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What Color Should My Coffee Table Be

How To Choose A Coffee Table

How to: Style a Coffee Table

This article was co-authored by Katherine Tlapa. Katherine Tlapa is an interior designer, currently working as a Design Specialist for Modsy, a design service based in San Francisco. She also runs her own DIY Home Design blog, My Eclectic Grace. She received her BFA in Interior Architecture from Ohio University in 2016.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 14,604 times.

Coffee tables can be tricky to pick out. A coffee table acts as quite a workhorse in a room. A typical coffee table upholds the functions of book holder, drink holder, footrest, and a million other things–not to mention acting as a jungle gym for little ones. Using a bit of know-how, you can find a coffee table that suits all of your wants and needs. You must evaluate your available space, draw inspiration from your home, and determine the materials youd prefer for your ideal table.

Beautiful Colors To Paint A Table

I love a good green and this table is such a fun pop by Southern Hospitality for Remodelaholic.

Maybe you are more of a coral lover? This modern coral entry table adds a such a glow to this room by Remodelaholic.

Yellow is a happy color. Adding it to end tables adds a bit of a glow to a room these cute ones are by Liz Marie Blog for Remodelaholic.

Not only is this color stunning on this console table, the makeover is amazing by The Moon and Me for Remodelaholic.

Even a neutral colored console table is a great idea. This gray pairs perfect with pops of yellow in the room by Remodelaholic.

A side table can really add personality to your home. Paint a small piece a funky color like pink to represent your style in your home by Restoration Redoux.

Worried about too much color? Paint the legs of a table turquoise and stain the top like this one by Restoration Redoux.

Or just use even less of a bold color on skinny legs like this idea from Postcards from the Ridge.

Or tone down the natural wood and amp up the color like like this buffet by Jennifer Allwood.

Another way to mix natural wood tones with color is to use a metal and wood coffee table. Paint the metal a fun color and stain the top a neutral like this one by Plaster and Disaster for Remodelaholic.

Want to add some color and some sparkle?? Why not use metallic paints on your tables like these cute tables from .

Tables arent just for inside. An outside table can be really bright like this one by Hunt and Host.

Dont Get Too Stuck On A Theme

You definitely want it to work with the other pieces in the room, but dont get too pedantic about the style.

For example, if you have a Hamptons vibe at home, you dont have to Google Hamptons coffee tables and shop for the first thing you see in the list. Its more about the colour working with the rest of the tones in the space.

The same goes for any other interior design style you have going on at home. Dont feel like the coffee table has to be so on-message, or a cookie cutter in its approach.;

The image above via The Spruce showcases this perfectly. The table is soft and soothing, which is how I would describe the vibe of the room overall. But the table doesnt feel overly Provincial in its design, its more a subtle nod to the style.

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Pay Attention To The Proportions

Similarly to finding a coffee table that has the right height, you should look for one that has the right length in relation to the width of your sofa. Specifically, your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. So for a 96-inch sofa, for instance, you should look for a coffee table that’s 64 inches long.

Should My Coffee Table Match My Couch

Looking to replace my coffee table and find something that ...

While coordinating your coffee table with your couch is an option, your coffee table does not necessarily have to match the color of your blue couch. Using complementary or even contrasting colors is a great way to add some life to your space as well as create a focal point in your room.

As we discussed above, attention-grabbing colors are great pairings with your blue couch. Bright bold colors used for your coffee table can make a statement and be a great way to coordinate accent pieces in your room.

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Bold And Glamorous: How To Style Around A Black Coffee Table

by Sherry Nothingam

Every room needs a hint of black to truly elevate its style, anchor it and at times give it that cutting edge that other colors simply cannot deliver. Considering the amount of white and light grays that designers use in contemporary living rooms, black almost seems like an absolute must. And if you are wondering how you can add black to your own living room without completely committing to the color, then few options are as alluring as the coffee table!

A black coffee table can be many things a showstopper that turns heads, a versatile décor piece that holds together an eclectic blend of vivacious colors, or even a minimalist masterpiece!

Working with a black coffee table can be exciting, and when done right it can both blend into the backdrop and stand out visually at the same time. It is an addition that is never out of style, and today we have 23 gorgeous inspirations to go along with a few helpful tips that will hopefully make the process of embracing the dark coffee table all the more easy.

Coffee Tables For $300 Or Less

Now that you now how to choose a coffee table that will look like a designer found it for you its time to go shopping!

Ill group the coffee tables by shape to make this as easy as possible with a variety of styles from modern, transitional, and traditional design.

Plus a variety of finishes so you can find something that works in your existing space.;

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Coffee Tables And Sectionals

If you have a sectional, you may approach your coffee table a bit differently. Many sectionals have a chaise on one or both ends, so you probably wont be putting your feet on the coffee table. This gives you more opportunity to use glass or metal tables. You can also go a bit smaller here because theyll be less foot traffic and less entertaining.

We talked shape above, and heres an occasion when a round coffee table really works. The square edge of the sectional can make a living room feel boxy, so we like adding in a round piece here.

Were always getting questions about coffee tables, so hopefully weve answered them all here. To shop coffee and accent tables at Ballard Designs, go here, or find more living room inspiration here.;

Top 10 Tips On Selecting A Coffee Table

Use These 5 Inexpensive Things To Style Your Coffee Table

Are you in the market for a Coffee Table? Coffee Tables can really make a statement and set the décor for the entire room. They are both fun and functional. And, you dont need to break the bank to buy one.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

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What Color Coffee Table Goes With Black Wooden Furniture

You might think that almost any color coffee table goes with neutral black wooden furniture, and while that’s practically true, too many options can leave you wondering where to start. Coffee tables are like the decor wildcard, on display in the center of a seating area. The right colored coffee table can lighten, brighten or visually stimulate the atmosphere, depending on the room’s needs.

Deciding On Your Ideal Materials

  • 1Evaluate your cleaning habits. Some materials are more high-maintenance than others. If you clean your home on a daily basis, a glass coffee table might work out well for you. If you are more of a once-monthly kind of cleaner, a sturdier material such as wood might be a better bet. If you abhor cleaning, an upholstered coffee table may be the one for you.XResearch source
  • 2Take an honest look at your lifestyle. If you have children or a lot of pets , youre going to want to get a durable table made with solid wood or metal, possibly in a curved shape to avoid dangerous edges. Other materials may become broken or marred easily. Conversely, if you live alone or live with only a partner, you can shell out for more complex or delicate tables.XResearch source
  • Although you can purchase a table that does not typically suit your lifestyle, you may need to clean, repair, or replace it often.
  • 3Look at the surrounding furniture. What colors, shapes, and lines are you usually drawn to? If you like smooth, clean lines, a simple rectangle will likely do the job best. If you are a fan of more natural edges, a slab of unfinished wood atop some simple metal feet may complete your space. Draw inspiration from the furnishings immediately surrounding the table.XResearch source
  • Dont be afraid to play with color and texture. Although a single item of differently-colored furniture might look odd, you can find ways to tie pieces of furniture together to make them fit the room well.
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    Choosing A Coffee Table

    A coffee table should be proportionate in size to the sofa. As a good rule of thumb, the coffee table you buy should be at least one-half the length of your sofa, but not longer than the sofa itself. A nice happy medium coffee table length of three-fourths or two-thirds is perfect.

    The height of your coffee table should be about even with the height of your sofa seat, give or take a few inches.

    Combine Shapes And Textures

    DIY. Update a look of the old coffee table by using a ...

    Create visual interest in a coffee table display by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, shiny with dull, textured with smooth, and hard with soft. While most of the items in this display from One King’s Lane;are square or rectangular, the burst of shapes that comes from the floral arrangement adds contrasting textures.

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    Pretty Ways To Decorate And Style A Coffee Table

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto;

    Coffee tables have a prominent place and function in a living room. Since eyes will be on it, keep it looking neat. You might even want to style it like you would a work of art. Use artistic techniques to design the look, such as striking a balance with symmetry and composing a color story or style.

    Take a look at more tips to help you achieve easy coffee table displays.

  • 01 of 15

    Simple displays, like this one from artist;Sarah Greenman,;are attractive without disrupting the eye. This display looks tidy with a clear acrylic tray and keeps the focus on books and flowers. Do not overcomplicate or crowd the table.

    Continue to 2 of 15 below.

  • 02 of 15 Amanda Carol Interiors, photo by Laurie Perez Photography

    Balance is an essential component of any coffee table display. One of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony is with symmetry. On the table styled by Amanda Carol Interiors, three is the magic number. The middle object grounds the display. The smaller piles of books are similar in size to balance the entire display. Three sets of table legs and three sections;on display make this table, and the whole room, appear united and orderly.

    Continue to 3 of 15 below.

  • Drawing Inspiration From Your Home

  • 1Look at your existing table. If you have a coffee table you are replacing, take a glance at what it is currently housing. Is it used to store books? Is it used as a second dining table, perhaps? Is it a catch-all for junk? Whatever the case may be, identifying what you use your table for and how much traffic it receives on a daily basis will help you choose the correct one.XResearch source
  • Think about what things you like and dislike about your current coffee table and use them to help you choose a new one.
  • 2Identify areas in need of improvement. If you have an existing table, identify any of its problems, and write them down. This way, when you are searching for a replacement, youll know what traits to avoid. If you are getting a table, not replacing one, identify what the space needs, whether that is a piece to tie the room together, or a footrest for your seating area.XResearch source
  • If your current tabletop is perpetually covered in items, you might want to invest in a coffee table with storage space.
  • Use your table for a few days and make a note of any irritating things you discover, such as the table being too far away to comfortably place drinks, or being low enough for children to climb on top.
  • 3Evaluate your storage needs. Some coffee tables come with built-in storage, such as drawers, shelves, baskets, or storage underneath the tabletop. Determine what type of storage you require, if any, and make your selection based on those needs.XResearch source
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    Pick A Dominant Wood Tone

    Nothing says you have to go crazy mixing wood tones, especially if youre feeling a bit out of your element. Here, the neutral, graywash stain of the wall adds just enough contrast while letting the dramatic, dark;painted;wood pieces;and accessories in the room really anchor the space.

    Give your space a pop of color with accessories, like we did in this neutral living room.

    Diy Coffee Table Ideas

    How To Acrylic Pour a Coffee Table Top

    View in gallery

    Building your own coffee table from scratch can be a great idea when you have something very specific in mind in terms of design or if you just want something simple and with character for your living room. Farmhouse-style tables are easy to make and have a lot of charm. You can use wood which is very accessible and you can stain in so it matches the rest of your décor. Theres a tutorial on lovegrowswild that you can follow if you enjoy this style.

    View in gallery

    You can also make a wooden table that has a farmhouse-industrial aesthetic and it wouldnt require a lot of resources. In fact, the design featured on cherishedbliss is great because its very simple and easy to put together. The frame contrasts with the top which is a nice little detail but that of course be modified if you prefer a different combo.

    View in gallery

    Coffee tables with built-in storage are really cool because of the added functionality. Of course, if youre building it all from scratch that complicated the design and the plans. If youre up for a challenge, check out this detailed tutorial from morelikehome which explains exactly how to make this elegant table from start to finish.

    View in gallery

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    Furniture Arrangement By Shape

    • Oval or rectangular coffee tables are best in smaller rooms or in rooms with 2 identical sofas facing each other
    • Square or round coffee tables work well with sectional sofas or large furniture groupings;

    Lets look at some layouts get an idea of how the furniture can be arranged with the various shapes of coffee tables.

    My main reason in showing you these layouts is to show you scale and the distance between furniture.

    Two Sofas and a Rectangular Coffee Table

    Having a rectangular table that is a little larger is perfect for this furniture layout with sofas directly across from each other and a chair at the end.;

    Everyone in the room has access to using the coffee table, so they can prop up their feet or set down a drink.;

    Sectional Sofa, Two Chairs, and a Round Coffee Table

    Many people have sectional sofas and get confused by what shape table will look best.

    The best approach with a sectional sofa is to focus on tucking the coffee table into the L shaped area.

    Both a round or square table fit nicely in that space, if you have a shorter sectional like I show above.;

    If the sofa part of the sectional has 3 cushions and is longer, then an oversized rectangular coffee table may be best.;

    Deep Sofa, Two Deep Chairs, and a Large Square Coffee Table

    In this layout, both the sofa and chairs are really deep at 44 inches.

    Oversized furniture in larger rooms coffee tables have to be dealt with differently.

    An oversized square coffee table looks amazing in a space like this!

    The Ottoman As A Coffee Table Idea

    I want to end this coffee table buying guide with a few words about the ottoman-as-a-coffee-table idea. Its not a terrible idea at all in the right space. And for those of you who want the versatility to use it as a table at times, and a footstool at other times, its genius.

    The key to getting this right though, is that the ottoman needs to be in exactly the same material colour as your sofa, or worlds apart. Theres no in-between here. If its close but not exact, itll look like you made a huge mistake. So either buy the ottoman at the same time as your sofa, or choose a completely different colour.;

    The image above via Metricon is a good one to use as an example. Notice how the ottoman colour is exactly the same as the sofas either side of it? Theyre not the same style , but they work together seamlessly.;

    Has this made how to choose a coffee table any easier? Im crossing my fingers you feel like a coffee table pro now. But do let me know if anything above didnt make sense. Drop me a comment below if you need any help.

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