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Where Can I Buy Tassimo Coffee Pods

Recycling Your Pods & Discs

Tassimo Latte – Using Tassimo Coffee Maker

If you are wondering if your tassimo pods can be recycled, Tassimo UK have teamed up with TerraCycle to help with the mountain of waste created from your used pods. You can find out more information on how to recycle Tassimo Pods on the Tassimo UK website and start collecting the empty pods today.

Be sure to check out our Tassimo pods guide which has tips of what to look for and video tutorials showing you how they work and where to get the cheapest t-discs.

Make Your Own Tassimo Reusable Pods

No doubt you noticed above that you can buy a kit to make your own re-usable pods. Well, in the interests of science and saving money and the environment we found this tutorial on Youtube which shows you exactly what to do. All you need is a used Tassimo pod, a drill/drill bit and a bung. You might want to skip through the drilling section as once you have seen one hole drilled, you have seen them all.

Please note Tassimo coffee machines work at high pressure, so, the plugs do have a tendency to pop out. At the very least, this makes a mess and could damage your nice pod coffee maker. Be warned.

How To Reuse Tassimo Capsules

Of course, with the number of users that have this brand, some already try to go ahead of the established limits. It is relatively simple to cut or reuse the barcode of a T-Disc that we have already consumed and paste it or place it on top of a new capsule so that the coffee maker can read it.

It works, but of course, only with another T-Disc capsule from Tassimo. If someone wanted to make a Tassimo capsule compatible, even if they didnt know the original Tassimo barcodes, they could use this trick, and the coffee maker would read them. But it wouldnt be legal or lawful. But for the record, between two different T-Discs, this works, and it can be done.

On the other hand, there is the everlasting trick of refilling Tassimo capsules. There are dozens of videos on Youtube that show you how to do it, although here, each one must evaluate if it compensates the work at the cost of saving a few cents for each capsule.

We think that to get into this mess of reusing Tassimo capsules, it makes more sense to use an espresso machine and make your coffee the traditional way, with the mixture you want. You can find more information in this article: refilling Tassimo capsules.

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Can You Recycle Nespresso Pods

Nespresso has its own recycling collection service for its aluminium pods. Youll need to collect the pods in a special bag provided by Nespresso and drop them off at Doddle, CollectPlus or a Nespresso boutique or you can arrange a free collection.

Nespresso-compatible pods are made by a range of different brands, some of which are recyclable or compostable but few of which have dedicated schemes, and you cant send them to Nespresso. You may need to dismantle, empty and clean the pods for recycling.

Get a detailed guide to all things Nespresso in our dedicated guide tohow to buy the best Nespresso machine, or skip to ourNespresso coffee machine reviewsto find the best.

Choosing The Capsule Machine For You

Decaf Coffee Pods Tassimo

Now you’ve got the lowdown on the different coffee pod systems, you can pick the best coffee machine for your chosen pod brand. Each has a range of options, and some proved much better than others in our tough tests.

Head to our coffee machine reviews to compare models, or go straight to our round-up of the best coffee machines.

Still not sure what you want? Try our coffee machine buying guide for more on the different types of coffee machine available, plus discover which ones we recommend in our guide to the best bean-to-cup and best ground coffee machines.

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Find The Cheapest Place To Buy Tassimo Pods

The answer to these questions is simple, unlike Nespresso pods where you can find compatible pods made by Aldis and other shops, there are no Tassimo compatible pods available on the market for which come pre-packaged with coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc, except the official Tassimo pods. You can however follow the instructions above to make your own or buy the re-usable kits.

Be sure to come back again soon as we will update this page in the future if and when compatible Tassimo pods do hit the market. Trust us, we are like you, eager to find alternatives to try and keep the price down. However, at the end of the day, we want great coffee and choice, so for now, we will be buying our pods in bulk.

We hope this helps answer your question, but what about recycling your pods? Take a look below to find out what options are available and how to do this easily.

Q How Long Do Tassimo Pods Last

Depending on which pods you use, most t-discs have a shelf life of between 9 and 12 months, if unopened. If you have opened the packaging, you should use within 6 weeks. There is a best before date printed on the packaging of the pods, which you can check to ensure that the pods you have or are about to buy are not old stock.

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Coffee Capsules And Their Environmental Impact

The beauty of coffee pods is that they are extremely quick and easy to use, have tons of flavours to try and taste great. The problem with coffee pods, is that they are not exactly environmentally friendly, and this is the crux of the issue that the City of Hamburg have.

These portion packs cause unnecessary resource consumption and waste generation, and often contain polluting aluminium Hamburg, green procurement report.

Coffee capsules are a complex product often made from a mix of different materials, and the waste products also contain organic waste which makes them difficult to process in standard city recycling plants.

The capsules cant be recycled easily because they are often made of a mixture of plastic and aluminium. We in Hamburg thought that these shouldnt be bought with taxpayers money. Jan Dube, Hamburg Department of the Environment and Energy

Its not just Hamburg city council who think this either. In a recent poll for The Grocer, which is a British supermarket trade magazine:

  • 22% of those polled said they had a coffee capsule machine
  • 10% thought that coffee pods are very bad for the environment

So Why Are Folk All Of A Sudden Worrying About This

Tassimo Mocha – Using Tassimo Coffee Maker

Originally, this story came about when the German city of Hamburg banned coffee pods and pod machines from state-run buildings, as part of a green initiative .

But there is more, if you live in Canada!

  • Refillable coffee capsules compatible with Bosch Tassimo machine.
  • Stainless steel coffee pods with bonus scoop and brush for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Reusable Coffee Filter Made from food grade PP material, BPA FREE and recyclable.

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What Can You Recycle

You can recycle both coffee makers and pods at your local recycling centre, Terracycle collections points, or using Kerbside collection. You are able to recycle each of the products in the following ways.

T Discs

All pods, and the packaging they come in, can be recycled using the Terracycle collection points.

Dispenser Cartons

These cardboard/paper cartons can be added to your normal household recycling to be picked up by your local council.

Coffee Machines

You have a choice of either donating old coffee makers to local charities or good causes, or you can dispose of them at your local recycling centre, where they will be environmentally disposed of.

Nespresso Vs Dolce Gusto Vs Tassimo Illy Lavazza And Dualit

Get the lowdown on how the big brands compare in our table below, including the type and range of drinks they make and how well each brand typically scores in our tough coffee machine tests.

Logged-in Which? members can see which brand scores best on average in our independent coffee tests. Not yet a member? Join Which? to get instant access.

Capsule brand

Find out more about what each brand offers in the sections below:

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Make Lattes With Tassimo

Check out this video showing you how to enjoy your T-Discs even more:

Each coffee pod is pre-measured to the exact amount of coffee, and when the specialized bar code on the label is activated, it begins the brewing process right within the pod. Notably, the purpose of the bar code is to instantly adjust the beverages volume and temperature for each individual serving. And since the actual brewing occurs within the disc, it is possible to make different types of beverages in succession without affecting the flavor in any way. This is especially helpful when there is a tall order to be filled in a very short amount of time as in the mornings, right before dashing off to work and school.

Do You Want Lots Of Drink Choice

TASSIMO Costa Americano 16 T DISCs (Pack of 5, Total 80 T ...

The selection of drinks you can obtain from a Tassimo coffee machine as opposed to Nespresso present the first real difference between both of these brands.

With its T-Discs or pods, Tassimo coffee machines offer you an array of about 85 different types of hot drinks from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, cappuccinos and lattes.

Nespresso coffee makers, on the other hand, use capsules to make coffee, teas and hot chocolate. To date, there are some 200 selections to choose from.

Owners of Nespresso machines do not currently have the option of making other hot drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes. Nevertheless, Nespresso claims it is working on such options to increase variety of hot drinks for its consumers. However, no dates have been released on when this would happen!

There is really not much difference in the manner that T-Discs and capsules are used to make hot drinks in both types of machines.

Having said that though, the Tassimo utilises its barcode technology to estimate the quantity of water to be used, the temperature of that water as well as the timing of the brewing cycle.

This intelligence to read, results in a more concentrated coffee as well as the ability to make cappuccinos and lattes, although making these drinks in the Tassimo does require an extra step. You must use the espresso T-Discs followed by the cappuccino or latte pods.

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Tips For Buying Cheap Tassimo Pods

Online sales are increasingly becoming more competitive for T Discs. This has become a great advantage for those of us who are in need of a great price to buy our coffee. Be sure when you find an online sale that you choose a site that offers free shipping as well. You may find a great price online and then when it comes to shipping get charged an astronomical price. If you join an online coffee club, this may prove to be the best economical and convenient way to receive your pods in the mail and never have to worry about ever running out.

Now that your local retail department store is selling the t-discs, picking them up locally is a great convenience if you have run out of coffee and you need it quickly. Checking the weekly ads for sales is a great way to stock up on the coffee, tea, hot chocolate, latte or espresso drink you prefer.

Take the opportunity that it is finally here and try the great tasting Tassimo Coffee Pods from Starbucks. New to the market, this large Coffee Company has decided that they too want to take part in this great money making adventure in making coffee T Discs for the Tassimo Machine. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee without the hassle other machines create buy using Bosch Tassimo Coffee Makers.

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Alternative To Tassimo Pods

A variety of retailers sell cheap Tassimo Pods. These pods are compatible with a wide range of coffee machines. If youve a Bosch coffee machine, youre restricted to using the branded Tassimo Coffee Pods. If you have the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine, Tassimo offers 41 flavours. The Dolce Gusto coffee machines are different from Tassimo. As such, the coffee pods are not compatible.

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Buy Tassimo Pods Cheap The Best Tassimo Pods Offers

Make your coffee quickly with Tassimo Pods. The coffee pods offer a drink of your choice beyond your imagination. You can make an indulgent Latte Macchiato or an energising espresso.

The Tassimo Pods consists of a specially crafted blend of coffee beans roasted to perfection. Whether you use a Dolce Gusto, Bosch or Nespresso machine, the pods enable you to brew the perfect coffee.

Want to know where you can find cheap Tassimo Pods and save money? Read on.

Where To Find Cheap Tassimo Pods Offers

Tassimo Chai Tea Latte – Using Tassimo Coffee Maker

By Naomi Willis | last updated 22nd November 2021

Find the best deals and latest offers on cheap Tassimo coffee pods. Never pay full price here are the ways to get your Tassimo compatible pods!

While youve invested in a Tassimo machine, the cost doesnt stop there!

You can get coffee machines for a bargain price, but the ongoing cost of the Tassimo coffee pods is something you may not have factored in. Youre not able to use any old ground coffee in the machine, but you need to use their specially designed coffee pods.

Its worth it though as at the touch of a button, you can get a creamy Costa vanilla latte, a warming hot chocolate or a kick from an espresso.

Now comes the battle to enjoy decent coffee and still save money.

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What Drinks Do You Want To Make

Best for espresso-based coffees such as espressos, americanos and lattes

Lavazza, Illy and Nespresso focus on espresso coffee drinks, with a range of blends and strengths available. Most machines which take these pods come with the option of frothing milk, so you can make lattes and cappuccinos too.

If you’re keen on a wider range of drink options

Keen on café-style concoctions, such as caramel macchiatos, hot chocolate and tea? A Nescafé Dolce Gusto or Tassimo machine is more likely to suit your needs.

Can You Recycle Tassimo Coffee Pods

The biggest criticism of using a coffee pod machine like Tassimo is the mountain of waste created from your used pods. In recent years, this has got a lot of press with the German city of Hamburg banning coffee pod machines from all state-run buildings.

To help with this issue, Tassimo UK and LOR have teamed up with TerraCycle to provide collection points so you can recycle your T-DISCs, outer packaging, LOR capsules, Kenco Eco Refill packs and coffee jar lids, and do your part in saving the planet whilst still enjoying great coffee. The scheme is run by volunteers with a network of collection points all over the UK. To find out more information, visit the Tassimo UK website or sign-up with TerraCycle.

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Twinings Fruit Of The Forest Tea

The Bosch pod range all use the Tassimo pods system of pods which are not compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule system so if you buy a Bosch pod coffee machine you are restricted to using the branded Tassimo pods and no others.

The flavours available in the Tassimo pods system is excellent with over 65 flavours available compared to 41 for the Nescafe Nespresso system. So it really is swings and roundabouts as to which you prefer.

With all the pods you have laying around, you probably need a disc holder to put them in, with that in mind, take a look at our guide to Tassimo disc holders and see how much easier you could make your life and declutter your kitchen today!

A Word About Retail Stores

TASSIMO Suchard Hot Chocolate 16 T DISCs/pods (Pack of 5 ...

If you dont follow rule #1 and you find yourself out of Tassimo T-Disc at the worst possible time, they can be found at bricks-and-mortar retailers. If settling for this last resort, its wise to choose a department store over a grocery store, as department stores generally offer better prices on T-Discs.

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Nescaf Dolce Gusto Pod Machines

  • Capsule price range: 27p – 56p, compatible pods 16p – 31p
  • Available from: Large supermarkets nationwide
  • Machine price range: £30 – £150

Most Dolce Gusto machines are made by either DeLonghi or Krups. The range of drinks is broad and includes options for non-coffee drinkers such as tea and hot chocolate. Milky drinks require an extra milk capsule, made of dried milk, as there’s no steam pipe or milk frother on Dolce Gusto machines.

Some cheaper compatible pods are from supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Asda and Sainsbury’s, though the range of options is still relatively small.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Pod Machines

  • Capsule price range: 27p – 37p
  • Available from: Large supermarkets nationwide, online
  • Machine price range: £50 – £170

The A Modo Mio range of coffee machines is designed to produce only espresso-based drinks. Some machines have a steam wand or integral milk frother for making milky brews such as lattes.

There are around 12 pods to choose from, including some single-origin pods. There aren’t any compatible pods around, so you’ll be limited to quite a small range of drinks.

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