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De’longhi Eletta Fully Automatic Espresso Cappuccino And Coffee Machine

How Good Is The Coffee From The Delonghi Eletta

Review: DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino makes an admirable espresso, even for the coffee snob who obsesses over every detail of a manual machine.

Good rich crema and a full-bodied, freshly brewed coffee is your reward when using the standard settings. If youre looking to swap your morning coffee from a commercial chain to the Eletta, you will be very pleased with the increased quality of this machine. It easily outstrips the offerings from popular coffee shop brands like Starbucks.

The customization options keep you satisfied if you want to adjust your coffee to your specific tastes, or if you want to fiddle with the coffee brewing process depending on your choice of coffee beans. If you feel you need a slightly smaller grind size or a slightly more rich coffee taste setting for your beans, you can do this with ease and great results.

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Espresso Machine Is It Worth The Investment

This super-automatic espresso machine offers a lineup of options for preparing milk-based beverages. These can allow you to cut down on your visits to the coffee shop. As a result, the DeLonghi Eletta is definitely worth the investment.

This is because the machine allows you to enjoy the flavors of over 11 different beverages, and provides value for money.

Now, this isnt a deal you could get anywhere else, is it?

The machine uses both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. As a result, you can sample a selection of coffee blends from various brands.

With this machine, you can adjust features like temperature and coffee strength. Coupled with the artistic build, youre able to enjoy any brew style or flavor you want, including latte and cappuccinos.

What makes the machine stand out the most is its intuitive design. With this design, you can make adjustments with the push of a button.

Moreover, the machine has an energy-saving function and coffee preservation. These features ensure you only use whats needed.

Delonghi Eletta Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Delonghi Eletta Fully Automatic Espresso Machine can make you a number of barista quality drinks at the touch of a button. The coffee maker stands out because of its vast range of customization options. It allows you to adjust the quantity of milk, coffee and water according to your taste and even save the settings with the memory function for a quick and delicious cup next time. You can also adjust the settings of the milk frother to get a certain size of froth.

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Delonghi Eletta Vs Dinamica

Are you looking for a DeLonghi automatic coffee machine but you dont drink milky drinks? If so, the DeLonghi Dinamica is for you.

Its almost identical in functionality to the Eletta but it only has a manual milk frother. So, as long as youre happy to manually froth your milk or if you dont drink any milk-based coffees, then you can save a lot of money by buying the Dinamica. All without compromising on quality, just removing some of the expensive added features.

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top: Whats It Like To Use


Despite looking serious and offering more options than a restaurant menu, the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top is ultimately about longer-term simplicity. And with a coffee machine that means solid self-maintenance.

It gives itself a rinse out on boot-up and on turning itself off, which as standard happens automatically after 30 minutes of being left idle. Just as important, theres an auto clean setting on the milk reservoirs control dial, which fires some hot water through the spout.

All you have to worry about yourself is keeping the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top stocked-up with water and beans. And, naturally, you have to clear out its waste buckets every now and then.

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top even simplifies this, though. The used coffee pucks and the water tray are part of the same pull-out section, meaning theres just one part you need to remove when you give the machine a clean-up.

This sort of design style lets you take a very lazy approach to coffee, which many of you will love. However, its not as instant as a simpler, more manual espresso machine.

Starting from cold, it took us one minute 47 seconds to make a single coffee. Thats not a long time, but every time the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top is turned on you do need to sit through the cleaning process.

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Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Super

So you can make drinks like a cappuccino, cafe latte, and latte macchiato from dedicated buttons. Press the Milk Menu button for additional drinks like espresso macchiato and the very popular flat white. Now, all the milk-based drinks are easily programmable to deliver the amount of milk and espresso you want. And you can do the same for espresso and long coffees as well. When making a long coffee, the Eletta uses lower pressure pulse brewing to make a drip style coffee.

Final Thoughts On Our Delonghi Eletta Review

In terms of quality coffee, the Eletta Cappuccino is a top contender for the best automatic coffee machine. Which, surely, is the ultimate measure of any coffee machine.

Not only is it simple to use, but it also has great customization. And for those who prefer buttons to a touch screen. then it will be a perfect choice.

For the money, wed want a nicer design. Whilst there is nothing actually wrong with the design, the DeLonghi Eletta just isnt as aesthetically pleasing as that of a Jura machine. Maybe were being overly fussy, but when youre shelling out around the $2000 mark, its not a huge ask.

While the functionality is excellent, it doesnt reach the level of precision of some of the super-automatic espresso machines in the upper price bracket.

But it all depends on what youre after:

If you like the design perhaps you need a narrower espresso machine- then you will certainly get all the functions you are ever going to need. So, as far as our DeLonghi Eletta review goes, you can expect a very high-quality home espresso machine. Not only will you get consistently excellent coffee, but it will last you a long time too.

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Delonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine Cleaning

Theres just no getting around it, you have to treat your coffee maker well if you want it to keep treating you well! Fortunately, DeLonghi super automatic espresso machines are really easy to clean and maintain, so a few daily tasks is all it really takes to keep the Eletta in tiptop condition.

The DeLonghi Eletta has a rinsing function, which purges the coffee and hot water system upon starting up and shutting down. As I already mentioned, the LatteCrema milk system can be rinsed after every use. Still, its a good idea to remove the whole thing and give it a good rinse at the end of the day. The same goes for the drip tray and grounds container.

The brew group is really easy to access and remove, so make sure to give it a thorough rinse under warm water. Aside from cleaning all removable parts, take some time to wipe down the machine of any coffee splatters. A clean machine is a happy machine!

Even if youre using a water softener filter, youll need to descale the DeLonghi Eletta from time to time. Dont worry the machine will let you know when its time to perform this function.

The manufacturer recommends using only DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler. Of course they do. Whether or not a different product would destroy your machine is anyones guess. Personally, if Im spending over $2,000 on a coffee maker, Im going to do what Im told!

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top: How Good Is The Coffee

Delonghi Eletta Review!

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top produces excellent coffee from the off, with no plastic-y taste that takes a while to subside, seen in some machines. Our review sample was brand new too, not one that had been hanging around DeLonghi towers in testing for a couple of months.

Theres a nice layer of crema on espressos and short coffees, indicative of the high quality of the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Tops 15-bar pump. But what really matter here are the milk treatments.

How does its Cappuccino preset differ from the Latte and Flat White?

The Cappuccino was the only one that didnt settle into two distinct layers of coffee and milk, and has the much stronger, less creamy taste that, well, it should have.

The exact definition of a flat white is a point of contention, but here it offers roughly twice the volume of the Latte, with a similar velvety texture and creamy flavour. If anything the flat white is milkier and creamier than the Latte, which seems a rather non-standard approach in the UK.

Quite how voluminous the frothy head of the coffee will be entirely dependent on how you set the froth dial on the milk module. While the lop level is kept within normal bounds, theres plenty of scope to please those who like their coffees creamy, indulgent and with a big scoop of frothy goop on top.

Theres a good range of strengths on offer when making a custom blend too, from extra mild to extra strong.

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How To Use The Delonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine

If youve never owned a super automatic coffee machine, have no fear Ive yet to meet an automatic coffee maker that I didnt think anyone could use with just the briefest perusal of the instructions.

As it happens, these machines have been designed to be really intuitive and user friendly. All you really need to do is add water to the reservoir and fresh beans to the hopper before getting started.

Remember that youll need to make grinder adjustments, especially if youre changing between different coffee beans. With that in mind, youll want to avoid using oily coffee beans theyll wreak havoc on your Elettas delicate insides.

Of course, itll take some trial and error to get everything really dialed in, but you can start making coffee, espresso and milk based specialties right away by using the Elettas control panel and menu. As well as being able to adjust settings on the fly, you can make changes to coffee strength, volume and temperature in the menu.

What I Dont Like

  • It can be a little expensive compared to regular home-style machines for milk-based beverages
  • You need to add a cleaning solution to the machine during the descaling process
  • You can only use small espresso-style cups for brewing

The Delonghi Eletta coffee maker is much like professional espresso machines.

With a premium espresso machine, you can enjoy the authentic coffee taste at home.

After trying out the machine for a few weeks, Im sharing a thorough review of DeLonghi Eletta.

I hope reading this helps you decide if this fully automatic espresso machine is the right choice for you.

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Buying Fully Automatic Espresso Machine: Things To Consider

Are you having trouble choosing between the fully automatic espresso machine options on this page? Do you not know which one to choose? Here is an ultimate fully automatic espresso machine buying guide to choosing the right product based on your needs. It is important to remember that the right one can help to highlight your best qualities.

Should I Buy The Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top


The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top offers the sort of great performance youd hope of a machine of its weighty cost. Its great. However, we think you only need to spent this much and have a machine take up this much space if you want to approach coffee in quite a lazy way.

That sounds bad, but its perfectly understandable. Do you want to learn how to perfectly foam up milk when youll be doing so at 6:30am, occasionally with a stinking hangover? Thought not.

You really do pay for the ease the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top provides. But when it covers maintenance of the coffee and the machine itself, and doesnt involve any expensive coffee pods, it could end up being a good choice in the long run.

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Customizing The Brewing Of Your Coffee

Running the Eletta with your own beans on the standard settings produces a pretty good cup of espresso or cappuccino that most people will be more than satisfied with. Though if your tastes differ, or you want to adjust the flavor for different roasts and types of beans, the Eletta offers a number of ways to customize the coffee flavor:

  • The integrated bean grinder can be set to seven levels of fineness .
  • While you cant control the extraction time or water temperature to the degree that a manual espresso maker would allow to precisely customize the flavor profile, the Eletta does have four temperature settings in the setup menu .
  • You can set the strength of the espresso at one of five levels from the front panel, which controls the amount of grounds that get used for the extraction.
  • Adjust the amount of water used with one of four settings from the front panel 40, 60, 90 or 120ml or customize for anywhere from 20 to 180ml.

Hate It I Would Not Recommend

Having read all the mixed reviews and being torn over whether to purchase a DeLonghi Eletta machine, I chanced it anyway and brought one, and I HATE IT!

Nearly all the negative reviews are correct!!

Its one of the noisiest machines I’ve had but the worst of all, the coffee is barely hot!!

You have the option of selecting the water temperature and even if you put it on the highest temp setting…. It’s still not overly hot.

So, I find myself having to make a coffee and then put it in the microwave. Disgraceful given the money spent.

To prospective buyers… don’t be me and be caught out chancing it….. the reviews you read are right!


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How To Choose Coffee Beans For A Super Automatic Espresso Machine

As you might have guessed, cutting corners like this means youll need to be careful when selecting coffee beans.

The current trend toward using light roasted single origins for bright, floral espresso is all very well if youre using a semi automatic espresso machine. In that case, youre able to really dial in your grind to help showcase the coffees delicate notes.

However, if the grind is too coarse and theres insufficient pressure during extraction, youll end up with mouth-puckeringly sour espresso. So, most people agree that the best coffee beans for automatic espresso machines have a dark roast profile and next to no acidity. By using beans like this, you wont risk exposing the weaknesses of your automatic machine, and all will be right with the world.

However, in my experience, a strong and dark roasted coffee with next to no acidity gets boring pretty darn quick. Sure, you might be seduced by a full-bodied and chocolatey espresso at first. Still, I think youll eventually be left wanting something more dynamic and complex.

Doesnt Get Hot Enough

DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top Review 2020

My machine arrived yesterday and the aesthetics is great. Was quite easy to set up, but its just not producing hot coffee or milk – more lukewarm.

Ive turned off power saving mode, set the temperature to level 4 of 4, enabled the cup warmer, tried only milk, only espresso and still lukewarm coffee.

Ive tried the water spout and steam comes out, but more after bean to cup experience.

Not sure if my machine is faulty? I read lots of reviews prior to buying and the majority are good.


Was apprehensive about buying such an expensive machine, However I`ve made the right choice. This machine is a little bit complicated but my husband sorted it out for me. Now that I`ve set my personal setting this machine just does its thing and produces great cuppucino`s.It`s menu, has many, many setting and can be complicated but with the amount of options this machine has it`s no wonder it is a bit complicated, You can adjust everything from the grind of the bean, the cup volume, strength of coffee etc, but once set, it`s a breeze. It will make coffee to suit individuals or just a run of the mill type cuppucino.

Purchasedin at Harvey Normanfor $1,200.

  • Build Quality

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Intuitive Controls And Settings

The milk menu dial panel offers seven different creamy drink options for you to choose from. Some of the options on the milk menu include espressos, cappuccino, cafe latte, and latte macchiato.

The coffee maker even dispenses plain hot water. You can use this for snacks like instant soups, noodles, and oatmeal.

On top of that, the Eletta cappuccino maker has an automatic milk frother. This comes with a latte crema system as well. Both of these give you access to crafting specialty drinks at home using the froth.

With the Eletta espresso and cappuccino maker, you dont need any barista training to make your favorite coffee. For those who like to get creative with their creamy drinks, the coffee machine also has a manual steam wand so you can use frothing or foam to decorate your drinks.

Furthermore, the machine also allows for temperature control. This ensures that you get the most out of each cup you brew. Its high-precision steaming system produces the perfect in-cup temperature. There are four different temperature settings available on the super-automatic espresso maker.

Perfect Cappuccinos And Latte With Auto Milk Texture

For those who are fans of milk based coffees should consider the Delonghi ECAM 44660 as a great choice. The machine has a ‘Milk Option’ that lets you choose between a cappuccino, flat white and latte. The machine also allows you to choose the size of your froth. It brews a café style coffee using the LatteCrema Technology that will give it a creamy texture. With the help of its customization option, you can also select the size of the grind. Some people like to go with the default setting, while others prefer to choose for themselves. It is an amazing feature but it depends on the coffee and beans that you are using.

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