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How To Use Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

What Is Cold Brew Coffee

How To: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Thats an important question. Because cold brew coffee is not the same as drip coffee or regularly brewed hot coffee thats been cooled or served over ice. Nope.

Cold brew coffee never gets hot. Instead of brewing in just a few minutes, its slow-brewed and steeped over 12-15 hours. This translates to coffee thats slightly less acidic and bitter. Instead, its sweeter, more full-bodied in flavor, and truly the best when it comes to iced coffee.

But heres why youre really gonna love cold brew coffee. You can make a batch on Sunday and have fresh, homemade cold brew for the entire week. Yes, you can meal prep coffee. Awesome, right?

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How To Tell If Your Coffee Is A Coarse Grind

I think of it like the same as coarse ground pepper.

How to tell visually:

If your grind size is too fine, you risk clogging up the filter in a cold brew coffee maker. It means that the coffee will get stuck, because there isn’t enough room between the coffee grounds for the water to run through.

Origins Of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

You may be surprised to learn that the cold brew coffee sensation isn’t entirely new it’s been a Japanese staple for centuries, brought over from Dutch traders, and only recently making a splash in the US.

Back in the 1600’s, Dutch traders would bring cold brew coffee concentrate with them over long sea voyages, so that they would always have some on board. Can you blame them?

When the Dutch traded with the far east, the Japanese tea-prevalent society took to it quickly and families were soon brewing their own concentrates to add hot water to later on. It seemed such an easy way to prepare coffee that wouldn’t oxidize, and share it any time throughout the day.

It’s popularity increased further as the Japanese created a cool drip brewing method known today as “Kyoto Coffee.” Centuries later, demand would rise again as cold brew returns to the mainstream.

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Just Add Water And Stir

Place the grounds in a 40-ounce or larger jar or pitcher with airtight lid, and add 4 cups cool water. I like to use one of my big 2-quart mason jars . Preferably filtered, but if you dont have it, no biggie. And then stir! The grounds and water need to be good and stirred together to get the everything flowing.

Remember To Dilute The Cold Brew Concentrate

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate For Iced Coffee (How to Use a ...

One thing to keep in mind is that youre actually making cold brew concentrate. And this is pretty potent stuff. Only drink this straight up if you want to feel jittery and buzzy for the rest of the day .

Instead, what I recommend is serving this up over ice or diluting 50/50 with water. I also recommend adding your favorite milk, like almond milk, cashew milk or oat milk, for a deliciously creamy, and definitely thirst-quenching beverage.

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Toddy Cold Brew System

When it comes to cold brew, Toddy is a golden standard. Their system was actually developed way back in 1964. It comes with a plastic brewing container and brewing handle, a glass decanter and decanter lid, two felt filters and a rubber stopper.

Its the largest and most bulky brewer from this list it can fit up to 340g of coffee and 1.65 litres of water. We were able to buy it for about 48 euros .

What’s The Correct Coffee To Water Ratio For Cold Brew Concentrate

From my experience, different cold brew coffee makers specify different ratios, and I believe this has to do with the way the brewer is designed with respect to the surface area for example.

There is also the additional factor of personal preference in terms of how one likes their coffee. Coffee can be a very exact science if you’re after a very pure brew on its own. But if you’re making a concentrate that is getting diluted with water or milk, it’s okay to be using a looser ratio.

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What Kind Of Coffee Beans Should I Use For Cold Brew

The short answer: This ones easyuse your favorite medium or dark roast.

More details

You can use your favorite coffee bean for cold brew. Its the size of the grind that matters more.

Cold brewing brings out different flavor profiles from your bean. So you may find that you want a different roast for cold brew than you do for hot brewed coffee. Since lighter roasts tend to play up the acid qualities, cold brewing will mute that profile. You might love it, but most prefer darker roasts.

With a medium of dark roast, the cold brewing process will bring out the nutty and chocolatey flavors, resulting in a rich and smooth flavor.

Feel free to experiment, but we recommend a medium or dark roast coffee

A Common Misunderstanding Regarding Cold Brew Concentrate

How to make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

A common misnomer regarding cold brew concentrate is the term “cold” when referencing it. When making a cold brew coffee concentrate, your best bet is to use room temperature water, instead of what one might typically refer to as cold.

However, when cutting the concentrate with milk or water after brewing, you will want it to be much colder than when you made the concentrate initially. See the difference?

Now that we understand what cold brew concentrate is and how it differs from cold brew, let’s start making some shall we?

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Learn How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

This guide will teach you how to make cold brew concentrate that tastes even better than the kind you can buy at the store! It’s very easy to make cold brew coffee concentrate at home. And you will save yourself a lot of money.

Most importantly though, while the cold brew concentrates sold in the stores have a long shelf-life, coffee is best consumed fresh. If you make cold brew concentrate yourself, you won’t be drinking coffee that is months old.

TIP: You can store this cold brew coffee concentrate recipe for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

Once you have your hands on this cold brew concentrate recipe, it’s an eye opener. I really mean it.

So after you learn how to make cold brew coffee concentrate, I doubt you’ll be going back to the store bought cold brews. And yes, I promise it is easy to make at home.

Cold Brew Vs Cold Drip Whats The Difference

Lets clear up some confusion.

Often, when people talk about cold drip, theyre referring to the fancy glass towers by brands like Yama & Hario that look a bit like a drug lab. In these devices, cold water drips through the grounds over a number of hours into a glass vessel at the bottom.

While they look cool Im not a big fan.

Why? To be honest, I just dont think I tastes very good. The finished product is often under-extracted, watery and just generallyflavourless.

Cold Brew on the other hand, typically refers to devices where the coffee grounds are fully immersed in cold water. Yes, Ill admit these devices are unlikely to end up on a foodies Instagram feed but they can deliver cold-brew that is simple to make, cheap & genuinely tasty when its done well.

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The Beginners Guide To Cold Brew Coffee: Recipes And Tips From The Pros

Hereâs a question most articles about cold brew coffee wonât ask you:

What STYLE of cold brew coffee are you looking for?

Thought it was all the same? Au Contraire.

Cold brew coffee can change drastically in flavor, acidity-levels, and mouthfeel depending on how itâs brewed. This article is going to look at three different cold brewing methods and help you choose which style is right for you.

Cold Brew Vs Cold Brew Concentrate


In reality, classic cold brew and cold brew concentrate are pretty similar, one is just more potent than the other. Both are made through the process of cold brewing: steeping coffee grounds in water for many hours, then straining to get the resulting brew. Its a much slower process than hot brewing, but it results in a stronger, more flavorful coffee.

Cold brew is made with a higher coffee-to-water ratio than hot brewing, and hot brewing removes some of the flavor and some of the caffeine from your coffee. So even a classic cold brew will be more potent than your hot brewed coffee from the coffee pot!

But, for the most potent possible brew, cold brew coffee concentrate is your best bet. As the name implies, this is more highly concentrated than a standard cold brew, meaning its more flavorful and higher in caffeine content. The key difference is the cold brew concentrate ratio: a greater amount of coffee relative to the amount of water.

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Not To Forget Cold Brew Cocktails

Finally, you can try the concentrate for making some cocktail style drink with it. The specialty about cocktails is that it basically blends all sort of taste and balances them together. From being sour, sweet to spice and spirit, cocktails are loved for being a unique style of drink craft. And you can try something new with the Starbucks cold brew concentrate by using it for a cocktail recipe as well.

Coffee cocktails are not new things. If youre into it, Irish coffee and espresso martini should be some common names to you. However, using a cold brew for the cocktail recipe isnt a very old concept, in fact pretty new. And people are loving it!

Cold-brew coffee negroni is a complex taste that is also very addicting. And the boost of a perfectly made cold brew hot toddy is also incredible. Basically, youll have lots of options to try when combining cocktail and cold brew together.

Get Ready For Summer With These Easy Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream Recipes

Whether youre an ice cream lover or prefer popsicles and sundaes, these recipes are perfect for when you need a boost of caffeine in an ice-filled glass to keep you cool.

Did you make these ice cream recipes? Let us know on , , and and share your creations with us.

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Cinnamon Vanilla Cream Hot Cold Brew

Did you know that cold brew can also be served hot? .

You can dilute your cold brew concentrate with steamed milk or hot water, and there you have it a nice and warm cup of Joe.

The Cinnamon Vanilla Cream Hot Cold Brew is a flavorful drink that you can enjoy when you dont feel like having an iced coffee.

So here are the ingredients that youre going to make the Cinnamon Vanilla Cream Hot Cold Brew beverage:

  • Cinnamon 1 teaspoon.
  • Vanilla Syrup 1 to 2 tablespoons.
  • Heavy Cream 1 fl. oz. .
  • Cold Brew Concentrate 2 fl. oz. or 3 fl. oz. .
  • Off-the-boil water 4 fl. oz. .

And heres how to prepare a Cinnamon Vanilla Cream Hot Cold Brew:

  • Mix the cinnamon and vanilla syrup with the heavy cream.
  • Use a hand mixer to froth the cream and blend in the cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Boil water.
  • Pour cold brew concentrate and hot water into a cup.
  • Add the flavored heavy cream mixture.
  • Is Concentrated Coffee Bad For You

    How to make cold brew concentrate

    Anything can be considered bad for you when consumed in high dosages. Concentrated coffee is meant to be diluted. We do not recommend ever drinking a cold brew coffee concentrate without first diluting it. This includes nitro recipes. Ensure you always enjoy your caffeine in moderation, and listen to your body.

    At cold brew hub, we enjoy making cold brew concentrate over other coffee brewing methods due to the flavor notes that are largely missing with hot extraction. In other words, we soak our cold brew coffee concentrate for many long hours before straining. But the main reason we do this is because it is easier to dilute a concentrate than it is to make a beverage more concentrated.

    No matter how you brew it, how much you brew, or how long, you are sure to enjoy the result. Try cutting you concentrate with flavor additives once you become comfortable with the brewing process. There is so much to explore in the cold brew coffee world, so like the Dutch, be sure to prepare some for your journey within it.

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    The Correct Coffee To Water Cold Brew Ratio

    Since were making cold brew coffee concentrate, well be using 1 cup of ground coffee to 3 cups of cold water. Creating concentrate will make it possible to store cold brew in the fridge, which can then be added to fresh water when youre ready to drink it. In total, youll be able to get 5 to 6 cups of finished, delicious cold brew from 1 cup of ground coffee.

    Tips For Achieving The Best Result

    Grind matters!

    Its best to use coarse or medium-coarse ground coffee when making cold brew to get the best outcome. Avoid medium-fine, fine or extra-fine: it will make your batch taste bitter, as your coffee will over-extract.

    Coarse has visible chunks of coffee beans , and medium-coarse is still chunky but less .

    If possible, grind the beans yourself.

    Grinding the beans only when using it can give you a better tasting coffee, as fresh coffee begins to lose its aroma as soon as you grind it.

    There are lots of grinder options nowadays, from super expensive to very cheap ones. If you’re a perfectionist, you should consider investing in a good grinder.

    Burr grinders are usually the best and will get all the beans crushed at the same size. Blade grinders are more inconsistent , and can grind your coffee unevenly.

    Choose the right coffee.

    I find cold brew more pleasant to drink when I choose a light or medium roast. They also taste more refreshing, having a fruity and floral flavor.

    Dark roasts are good if you want a cold brew with a stronger and slightly bitter taste.

    Brew it in the fridge for a better outcome.

    Place ground coffee and water in whatever youre using to make your cold brew, close it and put it in your fridge.

    You can brew cold brew at room temperature, but I find the taste better when brewing in the fridge.

    Be aware if you brew it on room temperature, as the brewing time is significantly shorter when outside the fridge.

    Use water you would drink.

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    Is Cold Brew Coffee Stronger Than Espresso

    It really depends on the type and roast of coffee you use to make your cold brew. While its not traditional, you could even cold brew espresso roasted beans that are coarsely ground.Steeping time will play a part in the concentrate strength as well, so brew longer to make it stronger and less time for a more mellow coffee. The best part of making your own coffee concentrate is that you can get beans that are your favorite roast and grind them.

    For The Best Cold Brew Use Coarsely Ground Coffee

    Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate â CaffeUmbria

    A coarse grind size may appear to be chunky, even when you start to add the water. You can stir the ground with a spoon or shake in a mason jar to wet all the grounds.The coarse grind helps keep the grounds filtered out of the concentrate and makes it less bitter. The actual grinding process can heat the grounds which adds that bitter flavor from the acids produced.

    If you mixed everything together in a mason jar, you will need to strain it through a nut milk bag or a fine-mesh strainer.

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    It All Begins With The Golden Ratios

    When it comes to coffee with a balanced flavor and approachable strength, there actually is a range of coffee to water ratios thats considered objectively better. In this range, the acids are crisp but rounded out by mild lower notes, the sugars are present and sweet, and the aftertaste encompasses all the flavors of the brew.

    This is the sweet spot were always after when making coffee.

    Now let me show you the actual Golden Ratios: 1:15 to 1:18 .

    In here is where most people find the coffee to be at that sweet spot, though there are a few exceptions, like with espresso, for example.

    Heres why this matters.

    Even though cold brewing is fundamentally different than regular hot brewing, these golden ratios are still appropriate for the tastes of most people. So the end goal is that your final glass of iced coffee falls within these golden ratios.

    Lets see how you can get there for better, more consistent, and more balanced iced coffee.

    Coarsely Grind The Coffee Beans

    Using freshly ground coffee beans for any type of coffee absolutely ups your game. It delivers the best flavor regardless of how youre brewing it.

    You do not want to buy preground coffee from the grocery store to make cold brew. Preground coffee is finely ground and ideal for coffee machines.

    For cold brew, you need coarsely ground coffee. If you have a coffee grinder at home, set it on the coarsest setting usually the one designated for French Press coffee.

    I have this coffee grinder and absolutely love it because I can choose the specific grind for any type of coffee Im brewing.

    If you dont have a coffee grinder at home, buy the beans at a local coffee shop or roaster and ask them to grind the beans for you. There are certain grocery stores where you can purchase beans and grind them yourself, too. Again, be sure to grind them on the coarsest setting.

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