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What Is French Roast Coffee

The Coffee Roasting Process

Peets Organic French Roast Coffee Review

When you roast a coffee bean, steam builds up inside the bean, and the bean makes a sound like popcorn popping and then cracks. While light roast coffees are taken off the heat right after the first crack, a French roast continues to cook until the second crack, when the beans reach an internal temperature of 464 F . At this point, you begin to see the oils start to rise to the surface of the beans and they begin to turn dark chocolate in color. On the inside of the bean, you get some caramelization which leads to a rich and slightly sweet tasting brew with hints of chocolate.

Since the French roast stays much longer over the fire than other coffee varieties, they are a less dense bean and if you buy whole beans, you will notice they are larger in size than other roasts.

The French roast is a popular brew because it contains very little acidity and has a strong coffee taste. This roast tends to be more bitter than other roasts and has very little flavor nuances. You know the bean has been roasted improperly if it ends up tasting overly bitter, burnt, or thin.

French Roast Coffee Brewing Process

Now that you know what is french roast coffee and its origin, why not brew some?!

If you want to brew French roast coffee in a drip-style coffee maker, start by putting in approximately twice as much ground coffee as recommended and follow the steps for your typical brew method.

Then add more water according to what you need to fill your French press so that your French roast is brewed to its maximum potential.

This process will give you a much lighter flavor profile with a very smooth body.

However, I dont recommend it as the sole method to enjoy your French roast as it tends to make it seem as though youre drinking hot chocolate rather than coffee.

French Roast Coffee Enjoyment

It is very difficult for me to describe the flavor of French roast without entirely spoiling it so Ill just say that there is softness, but also the beginnings of bitterness.

Its not unpleasant, but if you dont like strong flavors then this may not be the coffee for you.

French roast is suited to just about any style of brewing technique including drip, pour-over and even cold brew.

French Roasts Tend To Get Stale Faster:

Roasting makes beans more volatile. With French roasts, this is more so.

It makes the beans crack 2 times, releasing its aromatic oils onto its surface. While this is what we like about French roasts in the first place, this also makes it easier for these aromatic oils to evaporate or simply, escape.

The sugar and acids inside dark roast coffee beans decay fast, making it rancid.

What You Can Do to Prevent French Roast Beans Getting Stale:

Avoid bulk purchases. Buy them in small amounts at a time and store them in air-tight jars.

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How To Make French Roast Coffee

Besides the hassles of purchasing French Roasted coffee, you can easily roast beans at home using either an oven, a roaster, or just a simple pan!

You can even get away with using a popcorn popper, like this one, but be careful while doing so, and be sure not to do it regularly, or the popper might crack. Once you heat the beans on your choice of vessel, the initially-green beans will turn yellow as they are exposed to heat.

You will hear two cracking sounds after around four minutes. The first crack signals that the bean is expanding and the color is darkening. The signature second crack that is heard during this process is a sign that the walls of the beans have cracked open, causing the oils to rush to the surface.

At this stage, the internal temperature of the beans rises as high as 464º Fahrenheit. Heating them any higher will result in them burning out completely, and presenting a potential fire hazard. Once youve heard the second crack, wait for around 30 seconds to a minute more before cooling the beans down.

The long process of roasting comes with the consequences that the beans lose most, if not all, of their antioxidants and other healthy components. Some studies have suggested that lighter roasted coffee retain these beneficial chemicals. However, there is no harm to be suffered from drinking darkly roasted coffee!

Give Olde Brooklyn Coffees French Roast coffee a try, here!

Which Roast Is Better French Italian Or Vienna

McCafe ® ORIGINAL French Roast Ground Coffee 29 oz ...

There is no way to say that French roast is better than Italian roast or that Vienna roast is better than French roast. Its all about your preference.

Coffee is a personal choice:

  • The roast you like
  • These are all personal decisions that each and every coffee drinker needs to make for themselves.

    Our suggestion?

    If you already know that you like a French roast, try the Vienna and try the Italian. They are only slightly different from one another, and you may find that your beloved French roast isnt actually your favorite at all.

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    Peets Coffee Organic French Roast

    The smoky and sweet notes of dark chocolate and burnt sugar littering every cup of Peets Coffee Organic French Roast are delicious enough to reel coffee drinkers in after just a few sips, and the overall boldness and complexity of the Latin American Arabica beans from which its made are sure to keep them coming back for more.

    This French roast isnt for people who like lighter, tamer coffee. These dark roast beans are best enjoyed by those who love intense, powerful joe. If that sounds like you, grab a bag of Peets French roast , a conical burr grinder, and your brewing method of choice, and enjoy!

    The Coffee Roast That Is The Darkest

    At the point of no return, French Roast coffee is. Its choosing the dark side, but if you grow appreciation of the taste and consistency on this one, theres nothing wrong with going dark! French roast coffee and its Italian and Spanish equivalents are the fourth groups of roasts. It is a unique tasting coffee that does not preserve any of the original flavors of beans, and that is exactly why so many are loyal to their French roasts.

    In our view, coffee has much more to offer in the flavor department than the most frequently presented ashen, burnt profile by a French roast. But if youre set to buy one, we recommend opting for one that leans lighter, for the sake of storage and for the sake of having some sweetness out of a French pressed brew.

    Read more about Best Camping French Presses

    Besides, if youre merely interested in exploring darker roasts, look from a reputable company toward a Full City or Vienna Roast. These roasts may be more decadent and rich in smokier flavors rather than charred ones. So, this article was written to help you find out the answer to French Roast coffee and what makes it so unique. Read through the article and learn about French roast coffee.

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    What Is French Roast Coffee

    Everyone has a personal favorite when it comes to coffee. Some people prefer a bolder flavor, others something a little lighter on the palate, and the roast is what distinguishes one flavor from another.

    Now, when we refer to the roast of a coffee bean, were talking about its color and, literally how much its been roasted to bring about that color and subsequently, the flavor it now has.

    Heres the deal: coffee beans are roasted for a reason. Theyre picked when theyre green and stored like that too.

    A green coffee bean is spongy as it contains moisture. It smells a little like grass, so it has none of the unique features of a roasted coffee bean.

    Now, the reason coffee beans are roasted is to bring about a change in the bean, on a chemical level, to pull out the moisture, and to access the delicious flavors and aromas inside this tasty little gem.

    Roasting coffee beans is to produce the result we all know and love. Once coffee beans have reached their zenith in the roasting process, they are cooled very rapidly to prevent them from continuing to roast, and potentially move into the next roast category or even burn.

    At this point, theyre hard and aromatic, ready for the coffee grinder and a cup of hot water to make someones morning or noon, or night Joe.

    How Much Caffeine Does French Roast Coffee Have

    Great Value French Roast Coffee Review.

    The beauty of coffee roasts is that there are so many now, you can find one that is perfectly matched to your palate.

    Interestingly, while the caffeine content of a bean is determined largely by its roast, its also down to brewing time. The longer a coffee brews the higher the level of caffeine in that cup of coffee. But brew time and caffeine are entire articles in and of themselves!

    Whats important to note is that bean color is NOT an indicator of caffeine content.

    There are many variables to consider when it comes to determining caffeine content but heres an idea of where French roast coffee stands: an 8 oz cup of brewed coffee gives us about 95 mg of caffeine.

    A single espresso? About 63 mg, and decaf yields approximately 3 mg of caffeine per cup.The fact is, the lighter the roast, the higher the caffeine content, and the darker the roast the lower.

    Again, this is purely down to the more time beans spend roasting the more time caffeine molecules have to burn off, thus lowering the caffeine content.

    If youre going to be making yourself a good, bold cup of coffee, just know that typically, coffee connoisseurs tend to favor a drip-brewing method as it allows time for the beans/grounds to steep. What youre left with is a very intense, smoky cup of coffee.

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    Roasting Coffee Beans For French Roast Coffee At Home

    Roasting your own coffee beans at home is one of the best ways to ensure fresh French roast coffee each time, and it can also be done using various methods. However, roasting your own coffee beans will take some practice to develop the right color, which helps you control the flavor, as well as the right skills to prevent the beans from burning, which can also cause a fire.

    Depending on your chosen method, you could also incorporate a thermometer to help keep an eye on the temperature for safe roasting.

    Smoky Outside Sweet Inside

    Ask anyone why theyre addicted to French roast, and theyre likely to tell you that theres just something unique about the flavor.

    On the outside, it tastes smoky with a charred, burnt taste thats reminiscent of coffee you might drink around a campfire. However, its the sweet aftertaste underlying the smokiness that provides a pleasant surprise that will make for a very interesting and intensive coffee experience.

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    What Is The Deal With Italian Roasts Then

    Although espresso roasts are considered a bit lighter than French roasts, it does not necessarily mean that Italian roasts are overall, lighter. Espresso roast is just one Italian roast after all.

    Italian roasts are allowed a longer roasting time and are popular for being darker and shinier.

    Loosely, you can place Italian roasts on both sides of French roasts in the coffee roast spectrum that you are currently drawing in your head.

    Portland Coffee Roasters French Roast

    Portland Coffee Roasters French Roast

    Roasted dark yet still super sweet, this French roast features a dark chocolaty body and a caramel sweetness thatll stand out when drinking black, or pair beautifully with your milk of choice.

    Portland, Oregon, is without a doubt one of the United States coffee capitals. Theres probably a coffee shop on every corner, which means the city is heaven for people like us. But just because you dont live in Portland doesnt mean you have to miss out on the good coffee! Just order a bag of Portland Coffee Roasters French roast, and youll understand all the hype.

    Just like any good French roast, these beans are nice and smoky, but thanks to notes of chocolate and caramel, your brew will be sweet, too try it black or with a splash of milk or creamer. This coffee, which has been a fan favorite for two decades, is clean and delicious, and for best results, try brewing it with your trusty French press.

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    What Is French Roast

    For starters, despite its names implications, French roast coffee doesnt necessarily come from France. The name French roast was coined in the 19th century when coffee roasters were attempting to describe and name the roasting levels.

    Though the descriptions they settled on included locations , that didnt necessarily mean the beans came from or were even especially enjoyed in that area the names were just indicators of how dark the coffee beans were roasted.

    French roast beans are extremely dark, but theyre not the darkest of the regional roasts. Both Italian and Spanish roast coffee beans are even darker!

    Quick Summary: Best French Roast Coffee

    • Dark Roast
    • Chocolaty Body And Caramel Sweetness
    • Big-Bodied And Sweet
    • Complex, Rich And Superbly Aromatic
    • Kosher Certified
    • Dark Chocolaty Body And A Caramel Sweetness
    • Roasted Dark Yet Still Super Sweet
    • Roasty And Smoky
    • 100 French Roast Coffee Pods
    • 100% Arabica Coffee

    Types Of French Coffee

    There are different shades or subtypes of almost every type of coffee roast. French roasts also offer a few shades from which you can choose from.

    Although, to be honest, there isnt a strict demarcation between the different coffee roasts and their subtypes.

    In the spectrum spanning from light to dark roasted coffee beans, the features of one always seem to merge with the features of its neighbor. For instance, there is basically no difference between a Full City and a Light French Roast.

    Even then, you will notice certain differences among the shades of French coffee roasts. You already know what to expect from a regular French roast. These are dark brown with a shiny surface.

    On the lighter end, there is the Light French Roast. These beans are medium-dark brown in color and you will find tiny patches of oil on their surface. These beans retain their acidity and flavor more successfully than their cousins.

    Then there is the Dark French Roast on the opposite end. This is basically a darker and oilier version of French roast that promises a stronger burnt undertone.

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    How Roasted Is French Roasted

    So weve established that French roasted beans are pretty dark. But how dark is that compared to other coffees? While guessing at colors and comparing coffee beans to chocolate bars are the laymans ways of figuring it out, there is an official way to determine this as well .

    The Specialty Coffee Association of America uses a tool called the Agtron Gourmet Scale to categorize coffee roasts on a scale of 25 to 95 .

    French roasts tend to fall somewhere between 28 and 35. So as a general rule, French roasted coffee is some of the darkest coffee out there.

    Home roasters looking to try their hands at French roast will be looking for the second crack, signifying that the coffee beans internal structure is beginning to collapse. This corresponds to an internal temperature of at least 240 C . If youre roasting French at home, you should also look for the tell-tale sheen of oil on the beans, giving them a glossy look

    French Roast Vs Italian Roast

    Great Value French Roast Coffee Review

    French roast and Italian roast are both considered dark roasts, but there are no industry standards on naming so an Italian roast may be either slightly lighter or darker than a French roast. Longbottom Coffee & Tea, for example, is one roaster that puts French roast at the darker end of the spectrum. Heres what they call their various roasts, and how hot they roast the beans:

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    Tips For Pulling The Perfect Shot Of Espresso

    With a bit of practice and a good espresso machine, pulling a great shot of espresso only takes a few seconds.

    Since dark roast beans are oily by nature, you may spend some extra time cleaning your espresso machine in order to enjoy the perfect shot every time. Over time, those oils can build up in the machine and detract from the natural flavors in your cup.

    Reviews Of The Top 5 Best French Roast Coffee

    Now that you have brushed your knowledge on French roasts, the coffee aficionado in you deserves to taste it.

    If you are going to try French roast for the first time, or dont have a favorite brand yet, take a pick from our 5 most favorite French roast coffee packs.

    On the other hand, if you are already loyal to a particular brand of French roast, skim through and find out if your coffee brand has made it to this list!

    If it hasnt, let me lure you into trying our top 5 best French roast coffee brands.

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    How Does French Roast Compare To Coffee Bean Roasts

    French Roast is tipping the end of the light to dark roast scale but hasnt quite reached the end. On the Agtron Gourmet Scale, which is a measuring tool used by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the darkest roasts are categorized at 25 and the lightest at 95. The French roast level usually measures somewhere between 28 and 35 depending on the roaster, so its safe to say it is almost as dark as you can get.

    Here is how the French roast compares to a few other roasts in the medium to dark category.


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