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Is Black Rifle Coffee Worth The Price

Is Black Rifle Coffee Expensive

BLACK Rifle Coffee Review Taste Test Is It Worth The Money!?

Black Rifle Coffee is not the cheapest coffee brand that you might find on todays internet market. However, if you have a huge love for America and you have an honest heart to support all of the American cause, then Black Rifle Coffee Company is your great partner in this matter.

Their team is providing a helping hand to law enforcement, first responders, and veterans by donating a portion of its profits.

They also use their company for a valuable campaign like participating in todays pandemic by supporting American medical workers and the military personnel with their family under quarantine.

You can also be part of that campaign by supporting their coffee products. At the same time, you will feel delighted with their high-quality products after tasting their unique flavor. If you want to be part of this wonderful cause, you can buy their products online.

Sadly, all Black Rifle Coffee Companys products are unavailable on Amazon. They are unsure when their products will be in stock again. However, you can buy your favorite BRCC coffee on their official website.

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Like most Americans, Evan Hafer experienced the Jan. 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol from a distance, watching it unfold on his television and his iPhone from Salt Lake City. What he saw did not surprise him. Hafer, who is 44, voted for Donald Trump. He was even open at first to the possibility that Trumps claims of sweeping voter fraud were legitimate, until William Barr, Trumps attorney general, declared in early December that he could find no evidence that such fraud occurred. Still, Hafer told me recently, youre told by the commander in chief for months that the election was stolen, so youre going to have a group of people that are really pissed. While he disapproved of those who stormed the Capitol, he didnt believe that they or their actions constituted a real threat to the republic. Ive seen an insurrection, said Hafer, a former Green Beret and C.I.A. contractor who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. I know what that looks like.

Tom Davin, a former executive at Taco Bell and Panda Express who two years ago became Black Rifles co-chief executive, says: Our customer is driving a tricked-out Ford F-150. Its blue-collar, above-average income, some college-educated, some self-made-type people. Its people who shop at Walmart rather than Target. Hafer put it more bluntly in a 2017 interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business: Progressives hate me, and conservatives love me.

How Ethical Is The Process That Brought You This Coffee

In recent years, we have all become much more aware of how the products we buy impact the planet. This means how did we treat the farmers that grew the beans, how did we grow the beans in the first place, and how did they literally get from the field to your coffee cup?

There are dozens of certifications companies, growers, brewers, and distributors can get that identify them as responsible members of the agricultural value chain. The three designations youll want to look out for are Organic, Sustainable, and Fair Trade.


This is the term thats been around the longest, but its still a little tricky to pin down. Coffee is one of the most highly traded commodities in the world. We produce, worldwide, over 9 million tons of coffee every year. Thats beans, which means we are brewing way more than that. When you are trying to hit production numbers that high, you are incentivizing processes that prize output volume over everything else.

As we started to recognize the impact of unfettered coffee production on the local environment, we started to develop standards for reducing it. Organic coffee is grown without using pesticides or herbicides and relying on more natural techniques to encourage growth, limit pests, and limit weeds. Whether thats relying on natural fertilizers, growing companion plants to limit insect populations, or whatever else, when you buy organic, you can be relatively certain your coffee didnt devastate the local ecosystem.


Fair Trade

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Overview Of Black Rifle Coffee Company

Launched in 2014 by Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company is dedicated to coffee, culture, and social consciousness. Hafer himself is a veteran, and his company is serving premium coffee to people who love America, according to the website.

After every purchase made on the brands site, the brand gives back to veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. According to PR Newswire, the company donated $150k to the Barstool Fund for Veteran Owned Small Businesses in 2021. In 2018, its founder even made a pledge to hire 10k veterans over six years.

Black Rifle Coffee Company imports its beans from Brazil and Columbia. Then, the beans are roasted five days a week in facilities in Manchester, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. The brand also creates and manages a lifestyle blog called Coffee or Die where its writers post takes on military-related news, feature personal veteran stories, and share company updates.

Though the brand is undoubtedly busy and has its hand in many things from coffee sales to media and entertainment, this Black Coffee Rifle Company review will first cover several pros and cons, including:

Just How Good Is A Cup Of Black Rifle Coffee We Investigate

Black Rifle Coffee Whole Bean (Just Black (Medium Roast ...

The veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company has built an $80 million business with creative marketing and a -em-if-they-cant-take-a-joke attitude. Theyre becoming a real force in the independent coffee world with 200 employees, and theyve got plans to open as many as 20 coffee shops before the end of 2020.

Viral marketing is fun and selling a sense of community to a veterans has certainly generated a healthy business. But out of the millions of pixels spilled online about the BRCC lifestyle, one big question remains: Hows the damn coffee?

This is the point where all of you who proudly drink the burnt and watery coffee from your local quick mart decide to check out, ignore this article and keep your comments to yourself. No ones judging you. This is American and you can get your caffeine however you like.

In return, those of us who are looking for something more from a cup of joe only want to pursue our dreams and interests without hearing from you. We promise we wont try to convert you, especially since the internet is full of dire predictions about a worldwide coffee shortage and we want to make sure theres plenty left for us.

OK, now that weve shed the swill drinkers, back to the original question.

Granted, some people dont like premium. Premium costs a little more and premium implies an attention to detail that sticks in some peoples craw.

Its just , they say. Why be so stuck up about it?

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Not All Coffee And Cream

While kopi luwak is undoubtedly a unique type of coffee, its lengthy production process and supposed superior qualities are subject to skepticism among professionals within the coffee industry. Many say that the coffee isnt worthy of its lofty price tag and that kopi luwak continues to be sold at a premium because of the story behind it rather than any superiority of the bean.

Theres an ethical concern, too. Because of the high price that coffee fetches both locally and abroad, expedient farming methods have been employed for high-yield production of the luwak coffee. While traditional kopi luwak that is, coffee harvested from the droppings of wild luwaks exists , many luwak battery farms have been established throughout Southeast Asia to capitalize on the coffees profitability. In such farms, luwaks are kept in cages and fed coffee fruits harvested by farmers in order to increase excretion of the revered bean. While this is not only an inhumane way of treating the small mammal, it also impedes the careful selection process the luwak would otherwise employ when searching for food, undermining one of the core tenets that supposedly makes kopi luwak so delicious.

After trying a cup myself, I remain dubious. The roast was dark, the coffee strong but there are equally delicious, exponentially cheaper roasts that satisfy my palate just the same. And I can still pay my rent.

What Is Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a small batch coffee company that sells out of locations in Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Utah. The store also ships brews nationwide through its Black Rifle Coffee Club membership, according to its website.

A BRCC spokesperson told Insider the company employs 530 people, more than half of whom are reservists, military veterans, and military spouses. BRCC would not share the names of its investors.

BRCCs offerings include the Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast, Liberty Roast, and AK-47 Espresso Blend Coffee Rounds for around $15 for a 12 oz. bag. The Black Rifle Coffee Club membership costs $25 per month.

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Im Not Here To Slam Them On Politics

Im not here to slam them on politics etc, just to review the product. I tried Just Black, CAF, Thin Blue Line, Beyond Black, Five Alarm and AK-47. IMO Five Alarm was the best out of all I tried, but not by much. Their coffee is not that great. Some people said it tasted burnt, but I didnt get that. It tasted bland. To be honest, it tasted like canned Folgers. Their shipping is pretty slow. Expect to get the order 20-30 days from the date ordered. All and all, the company appears to be selling a brand versus good coffee. You can get the same quality at a lower price from a local grocery store.

Perfect Black Rifle Coffee Pack To Find Out Your Perfect Taste

BTS @Black Rifle Coffee Company Veterans Adaptive Athlete Shoot

If you are still confused which one to choose out of so many great options, they offer a perfect solution for this. Black Rifle Coffee Companies Complete Mission Fuel Kit is the right choice for you. This package will give a taste of all Black Rifle Coffee flavors. This complete mission fuel kit comprises each pack of coffees like Beyond Black-their dark roast, AK-47- their medium to dark espresso blend, Just Black-their medium roast, and Silencer Smooth-the lightest roast.

Black Rifle Coffee Company has come up with various products with other product lines. This range of partner products includes Thin Blue Line Coffee Roast, Black Buffalo Roast, Warriors Heart Blend, VTAC Berzerker Blend, Big Brown Dark Roast, Soflete Fit to Fight Coffee, and Caffeine and Hate Blend. Apart from that, they have come up with Reveille Soap-K Bar, which is a coffee-infused soap bar. This perfect blend of fresh coffee grounds and essential oils will assist you to start kick start mornings!

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Black Rifle Coffee K Cups Review

Lookwe arent all morning people. For some, crafting the perfect drip coffee in the early a.m. is a no-go. Fortunately, the brand offers premium k-cups that you can pop into your Keurig machine. This Black Rifle Coffee Company review will highlight the best-selling option next.

Just like the whole and ground bean bagged versions, the Black Rifle Coffee Company Just Coffee Roast is available in coffee rounds. Still a medium roast, this product makes brewing the perfect coffee even easier.

In line with the brands image, this product is delivered in an ammo box branded with its logo. The single-serve k-cups are compatible with both the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 machinessimply use them as your appliance specifies.

A single-purchase 12-count box of these Black Rifle Coffee k-cups sells for $13.

The Final Analysis: Does Black Rifle Coffee Make The Grade

Black Rifle has nailed its non-PC, conservative colors to the mast and there will be some who might turn down the option to partake in a cup or two because of this. There isnt a hidden agenda with this brand, they put the politics right out in front.

That may be a selling point for you, or it may put you off, but it also might not matter that much to you. This is, after all, a coffee brand and were here to review the coffee they make any mark we give will be all about the taste and value of that coffee.

The good news is that its excellent these coffees are evident labor of love on the part of Evan Hafer and co., and theyve evidently achieved what they set out to achieve. Theyre also clearly not afraid to diversify, with more flavors and more products hitting the store all the time.

Were interested to see whats next from Black Rifle Coffee, but for now, its a full five stars out of five.

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What Is Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna literally means espresso with cream. So, in a nutshell, its your desired amount of espresso topped with whipped cream. The amount of espresso used is totally up to you and can range from single to quadruple shotsyes, Ive ordered a quadruple espresso before..although single to double is the standard. Double is my go-to, though.

One night in Bahrain, while waiting in the terminal for a late night pick up, I discovered Espresso Con Panna. I was stuck! For months, whether it be swinging by the corner café before early morning movements or waiting in the cool air terminal at random hours, this sure shot of life became my new go-to and remains in my top rankings of coffee drinks today.

The reason I am sharing this easy concept is because, as one of my go-to drinks, you wouldnt believe some of the faces I get when trying to order one. It typically goes like this:

Me: Espresso Con Panna, please.

Employee: Stares at my face as if its changing like Pinnocchio.

Me: Do you have whipped cream?

Employee: Yes if no, obviously my order changes. This has happened a few times, too.

Me: can you just put some on top of a double espresso for me?

Employee: Oh!! Yea I can do that!

Me: Thank you!!

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company

2014 7 years ago
Evan Hafer, Mat Best, Tom Davin, Richard Ryan, Jarred Taylor
Website .com

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a coffee company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, owned by former members of the armed forces of the United States. It gained national attention in 2017 after pledging to hire 10,000 veterans after coffeehouse chain Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees to add to their workforce, which at the time of their pledge, was approximately 50 employees. Later that year, they were also endorsed by businessman Donald Trump Jr.

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Black Rifle Coffee Company Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Black Rifle Coffee Companys devout and loyal customers adore this brand, both for its high-quality roasts and patriotic branding. To get the full scoop, weve sourced testimonials from the companys site, Amazon, and the Better Business Bureau.

Most of the brands best-selling products have earned perfect or near-perfect ratings. The following scores have been collected from

  • Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast: 5/5 stars from 220 ratings
  • Just Black Coffee Roast: 5/5 stars from 368 ratings
  • Just Black Coffee Rounds: 5/5 stars from 174 ratings
  • Just Black Cold Brew Packs: 5/5 stars from 133 ratings
  • Toddy Cold Brew System: 5/5 stars from 16 ratings
  • Grenade Mug: 5/5 stars from 56 ratings
  • Americas Coffee Logo Ceramic Mug: 5/5 stars from 7 ratings

As you can see by the perfect scores, most of the customers leave very fond reviews of the companys products. To get a closer look, we chose to read comments on the Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast.

Generally, shoppers report that it smells great, tastes great, and that it is their favorite roast from the brand. One skeptical customer is now a dedicated convert:

So I made this purchase as a fathers day gift for my husband with no intentions of liking this as I am a Dunkin Donuts coffee girl, I am officially hooked this is the freshest coffee Ive ever had with such a great full taste. We are ready for the next shipment!!

What Else Does Black Rifle Coffee Company Offer

As well as the range of different roasts, Black Rifle Coffee also have a few options for flavored coffee, with their hazelnut brew offering a rich and tasty flavor that goes well with an autumn evening, or a vanilla option that tastes a little bit sweeter than the rest, and is perfect with a cookie or two. There are also decaf versions of a few of their roasts, including Just Black .

Along with their exceptional range of brewable coffees, Black Rifle has gone to great lengths to make a more accessible product. Frustrated by the world in which its possible to be charged $18 for a single cup of coffee, they make their top-quality blends available for a much more reasonable price and make it simpler to enjoy.

Cafetieres and drip coffee percolators will allow you to get the most from their bagged coffee, while their single-serve coffee rounds are perfect for when you want just one cup all you need is a Keurig machine.

They also offer more than just coffee the recently-launched CC17 Combat Cocoa is presented in a cool canister that puts one in mind of the M18 Smoke Grenade on which it is modeled.

Once again, great lengths have been gone to ensure that the best ingredients are sourced, with Organic cane sugar and Arriba Nacional cocoa powder sourced from the wilds of Ecuador. Mixed with warm milk, this makes for one of the finest late-night luxuries you could wish for.

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