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How To Decorate Large Coffee Table

Contain Items With A Tray

How to Decorate a Coffee Table | Interior Design

If you have a larger table and want to showcase a number of items, a tray is a great way to contain all of the pieces. On a larger table, you can house an array of items in a tray and then still have room to pop books beside the tray. Just ensure the tray is not the same material as your coffee table top.

Flowers Plants And Natural Element

Add life to your coffee table and room by adding something natural to your coffee table vignette!

Here are a few natural elements to add to your coffee table design

  • cut flowers


I love to add flowers to my vignette! If you dont want the maintenance try a faux plant or flower. Or if you dont want to baby a real plant look for an easy-care real one!

There is always something organic, live or faux, in my coffee table decor! Its just pretty! And we all love pretty, dont we?

Types Of Coffee Table Trays

  • Choose a neutral color tray to be able to switch out seasonally.
  • Rectangular trays are the most common and easy to find. You can place longer objects such as books on a rectangular tray.
  • Round coffee table trays or serving trays are harder to find. I know because Ive been on the hunt for a large one for months!

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Curate Your Dcor Items To The Space

Another one of Rynds tried and true coffee table décor ideas is to use items that relate to the space. For example, use design or art books in a common area, but use sports or travel books in a mens library. She also suggests layering books from largest to smallest on the top. Select favorite accessories such as bowls, candlesticks, plants, or succulents for the other quadrants, and finish off with small accessories placed on top of books.

Photo by Emily Hart Design by Abbe Fenimore for Studio Ten 25.

Combine Shapes And Textures

Warm and Cozy: How to Decorate a Large Square Coffee Table ...

Create visual interest in a coffee table display by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, shiny with dull, textured with smooth, and hard with soft. While most of the items in this display from One King’s Lane are square or rectangular, the burst of shapes that comes from the floral arrangement adds contrasting textures.

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Ensure Books Are Thick And Themed

A rookie error I do see some people make is having a stack of thin books on the table. Thats OK if its a collection of magazines on a tray, but for the most part you want the books to be thick. You also need to ensure they relate to the home and the room. You dont want a cookbook on your living room coffee table, for example. Keep the book topics inspiring something you can pick up and flick through.

In Fact I Do The Same On Our Dining Room Table

How to decorate a round coffee table tray. Simple Home Decor Adorable Interior Ideas Coffee Table Tray Coffe Decorating Tables. Right here from Laura Treveys blog home owner as well as interior developer Angela Elliott selected 3 sections atop her stunning acrylic table. See more ideas about decorating coffee tables table decorations coffee table.

If youre styling a rounded coffee table and you want an easy organized look attempt dividing your table into thirds or quadrants. Faux floral arrangements like a succulent centerpiece. Modern Rattan Tea Table Minimalist Style Hand Woven Round Coffee Side Home Decoration Super Deal 87e21 Cicig.

Once you are done with decorating your round coffee table walk around the table and observe it from different angles. Its important that they work together as a whole and that they connect either through color style shape or theme. Instead it should have as much style and presence as any of your homes decor.

Here a rattan tray is purposefully positioned off to one side while a small catch-all balances it and fills the rest of the negative space. Looking ay my coffee table I have a round wooden tray creamy white old ironstone pitcher sitting on an old book a wicker covered container with a candle two small cross stitch pillows I did and the quirky is an eleven pound cat stretched out beside the tray. Candle holders small plants photo frame potpourri small boxes sculptural pieces etc.

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Pretty Ways To Decorate And Style A Coffee Table

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Coffee tables have a prominent place and function in a living room. Since eyes will be on it, keep it looking neat. You might even want to style it like you would a work of art. Use artistic techniques to design the look, such as striking a balance with symmetry and composing a color story or style.

Take a look at more tips to help you achieve easy coffee table displays.

  • 01 of 15

    Simple displays, like this one from artist Sarah Greenman, are attractive without disrupting the eye. This display looks tidy with a clear acrylic tray and keeps the focus on books and flowers. Do not overcomplicate or crowd the table.

    Continue to 2 of 15 below.

  • 02 of 15 Amanda Carol Interiors, photo by Laurie Perez Photography

    Balance is an essential component of any coffee table display. One of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony is with symmetry. On the table styled by Amanda Carol Interiors, three is the magic number. The middle object grounds the display. The smaller piles of books are similar in size to balance the entire display. Three sets of table legs and three sections on display make this table, and the whole room, appear united and orderly.

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  • Layer With Floor Cushions

    How to Decorate a Coffee Table

    Embrace the Scandinavian hygge philosophy and layer the space around your coffee table with floor cushions to encourage people to gather around, and to make your space feel extra cozy. This is an especially good trick if you have small children or pets, or if you love hosting friends for game night. Your living room will instantly look more inviting.

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    Think About Under The Table

    Depending on your coffee table style, there might be room to decorate underneath it. I dont necessarily mean with small objects , but with furniture like an ottoman or pouffe. You could also explore storage baskets under the table, which can hold remote controls and make the scene feel very resolved.

    Showcase A Medley Of Textures

    Texture is super important. All too often youll see coffee tables with objects of the same material. Like a glossy vase beside a glossy bird ornament on a glossy tray. Thats too much of the one finish. Ideally you dont repeat the same finish at all. Instead, explore tactile materials that look and feel different.

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    Tips For How To Decorate A Coffee Table

    From trays to interesting focal points, well discover the 6 classic tips for decorating a coffee table!

    With all of our chatter about the new living room rug last week, I started thinking about coffee tables. Weve never had a coffee table in our living room before.

    In our old house, the living room was just too small for one. And in this house weve always had little kids, so we liked having the open floor space for them to just crawl around or learn to walk or practice their gymnastics as they forward rolled off the couch.

    But now that my youngest is getting a little older, and Im changing up the living room, Id like to add a coffee table.

    Your Table Is Your Autobiography

    Warm and Cozy: How to Decorate a Large Square Coffee Table ...

    This is Penelope Bianchis decorating philosophy. Her entryway table is full of antiques shes collected throughout her travelstheyre both beautiful and great conversation starters. Similarly, Winfrey suggests using trays and glass boxes to hold collections that evoke an emotional response for the owner. She once designed a coffee table for a family with enclosed specimen trays to house items they collected on nature walks nearby. Never be afraid to use non-traditional, personal elements.

    Photo by Caydee Jennings Design by Ro Miller Rynd for RM Rynd Interiors.

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    Minute Decorating Ideas For Decorating Trays On Coffee Tables

    • Choose personal conversation pieces that tell a story about you.
    • Vary heights, colors and textures to create visual interest.
    • Start with your tallest object, such as a vase of flowers, garden clippings or a plant.
    • Add linear elements next, such as a book or a box. Those ugly remote controls are great to hide in boxes!
    • Layer some architectural pieces on top of your flat object for interest.
    • Odd numbers of objects appear organic and casual, while even numbers of objects can look staged.

    Leave Room For Pieces To Breathe

    Lastly, scale is really important. You want to fill the coffee table up with your styled objects but still leave room for day-to-day activity like putting a drink down. You also dont want plant leaves drooping into your drinks, so just keep an eye on that. Leave an adequate gap between your objects and the edge of the coffee table.

    OK, weve covered off the general rules, now here are some quick-fire tips on how to style a coffee table thats round, square, rectangle and oval.

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    Play With Varying Shapes

    Round coffee tables can be a little tricky. Generally, they look their best when items are arranged in a triangular shape: a stack of books, a tray, and a bowl, for example. Too many square or rectangular items can also make a round surface feel a little off. Playing with a variety of geometric shapes, from circles to hexagons, will help the surface feel more dynamic.

    See Coffee Table Styling In Action

    How To Decorate Your Coffee Table In 4 Easy Steps | #AskKat | InStyle

    So you want to decorate a coffee table, but you arent sure where to start? Dont worry weve taken the guesswork out of coffee table styling and have put together a tutorial for you that is quick and easy. In this video, you will learn how to style a coffee table in a few easy steps. Become a coffee table decorating expert in under a minute!

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    + Ideas For How To Style A Round Coffee Table

    Styling Tricks for Round Coffee Tables

    Just recently, we shared our specialist suggestions on exactly how to style a coffee table.

    The table we utilized especially, however, was rectangle-shaped, and some viewers chipped in to demand help with just how to prepare a round coffee table.

    Though the majority of the exact same principles use whatever form youre collaborating with, Ive rounded up takeaways as well as ideas for round tables

    Go for two

    This table top displays the power of divide as well as conquer .

    In the Nashville home of Katherine Vo, the blogger as well as stylist went with an extra relaxed technique to her coffee table styling.

    On one part, substantial column candles, publications and also free-flowing eucalyptus command interest, while the opposite showcases much more fragile blossom buds and taper candle lights.

    The rest of this 500-square-foot house is a must-see on The Everygirl.

    Equally divided areas are your pal

    If youre styling a rounded coffee table and you want an easy, organized look, attempt dividing your table into thirds or quadrants. Right here, from Laura Treveys blog, home owner as well as interior developer Angela Elliott selected 3 sections atop her stunning acrylic table. A grouping of publications topped with spectacular objects inhabits each portion.

    Its fine to be a little off

    Consider grouping a collection of like things

    Go for it yet keep it organized.

    What To Put On A Coffee Table

    If your coffee table seems bare and you dont have anything that seems useful, really anything of interest goes. Whether thats a tarnished silver platter from goodwill, milk pitcher full of pussy willows, or wooden shoe from your trip to Holland, all that matters is that it looks good and has a cool story.

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    Easy Coffee Table Decor Ideas & Tips

    Lets give credit to the unsung hero of the living room, the center of attention: the coffee table. Its the focal point of the living room, so make sure its dressed to the nines with the right decor and never boring. But styling a coffee table requires more than you might think. Read on to see how to decorate a coffee table as well as styling tips for different coffee table shapes and sizes.

    Check out this video to see a few examples of these coffee table decorating ideas in action:

    Now that youve got some styling tips and inspiration for how to decorate and style a coffee table, find pieces you love! Whether your style is farmhouse, modern, mid-century, minimalist, or a little bit of everything, have fun finding the items that speak to you.

    Start With A Focal Point

    Decorating a Coffee Table

    Start with a large piece or two that will stand out the most on the table. This could be a vase, jar, or sculptural object. If we have a vase or jar we love to fill it with fresh florals and greenery. This brings a lively and natural breath of life. But an empty one looks pretty as well!

    Youll be working around this piece.

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    Throw In Unexpected Objects

    Do you have family memories or souvenirs you want to display? While we tend to save those types of objects for bookcases or console tables, the interesting objects can actually have more impact on a coffee table, where people congregate, so don’t be afraid of throwing in a few unexpected itemsespecially ones with interesting backstories.

    A Flower Or Plant Is Essential

    A flower arrangement or plant is an essential ingredient when styling a coffee table. And you can go fake here if you need to . A plant or flower brings life and softness to the scene, and can break up the potential monotony of too many hard-items.

    Heres my list of top fake plant suppliers if youre a black thumb like me.

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    Employ The Triangle Method

    Holly Lydick styles her coffee tables in the shape of a triangle. This is different from the rule of threes, as it applies to height. Start with a taller accessory, such as a box or a plant, and tier down to a lower height accessory, such as a small tray, and then a final, third-tier even lower. This helps to maintain balance and consistently draws the eye downward.

    Photo by John Bessler Design by Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey for SCW Interiors.

    How To Style An Oval Coffee Table

    Designer Tip: Decorating A Coffee Table
    • Oval tables can go one of two ways mirroring a round table or going for a formal option
    • The round table philosophy includes showcasing three moments at different heights in the centre of the table
    • The formal way to do it is to have one major moment in the centre and then have two smaller moments of similar heights either side

    I hope this post has you all clued up on how to style a coffee table. If you have any questions for me please dont hesitate to drop them below. I also have a members-only Facebook group you can join to get style advice from me and the TLC community. Post a pic and have us all weight in with some style advice. Its fun and friendly, and .

    Happy coffee table styling at your place!

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    Think Beyond Just Looks

    The look of your coffee table styling is vital, but you have to think of the other senses. Weve covered having tactile items you want to touch, but also consider scent. A fragrance candle is the easiest way to do this. I include a candle in most of my clients coffee table styling scenes. It also introduces a nice circular shape to the scene.

    Heres my top 18 Aussie candle brands here if you need some ideas.

    How To Style A Coffee Table: 18 Tips For All Table Shapes

    Today Im sharing my 18 insider tips on how to style a coffee table. Its a topic design clients and blog readers are always asking for help with, so I figure now is as good a time as any to jump into this style challenge.

    The thing to keep in mind with this topic is that different coffee table shapes will all be styled differently. They have to be because the table top will have different parameters you have to work within. So below I want to outline my general rules when it comes to coffee table styling, and then Ill get more specific around individual table shapes after that.

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    How To Decorate A Coffee Table

    Looking for simple ideas on how to decorate a coffee table? You have come to the right post. I have 21 super simple ideas to share.

    I know Ive said this before.

    But have you watched Grand Hotel? Its on Netflix and its a mystery and a romance all rolled into one with Spanish subtitles and beautiful costumes and people with more issues than Vogue. I am almost done with all 65 episodes and Im going to miss it.

    Im going to miss Andres and Cecilia and wondering if Belin will ever leave them alone and let them live happily ever after.

    Im going to miss wondering why Alicia and Julio can make out all over the place and Diego somehow NEVER notices.

    Im going to miss Inspector Ayala and Fernando and their never-ending quest for the truth.

    But most of all?

    Im going to miss the scenery and the costumes the decor and feeling like I want to move back to 1907 and live in a hotel in the Spanish countryside.

    Those Grand Hotel residents?

    They knew how to rock a coffee table.

    And today?

    In honor of them, today is all about coffee tables and simple styling and ideas to make them prettier.

    Here are 21 ideas on how to decorate a coffee table.


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