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How Do I Make My Own Iced Coffee

How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee At Home That Is Smooth And Delicious

How I Make My Own ICED COFFEE Cheaper than Going To Starbucks!

Add coffee granules and sugar to a tall glass, then add about 2 tablespoons of warm water and stir until dissolved.

Dilute the coffee with chilled water and stir to combine. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Add milk of choice stir to combine and finish it off with some ice. Give it another good stir and serve with a straw or drink it straight from the cup. Enjoy!

The Winning Method: Japanese Pour Over

  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Flavor rating: 10/10

About this method: For this method, you will need a few extra tools to make pour over coffee. There are many popular Japanese-style coffee brewers on the market, but you can also just rig up your own pour over system. You will also need to have a scale so you can have a very accurate coffee-water-ice ratio. Set the carafe on top of the scale and set it to zero. Add 8 ounces of ice, set the dripper vessel or cone on top, line with a filter, add 1 ounce of medium coarsely ground coffee, and then tare the scale again. Youll need 8 ounces of almost-boiling water, but you dont pour it in all at once: Pour just enough water into the grounds to wet them and let it sit for 30 seconds. This process is called blooming, and it helps release some aromas that come through in the final product. Pour the rest of the water into the vessel until you have poured 8 ounces, then allow the coffee to drain into the bottom vessel. The hot coffee drips directly on the ice, immediately cooling it down while extracting and preserving all the delicious aromas of the coffee.

Results: This super-popular method of making coffee is a favorite for a reason. Flavors and aromas that I didnt taste in the other methods were coming through, bringing a whole other dimension to iced coffee. This was the smooth, delicious coffee without any bitter notes that I was after.

Make Instant Coffee Without Hot Water

You know how youve always been told that instant coffee had to be made hot?

Well it also makes iced coffee!

Just mix cold water with instant coffee grounds, add some creamer, and stir.

It can take a minute or two for the coffee to dissolve, but it does!

I usually stir mine up, go do something else for a minute or so, then come back and stir a little more and it is ready!

I will include the exact measurements that I use for my perfect iced coffee, or you can experiment to make it just right for you!

Add ice and you have an iced coffee recipe thats not only cheap and convenient, but much less sugar and junk too!

For another delicious homemade coffee recipe, be sure to try this Whipped Cream Frozen Coffee!

Be sure to pin this recipe for later and follow for all the latest delicious recipes!

Did you make this recipe? Be sure to leave a star rating below!

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How Many Calories Are In This French Vanilla Creamer

The number of calories youll add to your coffee depends on the amount of French vanilla creamer youll add.

I like to use two tablespoons per cup of coffee . I find that this makes the coffee taste just sweet enough and with the right amount of vanilla flavor.

If you like your coffee on the sweeter side, you might want to add a bit more creamer to your coffee. A tablespoon of this French vanilla creamer has a total of 37 calories.

A cup of coffee with two tablespoons of this French vanilla creamer added will have a total of 74 calories.

Coconut Manna As A Non

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Not only does it make an amazing non-dairy creamer for your organic iced coffee recipe, it is also delicious in smoothies, sauces, dressings, desserts and even vegan icing! And no, coconut puree/ coconut butter does not make your coffee taste like coconut. When you add it to your cup, youll notice that it has a very neutral/ creamy flavor that is the closest thing to dairy cream I have ever tasted.

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Just Add Water And Stir

Place the grounds in a 40-ounce or larger jar or pitcher with airtight lid, and add 4 cups cool water. I like to use one of my big 2-quart mason jars . Preferably filtered, but if you dont have it, no biggie. And then stir! The grounds and water need to be good and stirred together to get the everything flowing.

Can You Make Espresso In A Keurig

Yes! You donât have to have an espresso maker to brew espresso. If you have a coffee maker that uses K-cups or pods , you can use espresso pods instead of coffee pods. We happen to have the Keurig Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker at my house, and we love it. And in a pinch, you can just brew some coffee and make this recipe with coffee instead of espresso.

Add a couple of tablespoons of the vanilla syrup to the espresso.

And the final step of making an Iced Vanilla Latte is to add 1/4 cup of half and half cream to the glass. This is the fun part because you get to see the swirling that happens in the coffee as you pour it in.

Stir it all together.

See how easy it is to make an iced vanilla latte at home? Enjoy your beverage with my copycat Starbucks Vanilla Bean Scones or some Blueberry Cream Muffins.

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How To Make French Vanilla Coffee

If you are wondering about how to make French vanilla coffee, the following are the simple steps that you should follow:

  • Fill your coffeemaker with the desired amount of water. This will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much you will be drinking or how many people will be consuming the drink that you will make. Be sure to not overfill.
  • Add the ground coffee that you would like to use. As usual, you can choose to use instant coffee. But if you want to enjoy better quality, it would be best to grind fresh beans. There are grinders commercially available, making your life a lot easier.
  • Next, add the crushed vanilla beans in the container. You do not have to crush the beans too much. You just need to make sure that it is broken, allowing the vanilla extracts to come out and to add flavor to your drink.
  • You can also opt to add a tablespoon of sugar, if preferred. This is commonly done by people who are looking for something sweet. Nonetheless, the vanilla that is already included in your coffee will already be enough.
  • Start the brewing process. This will depend on the specific type of brewer that you are using. Once the water is hot enough, not necessarily boiling, your coffee is already finished. Have it transferred in the cup and finally, enjoy!

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Tip To Cool Coffee Quickly

How to make your own iced coffee

If you just can’t wait for that fresh-brewed pot of double strength coffee to cool before enjoying a cup, you can always add ice right away. What I do is pour the fresh brewed coffee into a pitcher then add a full tray of ice cubes . I stir them until they are melted, which significantly cools down the coffee, then I add extra water to fill the pitcher and voila! Ready to drink!

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Other Methods I Tried

If you have the patience for pourover, try flash-brewing onto ice.

The best iced coffee for you depends on what style of coffee brewing you prefer overall. Im an espresso drinker, so its not shocking that I love the methods above. But if youre passionate for pour-over, you may want to try Japanese-style iced coffee in your Chemex or other dripper. Moser recommends substituting about 40% of your water with ice, which means for 12 ounces of iced coffee , youre going to use 25 grams of medium-finely ground coffee, 250 grams of hot water , and 150 grams of ice in the decanter that youre brewing into. He sets up the weighed ice in the vessel under the pourover filter, then starts with the first 65 grams of water and a quick stir, waiting 45 seconds to let the bed of coffee get saturated, then adds 80 grams more, then the last 115 grams. The ice that chills the brew will also dilute it to its proper strength. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To be honest, its more than I can handle early in the morning, though the flavor does a decent job of capturing coffees refreshing, fruity side.

Adjusting The Strength Of Your Coffee

Aside from selecting a different roast of coffee to impact the strength, you can also adjust the coffee strength by changing the coffee to water ratio. For this recipe, I used a ratio of 1:16. For every 1 ounce of coffee, I used 16 ounces of water.

To make a stronger cup you can increase the amount of coffee you use. For a weaker cup of coffee, decrease the amount of coffee grounds.

  • Stronger Coffee: Increase the coffee grounds to 9 ounces and keep the water the same. This will give you a ratio closer to 1:14.
  • Weaker Coffee: Decrease the coffee to 7 ounces and keep the water the same. This will result in a ratio closer to 1:18. Still too bold? Dilute with additional water after brewing.

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Make Your Own Iced Coffee

How do I make my own iced coffee?

By Woody from NE AL

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Dissolve a large spoonful of instant coffee in a small amount of hot water. Add sweetener or sugar to taste. Top up with iced water and an ice-cube or two. Add a dollop of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Sprinkle with powdered or flaked chocolate if desired.

For a gourmet version, brew your own coffee from coffee beans, cool, then add rest of the ingredients as above . You can also add other flavourings such as 1/2 tspoon of vanilla ot other essence, or a dash of liqueur or brandy. Brenda from Oz

Boy do I have a recipe for you! This is a southern gal from Alabama who can really cook ! She has a recipe for the best iced coffee in the world. There is also a recipe for making Sweet Tea. Some folks don’t know how to do this. And there is a recipe there for real Banana Pudding !! The cooked kind that our mamaws and mamas used to make. Yum Yum! Just go to this site, you’ll find a whole lot of recipes that you will really need to make !!

French Vanilla Cappuccino Recipe

Iced Coffee  Beck Bakes (And Cooks!)

French vanilla may be a flavor you see more in ice cream, but it can also make for a delicious coffee drink. Combine velvety steamed milk with a whole vanilla bean and a sprinkle of brown sugar for a cappuccino that just might knock your socks off.

The French vanilla cappuccino is easily one of the most popular coffee drinks. Even people who prefer tea over coffee have likely heard of French vanilla cappuccino and love its frothy and sweet taste. As we are in the throes of winter, you may be looking for the perfect French vanilla cappuccino recipe to make from the comfort of your home.

In this article, were going to give you the most delicious French vanilla cappuccino recipe that will make you feel like an at-home barista. At the end, we offer different variations to this recipe in case you dont have the needed machines or ingredients. This French vanilla cappuccino recipe is easy to make and customize. Plus, its much more affordable than heading to your local coffee shop. Bon appetit!

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Can I Just Put Vanilla Extract In My Coffee

You can put vanilla extract directly into your coffee but its likely that you wont taste much vanilla that way.

Making your own vanilla syrup using sugar or store bought vanilla syrup carries a stronger vanilla flavor and adds a tad of sweetness to the iced coffee that you wont be sorry about either!

What Kind Of Milk Should You Use

You can use any kind of milk you want from whole to skim cows milk to almond, soy, or coconut milk. Or any kind of milk in between as long as you love it!

Heavy cream and half-and-half arent really recommended for lattes. Youll be adding 8 ounces of milk to your iced latte and the higher fat content in heavy cream and half-and-half doesnt make them a great option for this drink.

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Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

Recreate your favorite coffee-house drink with ease! Gather the ingredients together. Prep the espresso.

Heres how to assemble this tasty drink:

  • STEP 1: Sprinkle light-brown sugar into a tall glass.
  • STEP 2: Pour hot espresso over the sugar. Stir well until sugar has completely dissolved.
  • STEP 3: Add vanilla extract. Stir briefly to combine.
  • STEP 4: Fill the glass with ice. Pour milk or cream over the top. Stir gently with a spoon and enjoy.

KITCHEN SMARTS: The measurements listed for this recipe are for a bold robust coffee. If assembling this drink with a mild-flavored coffee, use less brown sugar and vanilla. Let the flavor of the coffee shine through.

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How Do You Flavor An Ice Latte

How to make Iced Coffee | 3 steps!!

Flavored iced lattes are where its at these days! Ive been making my iced vanilla lattes with my homemade vanilla syrup. Its a delicious syrup to have on hand in the fridge for all kinds of cold coffee drinks and even for cocktails.

If youre not into making your own syrup, you can buy vanilla syrup. stocks it and Im pretty sure Ive seen it sold in Target stores too.

Ive also made a slew of other syrups for cold drinks too. This brown sugar cinnamon syrup is a copycat recipe for the cinnamon dolce syrup from Starbucks. Do you like cinnamon dolce lattes? Then you need this syrup!

Ive made 2 coconut syrups: toasted coconut and almond toasted coconut. Both are exceptionally good but the almond really ups the ante and thats now my favorite of the two versions.

My blackberry vanilla syrup is SO SO good in cold coffee drinks! Its the perfect summer syrup to make use of local blackberries and Ive been using it in cocktails and other iced drinks this summer too.

Lastly to note, if you dont like sweetener in your coffee, you can certainly make a latte without a flavored syrup. The drink will be strong but if thats your thing, more power to you!

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What Kind Of Coffee Works Best

Any coffee that you enjoy will work just fine! Personally, we really love iced Aldi brand Organic Honduras Coffee . It has hints of chocolate and vanilla while being super smooth and rich.

We also really love the Mexican Organic coffee from the bulk bin at Whole Foods but our store doesnt carry it anymore plus, its VERY expensive.

To What Coffees Can I Add This French Vanilla Creamer

Most of us love coffee, and we love cream with it. But, not all creamers are created equal, and sadly, most of them come in a plastic bottle. Homemade French vanilla creamer is a delicious treat and will make your mornings happier.

You can add this coffee creamer to any coffee you like to drink. I personally like to add it to a cup of black coffee, as this isnt sweetened yet.

The coffee creamer will give it a fantastic flavor that will transform your daily cup of coffee into something a little more special.

You can also add it to all kinds of iced coffees. My favorite is adding it to a plain iced coffee, so you have given it a sweeter taste that is refreshing and it also looks amazing!

Tip: If you want to learn how to make an easy 5-minute iced coffee, you can check out the recipe for it here.


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How To Make Great Iced Coffee At Home

1. Start with Quality Coffee Beans

The better the beans, the better the coffee, right? We love using our H.C. Valentine Royal 150 Blend — its apricot, chocolate, and caramel notes are perfect in an iced coffee!

2. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze leftover coffee into an ice cube tray, and pop ’em into your iced coffee the next morning. The best part? When they melt, they add flavor to your brew instead of diluting it. If you really want to get creative, you can drizzle some chocolate or sprinkle a little cinnamon into your ice cubes before freezing them.

3. Flavor Your Iced Coffee Like a Barista

No need to spend a ton of money — here’s how to make your own coffee creamers and flavored syrups.

4. Make a Big Batch

There are several ways to make iced coffee at home, but the most simple way is to brew a pot of coffee in your coffee maker, and stick it in a temperature-safe container in your refrigerator until it’s cold.

If you’re really short on time, you can “double brew”, or add double the amount of coffee grounds you normally use . It won’t taste diluted when you pour it over ice because the coffee is super concentrated.

5. Experiment with Cold Brew

There are differences between iced coffee and cold brew , but cold brew can still be poured over ice and mixed with milk. Here’s how to make cold brew coffee at home in your French press.


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