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Aldi Caramel Cappuccino K Cup

How Do K Cups Compare

Aldi’s Barissimo Caramel Cappuccino Coffee K Cup Review

K-cups consist of ground coffee, a filter, and other packaging material.

There are also “extra bold” K-Cups available and according to Keurig’s website, they have 30% more ground coffee in them than the regular K-Cup. This would increase the caffeine content to around 150mg/ 8oz cup.

There’s also Revv Coffee which contains 27% more caffeine than traditional K-cups and Vue Cups which also contain more caffeine.

Expressi Rich Hot Chocolate

Expressi Rich Hot Chocolate capsules are boasted to offer the finest blend of cocoa beans, roasted to perfection for a rich chocolate taste. It can be served with water, milk, or both depending on your own preference. For a large hot chocolate, its recommended you insert one Expressi Hot Chocolate capsule and select the large cup button option . For a thick hot chocolate, the packaging states you should select the small cup button and add warm milk to taste.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Tassimo Machines

Aldi coffee pods are not compatible with Tassimo machines, which require a special barcode on the cup to tell the machine how much water to dispense, how long to brew for and what temperature to brew at.

As you can see, the only machines with which Aldis Everyday coffee cups are compatible are the Keurig coffee makers. This makes sense, as Keurigs are the most popular and common single-cup machines in the U.S.

The American public hasnt developed nearly enough of a taste for at-home espresso machines to warrant all the different compatible pods.

Now that you know about Aldis coffee pods, you can also see our related articles on Aldi bread, Aldi almond milk, and Aldi chocolate.

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Can I Recycle Aldi Expressi Coffee Capsules

ALDI previously offered a recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle, however the program reached capacity earlier than expected and is currently not available. ALDI is exploring options to expand its recycling program and has said that it will update customers once the program has been finalised. Alternatively, the supermarket recommends you check with your local recycling authorities to ensure that the capsules meet their standards. Youll need to thoroughly remove all traces of coffee before recycling the pods.

Best Aldi Coffee Buys

Barissimo French Vanilla Cappuccino Cups (12 ct) from ALDI
  • Simply Nature Organic Light Guatemalan Coffee Cups
  • Simply Nature Organic Medium Extra Bold Coffee Cups
  • Barissimo Donut Store Coffee Cups
  • Simply Nature Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean Coffee – Honduras, Peru or Colombia
  • Barissimo Fair Trade Single Origin Ground Coffee – Guatemala, Colombian or Sumatra
  • Barissimo French Vanilla Ground Coffee < –also available in coffee cups!
  • Barissimo Hazelnut Ground Coffee< –also available in coffee cups!
  • Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee < –also available in coffee cups!
  • Barissimo Maple Ground Coffee
  • Barissimo Organic Cold Brew Coffee

I personally am a big fan of the Barissimo Donut Store Coffee Cups and the Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee.

I need some creamer AND sweetener in my coffee and ALDI has me covered with that, too!

ALDI is packed with choices including flavored creamers like Friendly Farms French Vanilla Coffee Creamer, Friendly Farms Cinnamon Roll Coffee Creamer and Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel Creamer. They even have Friendly Farms Delightfully Pure Pumpkin Spice Creamer made with real milk and cream.

I love their Sweet Additions Stevia Calorie Free Sweetener too.

If you have a dairy allergy or prefer not to drink milk, ALDI is now featuring almond milk creamers. Don’t miss the Friendly Farms Vanilla and Caramel Almondmilk Coffee Creamers. I’m a big fan of almondmilk and love how light and delicious these both taste

Of course, you cant have coffee without a light bite at least I cant!

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Aldi Vs Dolce Gusto Americano Coffee Pods

  • Cost per cup: Aldi 16p, Dolce Gusto 28p

The Americano pods divided opinion right down the middle, with half of our tasters preferring Dolce Gusto and the other half choosing Aldi as their favourite.

Dolce Gusto’s Americano was considered to have a more rounded flavour by those who rated it as their favourite, with one person describing it as ‘richer with a fuller flavour’ – but others found the taste too bitter.

The Aldi Americano was found to be sweeter but some tasters felt it also tasted quite artificial.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap

One of the things I appreciate about Aldi is how consistent they are with their pricing. When it comes to items like their coffee cups, all of which come boxed in packs of 12, no matter the flavor or coffee type, the Everyday cups remain $3.55.

Walmart sells their own coffee pods under the store label Great Value. Their 12-packs sell for $3.92, and it must be said that their variety is much greater, with more like 15-20 different kinds.

Wegmans also sells their own store label coffee pods, for just a few cents more than Walmart, at $3.99 per 12-count. Wegmans also has a terrific variety, over 20 different types of Wegmans pods alone, including multiple flavors and roasts, and even an organic option .

Aldi coffee pods are cheap, cheaper than their competition by at least 37 cents.

However, other grocery stores very likely have many more options, as I didnt even include the name brands like Starbucks , Dunkin and McDonalds .

And to really drive home how cheap Aldis pods are, consider your typical coffee order from Starbucks $4? $5? More? For one coffee. The pods come out to 30 cents each!

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What Is The Difference Between A Cappuccino And A Frappuccino

Cappuccinos are espresso-based drinks with steamed milk microfoam, typically served as a small, hot drink. Frappuccinos, on the other hand, are coffee-based drinks trademarked by Starbucks. Frappuccinos are typically served cold, with a lot of sugar, and topped with whipped cream.

Is a cappuccino stronger than coffee?

A 12 ounce cup of coffee has nearly 300mg of caffeine, whereas a 12 ounce cup of cappuccino made from two espresso shots has a caffeine content of around 160 mg.

Does cappuccino mix have caffeine in it?

Some cappuccino mixes contain no caffeine, so you can enjoy your coffee at night. However, most cappuccino mixes have some caffeine. Yet they contain much less of the psychoactive substance than your standard cappuccino. For example, a 4 oz cup of instant coffee will grant you 35-105 mg of caffeine.

Does cappuccino K cups have calories?

Ingredients Sugar, Coconut Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Instant Coffee, Salt, Sodium Caseinate, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Mono- and Diglycerides, Cocoa , Silicon Dioxide, Dipotassium Phosphate, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium. Contains: milk. May contain soy.Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino Single Serve Coffee K Cups.


Aldi Coffee Pods In 2022

DETAILED REVIEW Aldi Ambiano Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker CM-202 HOW TO MAKE COFFEE

Aldi sells coffee pods under their Barissimo label, which includes other higher-end coffee products. The pods come in both decaf and regular, lighter roasts, flavored and cappuccino styles, as well as a Fair Trade option. All pods sell for $3.55 for a box of 12.

To go more in-depth into what kind of pods Aldi carries, how their price compares to others, if theyre any good taste-wise and with which machines they are compatible, keep reading!

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Make Your Own Cappuccino French Vanilla Coffee Mix

Well, its that time of the year again. Once summer rolls around the Aldi where I shop stops stocking one of their drink mixes that we enjoy, the Cappuccino French Vanilla instant coffee mix.

Of course that doesnt throw me too big of a curve. I just find a way to Make My Own!

In the past Ive used this recipe to solve the problem, and its a mixture thats tasty and easy to make. But last week when I was looking at the ingredient label on my empty container of Aldi Cappuccino French Vanilla mix I spotted that it included cocoa. Oh . . . good idea! Some chocolate flavor in the mix sounded like an excellent idea.

So this time around Im mixing together this easy recipe for homemade cappuccino french vanilla coffee mix that includes some powdered chocolate drink mix in the ingredients too. AND it can be served either as a hot beverage . . .Or . . . served over ice for a cold beverage.

Heres how to do it:

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Dolce Gusto Machines

Aldi coffee pods are not compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines, which take the at-home espresso experience to a whole other level .

Unfortunately, while Aldis coffee pods do come loaded with coffee grounds, they do not have the necessary milk pods needed to create drinks like cappuccinos and lattés.

Again, however, because of the popularity of espresso in Europe, Aldi stores abroad do sell Dolce Gusto-compatible cups, with some tasty-sounding flavors like Twix bar. These are sold under the label Alcafe Barista Moments.

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Dolce Gusto Owners’ Views On The Aldi Pods

We asked four Dolce Gusto coffee machine owners to try the Aldi capsules out in their coffee machines at home and report back on their experience.

Our testers thought the Aldi cappuccino had a good amount of foam making for ‘great balanced texture’ but that the taste was a little weak. One of the two testers said they would buy it instead of the branded version.

The latte pod didn’t impress, with one person describing it as having an ‘odd taste’ and another saying it was ‘a little watery’.

The Americano pods were a hit, with three out of four testers saying they would buy the Aldi versions for home use. One person described it as having a ‘clean coffee taste’.

They found the Aldi pods generally easy to use, too, although one reviewer found the pod leaked water when they took it out of the coffee machine and another noted there was leftover coffee left in the pod after they had used it.

Double Donut Caramel Cappuccino K

12 Single Serve Cups: Caramel or French Vanilla Cappuccino

The Double Donut Double Caramel Cappuccino Single Serve Cups provide a rich and tasty hybrid flavor of donut and caramel, which youll enjoy if you like sweet coffee drinks.

The cholesterol levels in these cups are low, but the calories are a bit high at 70 per bag. The cups are quite expensive, but they work with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. There are reports of them clogging brewers, and the cappuccino produced also tends to be a bit watery.

With the Victor Allen Sweet & Salty Cappuccino K Cups, you can expect to indulge in sweet and salty caramel-flavored cappuccino. The coffee from these K-cups is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans.

As with most K-cups, the cholesterol level in these is zero, and the calorie count is 70 calories per cup. The K-cups are meant to be sweet and salty, but we found them to be mostly sweet.

Using these K-cups can be challenging. The cappuccino tends to melt during the brewing process, and it slips out at the top of the cup, instead of the bottom. In addition to that, the cappuccino isnt rich and tasty, but rather overly sweet and watery. Due to these factors, these K-cups fall at the end of our list.

  • Watery cappuccino

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Barissimo Caramel Cappuccino Coffee Drink Mix K

12.0 x 4.0 x 8.0 inches
Item Weight:
12.0 x 4.0 x 8.0 inches
Item Weight:
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12.0 x 4.0 x 8.0 inches
Item Weight:
12.0 x 4.0 x 8.0 inches
Item Weight:
  • We offer FREE SHIPPING to all domestic orders.
  • Excellent support

    We provide 24/7 online customer support via email.

  • Money back guarantee

Barissimo Caramel Cappuccino Coffee Drink Mix K-Cup Compatible 4 boxes 48 pods total

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Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines

Aldis Everyday coffee pods are not compatible with Nespresso machines, which are used to brew espresso at home. Nespresso is owned by the Nestle company, and while their machines are popular in Europe, they havent quite caught on as much Stateside.

Aside from fit issues, Aldis Everyday coffee pods have the wrong type of grounds in them to be used in a Nespresso machine.

While the Everyday pods dont fit in Nespresso machines, Aldi did release coffee capsules in the U.S. that were made for them, as part of their Specially Selected label. These Aldi Finds were available in a few different flavors and cost $3.49 per box.

However, commenters on Reddit noted that they were having a difficult time finding them Ive never seen them in stores, so perhaps it was a Find that didnt catch on.

Finally, because Nespresso machines are more popular abroad, the European Aldi stores carry espresso pods as part of their Everyday lines. These sell under the label Alcafe.

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Homemade Instant Cappuccino French Vanilla Mix


  • 1 cup Chocolate Drink Mix

  • 1 cup Powdered French Vanilla Creamer

  • 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar

1. The first thing I would recommend with this recipe is to grind the instant coffee granules a little finer. This helps the instant coffee blend into the rest of the ingredients better. I used my food processor for this step which worked well . A coffee grinder would probably work good too.

2. Combine the instant coffee with the rest of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix everything together well.

3. Transfer to a covered container for storage.

To Use: Combine 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mix with about 3/4 cup hot water. Serve hot in a coffee mug or serve over ice for an iced coffee beverage.

A Few More Notes:

~~ Try different variations of this mix by using different flavors of powdered creamers .

~~ You can also add about a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon or nutmeg to the mix for a flavor twist.

~~ Perfect for gift giving too! Put in a cute jar and include a label with instructions for how much mix to use per cup.

A Guide To Aldi Expressi Coffee Capsules

Aldi’s Absurdly Cheap Single Cup Brewer

Posted by Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito11/06/2020

As the supermarket chain that comes from the heart of Europe, youd hope that ALDI knows a thing or two about good coffee. Its Expressi coffee range apparently focuses on offering high-quality coffee at affordable prices. Alongside Expressi Coffee Machines, ALDI sells a wide variety of fancy-looking coffee pods and other milk-based drinks in its stores across Australia. But do they strike the perfect balance between quality and value? Read on as we explore the blends on offer.

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Grove Square 72 Cappuccino K

The Grove Square Cappuccino Variety Pack offers three different flavors of cappuccino: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel. This pack will give you your moneys worth, as it comes with 72 single cups.

The 15-gram cups are packed with coffee, ensuring plenty of flavor, and the nutritional facts are clearly illustrated on the back of the box. All three flavors contain zero cholesterol, yet the calorie count is relatively high. These K-cups are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers.

We definitely recommend this pack for just about anyone, from athletes to coffee gurus. Its our pick for the best cappuccino K-cups of this year!

The Gevalia Cappuccino Keurig K Cup Pods produce rich cappuccino with an inviting aroma. The pods are very easy to use because of the simple two-step process, so just about anyone can make an outstanding cappuccino with these pods.

Theyre made with 100% Arabica beans, and they come with froth packets to enhance the cappuccino flavor. These K-cups are compatible with all Keurig K-cup brewers.

These pods only come in one flavor, and they produce relatively less cappuccino. On the bright side, they contain zero cholesterol, but the calorie count is quite high, at 90 calories per pod.

The Smart Sips, Gourmet Flavored Cappuccino Variety Sampler Pack offers several cappuccino flavors in one inexpensive pack. There are 24 cups included in the pack, with four different flavors.

What About Recycling The Pods

Coffee pods are notoriously tricky to recycle. Dolce Gusto suggests you take apart and clean individual pods after use, so that the polyurethane plastic capsule can be recycled. However this is fiddly and time-consuming, and cancels out the convenience of using a pod in the first place.

It is currently trialling a recycling service where you can post your used pods back to Dolce Gusto in a pre-paid bag using CollectPlus. Nespresso and Tassimo already have similar schemes.

Aldi’s pods state they aren’t recyclable, so if you have concerns about creating plastic waste this is something to consider.

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