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How To Make Iced Coffee With Almond Milk

Almond Milk Coffee Recipes You Need To Try Now


Milk and coffee a match made in heaven! It is a perfect combination for those who would like to balance the bitterness of the coffee with the subtle creamy flavor of milk.

What milk is best to go with coffee? The options can be endless! You can choose cows milk, rice milk, and soy milk, among others. If you are looking for an alternative, however, one worth a shot is almond milk!

Do It Like An Italian

If you would rather enjoy your coffee Italian-style, take a look at this coffee hack shared by no less than Lavazza.

They share how to make Salento-style coffee, which is from Southern Italy. This is unique because it does not use almond milk in the form of a syrup that is directly added to the coffee. Rather, it is frozen and used as ice to infuse flavor to the coffee.

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

This Cold Brew Coffee Recipe is as simple as letting your favorite coffee grounds soak in water overnight, straining in the morning, and then mixing with our favorite perfect homemade creamer.

You can use as little or as much as you want, to make this Iced Coffee exactly how you like it. You can keep the creamer and cold brew separate in the fridge and enjoy every morning. Sounds awesome, right?

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How To Serve Cold Coffee

Top the cold brew coffee off with some almond milk or any type of milk you like!

I love a lightly sweetened almond milk but you can use regular dairy milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk – Any kind you like. .

Add some sugar, honey, agave, or sugar-free sweetener if you like your coffee even sweeter.

How To Make Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee with Vanilla Cardamom Almond Milk
  • Save coffee: If you brew coffee at home, do not discard any leftovers. Refrigerate for up to 2 days and make iced coffee recipe. For less watered down coffee with ice, freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray.
  • OR Brew and cool down coffee on the counter: Do not pour hot coffee over ice as it will melt it immediately.
  • Combine and stir poured cold coffee, milk and vanilla extract over ice.
  • Enjoy immediately!

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Iced Caramel Macchiato With Almond Milk

Timing: 15 minutes

This drink is for the warmer days, but Id rather say spring because its super refreshing and flavorful just in context with the weather!

This is the healthier version of almond coffee that youll get at most of the coffee shops at a relatively cheaper price. Before designing this heavenly mug, just make sure all the ingredients are purely organic so that you arent putting any chemicals in your body.

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What will you need?

  • Vanilla Extract

Instructions on how to make it

  • Brew the coffee or the espresso, whichever you prefer. Place it aside.
  • Take a small bowl and put in the caramel sauce ingredients the coconut cream, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and the coconut sugar.
  • Whisk all the sauce ingredients so well that they combine.
  • Take a mug and put in the ice cubes and the almond milk.
  • Now, pour the brewed coffee/espresso over the milk and ice-cubes in the glass.
  • Use a spoon to swirl some sauce over the top.
  • For the final touch, sprinkle some cinnamon, and youre all done!

Other Methods I Tried

If you have the patience for pourover, try flash-brewing onto ice.

The best iced coffee for you depends on what style of coffee brewing you prefer overall. Im an espresso drinker, so its not shocking that I love the methods above. But if youre passionate for pour-over, you may want to try Japanese-style iced coffee in your Chemex or other dripper. Moser recommends substituting about 40% of your water with ice, which means for 12 ounces of iced coffee , youre going to use 25 grams of medium-finely ground coffee, 250 grams of hot water , and 150 grams of ice in the decanter that youre brewing into. He sets up the weighed ice in the vessel under the pourover filter, then starts with the first 65 grams of water and a quick stir, waiting 45 seconds to let the bed of coffee get saturated, then adds 80 grams more, then the last 115 grams. The ice that chills the brew will also dilute it to its proper strength. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To be honest, its more than I can handle early in the morning, though the flavor does a decent job of capturing coffees refreshing, fruity side.

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Can You Froth Almond Milk

The most difficult part of making a hot almond milk coffee? How to froth almond milk. Different brands of almond milk froth differently, so youll need to experiment to find what works best. The best type of milk to froth almond milk? Buy Barista almond milk, which froths in a more similar way to dairy milk. But you can also use the regular variety! This is what we used here you can see from the photos that it gets lightly frothy.

Iced Coffee Vs Cold Brew

How to Make an Iced Almond Milk Latte

First, lets be clear: Iced coffee is not the same as cold brew. They are both popular kinds of cold coffee, but there are important differences.

Making cold brew is a time-intensive process. Cold brew is more about the method of preparing the coffee than the serving temperature of the coffee itself. For cold brew, you grind beans and steep them at room temperature for an extended period, typically between 12 and 16 hours. This produces a cool pot of coffee with an even, smooth taste.

Iced coffee is what were talking about. You take a hot cuppa and you turn it cold. You can brew the coffee as you normally would, using your favorite brewing method, and then you introduce it to ice via methods described below, to slightly dilute the flavor without eliminating it.

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Almond Milk Latte: How To Make Hot Or Iced

Published: Modified: Jun 4, 2021 by Alison Corey | This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclaimer.

A smooth and creamy almond milk latte recipe you can make at home without any fuss! Ill give you all the tips you need to make both a hot and iced latte using equipment you already have at home!

Last fall my husband and I had the opportunity to go on a Mediterranean cruise without our kids! I know! Amazing, right?!

It was such a fortunate opportunity, and we managed to find childcare with people we trusted, so we went for it.

We started in Venice, and stopped in Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Sicily, Naples, and ended in Rome.

While we were on the ship, I encouraged my husband to ditch his diet coke addiction, and instead opt for coffee. Id been on his case about diet coke for years.

Hes never been a big fan of coffee, while I could drink it all day everyday!

Our ship had two cute coffee shops where they served the most amazing frothy latte recipes throughout the day.

My husband and I made it a routine to stop in around 2pm and grab a mid-day pick me up. He began asking for an almond milk latte, while I got my regular oat milk latte.

To my surprise, he began loving them! When we got home he stopped drinking diet coke all together, and started drinking coffee to get his caffeine fix in the morning.

That was all well and good, but Starbucks lattes can start adding up when you get them everyday!

How To Make Coffee Ice Cubes

This recipe makes more concentrate than could I could fit in my 1 liter glass carafe so I decided to make some coffee ice cubes. I think I learned that one from The Pioneer Woman.

Simply pour any remaining concentrate into an empty ice cube tray and place in the freezer. In a few hours, you have coffee ice cubes.

Now you can drink your cold brew without it getting watered down. .

When the ice cubes melt, all you have is MORE COFFEE!

Place a few of the frozen coffee ice cubes in your favorite glass and pour your desired amount of the chilled coffee concentrate into the glass.

You can pour as much or as little as you like!

Looking for some treats to enjoy with your coffee? Check out these recipes!

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How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Take To Make

  • Let the coffee concentrate chill out on the counter for at least 12 hours. After the coffee has ‘brewed’ it will be time to strain it. You need another container to ‘catch’ the coffee as you strain it and to store in the fridge as it chills – A glass carafe works great for this.
  • Place a small funnel firmly on top of the carafe and then cut a small square of cheesecloth and place it into the funnel on top of the strainer. The cheesecloth makes cleanup easier and allows you to easily lift them out of the funnel and toss them !
  • Once the funnel, strainer, and cheesecloth are firmly in place begin to pour the coffee concentrate into the funnel. Do this a bit at a time or you will overflow the funnel. It’s best to do this in the sink to avoid spills.
  • Continue until the glass carafe is full.
  • Place the carafe of coffee concentrate in the refrigerator and allow to chill for a few hours until cold.
  • How To Make An Iced Almond Milk Latte

    Almond Milk Iced Coffee Brazilian Recipe

    Making an iced almond milk latte is even easier than making a hot one. To start, brew your espresso or coffee as shown above. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Once cool, transfer the coffee to a tall glass. Add ice and cold milk. Viola.

    Alternatively, you can make an almond milk iced latte by making it hot first then pouring it over ice. In this case, though, you will have a more diluted version as the ice will melt quicker. It is important to heat almond milk before mixing it with hot coffee to keep it from separating.

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    The Best Iced Coffee At Home

    A great cup of coffee is the perfect way to start any and every day. Some mornings I just simply dont want hot coffeeI want it cold!

    Summer will be here before we know it, and we all need the ultimate easy Iced Coffee Recipe to keep ourselves perky, alert, and productive. Im so glad youve found this one!

    If you want to love mornings even more, be sure to check out some of our favorite breakfast recipes, like Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole or Baked Breakfast Sliders. If a smoothie is more your speed, take a stab at our Glowing Skin Smoothie or Simple Mango Smoothie!

    We LOVE Iced Coffee first thing in the morning! Check out some other variations like Caramel Frappuccino, Thai Iced Coffee, or this Iced Honey Flat White.

    Be sure to watch the video on How to Make Iced Coffee at home! This Iced Coffee Recipe is the best!

    What Ingredients Are Used

    As Ive talked about above, theres just a few ingredients needed to make this amazing coffee recipe at home. Youll need the following items:

    • Almond milk
    • Coffee beans to prepare ristretto shots
    • Ice cubes in the freezer

    The almond milk and honey are there to make this amazing take on the classic iced flat white. If you want to make a non-flavored iced flat white, I suggest you check out the recipe for it here.

    Youll need a good amount of ice cubes for this recipe. The ristretto shots will be poured onto the ice just when youve brewed them, so youll need the ice to cool it down.

    Of course, youll need a few more ice cubes to make the drink cold and delicious to drink.

    The coffee beans are used to make ristretto shots at home. Ive listed a how-to for the ristretto shots below the recipe card. You can learn how to make ristretto shots that will be the perfect addition to this coffee recipe.


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    What Kind Of Coffee Should You Use

    Youll want to use cold coffee otherwise, your ice will melt before you can enjoy your drink. You have a couple of options: make an extra-large batch when you brew hot coffee in the morning, or whip up a batch of cold brew concentrate. If you make extra hot coffee, let it cool on the counter for a few minutes, and then put it in the refrigerator in a lidded container.

    Cold brew concentrate takes more time about 16 hours but its a very hands-off process. And the flavor will be mellow and sweet, probably just what youre looking for in a caramel coffee drink!

    The main thing to remember is that the caramel and milk will be competing with the coffee. If you want to be able to taste the coffee, we recommend making it as strong and flavorful as possible. Otherwise, youre just drinking a milkshake, right?

    What Is An Almond Milk Coffee

    Easy Starbucks Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte!

    Almond Milk Coffee, hot or cold, is my ultimate favorite. Whether you use a Nespresso or even instant coffee, this almond milk latte never dissapoints.

    Almond Milk Coffee is a great alternative to regular lattes or cappuccinos if you are looking for a delicious dairy-free, low calorie alternative. Made with your favorite almond milk and a shot of espresso this coffee never disappoints. For another almond milk coffee recipe, try my Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew recipe.

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    How To Thicken Almond Milk For Coffee

    Its simple to create a delicious homemade coffee creamer with almond milk heres how to turn almond milk into coffee creamer.

    All you need to do is to blend coconut cream into the almond milk . It adds stability and will give a beautiful creamy foam top to the coffee.

    If you dont like coconut milk, processed coconut oil doesnt leave a taste you can even use unrefined extra virgin olive oil.

    Steam The Almond Milk

    The next step is to warm your milk. Almond milk and dairy milk are similar to work with. The easiest way to heat it is with a steaming tool. Otherwise, you can do so on the stove. In a small saucepan, heat about 1 ½ cups of almond milk on medium heat. You dont want to bring it to a boil. Instead, whisk consistently in a rapid motion until the milk is hot and slightly frothy. Remove from heat.

    Optional: Once removed from the heat, you can add a small portion of the milk to a separate bowl and continue to whisk to create a thicker foam.

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    Iced Almond Milk Latte

    This creamy iced almond milk latte is easy to make in 5 minutes with only 5 ingredients. Espresso sweetened with a dash of maple syrup and sugar. Then topped with creamy, frothed almond milk and served in a glass filled with ice. A refreshing, completely vegan iced latte drink that is perfect for summer.

    Iced lattes such as this iced white chocolate mocha, this iced mocha, or this iced chai latte with pumpkin foam are the perfect summer coffee drinks.

    Diy Coffee Concentrate + Speedy Almond Milk Iced Coffee

    15 Tasty Almond Milk Coffee Recipes to Sweeten Your Mornings

    In my mind, the arrival of summer necessitates iced coffee. Add homemade almond milk into the mix and its just about one of the best drinks to come out of my kitchen! And of course, cheaper than what the high-end coffee shops charge. I dont drink much coffee year round , but when the weather gets hot and steamy iced coffee just seems so right. Mind you, iced tea is great too and Ill be experimenting more with that this summer.

    The problem is, Ive always been a bit lazy when it comes to coffee making. I dont like to drag out our big coffee maker just for myself and I find using the grinder and single serving French press a drag in the clean up department. If I wasnt washing 6 billion dishes everyday it might be a different story, mind you. This method Im sharing today will forever change the way that I enjoy my iced coffee, not to mention save me time and dish washing. I really cant argue with that!

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    Ingredient List And Notes

    Strong Coffee or Espresso: I recommend using a French press to achieve a strong coffee shop like flavor for this latte. If you have an espresso machine, feel free to make your own espresso. Otherwise, use your drip coffee maker to create a strong pot of coffee.

    Unsweetened Almond Milk: Use an unsweetened almond milk so that you have control over the sweetness of your coffee. If you decide to use a sweetened or vanilla flavored almond milk, I dont recommend adding any additional sweetener or vanilla extract. Some companies make a barista blend of almond milk. If you can find it use it! This will help you achieve the best foam and texture.

    Maple Syrup: This ingredient is optional. You only need to add maple syrup if you want your latte with a touch more sweetness.

    Vanilla Extract: Also optional, but add a nice vanilla flavor for an vanilla latte. See below for my other flavor suggestions!


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