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Does Xtend Original Bcaa Have Caffeine

Formulated With Carnosyn Beta

Scivation Xtend Go vs. Amino Energy | More Caffeine, More BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids are a group of essential amino acids that have been shown to increase strength and muscle mass via anabolic and catabolic processes. When taken before, during, or after exercise they can help enhance recovery. The XTEND Elite BCAA Powder comes in 6 flavors: Citrus Burst Lemon LimeadeCitrus Fusion Grapefruit MangoKiwi Strawberry

Scivation Xtend Bcaa Ingredients

In total, Scivation Xtend contains 7 grams of BCAAs per serving, including 3.5g of leucine and 1.75g of isoleucine and valine.

Aside from the BCAAs themselves, Scivation Xtend also contains additional ingredients which help with muscle recovery and muscle growth such as:

  • L-Glutamine
  • An Electrolyte Blend
  • Vitamin B6

Glutamine and BCAAs always pair well together, since they are both quick-absorbing amino acids that improve muscle recovery.

Citrulline malate has also been one of my favorite supplements for a long time.

Overall, Scivation Xtend contains multiple additional ingredients that improve muscle recovery and muscle growth, which is why I consider it the best BCAA supplement overall!

How To Know If Bcaa Has Gone Bad

Paying attention to the details can help you predict if the BCAA is still healthy to consume or not. You know if your supplement has gone bad if it starts to show one of these signs.

  • Unpleasant smell: Does the supplement smell familiar? If it has got nasty or stale smell then its time to throw the supplement in the dustbin.
  • Change in taste: Flavor is something that we can remember for a long time, if you experience irregularity in taste then the supplement must not be healthy to consume.
  • Does it mix well? Most of the BCAA supplements mix really well in the water. BCAA has gone bad if you see the sedimentation or any white substance floating on the top.
  • Clumpy texture: Its mostly because of the moisture, once the moisture gets into the supplement it starts to reduce its shelf life.
  • Irregularity in color or texture: Look close, if there is any kind of fungal or bacterial growth. Black or grey spots on the surface are caused by bacterial or fungal growth. Its an obvious sign that yous bcaa has gone bad and you should get rid of moldy powder as you could get some pretty nasty food poisoning from it.
  • If the product has surpassed its expiry date and its not stored in a dry and clean condition then its highly recommended to dump the supplement.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Bcaa

    Although BCAA plays a significant role in helping muscle building and enhancing performance, you should be aware that it comes with a few side effects as well.

    According to research, irresponsible consumption of BCAA are associated with nausea, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can even lead to hypertension, headaches and whitening of the skin.

    Notably, prolonged use of BCAA may even cause ALS or Lou Gehrigss Disease.

    Studies show there are several cases where professional footballers have developed ALS after prolonged use of BCAA.

    Therefore, I would strongly advise you to consume BCAA in reference to the guidelines and manufacturers instructions when supplementing your lifestyle with BCAA.

    Does Bcaa Make You Gain Weight

    Xtend, Xtend Energy, Time Released Caffeine + BCAAs, Fruit ...

    Yes. Taking BCAAs will help you build and maintain lean muscle mass while burning unwanted fat. This is a healthy and effective way to build muscle and lose weight at the same time. However, this also depends on a few factors:

    • Your workout routine a rigorous workout routine that focuses on muscle building will help your body recognize the result you want.
    • Your protein intake taking a good amount of protein will help your body build muscle quickly. You can either get protein through solid foods or supplements.
    • Your supplements stacking supplements is important. If youre taking other supplements, its important to make sure you have the right ones and are taking the right amounts to facilitate weight and muscle gain.

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    Scivation Xtend Sport Review

    If you are an athlete , the Xtend Sport edition is an excellent option because of the additional electrolytes that help keep you hydrated. Xtend Sport includes the same amount of BCAAs as the Original Formula, however, it also includes additional electrolytes such as betaine anhydrous, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and coconut water powder.

    According to a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,

    These findings indicate that betaine supplementation results in a moderate increase in total repetitions and volume load in the bench press exercise, without favorably impacting other performance measures.

    If you are an athlete who is planning on doing a lot of sweating, this is the best BCAA supplement for you!

    Alpha Amino Performance Bcaas

    Alpha Amino Performance isnt as popular as some of the other BCAA powders here, but it is worth considering.

    Not only does it have a good ratio of BCAAs, it also contains other amino acids. This makes it great for people who do marathon workouts, or who need a slower-acting source of fuel for their muscles.

    I also really like that the BCAA powder contains electrolytes. It is incredibly important to stay hydrated, and few people are actually getting enough fluid. One study found that nearly 32% of athletes started training in a dehydrated state. And serious athletes are people who should know better!

    • BCAAs Per Serving: 5 grams
    • Other Nutrients: Hydration blend , Amino Acid Complex , magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus
    • Taste Comes from: Citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, acesulfame
    • Flavor Options: 6 flavor options include fruit punch, grape, lemon lime, pink lemonade, watermelon, and ice blue razz
    • My Favorite Flavor :Lemon lime is good. Grape and fruit punch are also okay, but I wasnt too impressed with the other flavors.

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    Side Effects Of Xtend Energy Drink

    Some known side effects of Xtend energy drinks include:

    • Headache

    Xtend Energy drink contains BCAAs. Oversupply of BCAAs to your body can cause:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea.

    Consuming any energy drink in an excess amount have consequences that include obesity, tooth decay, and high blood pressure.

    But these side effects only come with excessive consumption. Youll be alright if you drink it in moderation.

    If youve any medical conditions, it is always best to consult your doctor first to ensure your health safety.

    Do Bcaa Go Bad In Water

    2 Minute Review – XTEND Original BCAA Powder Gym Drink

    The best approach is simply to mix the BCAA as close as possible to when you drink it.

    Many people love to mix the bcaas in water and sip it through the day. As long as you are not exposing your bcaa drink to severe temperature fluctuation it should be fine to be consumed within 6-8 hours of mixing it in water.

    Keeping the BCAA mixed in water for a long time can also degrade the protein structure which can reduce its quality and effectiveness. Refrigerating the BCAA drink at a low temperature can slow down the process of degradation of the amino structure.

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    Xtend Go Scivation Overtakes The Bcaa Energy Game

    Scivtation has given Xtend Go a facelift recently as they trimmed down the ingredients and amped up the energy!

    Note: This blog post has been updated to reflect the changes made in 2016 Xtend Go is now available everywhere now that a GNC exclusive is over.

    Scivation Go is a BCAA + Energy drink mix powder that combines three of our favorite things: amino acids, caffeine, and cognitive focus enhancers!

    This is an incredible product to take between meals for a quick pick-me-up, as a light pre-workout supplement, or anytime when dieting and you need a quick muscle and energy boost.

    Scivation Xtend has long been a favorite BCAA supplement here on PricePlow.

    Xtend literally created the BCAA sports drink powder / intra workout supplement category, and as an endurance athlete and supporter of diets , I am typically far more pro-Xtend than con.

    It doesnt hurt that it tastes amazingly sweet much respect must be given to Scivation for being the first company to properly flavor notoriously stale tasting branched chain amino acids.

    But lets get back to Xtend Go. First, you can see that its now available at all stores, since it had been exclusive at GNC for a while:

    Xtend Energy Time Released Caffeine + Bcaa

    • Retail Price: $29.99
    • Price Difference vs standard Xtend: same
    • Flavor Options: 3
    • Servings per container: 30

    There are several BCAAs currently on market that include an energy blend, so it is no surprise that Xtend sought out to dominate it. Xtend Energy isnt just a copy cat to other BCAA and energy blends. Instead, Xtend packs their full 7 gram BCAA dosage alongside a 125 mg caffeine complex. This makes us wide eyed, considering most other BCAA energy supplements contain less than 5 grams BCAAs.

    Whats in Xtend Energy:

    • 7 gram Xtend BCAA 2:1:1 Keystone
    • 1,140 mg electrolytes
    • 1,000 mg l-citrulline malate
    • 125 mg caffeine + delayed release caffeine microspheres

    The primary value proposition for Xtend Energy is that youre getting a complete-dosed BCAA and caffeine. The competition simply doesnt deliver a true-dosed BCAA and that gives Xtend Energy a massive edge considering its economical $29.99 per 30 servings price.

    Xtend Original vs Xtend Energy

    While Xtend Ripped and Xtend Elite both contained the complete Xtend base blend plus their specializations, Xtend Energy isnt so cut and paste. For Xtend Energy, the full dosage BCAA, electrolyte, and l-citrulline malate exists. However, the 2,500 mg l-glutamine has been deleted. Were not sure why, perhaps it will come back in the future.

    Bottom line:

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    Do I Take Bcaa On Rest Days

    Taking BCAAs before or after exercise may be equally effective in providing muscle protection. Also, you may not need to time them precisely to support muscle building. Getting an adequate dose based on your body weight is essential, as well as continuing to take them in the long term, including on nonexercise days.12 jui. 2018

    Transparent Labs Bcaa With Glutamine Best Tasting

    XTEND Original BCAA Powder Mango Madness

    My top choice is Transparent Labs BCAA with Glutamine. This is not only the best tasting on this list, but its also made by a company that is highly transparent when it comes to nutritional information and what goes into their products.

    Much like their protein series, this powder comes in various inventive flavors that taste great and will have you coming back for more.

    Heres why youll like it:

    Ultimate Repair and Recovery Supplement It has formulated this to be one of the best powders in the market that targets muscle repair and recovery. This makes it ideal for any hardcore gym enthusiast or athlete who constantly needs a boost when it comes to soothing sore muscles.

    • Does not leave grit at the bottom of your cup
    • Highly effective in reducing muscle fatigue and soreness
    • Good amount of leucine
    • A bit expensive

    Summary: This BCAA is ideal for anyone who is looking for something that will effectively help with recovery and fatigue. It comes in great flavor options, mixes well and tastes great. Moreover, the brand that carries it is well known for being transparent about their products. However, it is a bit pricey.

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    Scivation Xtend Advantages And Effectiveness

    Xtend isnt a no-frills BCAA. Its received loads of frills, and plenty of additional advantages.

    Im not satisfied the glutamine is one among them. Its already probably the most considerable amino acid within the physique and whereas it might have some advantages, it doesnt appear to be its a potent complement for muscle constructing. Nevertheless its low cost and its in all probability useful for intestine well being, so theres no hurt in together with it.

    The actual advantages come from the opposite components. The BCAAs themselves are linked to bettering muscle protein synthesis, decreasing muscle soreness and boosting endurance. The big variety of electrolytes might assist to stop dehydration and preserve your muscle tissue and nerves functioning correctly, though its essential to recollect a liter of sweat has about 900 milligrams of sodium, over ten instances the quantity present in a scoop of Xtend. So the electrolytes will assist, simply bear in mind to maintain on consuming.

    The Vitamin B6 might allow you to retain muscle, which is nice information for these of us who take BCAAs to stop catabolism notably because it seems we lose B6 once we train.

    Nevertheless, one-gram doses are typically used as a common circulatory well being complement and its even linked to a decrease danger of erectile dysfunction, so the citrulline malate in Xtend might have a internet optimistic impact in your general well being, if not the exercise youre about to do.

    Performance Lab Best For Beginners

    If youre new to taking BCAAs in general or are just starting on your bodybuilding journey, Performance Lab carries an effective muscle booster supplement. It comes in capsule form, so its more manageable, and it allows you to manage your BCAA dosage to a comfortable amount.

    Heres why I recommend it:

    Versatile Performance since this comes in more manageable doses, you can take as many or as little as you need to suit your fitness goals.

    • Contains 1500 milligrams of L-Leucine
    • Contains 750 milligrams of L-Isoleucine
    • Contains 750 milligrams of L-Valine
    • More manageable doses
    • You may need to take several if you want a higher BCAA dose

    Summary: If youre mainly looking for a pill thats versatile, well trusted and has a good BCAA ratio, this supplement by Performance Lab is a commendable choice. Its versatile when it comes to its effects and its ideal for anyone who is just starting out on their bodybuilding journey or is just trying out supplements.

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    Leaders In Hydration And Recovery

    Combining 7G of BCAAs alongside fast and time-released caffeine, XTEND Energy is your go-to for recovery, hydration, and energy.

    • 7g of Branched Chain Amino Acids in the clinically studied 2:1:1 ratio
    • A replenishing electrolyte blend to support hydration
    • 3.5g of Leucine to support muscle protein synthesis
    • 125 mg of dual-source caffeine for quick hitting and sustained energy
    • 0 sugar per serving

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mens Bcaa Supplements

    Xtend: The Range | BCAAs, EAAs and more | Intra-workout

    We understand that taking any new supplement can be challenging. First, youre faced with the dilemma of whether you really need to take it. In addition to that, you have to worry about taking the right kind of supplement.

    Next, youre worried about the side effects and proposed benefits of said supplement.

    Thats why weve taken the time to answer some of the questions my past clients have asked me the most regarding products. Take a look at what I have to say about your general inquiries below:

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    Are Xtend Bcaas Good

    Its the top ranked BCAA supplement in our buying guide, and an excellent addition to pre-, post-, and intra-workout nutrition. The Perform version is best if you need an extra boost of energy, while Xtend Raw takes out all the flavors and sweeteners, making it the perfect addition to your protein shake.

    How Long Are Supplements Good After Expiration

    The expiry date is just an estimated shelf life of a supplement if properly stored, if you have kept your BCAA supplement in moist or humid condition then it might go bad even before the expiry date.

    Supplements dont magically go bad just after exceeding the expiry date, instead, it depends on many factors. You also need to consider how long a tub is open, if you want to avoid ingredients becoming ineffective.

    Most of the BCAA supplements are fresh enough to be consumed even after the expiry date, and some might lose their effectiveness. Generally, BCAAs are good to be consumed for a few weeks even after exceeding the expiry date, but if you experience the change in texture, color, taste, or smell of supplement then you should certainly dump it.

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    Xtend Perform Elites Predecessor

    • Retail Price: $36.99
    • Price Difference vs standard Xtend: + $7.00
    • Flavor Options: 1
    • Servings per container: 44

    As we discussed above, Xtend Perform appears to be Scivations first attempt at Xtend Elite. Now, Perform can be found in stores and is still listed on the Xtend website, however its currently out of stock and we believe that it is phasing out.

    Whats in Xtend Perform:

    • 7 gram Xtend BCAA 2:1:1 Keystone
    • 2,500 mg l-glutamine
    • 1,170 mg electrolyte blend
    • 1,000 mg l-citrulline malate

    Essentially, this is the standard Xtend formula plus 2,000 mg PEAK O2. Its interesting to see that with the newer editions, Scivation has not only improved Xtend Elite, but the base Xtend formula as well.

    Bottom line:

    Best Vegetarian Bcaa Supplement: Naked Bcaas

    Scivation Xtend Caffeine

    Plant-based proteins are low in essential amino acids which are mostly found in animal protein. Without dairy products, it is more difficult.

    For vegetarians and vegans, who are into fitness training, it is crucial to take an extra step to make sure that you are adding sufficient amino acids mainly BCAA to your diet.

    About Naked BCAAs

    Naked BCAAs is the highest pharmaceutical grade supplement that is specially formulated keeping in mind the needs of vegetarian and vegan people.

    Its fastest dissolving and rapid absorption factor is one of the best in the market and assists you with muscle repair and recovery. The manufacturer believes in serving you the supplement in its purest form.

    Add one scoop to 10-12 ounces of any beverage of your choice and give your body the assistance to perform better. It can be taken as a pre-workout for energy or post-workout for recovery.

    What it Contains:

    The supplement comes in a 500-gram pack with 100 servings. Depending on your usage, It should suffice you for a month or two.

    Each serving of 1 scoop contains:

    • L-Leucine 2.5g
    • L-Valine 1.25g

    Naked BCAAs, as the name suggests, do not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

    This unflavored BCAA powder is non-GMO, a gluten-free certified vegan product that is suitable to everyones needs. It is soy-free and is good for people prone to allergies.


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