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Where To Buy Senseo Coffee Pods

Peet’s Decaf Especial K

Home made Senseo coffee pods using size 4 coffee filter, HD 7880 machine
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The Peet’s Decaf was our least favorite pod. Producing a loamy aroma that offered hints of grapefruit, we were expecting an interesting flavor profile. What we found was a bitter and ashy-tasting brew. Though the coffee did have a bit of brightness, the finish was highly astringent, leaving our tasters’ mouths dry and in need of a sip of water. The body and brightness blended well with the citrusy aroma, but it felt out of balance given the deep flavor profiles. Advertising a “bright and smooth” cup, it was incredibly burnt tasting with a harsh finish. The only redeeming quality was the slight amount of pleasant brightness it offered before sharply leaving your tongue with an ashy aftertaste.

How To Choose Your Coffee In Senseo Pods

Senseo® pods are made with high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans grown on plains or in the mountains. The intense coffee bean roasting generates a strong and powerful taste that is the hallmarks of Senseo® pods. The coffee is ground straight after roasting, then carefully measured out and finally packaged in pods.

What Is Senseo Coffee Maker

Senseo coffee machines are manufactured by Philips, and its goods are from Marcilla. They are well-known coffee makers from Northern Europe, where they are popular.

These are coffee machines that have been on sale for a long time and are highly popular in Northern Europe. Because of the large number of pod coffee makers on the market today, many consumers incorrectly believe that they are all the same. That couldnt be further from the truth.

Senseos coffee machines employ pads , which are not the same as hard pods like those from Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. It reduces the cost of each device, and there are several suitable choices for other brands. Coffee consumption using a Senseo coffee machine is significantly less expensive than with other alternatives.

Who Owns Senseo

Sara Lee Corp. had agreed to a nine-year exclusive relationship with Philips on Philips-branded domestic coffee systems, which would promote creativity and global development for its premier SENSEO coffee brand. Sara Lee and Philips presently share ownership of the brand, with each firm holding a 50% interest.

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Hints For Buying Senseo Compatible Capsules

Sometimes, the main advantage of Senseos single-dose systems becomes a headache for the long-suffering consumer.

Where to buy Senseo capsules? Which are the original and which are the compatible Senseo capsules? Is it better to buy Senseo capsules online or in physical stores? Where to buy cheap Senseo capsules? Many doubts and questions assail us, and we will try to answer as clearly as possible in these lines.

Lets start at the beginning: Senseo coffee machines use the system of pods or soft pods . It is a universal system, that is, not exclusive to Senseo.

It means that any other brand can market its coffee in pads perfectly valid for any Senseo coffee machine. Senseo compatible single-dose pads are cheaper than Philips Senseo capsules but also have some disadvantages.

The most important one is that some exclusive varieties are not among the compatible ones. Its also the other way around, mind you: good examples are the Irish Senseo capsules or the Senseo Marcilla single-dose capsules.

Starbucks Pike Place Roast K

Senseo Classic Medium 36 Coffee Pods  Se priser (3 butiker)
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One of the juggernauts of the coffee industry, Starbucks, takes on the coffee pod in an attempt to deliver what the Pikes Place Roast is known for, a medium roast blend with a rich and nutty flavor profile. We found that the pod version fell short. At first brew, we noticed an ashy aroma before we moved on to sample the flavor, where we found an almost overpowering taste of carbon. The cup had a clean finish and tasted balanced but was too burnt tasting for our liking.

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Best Deals On 60mm Coffee Pods For Makita Coffee Machine

Youve no doubt had a hard time tracking the 60mm coffee pods down. In this guide, Im going to show you how and where to buy the 60mm coffee pods for the Makita coffee machine at the best price possible.

The Makita coffee machine is compatible with Senseo 60mm coffee pods, which are . Each pod produces one cup of coffee, and prices start from just 10p. The Makita coffee maker is also compatible with ground coffee. Make sure to check out my list of the most delicious coffees available on Amazon UK linked at the bottom of this post.

The coffee pods come in a wide variety of flavours. Whether youre just looking for a normal cup of coffee or one with added flavourings, weve got them all listed here.

In a hurry?If you dont have much time, here are my top two picks for the best Makita coffee pods on Amazon. For the indecisive:Pick and mix variety pack

The Original Donut Shop Decaf K

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The decaf version of the Original Donut Shop coffee pod offers a very similar, although not entirely identical, taste profile. A chocolaty aroma gives way to a flavor profile that tastes like baker’s chocolate and toasted grains. This decaf pod is tasty enough to serve up as a quick post-dinner brew.

With medium acidity levels, there is a spike in brightness right as the sip finishes that then transitions nicely into a lingering taste of cacao. This was our favorite decaf pod with a smooth body and an outstanding balance of flavor and aroma.

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Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style K

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Billed as “Latin” style coffee, Cafe Bustelo is a dark roast blend intended to be doctored up with milk and sugar. That being said, it is delicious enough all on its own. Although it is one of the darker roasts we sampled, it was one of the few dark roasts that didn’t come across as burnt. The roast was dark enough to get even the sleepiest motors running but not at the cost of losing an interesting flavor profile.

The darkness of the roast translated well into deep flavor profiles of caramelized sugar and hazelnut. Certainly not the pods for those looking for a light or mild cup, this rich and well-balanced coffee will be favored by those who prefer their coffee bold or those who want a cup that can stand up to milk and sugar without tasting diluted.

Mm Coffee Pods For Makita

How To Make Senseo Coffee Pods

Although the Senseo coffee pods measure 62mm in diameter, they are the perfect fit for the Makita DCM coffee machine series.

Because the Senseo coffee machine has been discontinued in many countries, you might struggle to find them at your local store. Fortunately, the coffee pods are widely available on Amazon, so you dont even need to leave the comfort of your home.

To make things even better, theyre around half the price that they are in-store. The 60mm Senseo coffee pods are available on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Australia.

The Senseo coffee pods are available in different strengths and pack sizes. Lets take a look at whats on offer so you can buy the coffee that best suits your taste.

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Senseo Pods Or Compatible Soft Pods: Some Best

Widely distributed on the market, these Senseo® pods or compatible soft podshave a 70 mm- diameter and weigh 7g each.

Senseo® pods prepare a 80 to 110ml coffee in coffee makers using such Senseo® pods, such as the 12v and 24v coffee makers, Handcoffee Auto and Handcoffee Truck. Taste Senseo® pods but also Lavazzas harmonious arabica-robusta blends. As for organic coffee lovers, Destination Cafés Peruvian coffee is for you!

And to vary the drinks, go for gourmet pods! Youll make people happy serving hot chocolate or cappuccinos with the Handcoffee Auto Travel Pack! It includes the 12v coffee maker Handcoffee Auto, a bag and the adaptors for these special drinks.

Why You Should Trust Us

Never one to turn down a cup of joe, our lead tester, Buck Yedor, has been drinking coffee since he was a kid. What started as sneaking the occasional sip from his mom turned into a lifelong obsession with finding the most delicious brew methods. What truly honed his appreciation and discernment for quality coffee was living with the Director of Training for one of the biggest specialty coffee companies in the game. For years, every morning was mainly a coffee cupping and brew lesson until his palette and brew techniques could please even the harshest of critiques.

After researching 25 of the most popular and hopefully delicious coffee pods on the market, we took a closer look at 16 of the most promising options. We independently purchased this wide variety of pods and proceeded to brew and sip our way through them. Sampling them all with a critical tongue and nose, we could discern their best and worst qualities.

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Best Coffee Pods Of 2021

Buck YedorLearn moreVarying flavors of Nespresso podsRecyclable

Nespresso machines are in a class of their own when it comes to instant coffee pods. While your options for types of pods are severely more limited than with a Keurig, our testers found the limited number of choices to be well worth it. The pods we tested in the Nespresso Variety Pack were all delicious. Nespresso pods produce a rich style of coffee that the entry-level machine can make into either an espresso-sized shot or a Lungo shot, which has a milder flavor and more volume. While these pods don’t produce real espresso, it’s about as close as you’ll get without investing in an expensive machine or making a trip to your local coffee shop.

Both of these options are much smaller in volume than a standard American cup of coffee, so if you prefer a hefty cup that you can nurse all morning long, you might opt for a Keurig instead. The concentrated espresso-style coffee produced by the Nespresso pods had a smooth texture, complete with a rich crema on top of the brew. Each pod we tried had an evident and enjoyable brightness level that carried into a subtle and pleasant citrusy finish. With an inviting aroma and more nuanced flavors, the Nespresso pods were by far our favorite coffee pods.

Use Your Makita With Ground Coffee

Senseo Decaf Medium Roast Coffee Pods, 18 Count (Pack of 1 ...

Your Makita coffee machine is compatible with ground coffee as well as the 60mm pods. This is great news for all those coffee aficionados out there that only insist on brewing with freshly ground coffee.

In order to use the Makita with ground coffee, its vitally important that you dont use any coffee that has been finely ground. Fine grinds, such as those used for espresso, will choke the filter, causing water to leak from the machine.

As such, look for labels with the words medium grind, filter grind or French press grind.

We have a for you to check out. The great news is that every pack of ground coffee on the list is suitable for the Makita coffee machine.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Medium K

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The Dunkin’ Original Blend is reminiscent of the classic cup served at your local Dunkin Donuts cafe. With aromas likened to earthy greens, you transition nicely from the inviting earthy smell to flavors best described as nutmeg and dark chocolate. While not too noticeable, the coffee’s subtle brightness departs quickly to an astringent aftertaste that leaves your mouth feeling dry.

With a texture not unlike skim milk, this relatively light-tasting blend wasn’t our favorite. However, we think it will appeal to all those East Coast die-hard Dunkin’ fans.

What Happened To Senseo Coffee Maker

North American owners of Philips Senseo coffee makers may have difficulty getting coffee since the pod coffee maker technology is set to be terminated next year.

Sara Lee, the company that manufactures all official Senseo pods, said on November 11 that the Senseo single-cup coffee business will be discontinued on March 31, 2012, with the exception of some internet outlets.

Senseo was developed in collaboration with Philips and Sara Lee, the owner of Dutch coffee producer Douwe Egberts. Sara Lee has now sold a significant portion of its North American coffee business to Smuckers, which already owns the Folgers, Cafe Bustelo, and Dunkin Donuts coffee brands. There is no news on whether or not manufacturing will be halted in Europe.

Dealing with an intense rivalry, the Senseo has struggled to acquire market share in North America, and the brewer itself is sometimes given free or sold at a steep discount in order to persuade customers to buy additional pods.

Existing Senseo users should be able to buy pods online or use recyclable pods and fill them with their own caffeine if the company is no longer in operation.

Sara Lee stated in November 2011 that they will no longer market the Senseo product line in North America. Senseo pods may still be used with Hamilton Beach compatible drip coffee machines.

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Senseo Coffee Pod System

Sensational freshly brewed coffee!

Make your coffee breaks truly special with SENSEO®. This unique system combines the easy-to-use Philips SENSEO® coffee machine with the specially developed Douwe Egberts SENSEO® coffee pods, giving you a full, smooth coffee with a delicious foam layer.

Sensational freshly brewed coffee!

Make your coffee breaks truly special with SENSEO®. This unique system combines the easy-to-use Philips SENSEO® coffee machine with the specially developed Douwe Egberts SENSEO® coffee pods, giving you a full, smooth coffee with a delicious foam layer.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

This product qualifies for VAT relief

If youre eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, you can claim it on this product. The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Look for full details in your shopping basket.

What Are Soft Pods

Philips Senseo coffee pod machine review

Soft pods are widespread on the market because they are mostly used with Senseo® machines. It is actually the most universal pod to prepare a coffee. Their diameter is wider than that of the ESE pods , but the weight of the coffee is the same: 7 grams. It is roasted and less finely ground coffee than in an ESE pod and not tamped between two sheets of filter paper. It is a “low pressure” system that does not allow to make real espresso unlike the result obtained with an ESE pod in an espresso machine.

Senseo® pods are soft pods designed for a “classic” coffee close to filter coffee as the extraction is done at a low 2-bar pressure, yet with a beautiful crema, and the simplicity and practicality of the pod.

They are used with our 12v car coffee maker Handcoffee Auto and 24v coffee maker Handcoffee Truck as well as all Senseo® compatible coffee machines. To enjoy gourmet pods , go for Handcoffee Auto Travel Pack, the complete set including 1 Handcoffee Auto, 1 multi drink kit, 1 multi drink case and 1 bag.

If you already have a Handcoffee Autoor a Handcoffee Truck, you can buy dedicated accessories to serve various hot drinks: the Multi-drink Kitand the Multi-drink case.

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Bulletproof The Original Roast Coffee

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Known for its line of health supplements and popular with the Keto crowd, Bulletproof offers high-quality single-origin coffee in pod form. To make it “bulletproof”, a popular meal supplement, and the brand’s namesake, you would need to add butter or other supplements. For those uninterested in that, fear not these pods are simply unadulterated coffee. With wafting aromas of sweetened vanilla, this coffee had the most enticing smell of all the coffees we tasted, offering earthy flavors of cedar and dark chocolate.

This medium-bodied coffee boasted a smooth finish with no lingering bitterness. The moderate acidity and the grippy mouth feel created a well-balanced cup suited to any time of day. Unlike the in-bag version, the coffee does have a slightly artificial aftertaste, likely due to being stored in the plastic pods.

Analysis And Test Results

To test the various coffee pods, we ran each pod through a formal “cupping.” A coffee cupping serves as a standardized taste test. We began each cupping by brewing a fresh cup of coffee in our machines and then immediately inhaling a deep breath of the aromas being let off by the brew. The next step in a cupping is to taste the coffee with an exaggerated slurp, with the goal being to cover as much surface area of your tongue as possible.

While there is always some subjectivity in tastings, the goal is to separate oneself from personal preferences and objectively analyze what each coffee is offering. Through our systemized cuppings, we were able to pinpoint and rate each coffee’s aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and overall balance.

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The Original Donut Shop Regular K

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By the numbers, the Donut Shop Medium Roast is one of the most popular selling pods on the market. After our initial testing, it became clear why. These pods offer broad appeal at a good price. Upon first brewing a cup of this coffee, you’re greeted by pleasant but faint aromas of pipe tobacco. As a medium roast coffee, the flavor profiles trend on the darker side and offer notes of toasted rye and baker’s chocolate. The acidity levels in this pod are fairly low but complement the savory flavors well. These pods have a medium body that ends with a clean aftertaste, leaving no lingering bitterness and ultimately delivering a well-balanced cup of coffee.

Flavors are not too overwhelmingly dark, nor do they stray too far in the other direction with over-the-top brightness. The middle-of-the-road flavor profile could be a detractor for those looking for a specific flavor profile on a different side of the spectrum. It achieves the perfect middle ground and is a satisfying crowd-pleaser for groups with varying tastes.

The McCafe Premium Roast coffee pod is advertised as a medium roast coffee, but we found it one of the lighter-tasting coffees in our testing lineup. As you lift your cup, you’re greeted with a subtle but distinctly nutty aroma. The pleasant aroma then segues into a complimentary taste of toasted almonds as you take your first sip.


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