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What Is The Best Tasting Light Roast Coffee

Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend

Old Dark Roasted Coffee Tasting | Espresso & Pourover Tasting

Caribou Coffee derives its beans from certified farms in the Rainforest Alliance, which ensures farmers’ fair trade and proper management and environmental protection. 100% Arabica beans from the United States and East Africa combine to provide one of the best light roast coffees.

Taste notes of Daybreak Morning Blend illustrate delicious, subtle flavours with floral cherry tones with caramel and walnut finishes. The amazing flavour you get of the coffee is by the light roast.

Blends Vs Single Origin

Long gone are the days of relying solely on large cans of blended Robusta beans from around the world. Now, you can pick beans that have specialized blends and origins to perfect their flavor. Like the names imply, a blend is a combination of beans from 2 or more regions, while single origin all come from the same place. This has a pronounced impact on the flavor, with single origins focusing on a single, powerful flavor profile. Blends can combine different regional beans to get a more complex flavor profile.

The 9 Best Light Roast Coffee Brands In 2022

First off, what makes coffee light roast? Simple. The answer lies in the length of the roasting process. Light roasted coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period of time. But what makes light roasted coffee beans great for making real good coffee?

With their ability to showcase the nuances of a coffees flavor, light roasts have been growing in popularity. With so many on the market, from single acidic origins to mellow blends, it can be hard to choose the right one, so here are nine great options.


Lifeboost Coffee was founded by nutrition expert Dr. Charles Livingston to deliver delicious coffee with a nutritional boost. He achieved this through a commitment to sourcing only the top quality coffee, with just 0.5% of beans grown worldwide, meeting their stringent standards.

This organic light roast consists of quality arabica coffee beans from the mountains of Nicaragua. Theyre organically grown in the shade of guava trees on a small plantation located at 5,700 feet on the slopes of Mt. Kilambe.

The beans are hand-picked, sun-dried, and washed in spring water to preserve the purity of the coffee throughout the process. As a result, they are third-party certified to be free from mycotoxins, potentially harmful toxins in low quantities in most coffee beans, notably lower quality ones.

The result is a bright coffee with a medium body that is low in acid for a light roast, making it exceptionally smooth and easy drinking.

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Light Vs Dark Roast: As Different As Day And Night

If you find yourself among new coffee drinkers, lets go over some bean-roasting basics.

As you probably guessed, the main difference between light and dark roast coffee is the roast level: lighter beans roast for a shorter amount of time than dark roast beans are.

Light roast coffee is also denser than beans roasted to a darker level. Thats because all of the water comes out of the beans while they roast, so that more lightly roasted coffee beans have more moisture stuck inside of them.

Light roast coffee has a higher caffeine level and complex flavors that are more fruit-forward, herbal, and delicate. This java has a more pronounced acidity than darker brews, but its body is much thinner, too. Dark roast coffee, on the other hand, has a lower caffeine content and a fuller body. It carries a bolder and more straightforward flavor, but some find the taste of these beans to be one-dimensional.

For more information and a deeper understanding of the difference between light roast coffee and dark roast coffee, check out this article.

Lion Coffee Premium Gold 10% Kona Blend Coffee 7oz

5 Best Light Roast Coffee of 2021

If youve ever tasted Hawaiian coffees, you know the flavor is something special.

The coffee from Kona, Hawaiis Big Island, is world-famous for coffee lovers. The Lion Premium Gold is no exception!

Hawaii Coffee Company is a coffee roaster that specializes in Hawaiian coffees and teas made in the region.

The Lion Premium Gold is a light roasted coffee that combines a blend of Hawaiian grown coffees with a 10% Kona Coffee.

With sweet tasting notes and malt-like finish, the Premium Gold is an excellent choice for those who want a mellow coffee.

When it comes to light roast coffee, Hawaiian coffees are some of the best. As a bonus, you will also be supporting US-based coffee growers and roasters a big win in our book!


  • Contains Premium 10% Kona Coffee
  • Great Price

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Caf Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Light Roast

Café Don Pablos Subtle Earth light roast is a perfect choice for an organic coffee lover, as no chemicals are involved in the growing process. The 100 percent arabica beans are GMO-free and low in acidity, too!

You can find these whole beans, complete with chocolatey flavors and a pleasant aftertaste, in two or five-pound bags. But if you dont want to grind your beans yourself, pick up a package of the brands 100 percent recyclable single-serve cups. Either way, your cup will be filled with enough honey and caramel tasting notes to get your morning off to a sweet start.

Features To Look For In K Cup Coffee Pods

Aroma When you make yourself a quality cup of coffee at home, the very first thing that hits you is the aroma or smell. The aroma can be nutty, smoky, or even flowery. What is most important is how it smells to you. If the coffee doesnt’ smell nice, chances are the flavor won’t be much better. While you will naturally be drawn to specific coffee aroma descriptors, that first whiff of coffee is usually the most important part of the coffee experience.

Flavor – Many of us drink coffee for the caffeine hit, but we also need our coffee to have flavor. When we talk about coffee flavor, we often describe the flavor as mellow, acidic, bitter, or sweet. However, there are dozens of different flavor descriptors, and they are as individual as the people who drink these coffee flavors. Try different coffee flavors to see what you like the best, but at the end of the day, it still has to taste like coffee.

Acidity – One of the hardest things to describe when it comes to coffee pod reviews is acidity. The acidity of coffee can be defined as fruity, tangy, sharp, or lively and can even take on the flavor characteristics of other foods like fruit, chocolate, vanilla, etc. In general, though, the acidity is the sharpness of the coffee’s flavor. If the sharpness is missing from the flavor, so is the acidity.

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Do Dark Or Light Roasts Have More Caffeine

Wowthis is a big one. Most people fall into two streams of thought:

  • Dark roast coffee tastes stronger, therefore it must have more caffeine
  • Light roast coffee is less roasted, so theres more natural caffeine in-tact

But heres the thing: roasting coffee has virtually no effect on the caffeine level.

Scientists have realized that the brewing method , grind size , and filter all have more to do with caffeine than roast levels.

Long story short: dont worry about it.

Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Coffee: The Difference Explained

What’s the Best Tasting Coffee: Blind Taste Test

The beauty of coffee is that a single bean can taste wildly different depending on how you roast it and how you brew it.

In this post, well take a look at how roasting coffee beans to varying levels produces different characteristics: specifically light roast vs dark roast coffee beans.

Light roast and dark roast can taste like two totally different cups of coffee.

Before you have your delicious cup of heaven, the humble coffee cherry has to undergo a lot of transformations. One essential part of this transformation of course is the roasting process, during which it transitions from a green bean into the brown coffee bean we all know and love.

Varying levels of roasting will produce wildly different characteristics.

During the roasting process, the coffee beans absorb heat and undergo chemical changes. As the coffee bean absorbs more and more heat, the pressure inside it increases until it cracks. Once it cracks, it can start absorbing more energy until it cracks a second time.

The first crack is when a coffee bean is said to be light roast.

The second crack and beyond is dark roask, and in between the two is medium roast.

The cracks correlate with roasting temperatures.

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Tiny Footprint Coffee Signature Blend Whole Bean

The Light Roast Signature blend by Tiny Footprint is a whole bean coffee that is 100% Organic. It is a shade-grown Arabica coffee sourced from top coffee regions around the world.

  • Cupping notes: light and smooth body with mild acidity
  • Tasting notes: with hints of bright lemon and orange and a gentle cocoa finish
  • Aroma notes: natural sweet aroma
  • Brewing Method: Pour-over, Drip, French Press and cold brew

The Tiny Footprint Coffee Company is the worlds first zero-carbon coffee. Its a company with an earthly cause. For every pound of coffee sold, a percentage goes to an environmental cause like the reforestation of the Mindo cloud forest. The Tiny Footprints support this cause with a belief that such a move can help the earth remove 54 lbs of CO2. Likewise, reforestation can provide a habitat for native plants and animal species.

Dota Costa Rican Whole Bean Tarrazu Coffee 12oz

DOTA Costa Rican Whole Bean Tarrazu Coffee is a light roast coffee that has an exceptional full body taste with citrusy and tropical fruit flavors.

The coffee is extremely aromatic, a trademark of Costa Rican coffees, this particular one comes from the Tarrazu region, known for producing excellent coffees due to the high altitudes.

We love that DOTA gives you the option of getting this coffee as whole or ground.

The roastery notes that this coffee is ideal for drip brewing to benefit from all the aromas and since the acidity is quite low, youll get more benefit out of drip brewing methods.


  • Great Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee
  • Ideal For Drip Brewing

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Tiny Footprint Organic Light Roast Signature Blend

Modest coffee Bean brew for breakfast Impression, worlds first carbon-negative Coffeebrewcompany, and it truly makes each taste of caffeine simply considerably pleasant. By cooperating with Roastery 8 and Mindo Cloudforest Establishment, Modest Impression counters the 4 lbs of CO2 transmitted during the generation of Coffee by planting trees to reforest Ecuadors Mindo cloud timberland!

In case youre about returns, they utilize a vintage 1960s German-fabricated Probat roaster retrofitted with some future innovation to hit top flawlessness on the coffee blending procedure.

The Tiny Footprint Organic Light Roast coffee is the worlds first carbon-negative Coffee blend available. Available on amazon, price and view can be also checked from amazon.


  • The whole-bean is too oily

Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend 12oz

5 Best Light Roast Coffee of 2021

The Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend is a USDA Organic, NON-GMO certified light roasted coffee that combines a great blend of Latin American and Ethiopian beans.

With milk chocolate, caramel, and citrusy undertones, these coffee beans are packed with flavor and can be used for a number of brewing methods.

On the downside, they are quite expensive at $ 11.99 for a 12 o.z bag.


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Grande Domaine Vienna Roast

Lets begin our list on the pricey end of things, with Grande Domaines Vienna Roast Kona coffee.

Kona coffee, from the volcanic slopes of Hawaii, is amongst the best, most delicate, most layered coffee in the world. It is also one of the most expensive types of coffee two pounds of Grande Domaines Vienna Roast Kona coffee will set you back over a hundred bucks.

However, Grande Domaine Kona has gained notoriety in recent years. It was selected as a Kona Coffee Cupping contest winner for outstanding quality and balance. A decadent blend of some of the most flavorful Kona coffee beans going, blended with a smattering of Peaberry Kona, the rarest Kona Coffee of all, harvested by hand and roasted to a perfect Vienna roast , it manages to be bold and delicate, sweet and bitter, refined and punchy all at once.

It is from one of the finest, most well-beloved Kona estates in Hawaii, roasted with one of the best, most well-beloved methods going. The result is somewhere between medium and dark it is utterly delightful.

What Is The Smoothest Tasting Coffee

If youre one of those people who loves to sip on a coffee shop cup of joe, yet whenever you turn your hand to make it at home it just tastes bitter, then youre not the only one. A bitter cup of coffee can ruin a perfectly good day. Luckily, there are a few key reasons why your coffee isnt tasting smooth and sweet and once you know what they are, you can solve this issue pretty quickly.

The smoothest tasting coffee is made from high quality, arabica beans. A lighter roast avoids heavy and bitter oils and the brew method has to be spot on to get the best from your beans. Use only filtered water to ensure a fresh and smooth cup of java.

Our current top coffee pick is Lifeboosts Light Roast coffee which offers an organic coffee that has been hand picked with care, expertly roasted with precision, and gets delivered fresh to your door. Cant ask for a smoother coffee.

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Buying Guide For Best Coffee

Whether you call it joe, java, cuppa, liquid energy, or brew, if you are part of the 62% of Americans who drink coffee on a daily basis, that first morning cup sets the tone for the rest of your day. A good cup of coffee is a thing of beauty hot but not scalding, slightly bitter without pucker, and wafting an aroma that draws even the deepest sleeper from his bed.

And while you could certainly buy an expensive cup of coffee on your way to work, its far more economical and often, far tastier to brew your own. But how do you know which beans make for the best cup of brew? Should you buy whole beans or pre-ground coffee? Whats the difference between robusta and arabica? And does the degree of roasting affect the flavor?

All of these questions are enough enough to make you want to reach for well, a cup of coffee. Luckily, weve performed the coffee research for you. We reviewed the best advice from top experts as well as feedback from coffee drinkers in general.

What Kind Of Coffee Does Mcdonalds Use

The Original Donut Shop Regular Medium & Dark Roast Coffee K Cup Taste Test Keurig K Supreme Plus

McDonalds uses 100% Arabica Coffee beans as opposed to Robusta. Arabica is known for its smooth and consistent flavor. It appeals to the masses due to its drinkability, moderate caffeine content, and versatile pairing with many foods. Needless to say, its clear why McDonalds would choose such a coffee bean.

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Top 10 Best Light Roast Coffee Brands Reviews: 2021 Reviews And Buying Guide

Want to get the most caffeine you can get from a cup of coffee? Then give the best light roast coffee a try! You might even like it better than regular dark roasts.

Have you ever felt like you liked coffee, but you didnt really love it?

Has your brew ever tasted a tad bit too bitter? Dumping more sugar or cream only ends up masking the real flavor of the coffee. So whats a person supposed to do?

We think that life is too short for putting up with subpar coffee. Your coffee should taste perfect every single time without that burnt or inky taste. If youre fed up with bitter or burnt-tasting coffee, chances are that the coffee youre drinking is a dark roast.

Instead, give light roast coffee beans a shot. This will give your coffee a much more mellow and pleasant flavor. And to get you started, weve come up with the best light roast coffee brands, reviewed and ranked them.

Once you realize that theres a whole world of blond and light roasted coffee out there, your brewing game will be altered forever. These coffees taste mild with a sweet undertone and are so delicate and airy that you wont need to add any sugar or creamer.

Whether you are new to light roasts or want to upgrade the blonde roasted coffee youve got, my reviews will help you decide which brand or coffee type is perfect for you!

Is Light Roast Coffee Less Bitter

Yes, light roast coffee is usually less bitter than dark roast coffee. However, the type of coffee bean and the method of preparation can also play a role in perceived bitterness and acidity of your drink. That said, light roast coffee beans are great for cold brew and pour over method, but they are not quite ideal for French Press or espresso. If bitterness is a huge deal breaker, why not consider flavored coffee beans instead?

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Whats The Difference Between Colombian Coffee And Medium Roast

The main difference between Colombian and French Roast coffee is that Colombian coffee is not a roast. More differences between Colombian and French Roast coffee include where the beans used for each originate, the tastes that come from each one, and what beverages the coffees should be used in once brewed.


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