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How To Make The Best Homemade Iced Coffee

How Much Instant Coffee Per Cup Of Water


The recommended ratio is usually 1 teaspoon of instant coffee per 8 ounces of water.

However, if you need an extra jolt of caffeine or are using milk to dissolve your instant coffee, you might want to do 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons per cup of liquid.

In the end, the coffee to liquid ratio is a personal preference.

And if youre wondering, is it really good to have coffee in ONE MINUTE available to me at all times? Then be sure to check out this post on the health benefits of coffee& how to drink it well.

For when you want coffee fast, this instant iced coffee recipe is the best! This instant coffee is going to change your life!

  • Laura Fuentes
  • 12 teaspoons instant coffee granules
  • 8 ounces cold water or milk
  • Sweetener of choice
  • Dissolve instant coffee granules in liquid. Add your sweetener, if using, and pour over ice.
    • Nutritional information based on coffee + water. It will vary with the milk and sweetener used.

    Iced Coffee Recipes: Caramel Vanilla And Mocha


    These Iced Coffee Recipes are AMAZING! Keep the homemade syrups in the fridge all summer!

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    Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

    You can pour over ice or make coffee ice cubes and youre ready to rock any day.

    Our creamer is an amazing mixture of half and half and sweetened condensed milk. SHHHHHH! Dont tell anyone. It can be our little secret.

    Its SO GOOD, creamy, and just the right touch of sweetness. Apart from the sweetened creamer, we arent going to add any extra sugar or sweetener to this coffee. Awesome, right?

    You have what it takes to learn how to make iced coffee at home. What are you waiting for?!

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    Making The Iced Caramel Macchiato

    The trick to this Iced Caramel Machiatto recipe is making the rich dulce de leche caramel syrup and layering the espresso and milk its way easier than you think too!

    Start with an empty cup full of ice, then add a couple tablespoons of the syrup. Brew your espresso, and pour it very delicately over the milk of your choice I usually go with 2% but whole milk makes this drink extra creamy and over the top.

    If you dont have dulce de leche at home , simply boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours in a large pot of gently boiling water.

    What Makes Iced Coffee So Special

    How to Make Iced Coffee [Best Way, Fast Way] Plus Tips and ...

    Did you know that every morning, rain or shine, sleet or snow, I drink iced coffee?!

    It’s my absolute favourite way to wake up there’s something so refreshing about a big tall glass of slightly sweetened iced coffee, but the same old thing can get boring so I’m here to bring you outside your routine to try a few new spins on everyone’s fave summer drink.

    I’m convinced iced coffee is better than hot coffee because it’s kind of like a dessert in a glass: add in your ice, your coffee, a splash of flavoured syrup and dairy milk of choice. It’s an amazing combination worth trying, and it’s SO easy to do at home!

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    Other Methods I Tried

    If you have the patience for pourover, try flash-brewing onto ice.

    The best iced coffee for you depends on what style of coffee brewing you prefer overall. Im an espresso drinker, so its not shocking that I love the methods above. But if youre passionate for pour-over, you may want to try Japanese-style iced coffee in your Chemex or other dripper. Moser recommends substituting about 40% of your water with ice, which means for 12 ounces of iced coffee , youre going to use 25 grams of medium-finely ground coffee, 250 grams of hot water , and 150 grams of ice in the decanter that youre brewing into. He sets up the weighed ice in the vessel under the pourover filter, then starts with the first 65 grams of water and a quick stir, waiting 45 seconds to let the bed of coffee get saturated, then adds 80 grams more, then the last 115 grams. The ice that chills the brew will also dilute it to its proper strength. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To be honest, its more than I can handle early in the morning, though the flavor does a decent job of capturing coffees refreshing, fruity side.

    Brewing Tips: Stronger Is Better

    The most important factor for making good iced coffee at home is strength. A common error people make when brewing iced coffee is using the same recipe they would use to brew hot coffee and then adding ice at the end. The problem with this method is the ice cubes melt and water down your coffee resulting in a weak, bland cup.

    One way to avoid weak iced coffee is to make coffee ice cubes, but another way that we prefer is to make your coffee stronger from the start. Most hot coffee recipes recommend using between a 15:1 and 17:1 water-to-coffee ratio. For iced coffee, we like to use more coffee and typically aim for between a 12:1 and 15:1 water-to-coffee ratio.

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    How To Make Iced Coffee

    Youve come to the right place. Im going to show you How to Make Iced Coffee. Watch the video showing you How to Make Iced Coffee, then scroll to the bottom of this post so you can print out the recipe and make it at home. You might also be interested in a more authentic way of making Iced Coffee: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee. Be sure to check out that post because that recipe makes really great iced coffee too! Oh, and Boozy Iced Coffee is another favorite .

    Im not much of a coffee drinker. No sirree. No caffeine needed. My body is hard-wired to have an abundance of natural energy from the moment I wake up. I guess Im lucky that way. I do love the flavor of coffee though coffee candies and coffee ice cream and even those foo foo frozen coffee drinks that contain your total allotted calorie consumption in just a dozen sips.

    Thats why on one rather sweltering afternoon recently, I grabbed my husbands mug o coffee that had been sitting untouched on the counter all day long, and I made myself a rather delicious version of Iced Coffee.

    How To Make Cold Brew Coffee


    Most of making iced coffee is simply making up a pot of cold brew coffee! Its a very easy and forgiving method. All youll need to do is make sure to make it 24 hours before youd like to drink it! Here are the major steps in our cold brew coffee recipe:

  • Grind 1 ½ cups of ground coffee. Grind the coffee to a medium coarse grind and measure out 1 ½ cups of grounds. Weve found dark roast coffee tastes best for cold brew.
  • Add 6 cups filtered water and mix. Add filtered water to the coffee grounds, and give it a little stir.
  • Refrigerate and wait 24 hours! Heres where the brewing magic happens: and you dont need to do anything! Just wait while the coffee brews.
  • Filter the coffee. Pour the coffee into a strainer with a towel placed inside. Then, your cold brew is ready to drink! It makes 9 servings of cold brew or iced coffee.
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    Will Iced Coffee Keep Me Awake

    So this is one that trips people up. There is a difference between iced coffee, and cold brew. Iced coffee is just that – hot coffee thats been cooled down by adding ice. That means the caffeine content will be exactly the same as if you had just drunk the coffee in the first place. Cold brew is a different matter – its brewed using cold water, which is thought to extract less caffeine so it might well pack less of a punch.

    Do Your Research On The Best Coffee Maker For Iced Coffee You Want To Buy

    This is an easy way to get what you are looking for quickly. Many different websites available like Google, Amazon, and eBay can help you with this step. Make sure to use the closest match, so you do not have to weed through results. We advise you to search for the best coffee maker for iced coffee on the lists about top products of the year in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 to find the right one for your needs.

    You need to get the information product about:

    1.1 Design and Material

    Firstly suggest doing some research and looking at several different design options it is essential, as you should take time to assess if the item is exactly what you want. Most importantly take a few seconds and browse the product images thoroughly always look at them from different angles and zoom in if possible! This way, you will have a great idea about the quality and its looks from multiple perspectives.

    Find out about product models. Pay attention to the material that makes it to see if the material is good or not? Some materials such as metal, stainless steel, or portable are great for your best coffee maker for iced coffee.

    Considering the size is large or small depending on your workload, more or less. On the internet, you also can choose various colors of this item, lets choose the product which has the color you like.

    1.2 Price

    1.3 Product info

    1.4 Additional Tips

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    The Best Iced Coffee At Home

    A great cup of coffee is the perfect way to start any and every day. Some mornings I just simply dont want hot coffeeI want it cold!

    Summer will be here before we know it, and we all need the ultimate easy Iced Coffee Recipe to keep ourselves perky, alert, and productive. Im so glad youve found this one!

    If you want to love mornings even more, be sure to check out some of our favorite breakfast recipes, like Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole or Baked Breakfast Sliders. If a smoothie is more your speed, take a stab at our Glowing Skin Smoothie or Simple Mango Smoothie!

    We LOVE Iced Coffee first thing in the morning! Check out some other variations like Caramel Frappuccino, Thai Iced Coffee, or this Iced Honey Flat White.

    Be sure to watch the video on How to Make Iced Coffee at home! This Iced Coffee Recipe is the best!

    How To Make Caramel Iced Coffee


    Sweet, caffeinated, refreshing and highly affordable? Once you try whipping up a caramel iced coffee at home, youll have a hard time going back to the coffee shop trust us!

    Here are the simple steps to show you how to make a caramel iced coffee. So gather your ingredients and lets get started!

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    Adjusting The Strength Of Your Coffee

    Aside from selecting a different roast of coffee to impact the strength, you can also adjust the coffee strength by changing the coffee to water ratio. For this recipe, I used a ratio of 1:16. For every 1 ounce of coffee, I used 16 ounces of water.

    To make a stronger cup you can increase the amount of coffee you use. For a weaker cup of coffee, decrease the amount of coffee grounds.

    • Stronger Coffee: Increase the coffee grounds to 9 ounces and keep the water the same. This will give you a ratio closer to 1:14.
    • Weaker Coffee: Decrease the coffee to 7 ounces and keep the water the same. This will result in a ratio closer to 1:18. Still too bold? Dilute with additional water after brewing.

    How To Make Iced Coffee Fast

    In a hurry? With any iced coffee recipes, you ideally want it to be as cool and crisp tasting as can be. So, if you have the time, we recommend cooling the freshly brewed coffee. However, if youre in a rush one morning, no worries! It will still turn out delicious, especially if you follow the top tip below.

    Tip: One of the common issues with iced coffee is that its very easy to water your drink down too much. The secret? Brew it and cool it straight away with ice cubes youve previously made from fresh brewed coffee.

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    How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee At Home That Is Smooth And Delicious

    Add coffee granules and sugar to a tall glass, then add about 2 tablespoons of warm water and stir until dissolved.

    Dilute the coffee with chilled water and stir to combine. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

    Add milk of choice stir to combine and finish it off with some ice. Give it another good stir and serve with a straw or drink it straight from the cup. Enjoy!

    Make A Simple Sugar Syrup

    The Best Way To Make Iced Coffee – EASY

    This is the most common way to sweeten iced coffee.

    You dissolve sugar in hot water to make sugar water. You can then add this sweetened water to your iced coffee. It will mix in well.

    How to make sugar syrup at home

    Sugar syrup is super simple to make and will last at least a month in the fridge, so you can make a big batch and save it for later.

    • Mix the sugar and water in a saucepan
    • Heat the mixture on a medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved
    • Remove from the heat
    • Leave to cool before storing in an airtight container in the fridge

    You can play around with the ratio of sugar:water a little if you want a sweeter or less sweet syrup. Adding more sugar will result in a thicker consistency and also increase the shelf life of the syrup.

    One of the best things about making your own sugar syrup is that you can customize it however you want.

    You can add extra notes of flavor in the form of spices, herbs, citrus zest, vanilla beans, and even some extra espresso powder. These additional ingredients will lower the shelf life of your sugar syrup, but youll probably be drinking so much iced coffee that wont be a problem!

    How long does simple syrup last?

    Syrup with a 1:1 sugar:water ratio will last a month in the fridge. Syrup with a 2:1 sugar:water ratio will last closer to 6 months.

    Any flavourings you add to the syrup can reduce its shelf life.

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    How To Make Iced Coffee Using Coffee Ice Cubes

    If you really want to make sure your coffee will not be watered down, there’s only one solution: coffee ice cubes! This method takes forethought, but once you have coffee ice cubes on hand you don’t have to wait for the coffee to come to room temperature before you pour it over ice.

    Here’s What You’ll Need:

    Brew Coffee Then Pour It Over Ice

    Our second favorite way to make iced coffee at home is with a French press. We like this method because French press coffee is bolder and more full-bodied than other methods, making it well-suited for iced coffee. French press iced coffee is naturally more flavorful and robust and, therefore, less prone to being weak and underwhelming.

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    What Type Of Ice Is Best For Iced Coffee

    I know this may not seem important but choosing the right ice for your iced coffee is key! Here are your options:

    • Crushed ice this is what you see in this recipe. Because I had a ton of coffee to make I picked up a big bag of crushed ice and used it liberally. This is typically what I use for iced coffee
    • Medium-sized ice cubes this is usually what people have on hand in their freezer and I say go for it!
    • Large ice I like to use larger blocks of ice if I’m going to enjoy my iced coffee outside. They are slower to melt this way!

    How Do You Make Iced Coffee

    How To Make Iced Coffee at Home

    Youll need a tall glass and a spoon long enough to reach the bottom of that glass.

    Fill that glass full to the rim with ice. If you really want to get serious about your iced coffee, you can make ice cubes out of coffee too. Then you wont get that watered-down effect. And if youre into that flavored sort of coffee then go for it.

    Pour room temperature coffee into the glass.

    Fill it almost to the top.

    Pour in the white stuff. Heres where you get to make a big decision. Do you want to go all out and make this a decadent treat? If so, then add cream or half & half. If you want to go a little lighter, use whole milk or fat-free half & half. And lighter still, use nonfat milk.

    Take a moment to watch the swirls sink to the bottom and mix in with the coffee. Its a magical moment. ð

    Add a couple spoonfuls of sugar or whatever sort of sweetener you usually add to your coffee. In the recipe notes below, I share how to make sugary simple syrup in case you prefer to use that instead of granulated white sugar.

    Stir it all up!

    Add a purple straw. If youre a straw person, that is. And drink up!

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