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Where To Buy Blue Mountain Coffee

What Is Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The Best Coffee on The Planet? Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

As it is so popular yet so rare, there are plenty of fakes on the market. Unfortunately, some people will slap on a Jamaican Blue Mountain label on a cheap coffee to scam customers.

Our advice is to only purchase from reputable shops and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Coffee Industry Regulation Act specifies what coffee can use this label.

Also, remember that only small amounts of this coffee are produced every year, so any supplier that claims to have huge quantities is most likely selling fake Blue Mountain.

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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

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What Makes A Coffee Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee

Only coffees certified by the Coffee Industry Board may use the Jamaican Blue Mountain label. In order to qualify for this label, the coffee must be grown within specific geographic boundaries, must be of a certain minimum size, and cannot exceed a specific percentage of defects. Certified “Blue Mountain Coffee” is imported only by importers authorized by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

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What Do Blue Mountain Coffee Beans Taste Like

Some people call Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee the Rolls Royce of coffee beans. Youre likely wondering what tastes are behind all the hype surrounding this legendary coffee.

One of the major factors affecting taste is the terroir. Terroir refers to the environment where the plants are grown, from the soil they are planted in all the way to the rainfall they receive.

The tropical climate in Jamaica is ideal for growing coffee and developing the flavors to the fullest. And the specific terroir of the Blue Mountains contributes to the superb quality of these beans.

Aside from the creamy mouthfeel and ideal body, you can expect these attributes in Blue Mountain coffees from Jamaica:

  • Mild, well-balanced flavor

These single Peaberry beans are rather round , and they are denser. They are considered to be of better quality and have a unique taste.

This medium roast Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Volcanica Coffee gets it right. Its incredibly sweet and bold. Its intensely aromatic and always freshly roasted to order.

When you taste this rich brew with full flavor, its easy to see why its one of the most sought-after beans in the world.

Classifications Of Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica 100% Blue

There are generally three types of grades of Jamaica Blue Mountain ranked by size and defects. Number 1 beans as the largest and most desired with least defects, followed by number 2 and 3 beans. Separately, there are peaberry beans which are smaller beans which appear shaped as a rugby ball as opposed to the usual flat beans.

As with most other varieties of coffee, there are several grades assigned to different lots, based on factors such as size, appearance, and defects allowed.

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Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend

When youre out there looking for the Jamiacan Blue Mountain variety, there are a few things to keep your eyes out for. First, is the price. If it isnt really pricey, then theres a good chance that its either not 100% Jamaican coffee, or not Jamaican coffee at all. This coffee would be the former, as it contains roughly 20% of Blue Mountain coffee.

With that being said, the flavors of the other coffees blended with this one take away from the sweet chocolate and orange pow you get with the Volcanica single origin. Its also not as smooth of a cup.

However, there is also the price point to consider. If you want to get a feel for what premium Blue Mountain coffee tastes like, this is a wonderful gateway for you to experience some of the notes, a nice little tease before the big show. And, for being such a good gateway to Jamaican Blue Coffee, it was easy to choose this as our runner up.

Green Coffee Traders is a neat little outfit that offers unroasted green beans. Whether or not you want to roast your own beans is up to you, but it adds another layer to the coffee process some may appreciate. We can also help you with that if youd like!

This product is 100% Blue Mountain. It aint cheap.

This pre-ground coffee is 100% certified and you will receive proof of origin upon purchase.

  • Taste could be more interesting

How To Brew Jamaican Blue Mountain

Think of these beans as an investment in coffee enjoyment. As such, youll want to milk them for every cent that theyre worth. Youll want to maximize both the amount of coffee and the amount of flavor you can get in every cup.

In my experience, the ideal way to do that would be through your drip coffeemaker or using an immersion method such as the French press. These will allow you to slowly sip and savor the full spectrum of flavors that these beans have to offer!

And as with any other bean, make sure you only grind your beans as youre about to use them. This will have your coffee tasting a lot better than if you pre-grind your coffee or buy pre-ground coffee. This is a general rule for all coffees not just Blue Mountain coffee beans!

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Recipe

As this coffee is so delicious it makes a fantastic ingredient in recipes. If you are a coffee lover like us, experiment with adding it into all kinds of recipes to give your favourite dishes an exciting twist.

We love this blog post Get Your Coffee Fix With 25 Unexpected Recipes, it has some great inspiration to get you started.

We have found two fantastic recipes where you can experience the exquisite taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Responsibly Producedtastes So Much Better

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee | Rampage Coffee Co.

Our coffee comes from equitable and sustainable farms at the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, where a sense of respect and community is just as important as our best growing practices.

Coffee is at the heart of the Jamaican economy and helps thousands of people live a decent living wage for them and their family.

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Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

If you want to fully understand the hype around Blue Jamaican coffee, you need to try it. Certified by the coffee board in Jamaica, our Blue Mountain Jamaica coffee carries the globally protected certification mark. Unlike many other coffee brands, this means youre brewing 100% authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee grounds or beans, rather than a blended product.

We also believe Coffee Direct is one of the best Jamaican coffee brands on the market for both taste and pricing. Our Jamaican Coffee is well priced compared to other Blue Mountain coffee sellers and through our process of expert roasting in small batches, the beans we produce have a superior and sophisticated flavour, lacking bitterness and giving you Blue Mountain coffees distinctive sweet and creamy aftertaste. You can also choose from whole beans or ground coffee to suit your preferred brewing method.

How To Spot Fake Blue Mountain Coffee

Because of the premium price, dishonest coffee sellers may use the name to sell other products. Even in Jamaica itself, unwitting tourists bring home bags of beans that are not what they say they are .

The most common traps are being sold what you think are blue mountain beans, but in reality are just low quality Jamaican beans, or a blend.

A lot of coffee sold as Jamaican is not true Jamaica Blue Mountain, or is blended. If you pay $15 per Lb. for Jamaica coffee, it cannot be true Blue Mountain

That being said, here are a few pointers to help you avoid the scams:

ALWAYS Check The Packaging Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown, roasted and packaged on the island. If youre holding a pre-packaged bag of Blue Mountain that says it was packed in Europe or the USA, the chances are its not what it says it is.

Avoid most blends If you buy a blend be aware that theres no minimum amount of Blue Mountain that has to be included it could be as low as 10%. Only buy a blend if youre aware of how much blue mountain is within.

Look For The Seal Of Certification the coffee industry board stamp is shown on all genuine Blue Mountain beans. Its a blue circle, inside is an image of a mountain, an island map, a barrel and coffee beans. This is certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica so you can trust this stamp.

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Buy From Authorized And Verified Suppliers

To ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for, start by finding a trusted supplier. Where there is a high demand and low supply of a product, there are also bootleggers.

Volcanica Coffee Company is the trusted company that will send you the real deal. Even their preparation and shipping process is made to send you the freshest and highest quality blue mountain coffee beans.

The beans are only roasted once the order is placed to preserve freshness for as long as possible. The freshly roasted beans are this vacuum sealed for storage, and ready to transport directly to you.

Get It Checked From A Professional

Blue Mountain Coffee 100% Jamaica Roasted Whole Beans

Even when you have made sure that every factor checks out from your chosen vendor, getting a second opinion when you actually receive your Jamaican Blue coffee doesnt hurt. After all, buying one of the most expensive coffees in the world isnt a small task. Making sure that you have done it right is only prudent.

Here, you could ask the opinion of any coffee connoisseur who has past experience in tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee by making them a fresh brew from the coffee beans you bought. This would ensure that you have made the right decision and bought 100% authentic coffee for your money. This is an additional step. But if you have never tasted Jamaican Blue coffee before and this is your first rodeo, then this is also crucial in brushing your own coffee identification skills.

After all, the worst that could happen is you get the answer about the coffee not being as original as you thought. But in the long run, it would keep you from making the same mistake again. It would also help you find an authentic vendor all by yourself the next time you are looking to buy Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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Cubico 100% Pure Jamaican Blue Coffee

Cubico Coffee is another brand that offers premium grade 100% whole bean Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that is freshly roasted while also being affordable.

The medium roast coffee comes in 12oz and 16oz packaging while sporting 4.2 stars against 271 ratings. It comes in $54.95/12oz and $69.95/16oz packages.

The Best Quality Coffee Ground Or Beans

This country is unique because of the extreme lengths they go to in order to maintain the quality of their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Once it goes through the first stage of quality control, that is not the end. It then has to go through a second stage, which is even more thorough than the last.

Blue Mountain is such a prestigious title that only the very best beans get to hold it.

Jamaicas Coffee Industry Board doesnt just educate and set strict guidelines on how beans are grown, harvested, processed and roasted, they also enforce a compulsory taste test.

If a coffee farm wants to export its products, then the coffee must be thoroughly tested by the Industry Board and must receive approval.

Coffee Detective tells us that even before tasting, 3 members of the board will inspect the beans in their green state and when roasted. Once they have approved the appearance, they will then taste it.

They taste each coffee without knowing where it is from or who produced it and then fill out a complex evaluation form, where they will score it on these characteristics:

  • Colour
  • After taste
  • Other flavours

It is clear to see why Jamaican Blue Mountain has such consistent quality and why the price tag is higher than most other coffees on the market.

This challenging and time-consuming process is more than evident in the final result as the taste of these beans is unlike any other.

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What Does Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like

Jamaicas tropical climate provides the sunshine and water that ideal for coffee plantations. This perfect combination isnt found in many places in the world, which is what makes Blue Mountain one of the world best tasting coffees.

The smooth, clean taste of Blue Mountain coffee has given it a worldwide reputation for excellence. Along with Hawaiis Kona beans, it is not uncommon to hear that blue-mountain beans are on a coffee lovers bucket list.

Expect these flavours:

  • Clean taste with very little bitterness.
  • Aroma: Sweet herbs and florals, with overtones of nuts.

How To Brew Blue Mountain Coffee


You should only brew this coffee when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durins Dayno, wait. Thats something else. Brewing a coffee this prestigious does demand your full attention, though. What coffee makers should you use with this bean?

Here are a few general guidelines for brewing amazing blue mountain coffee:

  • Keep your coffee fresh
  • Grind it as close to using it as you can, preferably at home.
  • Use an immersion technique to bring out the best of the flavours. Drip,
  • French press or percolator will all do this bean justice .
  • Use good filtered water that has been boiled, then cooled for 30-45 seconds.
  • Why Immersion?

    Immersion brewing styles get every scrap of flavor out of your freshly ground coffee. These methods allow the hot water do its job of penetrating the grind and pulling out all the flavor and the oil that gives coffee its great mouth-feel. You could also experiement with a cold brew.

    If youre a real fan of espresso, then look for Jamaican Peaberry. These are beans that have grown to fill the whole cherry, rather than splitting into two. They make a better choice for espresso brewing.

    Roasting your own?

    Since its so expensive youll want to make sure you roast them in confidence a medium roast is recommended.

    We use a medium roast, which brings out the most of the complexity of the flavour of blue mountain coffee

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    What Does Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like

    Regardless of how mild and smooth it is, a decent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has a vibrant and bright slight acidity. It should have a clean taste with little to no bitterness and a sparkling aroma with floral notes and sweet, nutty, herbal overtones.

    Jamaica Blue Coffee has a refined, mild flavor with a delightful sweetness. Its creamy with chocolate tones to give the coffee complexity, and it exhibits a smooth yet light acidity with a lack of any bitterness. The aroma is bold with floral tones and nutty, herbal notes.

    At its finest, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee produces the ultimate cup of coffee, making it one of the worlds premium gourmet coffees.

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    Blue Mountain Coffee Ground

    Blue Mountain Coffee Ground- 4oz The worlds most sought after coffee, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The JABLUM taste is a wonderfully exotic balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity, but it is the lingering experience, the haunting aftertaste that still defies description. Inspired by a prominent time in Jamaicas history, Rocksteady Mountain Coffee was born out of our sheer desire desire to provide an exceptional product warm in spirit, and wholeheartedly Jamaican.

    Grown under ideal conditions in the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountains. Carefully selected from the best beans, bolstered by a rich tradition and exacting roasting standards by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory to produce a unique taste that is mysterious, tantalizing, guaranteeing pleasure and consistency in each and every cup of Jablum Classic Roasted and Ground Coffee. A dark, seductive, full bodied roast, made from Grade 1 Arabica beans that high altitude, mineral-rich soil and gentle rains in Jamaicas Blue Mountains combine to produce a coffee with a distinctive full-bodied flavor and taste.

    Product of Jamaica.

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    What Is Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is considered one of the most popular and delicious coffees you can buy.

    Its grown in Jamaica, as you would imagine from the name. Even more specifically, its grown only in the Blue Mountains, in the parishes of Portland, St. Andrew, and St. Thomas.

    At elevations of up to 7,500 feet above sea level, the Blue Mountains are some of the highest points in the Caribbean.

    The perfect combination of high altitude, cool climate, rich soil, and adequate rainfall produce these mouthwatering Arabica beans.

    Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee is naturally bright, sweet, and creamy. And thats why every coffee aficionado treats these beans like royalty.


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