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How To Brew Four Sigmatic Coffee

What Is Dalgona Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane Chaga – How I Make My Healthy Cup Of Coffee

This 3-ingredient coffee drink emulates a Korean toffee-flavored street candy . Caramel-colored coffee whip is placed atop iced milk looking at once intriguing, alluring and delicious!

The recipe takes only five minutes to make.

As one source rightly says, If you like your coffee sweet and milky, you should definitely try making it at home!

Is Mushroom Coffee Good For You

I drank the stuff for two weeks and lived to tell the tale. I’m still skeptical about the health benefits.

Lets get the big thing out of the way: mushroom coffee tastes pretty much the same as regular coffee. I drank only Four Sigmatics dark-roast mushroom coffee blend for two weeks straight and I can vouch for its palatability. I wouldnt call myself an aficionado, but Ive consumed coffee pretty much every day for the past decade. And mushroom coffee is fine! It doesnt taste like a cup of steamed chanterelles, I promise. It is not poison.

On a usual day, my brain is essentially scrambled eggs before my morning mug. I thought this was very adult and cosmopolitan of me until I was about 25, when I discovered that I get splitting headaches when I skip my fix. Addiction, even when not so crippling, never feels emotionally good. I also wondered if coffee was partially to blame for my ever present generalized anxiety.

I initially heard about mushroom coffee in 2018, from targeted Instagram ads and clickbait-y health story headlines.;;Four Sigmatic attributes a whole host of health benefits to their product: it can help you focus, make you less jittery, support your immune system. They also claim it can even improve your sleep habits and give you more energy. All this piqued my interest.;

My eyelids weighed like Volkswagens on my face. I wanted to fold my entire body inside my laptop and never emerge.

How To Quit On Coffee And Go For Alternatives

The adverse effects of coffee are no longer under the curtain. Most people are now well aware of how harmful excessive coffee drinking can be for their body. The majority who drink coffee are not only coffee lovers but coffee addicts in actuality.;

Addiction can be difficult to give up but with steadfastness and determination one can achieve everything. You do not have to cold turkey to quit coffee. This will again have a negative impact on your body and mind.

The healthy way to quit coffee is to first reduce the coffee intake by one serving at a time and be regular on reducing the intake. Then, find better alternative drinks that work great for your body and also have a nice taste to it.;

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Is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Worth It

Mushroom coffee is well-tolerated by most people who consume it and is unlikely to cause any odd side-effects. The mushrooms included in Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee are safe to consume, and its easy to make the brews. This beverage can improve your concentration and reduce inflammation, while at the same time boosting your cognitive functioning and immune health.

The caffeine isnt quite as high as you might find in traditional coffees, but you receive all the health and behavioral benefits of coffee without getting jittery.

Perfectly Balanced So You Can Be Too

Four Sigmatic Ground Mushroom Coffee Review
  • Made with organic, Fair Trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, ground and ready to brew in whatever method makes you happy.
  • Brews smooth, dark, and nutty. Youll completely forget the word mushroom is on the bag while youre drinking it. Youll remember when you notice you havent crashed around mid-day.
  • Contains all the focus of regular coffee, while keeping the caffeine under control. Andwe know it’s weird, but we thought you should knowit wont mess your stomach up, either.

“It’s Damn Good for You”

Joe Rogan

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Maca Bulletproof Mushroom Coffee

Similar to the coconut oil mushroom coffee above, this version also has cinnamon and maca for even more health benefits. I also like a little pinch of cardamom in this one.

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • optional: 1/4 tsp cardamom
  • optional: 1 date, a few drops of stevia extract or 1 tsp pure maple syrup or another natural liquid sweetener

Does Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Break A Fast

These coffees can be consumed at any time of the day. There is no one ideal time to consume. However, some people report that Cordyceps can help break a fast if it is consumed right before a workout or in the morning. This is because the types of mushrooms included in the beverage support increased energy, making it easier to get a jumpstart on the day.

Chaga can be consumed at any point, as can Shiitake, Enokitake, Agaricus, Mishima, and Maitake. Lions Mane supports brain functioning, so it is also beneficial first thing in the morning. Reishi, on the other hand, helps support healthy sleep, and as a result, is best consumed right before bedtime.

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Organic And Fairtrade Coffee

Grown in the Marcala, La Paz region of Honduras at 5500 feet above sea level. These beans brew a smooth, dark roast coffee thats full-bodied without the bitter aftertaste. We come from Finland and Finnish people drink more coffee than anyone else in the world. So we take this stuff seriously. We even have a 3rd party lab test each batch for purity.

Four Sigmatic: The Company

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review 20% OFF

Four Sigmatic was started in Finland in five funguys Coffee plays an important role in Finnish culture and during WWII, a coffee shortage drove people to brew it from mushrooms. Fins are also into nature and have been interested in the health aspects of mushrooms for decades. The name Four Sigmatic refers to the quality of food. On one end is the processed unhealthy food and then there are super foods such as mushrooms.

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee comes in several forms and flavors for varying purposes:

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Four Sigmatic Unveils Mushroom Ground Coffee With Probiotics

CategoriesBeverageFunctionalIndustriesInnovationNew productsTea & Coffee

Los-Angeles wellness company Four Sigmatic has introduced a gut-friendly coffee that is blended with functional mushrooms, probiotics and prebiotics.

Mushroom Ground Coffee with Probiotics claims to offer a complete wellness brew with the same brew taste, which is easier to digest compared to traditional coffee.

The product is made with a base of Fair-Trade 100% Organic Arabica Coffee from Guatemala, blended with Turkey Tail and Chaga functional mushrooms and 1 billion CFU of heat resistant probiotics and prebiotics from yacon.

According to Four Sigmatic, the Bacillus subtilis probiotic strain used in the coffee can endure temperatures as high as boiling water and persist through stomach acid, making it an ideal shelf-stable probiotic to support any morning routine.

Coffee is consumed by more than 62% of Americans, so we always strive to offer better-for-you options at Four Sigmatic, said Tero Isokauppila, founder and CEO of Four Sigmatic.

He added: Our coffee, including our newest Mushroom Ground Coffee with Probiotics, works;for;the immune and digestive systems rather than against them, with functional mushrooms to offset the potential negative impacts drinking normal coffee has on the body.

Four Sigmatic Think Review

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will now examine some of the brands bestselling Think products. If regular coffee has a debilitating effect on your nervous and gastrointestinal system , these alternatives are a great way to detox.;

Four Sigmatic can ease you off coffee without the frustrating withdrawals of quitting cold turkey. The Think products include the Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane, Matcha Latte with Lions Mane, and the Adaptogen Focus with Lions Mane. Lets take a look.;

The Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lions Maneis crafted from organic beans, Lions Mane, and Chaga mushrooms. Four Sigmatic claims that this mushroom duo is completelyindetectable. The brew tastes dark, nutty, and smooth. Gentle on your stomach and palate!;

Lions mane is proven to shrink symptoms of depression and anxiety, and it can keep dementia and nerve damage at bay. Like Chaga, it also has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane is made with Fair Trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, and a 340g pack of it contains around 16 servings.;

Nourish your body and brain with this blend, available for a one-time purchase of $20 or with a subscription for $16/month.;

The Matcha Latte with Lions Mane is available for a one-time purchase for $20. Or you can subscribe for $16/month.;

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Four Sigmatic Defend Review

Now that we have covered the blends that help you think, its time to move this Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review to the brands bestselling Defend products. These are powders that strengthen your mind and body. The Four Sigmatic Defend line includes the Protein Can, the Ultimate Routine Bundle, and the Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga.

How To Make These Recipes

Four Sigmatic

To make any of these recipes, add all ingredients to a blender , and blend for 30-60 seconds until creamy and frothy. Blending these drinks creates the most amazing foamy coffee drink, even if all you add is a bit of coconut oil or butter.

My go-to mushroom coffee latte is 1 packet of Mushroom Coffee blended with a splash of almond milk and MCT oil but sometimes I like to get a little fancy and make one the latte-inspired recipes below.

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Where To Buy Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Purchase individual items, subscriptions, or Four Sigmatic bulk products online at You can place orders through the Four Sigmatic Amazon shop.;

To find the closest retailer to you, such as Four Sigmatic Whole Foods, use the Store Locator feature on their website.;

Four Sigmatic products are safe to consume. There is no evidence yet of side-effects.;

Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

The mushrooms, adaptogens, and superfoods that make up Four Sigmatics products are unique and each with their own benefits.;

The health benefits of mushrooms are numerous, from boosting immunity to relieving stress to boosting brain power. Here are the ingredients in Four Sigmatics products and why theyre amazing.

  • Chaga Can be consumed any time of the day, supports your immune functions.
  • Cordyceps Helps support energy production, best before a workout.
  • Lions Mane Supports brain function, concentration, and is best early morning/afternoon.
  • Reishi Supports resetting your sleeping cycle, best for 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Turkey Tail Found in the golden latte, best to support gut-health.
  • Eleuthero Stimulates the immune system.
  • Yacon Helps with digestion and contains probiotics.
  • Ashwagandha Stress reducing herb.
  • Tulsi Also know as holy basil, can positively effect anxiety due to stress and depression.
  • Rhodiola Helps combat fatigue and reduces stress.

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Pumpkin Spice Mushroom Coffee Latte

I had to include a Pumpkin Spice Latte on this list! This latte is naturally sweetened, is made with real pumpkin puree and tastes incredibly rich, frothy and creamy. My favourite way to sweeten this recipe is with 2 medjool dates blended in. You can make this extra creamy by using warm almond milk in place of the hot water.

  • 1;Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee;mixed with 6 oz hot water
  • 2 tbsp full-fat coconut milk
  • 8 drops liquid stevia extract, 2 small soft dates or 2 tsp pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 tbsp pure pumpkin puree

How To Make Your Own Dalgona Mushroom Coffee Blend

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Ground with Lion’s Mane and Chaga Mushrooms

I make my own coffee-mushroom blend because I prefer to drink decaf coffee, and its more affordable to buy bulk ingredients.

Make your own mix with organic instant coffee + bulk mushroom powder.

Choosing a variety of bulk mushroom powder is easy, or you can mix two or more!

My FAVORITE mushroom powder is cordyceps. My doctor first turned me onto it for core healing and energy, and I definitely notice a difference taking it. Ive come SO far since I first starting taking my daily dose.

I also get pretty excited about a lot of these mushroom choices!! Check out the health impacts and TONS of medical and historical studies on these mushrooms and choose one, two or more for your daily coffee. Choose from these great options:

  • Cordyceps Enhances vigor and vitality, provides overall energy and healing, adaptogenic effects, increased oxygen flow and longevity.
  • Reishi For calm, relaxation, and sleep, this one is good for stress levels or in the late afternoon; also immunity, liver health, high cholesterol and blood pressure plus more.
  • Lions Mane Brain health: Well tested for improving mild cognitive impairment and increased brain activity.
  • Chaga Immunity, focus, mental clarity, stamina and endurance, potent anti-tumor activities and has been used to treat cancer.
  • Turkey Tail Strong anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, used for cancer prevention and as a natural cancer treatment, antioxidant activity, digestion and more.

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Where To Buy Four Sigmatic

You can easily order Four Sigmatic online . If you prefer shopping in person, you can find them at grocers like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. If youre in LA or New York, visit one of their Shroom Rooms!;

Four Sigmatic offers so many options for discounted preset bundles to help introduce these superfoods into your daily routine. But you can also build your own custom box based on your needs, subscribe and save, or order as much or as little as needed on your own schedule.

What Kind Of Coffee Do They Use

Four Sigmatic uses premium instant coffee thats:

  • organic
  • grown in the highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas in Mexico
  • grown under the canopy of shade trees in rich, volcanic soil

The beans are carefully roasted and brewed, then the coffee is concentrated through evaporation and finished off by spray-drying it into a pure instant powder. They also run their coffee through a third-party laboratory to ensure the absence of mycotoxins.

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My Final Thoughts: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Okay, so what did I think? My regular brew is your standard medium-roast k-cup with almond milk creamer.; Not a coffee snob by any stretch of the imagination.

As far as coffee goes, they offer 3 different types of coffee: ground coffee, coffee mix, and coffee pods.; I thought I ordered the coffee pods;but accidentally ordered the coffee mix instead.;;

Ive never tried coffee mix before, so this was a completely new experience for me.; The instructions were simple enough mix contents of package with 7oz of hot water.; Easy peasy.;;

The final result was a cup of coffee that looked, smelled, and tasted like regular coffee.; Actually, it tasted better than the coffee I usually buy.; I dont know if that is actually saying much, but I can say that I enjoyed it without any additional cream and sugar .; I ended up adding a splash of almond milk creamer to make it perfect, but I didnt add nearly as much as I do in my regular coffee.;

All in all, I would definitely buy this again and/or recommend this product.; The ONLY downside is the cost.; It is a bit more expensive than what I am used to.; ;I definitely dont mind paying for quality and flavor in certain situations.; In fact, Grant and I ARE focusing on eating more whole, non-processed foods.; But, I mean, I did eat a Poptart for breakfast this morning, so I dont know if coffee is necessarily where I should start.;

What Is Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic: Mushroom Coffee & Hot Cocoa Review

What is mushroom coffee you may ask?! Well, today were going to learn all about it, how to drink it and the benefits of the mushrooms it contains. Im also sharing 6 delicious and nourishing mushroom latte recipes that are perfect for making with Four Sigmatic mushroom coffees.

Dont worry, guys. Mushroom coffee is not what you might think. There are no mushrooms floating in it and no, it does not taste like mushrooms. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee is made from regular coffee infused with medicinal mushroom extracts and its official, Im in love.

To create a cup of mushroom coffee, all you need to do is mix the powder with hot water, much like instant coffee. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee is made from real coffee mixed with wild-harvested and organic fruiting body extracts and each serving contains 500 mg of dual extracted mushrooms and 50 mg of caffeine.

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Achieve With Cordyceps And Chaga

The energizing effects of our Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee and Cordyceps are stabilized with our dual-extracted Chaga mushrooms that also help to support your daily immune functions. Aside from supporting energy, stamina and athletic performance, cordyceps have been studied for their strong antioxidant properties.

Is Four Sigmatic Good For You

When youre creating a box that works best for you, you can select products based on what they support. You may want to focus more and add energy to your daily routine. You may be looking for a better way to relax or find some balance.;I really love that Four Sigmatics shop is educational and helps you select based on your needs. While the ingredients are all nutrient dense and full of antioxidants, each mushroom has its own individual benefits. More on that below.

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Is Four Sigmatic Worth It

Absolutely. Four Sigmatic is basically obsessed with how you feel, providing the worlds most potent, most studied, most nutrient-dense, and most powerful superfoods. Without jitters, sugar crashes, or GMOs. Just organic, fair-trade, sustainably-sourced, and delicious. And for all that, it has to be expensive, right? Nope. Actually, we find Four Sigmatic extremely affordable and worth the price.

Hopefully, this Four Sigmatic review shows you some of the reasons why we love this product so much!


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