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What Is The Best Way To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Vs Cold Brew Concentrate

Here’s the best way to make cold brew coffee at home | Problem Solved

Although it’s possible to brew your cold brew at a ready-to-drink strength, it’s common to prepare a stronger brew, known as a concentrate, and then dilute that with cold water to the desired strength.

One reason for this is that it can be difficult to hit the exact right level of strength given the number of variables, such as the type of coffee used, the coarseness of the grind, the brewing time, the temperature, and so on. So what many cold brewers do is intentionally make a super strong brew and then dilute it. The thinking is that it’s easier to add water until it tastes just right than it is to pinpoint the exact proportions, times, and so on.

Another advantage of brewing a concentrate is that it takes up less space. Given that it can take 18 or more hours to prepare a batch of cold brew, it makes sense to make several days’ worth in advance. But this amount of liquid might take up as much space as a gallon jug of milk. Making a concentrate lets that same amount of coffee take up less space in your fridge. You simply dilute each serving with tap water when you’re ready to drink it.

Remember To Dilute The Cold Brew Concentrate

One thing to keep in mind is that youre actually making cold brew concentrate. And this is pretty potent stuff. Only drink this straight up if you want to feel jittery and buzzy for the rest of the day .

Instead, what I recommend is serving this up over ice or diluting 50/50 with water. I also recommend adding your favorite milk, like almond milk, cashew milk or oat milk, for a deliciously creamy, and definitely thirst-quenching beverage.

What’s The Right Cold Brew Maker For Me

In summary, these are our takeaway tips for any home brewers who fancy trying their hand at making their own cold brew coffee:

  • If you like cold brew, but dont have a grinder at home , and youre ok with drinking a limited number of coffee varieties, the Cold Brew Kit from Goat Story is the one for you.
  • For regular drinkers of cold brew coffee, perhaps you make it for your whole family , then the Toddy Cold Brew System is a great choice.
  • If you want something simple, relatively cheap, easy to clean and fridge-friendly, then Mizudashi Cold Coffee Pot is the right choice for you.
  • For homebrewers who plan to make cold brew often, plus design and style is important for any device going into your kitchen, then Asobus Cold Brew is a solid option.
  • And if, like us, youre not a massive fan of cold brew, but want to experiment with the method from time to time, you can just create your DIY Cold Brew Maker.

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Best Ways To Make Coffee Less Acidic

Acidic drinks dont sit well with everyone. If you have medical conditions like ulcers, then you may feel like you have to give up your morning beverage.

Some coffee lovers even develop sensitive stomachs out of nowhere, making coffee drinking a thing of the past. You dont need to give up coffee though, in fact, by picking up coffee that is less acidic, you even gain some health benefits.

Below is everything you need to know about coffee acidity and how to get a low acid coffee.

From Strong Cold Brew Concentrate To Smooth Flavored And Ready To Drink Weve Compiled All The Best Tips For The Perfect Brew For You

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

You dont need a coffee maker or much in the way of special equipment to end up with several servings of a smooth brew thats less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

Theres no one right way to brew cold brew coffeeno recipe to rule them all. But there are some standard methods you can riff on to find the right brew to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

In the simplest terms, cold brewing coffee means steeping coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. You dont need a coffee maker or much in the way of special equipment to end up with several servings of a smooth brew thats less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

Best of all, its already ready in the morning. Just stumble to the fridge, pull out your premade brew, pour and enjoy!

Lets start with the standard stuff.

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

It’s so easy to make your own cold-brewed coffee. If you make brewed coffee regularly, you have everything you need. Just keep a few glass jars or bottles on hand for storing the cold-brewed coffee, and you can have a cup any time you want.

  • Put freshly coarse-ground beans into any kind of container . Use your favorite roast, but make sure it’s ground very coarsely so it won’t cloud the water.
  • Gently pour in cold, filtered water at a ratio of 4-to-1 .
  • Stir gently to make sure all grounds are wet and cover container with plastic wrap.
  • Let it sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Taste it occasionally and discard the grounds when the coffee hits your sweet spot.
  • Cold Brew Myths And Facts

    Myth: Cold brew has to be drunk cold.Fact: The fact it was brewed with room temperature/cold water does not limit cold brew to be drunk in a single manner, it can also be heated, especially when the day is cold.

    Myth: You need ice to make cold brew.Fact: You can make cold brew with room temperature water all the way to ice-cold water.

    Myth: Cold brew has more caffeine than espresso.Fact: False, with cold brew you can control the caffeine level with many variables such as type of bean, water-to-coffee ratio, brewing time and roast type.

    Myth: Cold brew is better than hot brewFact: The truth is the same as with wine, the best coffee is the one you like the most, no matter what other people say. Just trust your instincts and drink whatever you feel like drinking, be it cold brew or hot brew.

    If you have any doubts or comments about Cold brew or any of the topics discussed in this article please leave us a comment, we will be happy to respond!

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    How To Tell If Your Coffee Is A Coarse Grind

    I think of it like the same as coarse ground pepper.

    How to tell visually:

    If your grind size is too fine, you risk clogging up the filter in a cold brew coffee maker. It means that the coffee will get stuck, because there isn’t enough room between the coffee grounds for the water to run through.

    Heat The Coffee On A Stove

    How to Make the BEST Cold Brew Coffee! Easy Step by Step | Using a French Press !

    Simply pour your cold brew coffee into a pan and heat it to between 158F to 167F . That way, the coffee wont burn but will still be very hot. One big drawback of this method is it takes too long and is cumbersome, particularly if you dont have a thermometer. Its not the best way to make your morning cup of coffee.

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    Camerons Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew Blend

    Brand: Camerons Specialty Coffee

    Roast: Light Roast

    Price and Reviews

    The only light roast coffee that has made it onto this list is Camerons Specialty Coffee. These ground beans are combined with fresh vanilla and hazelnuts to give a beautifully balanced sweetness that compliments the fresh arabica coffee.

    This coffee is sustainably sourced and small-batch roasted so care is taken with batch. Its best to shorten the brewing time for this kind of coffee as too long will lead to more acidity so gives a harsh coffee flavor.

    When brewed correctly this pre-ground coffee makes a wonderful smooth-tasting cup of coffee thats deliciously sweet.

    Cold Brew Kit By Goat Story

    The Cold Brew Kit aspires to make cold brew as easy to make as possible.

    It comes from a Slovenian company called Goat Story . For 22 euros, you receive a stylish glass jug with an airtight lid, and a box containing three packets of 40g pre-ground coffee.

    To make a cold brew, all you need to do is to put a coffee packet into the glass jug, add water and wait until its done.

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    The Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew At Home

    Updated: September 20, 2021 by Owen Richardson

    On a hot summers day, there is nothing quite like an ice-cold brew to satisfy your caffeine craving. Because making your own cold brew is so easy, there isnt much point in buying an expensive one from your local barista if you have stashed the best coffee for cold brew at home.

    Drinking your coffee cold offers a refreshing beverage while still enjoying the rich flavor you love so much. Choosing this brew method also creates a sweeter-tasting coffee. While the cold brew method does require long extraction times, it also leaves the bitter taste behind in the grounds instead of in your cup.

    This less acidic drink will be easier on your stomach as well, while maintaining the strong coffee flavors. So why dont more people enjoy delicious cold brew coffee at home? Most people I talk to say cold brew is too watery and, sometimes, even bitter.

    Since I already explained that this method should not be bitter, what exactly goes wrong and turns a sweet, refreshing cold brew into a bitter, unpleasant drink? If this has happened to you, you may not be using the right type of coffee for your cold brew.

    So, all thats left to ask is what are the best coffee beans for cold brew? Lets find out why these top six picks are my favorite cold brew coffee bans.

    TOP PICKSpoiler alert! My ultimate top pick is Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee. Its delicious and balanced and ethically sourced from Colombia.

    The Best Cold Brew Machines For Your Home

    The Easy Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

    If you want the easy way out , there are now cold brew machines available that make it ridiculously easy for any idiot to bunker down and brew a fresh cup of cold brew coffee in the comfort of your home, office, or home that also doubles as an office as you get your “Instagram but only for cats” startup off the ground.

    Here are three of the best cold brew machines money can buy:

    For those who want it quick, easy, and dirtyCuisinart DCB-10 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

    If you want the most “hands-off” cold brew experience at home , this Cuisinart Automatic might be your best option. You literally just have to add grounds, push a button, and wait seven minutes. The machine has three flavor options and makes about seven cups per batch. If you’ve ever used a standard coffee maker, you’ll have no problem using this machine. And it’s easy to clean up afterward. Which is good, because cleaning up after is objectively the worst part of doing anything.

    Best if you want a metric buttload of cold brewKitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker

    If you want 28 ounces of pure cold brew bliss in each batch the KitchenAid KCM4212 SX is the monster truck of commercially available coffee machines. Unlike the ridiculously speedy Cuisinart model, this sucker will need about 12-24 hours to brew your joe . But, you can keep your batch in the fridge for about a week before it starts tasting off. Just plan ahead.

    The Gold Standard Toddy Cold Brew System

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    Mauds Tall Dark & Handsome

    Brand: Mauds Gourmet Coffee

    Roast: Dark Roast

    Price and Reviews

    If theres one way I like my coffee its Tall, Dark, & Handsome and Mauds gourmet coffee fits the bill perfectly! It has a silky texture and sweet aroma thats often found in lighter roasts but this coffee boasts the bold, low acidity of the dark roast it is. Youll taste toasted nuts in every sip.

    Its 100% arabica and a coarse grind size so easy to brew cold coffee straight away. The beans are roasted in San Diego California where solar power is used to help minimize the environmental impact. This tiny footprint is set to be further reduced as the company aims to be carbon neutral by 2024.

    This coffee tastes rich and delicious and coffee lovers from all over agree its a perfect choice for cold brew.

    Best Slow Drip System: Bruer Cold Drip System

    What We Love: Attractive design, produces great results

    What We Don’t Love: Tricky to learn

    Like the OXO, the Bruer Cold Drip Coffee System uses gravity to prevent gritty cold-brew coffee. The top chamber of this coffee maker holds ice water, which slowly drips onto the coffee grounds held below. A center knob lets you adjust the drip rate to a recommended one drop of water per second. A steel mesh filter prevents sediment from leaching into the finished cold brew.

    This system is delicate, since it’s made of glass, and its capacity is limited to 20 ounces. A common complaint is the learning curve required to master the Bruer. However, if you want a silky-smooth cold-brew with no grit, this is your best bet. The Bruer weighs a little under 2 pounds and 10.5 inches in height, making it a countertop model.

    “There’s a bit of a learning curve to using this brewer, but once I mastered the process, I was rewarded with the smoothest homemade cold brew. Once brewing is complete and the tower is removed, I love that the silicone lid can be pressed into the pitcher for a tight seal when storing in the fridge. Plus, the pitcher itself is beautiful enough for other uses: I’ve used mine to mix big-batch cocktails and lemonade.” Taysha Murtaugh, Commerce Editorial Director

    Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 10.5 inches | Capacity: 20 ounces | Weight: 1.7 pounds

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    What Is The Best Ratio Of Coffee Grounds To Water

    The short answer: If you want a concentrate, use a 1:4 ratio, or lower. For drinkable straight from the jar, use 1:8.

    More details

    When we make cold brew, we use 3 ounces by weight for a 32 ounce container of cold brew. Thats about 24 ounces of water and a 1:8 ratio. This will leave you with a smooth, drinkable brew.

    If you prefer to make a concentrate, increase the amount of ground coffee you use to make the brew stronger. So, 6 ounces of coffee for that same 24 ounces of water will get you a double strong batch at a 1:4 ratio.

    A concentrate is just that, twice as strong and twice as caffeinated. So, youll definitely want to dilute your finished product with water, cream or milk.

    Do I Need A Specific Cold Brew Coffee Maker

    How To Make The BEST Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    This is a tricky question because while you can make cold brew coffee without a specific cold brew coffee maker, it won’t be as easy to make it, or as tasty of a coffee.

    I don’t like unnecessary kitchen equipment but if you are serious about making cold brew, a dedicated cold brew coffee maker will give you much better coffee.

    It’s like brushing your teeth with a free hotel toothbrush, instead of a Sonicare. But the good news is that a dedicated cold brew coffee maker cost less than a Sonicare! And in all seriousness, you’ll quickly be saving money on coffee after just a few brews with a cold brew coffee maker.

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    How Long To Steep Cold Brew Coffee

    Once your coffee and water are well mixed, let the mixture sit for 12-18 hours to allow the coffee to infuse into the water. The ideal time to steep your cold brew is between 14 and 18 hours. This will give you the best cold brew flavor without the bitterness that could come from steeping too long.

    You can either steep your cold brew on your counter at room temperature or in your refrigerator.

    Cold Press According To Jamie O

    Heres what Jamie Oliver has to say about it:

    Cold press coffee is not the same as cold coffee offered at large coffee chains, with their creams and syrups and whipped cream. They must be hiding something.

    Cold press coffee is more refined.

    Cold press coffee takes time to make.

    Cold coffee is standard coffee poured over ice and sells cheaply at the corporate chain stores, and tastes bitter. I think it sells for around $1. You get what you pay for.

    Cold press coffee is special! This black cold brew, after steeping in the fridge for a day, is poured over ice and sipped through a straw from a clear plastic cup subtly sweet, rich in immense flavor, but not overwhelming.

    It might even taste better from your favorite coffee cup.Cold press coffee is not watery, and everything great about coffee is in the cup, with an amazing new coffee taste just for you.

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    How To Choose The Best Coffee For Cold Brew

    You may be wondering why a cold brew requires different beans to coffee brewed with hot water. The simple answer is two-fold: the balance of flavors and the grind size. Since the brew time is very long , you want to be sure you are extracting rich and bold flavors.

    The grind size is the most important, as a fine grind will over-extract, resulting in an unpleasant brew that tastes gritty from all the leftover grounds. You will need a coarse grind size to reach an optimal extraction rate during the brew time.

    While there are many reasons to use a quality burr grinder to grind your own beans at home, this is not always possible. Buying cold brew grounds means you will be getting the correctly sized and consistent grounds for your brew.


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