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Can You Have Coffee Creamer On Keto

Coffee And Keto Diets

Homemade Keto Coffee Creamer | A Keto Collaboration | DIY

The worst keto offender among all foods is sugar, because sugar is almost 100% carbohydrates. That means using sugar as a sweetener for your coffee is definitely verboten on a ketogenic diet. There are good keto alternatives, notably the natural sweeteners monk fruit, stevia and erythritol, so youre not stuck drinking unsweetened black coffee.

But what about milk?

Milk contains lactose, which is actually considered milk sugar and loaded with carbs. If youre following a very strict keto diet, meaning 20-25 grams of net carbs per day, nearly half-a-days allowable carbs are in a single glass of milk. You probably wont use that much in your coffee, of course. But even if you add milk to your coffee a few times a day, youre consuming a lot of carbohydrates that would be best allocated somewhere else.

What about cream? Isnt it supposed to be good for ketogenic dieters? Yes, because of the fat it contains. But two tablespoons of heavy cream can contain as many as two grams of carbs thats about one-tenth of the maximum number you can consume each day if youre on a strict keto diet. So once again, its easy for heavy coffee drinkers who add cream to use up their daily allowance of carbohydrates.

The bottom line: milk and cream are only acceptable on keto if you use them sparingly. Sparingly may not help the folks who mainline coffee throughout the day, or those who would rather spend their very limited carbohydrate budget somewhere else.

Enter keto coffee.

How To Make Keto Coffee Creamer

  • Combine almond milk, cream, sweetener, and vanilla extract in a mason jar .
  • Add the lid to the jar and shake, or stir with a spoon until the sweetener has dissolved.
  • Store your homemade keto creamer in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Shake or stir well before using in your hot or iced coffee.
  • Here’s a fun idea! Use your homemade Keto Coffee Creamer to make these creamy coconut and coffee ice pops. You can use this creamer in any recipe that calls for traditional coffee creamer.

    Can I Add This Creamer To Bulletproof Coffee

    Bulletproof coffee is another popular way to drink coffee on a low-carb or keto diet. A cup of bulletproof coffee is made with butter and/or MCT oil instead of creamer.

    My homemade creamer is not to be served with bulletproof coffee.

    If you are interested in learning more , check out my recipe for bulletproof coffee!

    There you have it! This is a fundamental recipe for keto coffee creamer. Take this base and add your favorite extracts and spices to it.

    You can play barista in your own kitchen and create some fantastic low-carb coffee drinks with it!

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    Laird Superfood Creamers Unsweetened

    With only three ingredients, this creamer contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It is made with coconut milk powder, Aquamin , and coconut oil.

    It comes in a powder form and does not contain any additives that would prevent it from clumping, so using your hands to break up any large pieces while still in the bag is recommended.

    One tablespoon of this creamer provides 40 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbs, and no protein.

    Can I Just Put Milk In My Coffee

    This easy Keto Coffee Creamer is perfect for both hot or ...

    You can put milk in your coffee, but if you’re watching your carbs, I don’t recommend it. Compared to heavy cream, milk has more carbs and isn’t nearly as satisfying.

    You could also just add heavy cream to your coffee. Cream is high fat and low carb , but it’s a bit too heavy for coffee. That’s why this recipe uses both heavy whipping cream and almond milk to get the perfect creamer consistency.

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    What Coffee Creamer Can You Use On Keto

    While I’m going to suggest that you try this recipe here are the brands of keto coffee creamers that you may be able to find at the store, in case you were looking for that. I’m not listing creamers that are only available on-line, but there are quite a few!

    • Coconut Milk Creamer, so long as it’s unsweetened is keto-friendly. Look for SO Delicious brand in the refrigerated section.
    • Nut Pods Creamers – The unsweetened varieties of NutPods almond and coconut creamers are keto-friendly and come in some exciting flavors.
    • Milkadamia – Again, an unsweetened dairy free milk, this once is made from raw macadamia nuts.

    To sweeten your coffee after adding one of these grocery store options, try a bit of powdered swerve or your favorite low carb sweetener.

    Coffee On Keto Absolutely But

    This is an evidence based article

    This article has been written by experts and fact-checked by experts, including licensed nutritionists, dietitians or medical professionals. The information in the article is based on scientific studies and research.

    It is designed to be honest, unbiased and objective, and opinions from both sides of an argument are presented wherever there is disagreement.

    The scientific references in this article are clickable links to peer-reviewed research material on the subject being discussed.

    Just about everyone loves coffee.

    The get-you-going cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.The midday pick-me-up cup of coffee .The Ive-earned-this stop at Starbucks for a latte or mocha.The perfect-ending cup of coffee after a terrific meal.

    For the 62% of Americans who drink coffee daily, it would be difficult to imagine making it through a day without at least one cup of joe. The average coffee drinker has more than three per day.

    What happens, though, if they decide to try the keto diet? Its no secret that keto guidelines force most dieters to drastically change the way they eat. Does keto have any effect on the folks who value their coffee even more than they value their ice cream and Big Macs?

    Not necessarily. In fact, coffee is one of the best beverages to drink on the ketogenic diet. It provides a lot of health and wellness benefits, too.

    But if youre a coffee person getting ready to start keto, there are a lot of asterisks to be aware of.

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    The Best Nut Free Keto Coffee Creamer

    Most keto coffee creamers use some kind of nut milk like almond milk or cashew milk, our creamer recipe on the other hand doesnt use nut milks or even coconut milk. We wanted to keep it 100% nut free and as low carb as possible so you could enjoy delicious high fat creamer without worrying about nut allergies.

    Keto Approved Coffee Creamer Options To Buy

    Sugar Free Coffee Creamer – easy to make

    If you want to skip the prep time altogether, there are lots of keto-friendly coffee creamer options including dairy-free and shelf-stable options:

    • Heavy Cream If you want to keep it simple, just sweeten your coffee with heavy cream. You can add Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend for sweetness if you like unlike other keto sweeteners, it dissolves effortlessly!
    • Perfect Keto Powdered MCT Oil This one adds a surprising creamy texture and boost of healthy fats to your morning brew and it even comes with flavor options.
    • Nutpods With a squeaky clean list of ingredients, this zero-carb liquid creamer froths up just as well as conventional types. Get them in tasty flavors like French vanilla, caramel and hazelnut!
    • Picknik Creamer Tastes like half and half, but its made with grass-fed butter, grass-fed whey, and MCT oil.
    • Kitu Super Creamer This one is sweetened with monk fruit and has a little extra protein in each serving.
    • Laird Unsweetened Superfood Creamer Like Perfect Keto, this creamer is powdered and shelf-stable and made almost entirely out of coconut!

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    Low Carb & Keto Coffee Creamers

    Regular milk and store-bought coffee creamers are packed with hidden sugars, which can have upwards of 7g net carbs in one tablespoon. But if you just cant take your coffee black, do not fret! Make your morning cup of joe low carb friendlyand add in some healthy fatwith these Atkins®-approved keto creamers and keto coffee sweeteners.

    Coconut Cream From A Can

    Coconut cream is a great vegan option for creamer. There are small 5.4 oz cans with 5 servings in each. Each serving on the can is 2 tablespoons which only gives you almost 1 total carbs. Once you add this to your drink, blend it with an electric mixer.

    You should be able to find coconut cream at your local store, even if its not organic.

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    Better Half Coffee Creamer From Califia Farms

    Looking for a simple half-and-half substitute for your keto coffee or tea? Better Half Coffee Creamer is the perfect alternative, especially if you are looking for something that is dairy-free and vegan. You can also use this keto creamer to add some extra flavor with their hazelnut and vanilla products.

    Each Better Half Coffee Creamer has zero carbs, except for their original flavor which has 1 gram of net carbs per serving. However, no matter which flavor you choose, it will be the keto-friendly, dairy-free equivalent to dairy half-and-half that youve been searching for.

    • Estimated cost: ~$4.20 for each 16.9 oz. carton
    • Servings: ~33 tablespoons

    Best Keto Coffee Creamers To Buy

    This easy Keto Coffee Creamer is perfect for both hot or ...

    If you are looking to buy creamers that are acceptable on keto, these are the ones I recommend.

    • Heavy Cream This is probably the best option if you are a cream-only kind of person. Or if you are just a basic cream and sugar coffee drinker. Add some granulated monk fruit sweetener to the coffee, a splash of heavy cream and you are all set.
    • Nutpods Zero carb creamer with a pretty clean ingredient list. Comes in several different flavors, and froths up nicely.
    • Laird Unsweetened Superfood Creamer Probably my favorite keto commercial creamer. Its a clean plant-based powdered creamer, which is shelf-stable. Made almost entirely out of coconut, making it a great nut-free option.
    • Picnic Creamer Similar taste to half & half, but contains grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

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    What Is Keto Coffee Creamer

    Whereas coffee itself seems to be keto-friendly, a lot of coffee creamers arent. The reason is because these creamers may be high in sugar and carbohydrate. Yet, it doesnt mean that you have to give up your liking.

    Keto coffee creamers are products associated with an eating style called the ketogenic diet. Many people choose this diet because of its various health benefits.

    The ketogenic diet is involved in a very low carbohydrate, high fat diet. It can significantly reduce carb intake and replace it with fat. This decrease of carbohydrate puts the body into a ketosis metabolic state.

    When it occurs, the body gets drastically productive in burning fat for energy. It also converts fat into ketones in the liver. As a result, the body can deliver energy to the brain.

    The ketogenic diet can lead to extreme declines in blood sugar and insulin contents. The phenomenon, combined with the increasing ketones, creates health benefits.

    The keto diet contains a high fat, very low carb intake that was originally invented to support patients with epilepsy. It has since been related to health benefits such as weight reduction and blood sugar regulation.

    In order to reap the recommended advantages of the keto diet, it especially limits carb intake to less than 50 grams for a day.

    It causes a demand of consuming keto-friendly coffee creamers to keep a healthy keto diet. Actually, there are a variety of keto coffee creamer options that you can buy or make at home.

    Perfect Keto Instant Coffee

    This coffee creamer is instant and is ready to mix into your favorite brew. Super convenient and easy to use you can just pour this mix into your coffee to turn it into a keto coffee.

    Thereâs no sugar, no additives and it also has no lactose, making it great for those suffering from lactose intolerance. Each packet is guaranteed 100% pure, with no unwanted additions.

    This creamer is made in clean factory settings, ensuring that there is no contamination whatsoever.


    • No contamination from factory settings
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Perfect for people with lactose intolerance


    • Some people dont like the taste
    • Some people did not receive the right flavor

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    Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

    Offering two different flavors, coconut and vanilla, this creamer is in powdered form and also packs in 10 grams of collagen supplementation supplied by grass-fed cows.

    The powder mixes in easily with your coffee.

    Although this coffee creamer is higher in calories, it is also a good source of protein if you are looking to bump up your intake.

    Two scoops is considered one serving and provides 140 calories, 9 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbs, and 10 grams of protein.

    Omega Powercreamer With Ghee Oil

    Keto Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer | ZERO Net Carb | Sugar Free Peppermint Coffee Creamer

    With flavors like salted caramel, pumpkin spice, and vanilla you can have a little more variety with your morning cup of coffee.

    This sugar-free creamer contains grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, and stevia powder for a little extra sweetness. You will have to get the blender out for this one.

    One tablespoon serving contains 120 calories, 14 grams of fat, and no carbs or protein.

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    Keto Creamer For Coffee

    I cant imagine starting the morning without a delicious hotcup of coffee. I love everything about my morning coffee ritual.

    The smell of fresh brewed coffee always puts me in a good mood and theres nothing like that first sip. Its the number one thing I look forward to in the morning.


    Is Plain Cream Keto

    Yes!! Plain heavy cream is very keto-friendly and is used in so many different keto recipes. I love a good coffee creamer, but I know there are some out there who prefer their coffee with just cream. If that describes you, then here are your 2 options:

    • Heavy Cream: This is the best keto option.

    Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream 1 Tablespoon has 0 net carbs.

    • Half and Half: While technically half and half means that its half heavy cream and half whole milk, its still pretty low in carbs. So its up to you if you feel comfortable using it.

    Organic Valley Half & Half 2 Tablespoons has 1 net carb.

    TIP: When using dairy products such as heavy cream or even Half & Half, try to use organic or grass-fed. Its Non-GMO and is much better for you.

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    Using Mct Powder To Make Keto Creamer

    The solution to this is MCT Oil Powder I never even knew this was a thing until several months ago. I have tried it, and I LOVE it! Perfect Keto has several flavors of powdered MCT, including a delicious chocolate flavor, salted caramel, and of course, unflavored.

    MCT is great for weight loss, as it helps to fire up your metabolism, and it is great for your brain, too! It is an amazing way to start your morning right along with your morning cuppa joe!

    I decided to create a dairy-free creamer recipe that would eliminate the need for adding oils, powders, and extras to my coffee in the morning.

    How Do You Take Your Coffee

    Keto Coffee Creamer

    For busy mornings or days you just arent hungry, a quick coffee will do the trick. If youre on a keto diet, that is likely the case for you. This keto creamer can help make your mornings even easier and you can store it in the fridge at work. Add it to our bulletproof coffee recipe or to keto Starbucks drink!

    However, if breakfast is your thing weve got a ton of great recipes for you from our macro pancakes to our low carb breakfast casserole! Give our food blog a browse and let us know what your favorite recipe is.

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    Best Keto Coffee Creamer Brands

    • 5 minute read

    Looking for a way to give your coffee a little more flavor while still being keto-friendly?

    Your morning cup of joe not only wakes you up in the morning, but it can be a great way to boost your much-needed fat intake.

    Coffee mixed with fats like grass-fed butter, brain octane oil, MCT oil, and coconut milk aka bulletproof keto coffee has long been known to generate sustained energy.

    But you may not be all there yet with butter and MCT droplets, and thats ok. Keto creamers, keto-forms of coffee mate are here to supplement.

    With these high-fat creamers, you can make keto-friendly coffee thats delicious, flavorful, and downright worthy of waking up to.

    Here are 10 stored-bought keto-friendly creamer options so you dont have to settle for black coffee.

    Coffee Creamers And The Keto Diet

    We already know that adding milk to coffee is a bad idea when youre on the keto diet. Thankfully, there are many great alternatives.

    One of the best is a milk by-product, heavy cream . Heavy cream is the top layer of fat thats skimmed from milk before homogenization, and its low-carb when compared to milk.

    Theres another benefit to consider. Keto isnt just a low-carb diet, its also a high-fat diet an important fact thats often ignored. And heavy cream is contains lots of fat, making it a great addition to a ketogenic eating plan. Be aware that its also calorie-dense, though, so it should only be consumed in moderation.

    Many types of non-dairy milk are even better keto substitutes. Unsweetened nut milks like almond milk, macadamia milk and coconut milk, seed milks like hemp milk and flax milk, and pea protein milk are all very-low-carb. Theyre yummy too, once you get used to them.

    There are some non-dairy milks to avoid, however. Avoid carb-heavy grain-based alternatives like oat milk and rice milk, and skip lactose-free, sweetened and flavored milks which all contain added sugar. Soy milk isnt bad in terms of carbs, but it may affect hormone balances.

    What about dairy-free or non-dairy creamers? Good question.

    For example, Super Coffees gluten-free Super Creamer contains both MCT oil and monk fruit sweetener plus added protein, just like the companys flagship ready-to-drink coffees. Its a recipe inspired by one of the crazes of the low-carb era, keto coffee.

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