

    You can also use a simple French press to make your own cold brew. Theres no real need for complex machinery in cold brew making, Kasperowicz says. Its one of the easiest methods to make in your home at a similar level to what youd get at a coffee shop.

    Bodum Caffettiera French Press Coffee Maker, 12-Ounce

    Kasperowicz loves this when he runs out of cold brew bags or for just daily hot brewing.

    Heres his French press cold brew method:

    • Coarsely grind 3 ounces/85 grams of coffee.
    • Put the grounds into the French press.
    • Add 24 ounces/680 grams of water.
    • Cover without pressing the plunger.
    • Let brew at room temperature for 12 hours.
    • Plunge and pour out. Enjoy!

    If you have a smaller French press, just use less coffee and water, while maintaining the same ratio , he advises.

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    A Simplified Vietnamese Coffee

    Traditionally, Vietnamese iced coffee is strong hot filter coffee that is brewed right over a glass of ice. Condensed milk is then stirred in.

    But you can recreate the flavor easily with cold brew. Simply mix cold brew concentrate with about half a tin of condensed milk, over ice. Leave a little room in case you want to add a little water, as both these ingredients are pretty strongly flavored! The ice should melt a little as you stir, though, lengthening your drink.

    Vietnamese coffee is notably strong and bitter. The condensed milk takes the sting out of the coffees tail, creating a drink thats almost chocolaty or custardy to the taste.

    Is Cold Brew Less Acidic Than Regular Coffee

    How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

    Yes cold brew is less acidic than hot coffee. In hot brewing, the oils and acids in coffee beans degrade and oxidize; more quickly than in cold water, which adds to the acidity and; bitterness of the coffee.

    The low temperatures and long brewing times of the cold brew process capture more of the sweet flavor compounds which; are soluble in cool water, without the oils and acids.

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    May Reduce Your Risk Of Parkinsons And Alzheimers Disease

    In addition to increasing your attentiveness and mood, cold brew coffee may benefit your brain in other ways.

    Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may affect how your brain functions.

    One recent study observed that drinking coffee can protect your brain from age-related diseases .

    Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases are neurodegenerative conditions, which means they are caused by brain cell death that occurs over time. Both illnesses can result in dementia, a decline in mental health that makes daily activities difficult.

    Alzheimers disease is marked by significant memory impairment, while Parkinsons often causes physical tremors and stiffness .

    One observational study found that people who drank 35 cups of coffee per day during mid-life had a 65% lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimers in old age .

    Another observational study noted that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Parkinsons disease. In fact, men who drink more than four cups of coffee per day are five times less likely to develop this condition (

    , 25).

    Keep in mind that doesnt appear to offer the same protective benefits as caffeinated varieties .

    Summary Cold brew coffee contains compounds called phenylindanes, as well as lower amounts of nonharman and harman compounds. These can help protect your brain from age-related diseases.

    Serving The Cold Brew

    Cold brew is a concentrate, so its much stronger than coffee. Its more like a cold espresso.

    While it can be drunk on its own over ice , most people mix it with an equal amount of water.

    Put some ice in a glass, half fill with water, top up with cold brew. There you have it, a standard glass of cold brew.

    Of course, this is only one of oh-so-many ways to enjoy cold brew.

    Lets look at a few more, starting with coffee drinks.

    Whether you like sweet and milky coffee drinks or strong, almost savory beverages there are cold brew options for you.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

    Picture this: basking in the sunshine, lounging on the grass, sipping from a cold brew coffee. Staycations have never been so elegant.;

    Cold brew coffee has got a staunch following of loyal converts, whos enthusiasm has made this beverage one of the biggest trends to shake up the specialty coffee scene. It is with this in mind that weve decided to re-evaluate the homebrew potential of this ever-growing trend.

    Theres few finer luxuries than glasses of cold brew coffee, made with speciality beans, packed high full of ice. In this article, well be showing you five different methods that you can use to make cold brew coffee at home. These methods range from easy to complicated, and cheap to expensive so youll always have a brew method on hand, ready to quickly whip up a cold one when the sun is shining.;

    For each of our different cold brew coffee recipes, well be using a different method and a different piece of kit. The makes that weve selected for these recipes are:

    For those of you who arent looking to invest in a piece of kit just yet, well then talk you through the process of making a DIY cold brew at home, with no gadgets required.

    Grind Your Coffee Beans Coarsely

    Easy and Delicious Homemade Cold

    One of the most important things, too, is to make sure that the texture of the coffee after grinding is coarse so that the powder does not pass through the filters and spoil your drink, and the steeping will be more effective.This leads us to another matter, which is the importance of grinding your beans yourself and then using them directly, first, to control the level of grinding, which should be coarse, unlike marketed powders that are too soft to be suitable for preparing cold coffee. Secondly, to preserve the freshness of the coffee and all the flavors, oils, and aromas it contains.

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    Should I Use Ice Or Coffee Ice Cubes

    You can use regular ice cubes or coffee ice cubes to make iced coffee at home. Coffee ice cubes give your iced coffee a stronger, richer coffee flavor. As they melt, your drink will maintain a higher coffee ratio. Of course, regular ice cubes will keep your iced coffee cold, but they may water down your drink.

    How To Make Cold Brew Coffee: Experts Weigh

    Die-hard cold brew coffee fans know it’s wildly different from iced coffee, which can be made by simply pouring coffee over ice or refrigerating leftover coffee. Cold brew iced coffee, on the other hand, is the beloved liquid resulting from the process of slowly steeping coffee grounds in cold or room-temperature water for a number of hours, resulting in a silky smooth, less acidic and highly caffeinated coffee.

    And though making cold brew may sound complicated, with the right process, it can be ultra simple. Ben Helfen, education support specialist at Counter Culture Coffee, says it comes with a flavor of its own.

    “There’s a comfort level with the flavor of cold brew, which often tastes very similar, even with different coffees, so most folks have a good idea of what to expect, which isn’t as true with espresso or hot coffee,” he says.

    And then there’s the gear factor. “Espresso and hot concentrate poured over ice are more intimidating to the average consumer because they require brewing devices they might not have handy,” Helfen says. “Whereas, cold brew can easily be done in a Mason jar or French press.”

    And when it comes to choosing specific coffee for cold brew, Trade Coffee director of coffee Maciej Kasperowicz says some roasts work better as cold brews.

    Read on for Helfen’s easiest at-home cold brew primer.

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    May Lower Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition in which your blood sugar levels are too high. If left untreated, it can lead to many serious health complications.

    Cold brew coffee may reduce your risk of developing this disease. In fact, drinking at least 46 cups of coffee per day is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes (

    15 ).

    One study in over 36,900 people ages 4574 found that those who drank at least 4 cups of coffee per day had a 30% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than individuals who didnt drink coffee daily .

    A review of 3 large studies in more than 1 million people found that those who increased their coffee intake over 4 years had an 11% lower risk of type 2 diabetes, compared to a 17% higher risk in those who reduced their coffee intake by more than 1 cup per day .

    Summary Regularly drinking cold brew coffee may help keep your blood sugar stable and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Whats The Best Cold Brew Brewing Time

    How to: Three Ways to Cold Brew Coffee

    We recommend letting your cold brew steep for 12 to 18 hours. This is a big range, but keep in mind that its a slow process, so the flavor wont be drastically different at either end of the range. The biggest thing to avoid is brewing for longer than 24 hours, after which your cold brew may be undrinkable and very over-extracted. Try brewing for 12 or 14 hours to start and see what you think! If the flavor isnt strong enough, let your next batch brew for longer.

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    Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine Than Hot Coffee

    No, cold brew does not have more caffeine than hot coffee. But this is debatable .

    Caffeine dissolves faster in hot water, so even at; the higher ratio of ground coffee to water, theres less caffeine in; your cup. If youre brewing cold brew concentrate, it has more; caffeine than regular brewed coffee because you make it with a higher ratio of ground coffee to water. But once you dilute the; concentrate with hot water to make a cup of regular coffee , the caffeine is lower by a significant amount.

    Cold brewed coffee does have a slower release of caffeine which gives it a prolonged caffeine kick. But it does not have higher caffeine content.

    May Help You Live Longer

    Drinking cold brew coffee may reduce your overall risk of death, as well as dying from disease-specific causes (

    35 ).

    Summary Though cold brew coffee contains fewer total antioxidants than hot coffee, its full of compounds that have high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants help prevent diseases that can reduce your lifespan.

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    What Is The Best Type Of Coffee For Iced Coffee

    If you like stronger flavored coffee, you can use espresso to make your iced coffee. If you like the flavor of regular coffee, drip brew works just fine. The darker roast coffee you use to make your coffee, the stronger the flavor will be. If you do not want to use espresso to make your iced coffee, you can just use dark roast beans.;

    Medium roast coffee beans are best for making iced coffee at home. They are low on acid and tend to taste better in iced coffee. Coffee beans made with caramel or chocolate notes are also great for making iced coffee. The type of coffee you use can make all the difference in your iced coffee.;

    If you can, buy freshly roasted coffee beans. They have a stronger flavor than coffee grounds. If you do buy freshly roasted coffee beans, be sure to only buy a week or two weeks worth at a time. They lose their flavor if they sit around for longer than that.;


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