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Where To Buy Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Adaptogen Focus With Lions Mane

Mushroom Coffee | Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review

It can sometimes be a real struggle to focus. Its easy to get distracted, after all. If you want a little bit of extra help focusing on whats going on around you, the Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Focus with Lions Mane is a good option for you.

This formula consists of 50 mg of caffeine, along with a little bit of Rhodiola. This is an adaptogen that can help you to feel less anxious, irritated or confused.

This is a gorgeous tropical blend that you can recognize thanks to the taste of lime and pineapple juice. Its ideal if you like something with a slightly more fruity flavor. You should try drinking this when youre starting to lose your focus later on in the day. I

ts certainly a more healthy alternative than energy drinks, and it tastes spectacular.

This option is a little more expensive than the latte, coming in at $24. You can also start a subscription and get it at a discounted price of $19 a month if you really want it.

Where Can I Buy This Coffee

You can buy their mushroom coffee at select retailers, or online directly from the company.

To learn more about Four Sigmatic and their unique products, be sure to check out their website! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And dont forget to use our exclusive coupon/discount code GOVEGAN and save 10% on your next purchase!

Matcha Latte With Lions Mane

Are you a big fan of a latte in the morning before work? Well, let us introduce you to the Four Sigmatic Matcha Latte With Lions Mane.

Whats great about this latte is that it only has around of the caffeine you would get in your standard cup of joe. Not only that, but you can drink it even if you are vegan or leading a gluten free way of living. Instead of cows milk the latte is made with coconut milk powder.

Its not difficult to make either just add a bit of water and youre good to go.

Fans of the brand absolutely love this latte, saying that its got a rich and earthy taste thats hard to find in other lattes. Its made out of high quality Japanese matcha and Lions mane too, which can help you to maintain your focus even first thing in the morning. Its good for your brain, not to mention that its super tasty!

If you want to purchase this latte, you can get it on the website as a one off investment for $20. Instead, you can get it on a regular basis with the subscription, paying $16 a month.

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The Benefits Seem To Outweigh Any Cons And The Taste And Warmth You Love In Your Morning Ritual Doesnt Have To Go Away Here Well Review One Of The Most Popular Mushroom Coffee Brands So That You Can Decide If It Truly Is Time For An Upgrade

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee brings Lions Mane and other adaptogenic mushrooms to you in some delectable coffees that dont overtax your adrenals and also boost mental clarity thats something I need in a world which demands my full engagement and presence 24-7. As a mother, a writer, a founder at a new company, a lover, a friend I need a product like this to help me get through an average day. If you are like me and 60% of all Americans that normally use coffee to power through life, this review is for you.

Id heard a lot about medicinal mushrooms used as adaptogens for a while, but I didnt believe the hype. There are tons of mushrooms with great properties, like Chaga mushroom, Cordyceps, Reishi, etc. but Lions Mane in particular caught my attention because it is bio-active in some really profound ways, helping to reduce anxiety and depression, keep your brain active and alert without causing you to be jazzed up, and also acts as powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Heres what I found after trying Four Sigmatics mushroom coffees for three weeks.

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Does Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Taste Like Mushrooms

Four Sigmatic, Mushroom Ground Coffee with Lion

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is manufactured in a way that completely eliminates the taste of mushrooms, leaving only the nice taste of the coffee for you to enjoy. While the taste isnt exactly like regular grounded coffee, it has a unique taste, it does not taste like mushrooms.

Four Sigmatic harvests the mushrooms and then spray-dries the concentrate, the end result is a dry powder mushroom extract that is added to the coffee. They dont blend mushrooms with coffee as you might think.

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Where Can I Buy The Four Sigmatic Products

You can purchase all products from the Four Sigmatic website, at Here, you can buy the subscriptions, lone items or even bulk items. You can also buy them on Amazon.

You may have some retailers nearby, depending on where you live. If this is the case, you can check if you have a retailer near you by checking the Store Locator on the companys website.

Is It Really A Good Alternative To Coffee

Mushrooms provide a great nutritional boost that whatever they are added to. They also have a very earthy flavor, which works well as a warm coffee beverage. With more than 64 percent of Americans drinking coffee regularly and many of those people experiencing unwanted side effects from their coffee habit, it makes sense that mushroom coffee is a successful business.

If youre on the fence regarding mushroom coffee, I recommend that you try one of the brands that Ive talked about. There is a distinct taste, so the best way to form an opinion is to try it for yourself.

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What Is Four Sigmatics Return Policy

For returns, contact Four Sigmatic at . Four Sigmatic offers a money-back guarantee and will issue a refund if youre not satisfied with your purchase.

The guarantee is valid for 120 days after purchase. For any issue with a product after this window, Four Sigmatic will offer online store credit. Refunds do not include the shipping cost.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee With Lion’s Mane Review | Is It Worth the Price?

This is the moment youve been waiting for! Weve trawled through the internet to bring you the general consensus of what people think about the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. You will be pleased to know that the brand has an immense amount of reviews, mainly positive!

In fact, you can check the website which will tell you that they have over 25,000 5 star reviews. Theyve been praised by all sorts of people, from celebrities to professional athletes.

Even medical professionals love this coffee. They are particularly well known for having incredibly rich flavors, blends that are full of great nutrients and for their impeccable customer service. Customers are generally very impressed by the pricing, too.

Some customers have been stunned by the taste. Many struggle to detect the mushrooms in the coffee, which is just what the brand states. Theyve said that the smell gives it away immediately if you like the smell then you are going to love the taste. Its got a smooth taste and its creamy.

You could buy it as a gift for a loved one, but watch out youre sure to be hooked on it soon too! When you drink these blends, you can enjoy all the delicious flavors of coffee without worrying about caffeine overload. People recommend this product!

Another reviewer has stated that the blend does a great job of providing focus. They claimed they didnt need to worry about the negative symptoms associated with standard coffee, and its pretty moreish.

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Key Ingredients And Benefits Analysis

I know I sped through a lot of different ingredients. While a lot of the wholesome, natural ingredients in Four Sigmatic products are probably familiar to you, there may be some mushroom and roots in the mix that you’re just learning about for the first time. I’ll do my best to give you a rundown on why these are good things to have in your wellness mixes!

Lions Mane

Lion’s mane is a large, white mushroom that has a shaggy mane. Lion’s mane is pretty incredible. Studies have shown that it can help to reduce some mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. It may also protect against dementia. The powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties of this wonder mushroom also show promise for helping to lower risks associated with cancers, ulcers, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are considered performance mushrooms because they are known to boost energy, endurance, and vitality. Cordyceps are believed to increase the bodys production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate for better muscle performance. Studies reveal that cordyceps have an anti-fatigue effect in performance settings.

Chaga Mushrooms

Known to cling to birch trees in cooler climates, the chaga mushroom is a nutrient-dense superfood. Chaga mushrooms are often referred to as anti-aging mushrooms due to their ability to reduce oxidative stress responsible for wrinkling, graying, and other signs of aging. This one mushroom contains all of these amazing components:

Ganoherb Reishi Mushroom Coffee

GANOHERB Reishi Mushroom Coffee comes in instant-use packets that combine instant coffee with reishi mushrooms.

The blend includes both the spore and the extract, so its a very good option if you are specifically looking for a mushroom coffee that takes advantage of the benefits of reishi mushrooms.

However, since it lacks any other medicinal mushroom ingredients, those seeking a more well-balanced mushroom coffee may want to look elsewhere.

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What Is Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee comes in a couple different forms, depending on what brand youre considering. Some companies combine traditional coffee with a blend of functional mushrooms. This lowers caffeine content while adding healthy nutrients. You can also find mushroom coffee products that only contain mushrooms if youre looking to completely drop your coffee habit. Mushroom coffee usually contains a blend of lions mane, cordyceps, chaga and more.

Are These Products Worth The Money

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, Cordyceps &  Chaga, Org, 10ct

Now you may be wondering, should I buy the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee? Whats our opinion?

Well, as a quick summary, its important to mention that these rich blends include some impressive ingredients full of nutrients. This means that you can enjoy your coffee without having to worry about getting the jitters.

As a whole, customers have been thrilled to note that you cant even taste the mushroom in the coffee. There are no embellishments here the coffee is just as good as the brand says it is.

One thing that many customers note is that theres no crash from caffeine in the middle of the day like there would be if you were drinking standard coffee. If youre addicted to coffee and caffeine in general, this is incredibly advantageous if you are trying to wean yourself off the caffeine.

The coffee contains beans, cacao, mushrooms, natural sweeteners and adaptogens, and they are all sourced ethically.

The ingredients are organic too, and the company only uses the best possible ingredients in their blends. These products are generally a good choice if you follow a vegan or gluten free diet.

They are thoroughly lab tested, and they are also fantastic for boosting your immune system. You will feel relaxed when taking the elixirs, or you can feel focused from drinking the coffee. There are a bunch of benefits for both your mind and body if you use these blends.

As a whole though, the taste has been commended, so its best not to take these reviews at face value.

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Is Mushroom Coffee Good For You Explore 10 Health Benefits

Besides their long and storied history in Eastern medicine, there is a growing body of evidence in contemporary scientific research that functional mushrooms have health-promoting properties. Regardless of how you make your mushroom coffee, there are quite a few perceived benefits. Understanding these potential benefits may help you decide to make mushroom coffee a regular part of your routine.

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The One With A Cult Following: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Goop has rated Four Sigmatic mushroom espresso coffee Goop-approved with a impressive Amazon rating of 4.2 stars and over 3,000 reviews.

Compared to the top pick, these packets are smaller and they offer less caffeine , which might appeal to anyone trying to titrate down from their regular coffee habit, or just consume less caffeine in general.

The certified organic blend of instant coffee, mushrooms, and 250 mgs of Lions Mane are accompanied by 250 mgs of Chaga and 100mgs of Rhodiola. This root is known to boost energy, relieve stress and reduce depression symptoms.

You can also try different varieties of mushroom coffee to get a feel for what they taste like.

A useful review: On days when I use the Lions Mane, my mental clarity is improved and I have more energy to exercise. You can take the packets with you to wherever you are going, including the gym, work and home. Each packet contains 40mg of caffeine, which I find very helpful. This allows me to control how much caffeine I take, as well as other nootropics and preworkouts. Its easy to take a bunch of caffeine and call that focus or energy, but youll know the difference with true focus and true energy by swapping most of that caffeine for some high quality medicinal mushroom. The Chaga ingredient in both of these products is an additional bonus. It means I get a boost to both my focus and energy, as well as my immunity system.

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Helps To Limit Cholesterol Absorption

Ergosterol is a sterol compound found in the cell walls of mushrooms. Research with rats demonstrated that ergosterol suppressed the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine and increased the excretion of cholesterol from the GI tract. By adding mushroom powder to your coffee, you gain its potential to limit the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Maitake mushrooms are a significant .

Is Mushroom Coffee Really Good For You

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Review: Does It REALLY Work? (All Day Energy?)

Not every mushroom has amazing health benefits, but the ones in the best mushroom coffee certainly have more than your average stir-fry essential. Using concentrated amounts of beneficial mushrooms , the blends in this list give you a potent dose of goodness.

The debate of whether or not mushroom coffee is as good for you as the trend suggests varies depending on who you talk to. Some evidence says, of course, while others say that more research is needed.

When looking at whats inside certain types of mushrooms, its clear that, at least in some way, consuming them will be beneficial.

In general, mushrooms are packed with polyphenols, polysaccharides, vitamins, and minerals, which may play an important role in immune system support and function.

This reason alone makes mushrooms beneficial for your health, and packing them in potent doses within a coffee may increase the likelihood of your experiencing positive effects.

When looking at mushroom coffee from the angle of the coffee itself, since mushroom coffee typically has less caffeine than regular java, it wont give you the jitters. And speaking of caffeine, since youre consuming less of it, the best mushroom coffee may actually improve your sleep cycle as well.

Better sleep leads to faster recovery and thus increased performance. Its a simple chain reaction that may all result from a simple reduction in caffeine.

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Deme Medicinal Mushroom + Cacao

Deme tastes like a delicious mocha coffee, but itâs actually filled with strategically sourced functional ingredientsincluding a variety of medicinal mushrooms. This particular blend features reishi, lionâs mane, maitake, shiitake, and turkey tail. It also has Fair Trade coffee, cinnamon, cacao, cayenne, and coconut milk powder.

To drink: Blend a packet of Deme with 5 ounces of hot water, stir, and enjoy!

About Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic is a Finish-American brand that makes crash-free coffee, plant protein supplements, and other wellness elixirs. Their name comes from nutrient-dense foods that are four sigma higher than superfoods, and many of their products rely on various types of mushrooms.

The food and drink company has been featured in The New YorkTimes, Goop, Womens Health, and many other publications. With over 200k followers on Instagram, the brand has also been endorsed by doctors, influencers, and professional athletes.

This Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee review will delve deep into the brand and its products, reveal customer ratings, promotions, and more. See if any of these blends stir your appetite.

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Potential Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms have a long history of use in traditional medicine, dating back thousands of years. They were and still are used to treat a variety of conditions, especially in traditional Chinese medicine.

Additionally, the companies that produce many of these mushroom coffees and other mushroom drinks claim that they can:

  • Help boost your immune system.
  • Increase your focus and productivity.
  • Lift your mood.
  • Help you relax.

Well take a quick look at some of the science behind these claims.

Weve focused on five different types of mushrooms Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps as these are the most common types found in mushroom coffees and drinks.

One important thing to note is that there is very little human research available on the effects of these mushrooms, so most of the research we discuss below is from test tube and animal studies.

So, even if a test tube or animal study notes positive effects, we cant say with confidence that the same effect will occur in humans.


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