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How To Make Armenian Coffee

Coffee Chemistry: How To Make An Extraordinary Cup Of Armenian Coffee

How to Make Armenian Coffee – VERY EASY!

Here is the key to your perfect cup of Armenian coffee in the morning

  • 2 Tsp ultra fine ground coffee
  • Cold Water

Add 2 teaspoon of ultrafine grind coffee to 1 Armenian coffee cup full of cold water. Put your stove on a medium heat, pour the mixture into a coffee pot, and boil to the starting point to create that perfect cup of Armenian coffee with crema.

Yes, making coffee is that simple. Now where it gets more sophisticated is everything in between. As the best chefs say, the fresher the better, so when it comes to coffee, you would want to grind the beans as close to making it as you can.

What Kind Of Coffee/roast Should I Buy To Make Turkish Coffee

I have a few readers asked me if Starbucks coffees would work if they were to ask the barista to grind it as Turkish coffee. To be quite honest, I have never tried this, but I do not think so. What I know for sure is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi . This is the coffee that I use when I make my Turkish coffee.

Is Armenian Coffee Strong

Armenian coffee is a very popular and powerful brew that shouldnt be taken lightly even by the most steadfast coffee enthusiasts. Unlike its Greek or Turkish counterparts, Armenian coffee is normally served unfiltered and in small servings. Its commonly black with a strong flavor to match, paired with a noticeably thick consistency thats usually similar to honey. All this makes Armenian coffee quite potent!

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How To Make Armenian Coffee Zero To Pro In 6 Steps

If youre a genuine coffee lover, then the taste of Armenian coffee is what youve been missing. This potent, black potion can be hard to find at coffee shops, but its reasonably easy to make at home. Before trying, read on to learn everything you need to know about how to make Armenian coffee.

Dont let its simple appearance fool you. Making a good cup of Armenian coffee is not difficult, but it requires learning, time, and undivided attention. Read on to nail making the perfect cup of Armenian coffee every time.

How To Make Turkish Coffee

How To Make Armenian Coffee (Soorj) &  Where to Get it ...

Making Turkish coffee is easy and requires no special skills, so long as you know a couple of tricks.

Here is how in a nutshell:

  • Water: Always use cold, filtered water. To measure the amount of water for each cup, use the coffee cup you are going to use. When it comes tothe water to Turkish coffee proportions my rule of thumb is 1½ cup of water per cup. Once again, the cup measurement is the coffee cup that you are going to serve the coffee in, rather than a standard measuring cup.
  • Coffee & Sugar: For each cup of coffee, use a heaping tablespoon of ground coffee. If preparing a cup with sugar, add it in the very beginning, stirring the mixture until combined. However, if one or more of the guests prefer no sugar, prepare and pour that cup first. After returning the coffee pot to the stove, add in more sugar to suit the preferences of the remaining guests.

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How Strong Is Armenian Coffee

Unlike espresso, Armenian coffee is extremely strong. It can be categorized among Greek coffee and Turkish coffee. Small serving sizes of coffee deliver a powerful punch. This coffee hails from the Middle East, where the preference is for small cups of really potent coffee. This is a unique and enjoyable experience for anyone who enjoys strong coffee.

What Is Turkish Coffee Reading Do You Believe It

It is a tradition that after you finish your coffee, you turn your cup upside down and let it cool down so that someone else can read your cup. This is a fun tradition, where someone looks into the cup and tries to guess your future based on the shapes of the coffees residue that stuck on the walls of your cup. If you are a believer of this kind of stuff, it could be quite entertaining.

My mom was one of those people, who would read peoples cups just for the fun of it. I no longer believe in such readings, but when I was a teenager and was falling in love with a different guy every week, I remember drinking a lot of Turkish coffee and begging her to read my cup to see if my new found love is going to ask me out any time soon.

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Where Can You Buy Armenian Coffee

You can pick up Armenian coffee beans or order them online right from the motherland. Any coffee beans will work, but they should be finely ground. You should not use pre-ground espresso beans since they are more coarsely ground. If you want to go for a medium to dark roast, or a blend from both, that would work too.

What Is Turkish Coffee Similar To

How to make Armenian Coffee

It has no difference in taste between the Turkish and Greek coffee. Brewing both takes place in copper vessels, where coffee powder is repeatedly poured into them and removed from the heat as soon as the foam appears. As a result, the drink takes on a bitter, dark, and strong flavor. Turkish coffee is named much like Greek coffee, and both are very different.

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Use Fresh Beans For The Freshest Coffee

Freshly ground coffee beans are the ideal ingredient to make the freshest coffee. Unground coffee beans keep the moisture inside the bean, and grinding them right before brew will bring out the aroma right at the moment it touches your lips.

All Armen Coffee pre-grind orders are ground to order right before shipping to keep the freshness.

Water is the 2nd ingredient of a great cup of coffee and makes a huge difference in how your coffee tastes. A dark roast generally makes a better cup of cold brew coffee as the coffee beans had more extraction during the roasting process that could be mixed with water.

Hot water could be brought to heat using the Armenian coffee method or poured over coffee after heating such as the pour-over coffee or Chemex .

Does Coffee Grow In Armenia

No, unfortunately, coffee does not grow in Armenia. Most of Armenias beans are sourced from Colombia, so any that the country grows stays local.

It is uncommon for berries to grow in Armenia, but even if they did, it would be a shame not to share them with the rest of the world. The Armenian berries and any organic beans are used mainly for domestic consumption. Interestingly enough, throughout the years and especially during the Soviet era coffee became an integral part of the Armenian culture.

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How To Cook Turkish Coffee

Slowly bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. This will take 3-4 minutes, so keep a close eye on it. As the coffee warms, a dark foam will build.

It is customary and important to serve Turkish coffee with foam on top. When the mixture is close to a boil, use a teaspoon to transfer some of the foam into each coffee cup. Return the coffee pot to the stovetop.

As coffee comes to a boil, pour half of the coffee into the cups, over the foam. Return coffee pot to stovetop and boil the remaining coffee for an additional 10-15 seconds and fill the cups to the rim.

This Ain’t Your Average Cup Of Java

Armenian Coffee Recipe 2

Armenian coffee, or “Soorj” as it’s called in our native tongue, is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Unless of course, you’ve already tried this bountifully flavorful brew, in which case, you know how truly unique this methodology of crafting coffee is.

It starts by taking beans and grinding them down to the consistency of powdered sugar, not something your typical home grinder will be able to accomplish even if it’s an overachiever. This super fine coffee powder is then mixed directly with water and the optional pinch of sugar, and heated over a direct flame in a special pot until it reaches boiling.

To be served in a small 3 oz. demitasse cup and enjoyed right away, this thick and full bodied caffeinated elixir is truly in a class of its own when stacked up against other coffee drinks.

This process of brewing and serving coffee is a Near East tradition that has been enjoyed amongst our families for generations, and is an integral part of many other cultures throughout the Near East, Mediterranean and Middle East. There are slight variations from culture to culture, but the basic technique is the same.

AVAT’s Beans Help Us Stand Apart From The Rest

When selecting the perfect bean for our premium AVAT Armenian Coffee, we realized that in order to do something new, sometimes you have to go back to the beginning. Coffee first arrived into Armenian lands from Ethiopia via transit across the Red Sea, through the Middle East and into the Near East.

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How To Make Armenian Coffee

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Cultural Things To Know

Sugar: Adding sugar to your Armenian coffee is such a debate in our family and many Armenian families. Some love the bitter sugarless taste, and others prefer to add a spoon or two.

Boil Technique: When your coffee comes to a simmer, some believe, taking it on and off a couple of times is the trick to delicious coffee. Let me know what you think!

Coffee Readings: In Armenian culture after drinking your soorj , you are told to flip your cup over and let the coffee drip to your saucer. After a few minutes Tati will begin reading your fortune through the lines of your coffee cup.

Hidden Meanings: In the olden days, making soorj for a suitor had a hidden meaning to it. If you made the coffee bitter that means you didnt like the suitor and if you serve the coffee sweet that is your way of expressing approval.

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How To Make An Armenian Coffee

Coffee is considered to be an integral element in any culture. Maybe this is the reason why the ways different nations make coffee has much in common, yet, there is always a specific difference that evokes a unique aroma.

Below, check the steps of how to make coffee:

1. Fill a cup of cold water into the coffee pot,

2. Add a teaspoon ground coffee ,

3. The next step is to stir the mixture and put the pot on the stove until the coffee boils and foam rises to pour out from the pot ,

4. Once the coffee is ready, it is filled in the coffee cups and served.

Some people prefer to add cardamom capsules in the cups then fill the coffee in. In this way, they add a specific aroma, but not everybody likes its smell. Armenians like to serve coffee to their guests but only after laying a full table and making sure their guests arent hungry. The coffee is served in a full table of desserts, including Armenian sweets, candies, chocolate, pastry, and why not Armenian gata.

Warning For Coffee Lovers Only

How To Make Armenian Coffee

If you are not a coffee lover or dont like strong coffee then this is certainly not the drink for you! This is a thick and strong coffee served in an espresso size cup. However if you love coffee then welcome to a new taste and texture sensation. It has a thick, almost grainy texture. For this reason, it is best to sip the coffee slowly. This allows the excess coffee to sink and sit at the base of the cup. You are not supposed to drink this sludge type sediment at the bottom of your cup , its just too thick and dense to consume. So you are done with your cup once you reach this thick base.

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Coffee Shift Arabic Coffee Beans Review

Also, these coffee beans are naturally low in acidity and have a pleasingly sweet aroma. Their flavor is sensational and they will leave you feeling great.

Whether youre Armenian or not, we want you to know that this coffee is worth your while. This coffee is fresh and has been handled responsibly in all aspects of the supply chain. For example, the producers were paid fairly for their work and the crop was sustainably grown. The Arabica beans were handpicked at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, leaving behind the Robusta beans which have a more bitter flavor than the former. If you are looking for some great tasting 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, then this is it.

How Do You Get That Thick Foam On Top

This is a much-debated subject and you might get different answers if you asked different people. Below steps were what my mother taught me:

  • Once you mix water, coffee and sugar , give it a quick mix but do not overmix it. Since you are cooking it in a very small pot , as it boils it will mix itself. I know that it is very tempting to want to mix it but resist the urge.
  • Once you pour your first pour, then you can give it a mix because the thick foamy part should already be in the cup.
  • As you pour your second, be sure to pour very slowly to not break the foam.

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What If I Am Making Turkish Coffee For Multiple People With Different Sugar Preferences

If this is the case, you can do one of two things. First, you can make them in different pots, but for that, you would have to have more than one cezve.

Second, you can start making it with no sugar, pour the first pour to all the cups and then add in the sugar in the second pour.

For example: Lets say I making Turkish coffee for 2 of my guests. First, start with the person who wants his sade and then continue with the second person who wants his orta . Below are the steps I would follow to make them at the same time in one pot :

  • Start by cooking water and coffee for 2 servings with no added sugar
  • Pour your first pour halfway into two coffee pots.
  • Boil the second pour and fill up the first serving with no sugar.
  • Then add in sugar into the pot, mix it, and bring it to a boil before you top off the second serving. Since Turkish coffee is pretty thick and served in such a small cup, it will have enough sweetness.

What Type Of Coffee Is Armenian Coffee

Armenian Coffee

Armenian coffee is also referred to as Turkish coffee. This black coffee can be found throughout the Middle East. It comes in small, strong servings just like Greek and Turkish blends. Armenian coffee can be confusing to the inexperienced drinker when it looks so dark but it is a very strong and satisfying brew. If you love solid dark roasts, I definitely recommend giving this one a try focusing on your first sips only since caffeine takes a few minutes to kick in, after which point your body will settle into an enjoyable buzz while staying energized throughout the day.

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Where To Drink Armenian Coffee

If you like how Armenians treat coffee and want to try this specific beverage then you dont have to create any specific occasion or possibility. Usually, Armenians drink coffee several times a day. Especially if they have guests, Armenians like to entertain them with a cup of freshly made hot coffee. So, if you have an Armenian relative, friend or just know somebody, visit them and surely, they will treat you with the tastiest coffee.

However, if you dont like being in the position of a guest, then you have additional chances. Armenia, especially the capital Yerevan, is full of cafes, restaurants, coffee and tea houses, where you may enjoy various types of coffee. In this regard, you may read one of my previous articles related to the best cafes in Yerevan, to choose the best atmosphere where you feel at home.


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