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How Do I Make Iced Coffee With My Nespresso

Making Cold Foamed Milk

How to make EASY Iced Coffee at Home with Nespresso Vertuo Plus

To make a Nespresso iced latte, cappuccino, or another coffee beverage involving milk or foam, it is important to know how to make foamed milk. Foamed milk, while ending cold in the beverage, always starts steamed.

There are several options when it comes to tools that create milk foam, we provide you with a list of some of our favorites here.

When making foamed milk you will typically need one of the following:

  • A jar for hand-made foam
  • A milk foamer kettle
  • A steam wand for automatic foam

Later on in this article, we will provide the steps to follow for each foam making method or tool mentioned above. Once you have steamed and foamed your milk, simply pour the foam over ice to cool it or stick it in the refrigerator for use within 1-3 hours of foaming.

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Brewing Methods: How Is Nespresso Coffee Brewed

There are two main ways to make Nespresso coffee:

  • Using a machine: This is the most common way to make Nespresso coffee. The machine contains a special chamber that heats up and creates pressure, which forces the water through the coffee capsule and produces a cup of espresso.
  • This is an optional accessory that can be used with some Nespresso machines. It is a small device that froths milk for use in drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.
  • What Is The Best Nespresso Machine For Iced Coffee

    The best Nespresso machine for iced coffee is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. This machine is designed to make iced coffee with a minimum of fuss. It comes with a special ice cube tray that you can use to freeze coffee directly into your cup. Plus, it has a built-in frother so you can easily create cold froth for your iced coffee.


    I enjoy meeting new individuals and sharing a cup of wonderful espresso with them. It’s fantastic to talk about anything from the newest film we’ve seen, what happened at work today, or why you can’t make a salad for Sundays!

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    How To Make An Iced Coffee With A Nespresso Machine

    Making a latte macchiato with your Nespresso Machine is a simple process that can be done in six easy steps. Essentially, it involves choosing a Gourmesso coffee capsule, brewing your espresso, frothing the milk, combining the milk with your iced coffee and finally sprinkling it with cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate shavings to finish according to your taste.

    To explain you how to make a delicious iced coffee we are going to base our recipe on a simple one loved by many – The Milk and Spice Iced Coffee.


    • Choose a Gourmesso coffee capsule to brew 3 oz of espresso
    • 5 oz. of cold milk
    • Cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings according to taste

    You Will Need

    Where Can You Find Nespresso

    Nespresso Iced Coffee Bottle / Nespresso Nomad Iced Coffee Bottle Large ...

    Nespresso is available in most major retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Costco. You can also find it online or through the Nespresso website.

    Nespresso is a type of coffee that is grown in the highlands of Central America. The beans are roasted and then ground into a fine powder before being used in a Nespresso machine.

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    Who Else Has Been Spending Half Their Salary On Iced Lattes These Past Few Weeks


    Summer, as far as I am concerned, is iced coffee time, and the only issue is picking them all up from my local coffee shop is putting a sizable dent in my weekly spending budget.

    The good news? Nespresso has just solved all that with their new Barista Creations for Ice collection.

    Different from their classic coffees, these pods have been expertly crafted for preparation over ice.

    So say hello to your very own at-home coffee shop you are about to impress friends and family and save a fortune.

    Even better? The Barista Creations for Ice has been given an exotic twist this summer, and trust me it will take your summer iced coffees up a notch.

    How To Store And Care For Your Nespresso Machine :

    It is important to store and care for your Nespresso machine in order to keep it working properly. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Always unplug the machine when you are not using it.
  • Do not overfill the water tank.
  • Keep the machine clean by descaling it every few months.
  • Store the machine in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not put the machine in the dishwasher.
  • Make sure the coffee pod compartment is empty before you store the machine.
  • It is important to store and care for your Nespresso machine in order to keep it working properly. Follow these simple tips today!

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    Whats In An Iced Latte

    So after all this talk about what kind of milk to use, frothing milk, and caffeine strength in an iced latte, lets get down to making one!

    Iced latte ratios :

    • 12 oz iced latte : 1 shot espresso, 1 ounce liquid sweetener, 8 ounces milk
    • 16 oz iced latte : 2 shots espresso, 2 ounces liquid sweetener, 8 ounces milk
    • 20 oz iced latte : 3 shots espresso, 4 ounces liquid sweetener, 8 ounces milk

    First step is you need espresso, which can be cold OR hot. I brew my espresso right over the ice cubes in my glass. The ice helps to cool the espresso down and the cubes dont seem to melt too much since theres only about 1 ounce of espresso in each shot I make.

    Looking For Iced Latte Recipes Be Sure To Check Out My Iced Vanilla Lattes And My Iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes

    How to make iced coffee with Nespresso machine

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    With the weather warming up, were coming into iced coffee season! Are you an iced coffee or cold brew lover?

    Or are you like me and iced lattes are more your thing? If I had my choice and an unlimited amount of funds, Id be rolling through the Starbucks drive-through every morning for an iced vanilla latte.

    Buuuut man are they expensive! Over $5 for a grande at Starbucks now? Sheesh!!

    It costs me less than $2 to make the same size iced vanilla latte at home. This is why I want to show you how easy it is to make an iced latte at home!

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    Key Takeaways On Making An Iced American

    Brewing up an iced Americano is an excellent way to take your espresso-infused coffee elixirs to the next level! Whether youre looking for something chilling and subtly sweet to sip on to beat the scorching summer heat, or are looking for a way to impress your coffee-loving friends with your at-home barista skills, theres no better drink to try your hand at than the classic iced Americano!

    Iced Vanilla Coffee Latte Recipe

    Iced Vanilla Coffee Latte Recipe Using Nespresso easy to make, sweet, flavorful and refreshing. Perfect for summer!

    Original recipe shared in May 2014. New photos added May 2018.Its been pretty nice and hot for the last 3-4 days and I think its time to start making iced coffee.I made an Iced Vanilla Coffee Latte using my Nespresso Coffee Machine.

    This recipe is a great alternative to hot latte in the summer time.

    Super easy to make, all you need is ice, milk, nespresso coffee, vanilla, sweetener and whipped cream.

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    How To Make Iced Coffee

    Nespresso Vertuoline available at Target, Macys and in Brown Thomas in Ireland.

    ___________________________Home is where the good coffee is.___________________________

    Youll know from all my social media channels that I have a slight, OK huge, love for coffee. I honestly think it was my first Summer in NYC which really started it all off. New York can be tiring, to say the least, so coffee becomes an essential. While I was working from home last year in Ireland, I was lucky enough to have a Nespresso machine in our house. I got it as a Christmas present and honestly never looked back. When moving to New York, I did actually contemplate bringing it with me but then realized that my suitcases were already chocker-block. Oh and by then, my whole family had become obsessed with this coffee tooso they were having none of it.

    Penneys/Primark Ice Cube Tray // Sur La Table Mason Jar // Straws

    Fizzy Iced Long Black

    Coffee!! I have a few minutes to make myself a good coffee and have it ...

    Sometimes, you deserve to have a fizzy and fruity morning drink to kick-start your day. Imagine that being your morning coffee? With your Nespresso Vertuo machine, its easy to get creative and change the way that you imagine your coffees.

    You should enjoy following this simple recipe more than you think you will.


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    Cons Of Purchasing A Nespresso

    • Price: This machine is not cheap like a traditional coffee maker. Its not even as cheap as most Keurigs. The machine I have, which comes with the Aeroccino, retails for roughly $180.
    • Exclusive Pods: You cant purchase Nespresso pods anywhere like you can with Keurig pods. Because of this, I normally purchase my Nespresso pods on the Nespresso website or Amazon.
    • Non-Organic Pods: As far as I know, Nespresso does not sell organic coffee pods. For some people, this is an absolute deal breaker and I completely understand why! Purchasing organic coffee is always best! If you want to keep your coffee organic, this may not be the machine for you.

    My favorite way to make iced coffee, you wonât believe how easy it is to make! Iced coffee? What? Itâs cold where youâre at? Hold on a sec

    Recently, Nespresso reached out to me, actually twice and said they wanted to send me a new VerturoLine machine to try out. The first time I said no thank you and and the second time, I almost said no. I have been curious though because I know some Nespresso diehard fans. I told them, Iâm a fan of another single serve coffee machine and weâll see if I like theirs too.

    Iâll tell you why I fell in love with this machine. The coffees taste fantastic. The machine automatically shuts off when you donât use it, you donât have to remember to shut it off.

    And be sure to check it out, Iâm giving away a Nespresso machine too!

    Whats A White Americano

    A traditional Americano recipe uses only espresso shots and water. The dark espresso taste can be hard too intense for some coffee drinkers so some people add o sweeteners or milk to their Americanos. A white Americano is one of these variations.

    Its similar to a classic Americano, but it is topped with milk, hence the white in its name. The addition of milk creates a lighter and creamier drink, making it easier for those who find the espresso taste too strong.

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    Can You Make Iced Coffee With Nespresso

    Pour a shot of espresso over ice after loading your Nespresso machine with one of the capsules youve chosen. It is best to serve your drink cold and ready to drink once it has been finished. Its possible that the drink tastes a little too intense, but you can adjust it by adding water or cold milk to the glass.

    Vanilla Custard Pie And Caramel Cookie Pods


    If you have a sweet tooth, then Vanilla Custard Pie and Caramel Cookie pods are for you. It just has the right amount of sweetness you will like in your coffee.

    Caramel pods do not have any artificially added sugar. It has a perfect mixture of medium roasted coffee beans with caramel notes. The sweetness all comes from the roasted coffee beans.

    If you want to prepare an iced latte Nespresso, you can mix the caramel coffee with milk. If you want to make it sweeter, you use sweeteners like caramel syrup.

    You wont like Vanilla Custard pie and Caramel Cookie pods much if you like low sugar. They have already added creamers. It is for bonbon lovers.

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    How To Make Iced Coffee With Nespresso

    Enjoying a cup of Nespresso iced coffee is a necessity on hot summer days. Many people enjoy this drink because of the delicious taste combined with the coolness of the ice.

    So do you know how to make iced coffee with Nespresso at home? This article will help you make your own delicious coffee cups with very simple steps. Lets get started!

    Recipes And Tips On Creating The Best Cold Caffeine Kick

    Nothing quite compares to the cool, refreshing and creamy taste of a delicious iced coffee when the warm weather arrives. With summer approaching, well show you how you can turn your Nespresso machine into your very own iced coffee maker and discover a whole new world of icy cold caffeinated drinks at home.

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    How To Make An Iced Latte At Home Perfectly Goodhousekeepingcom

    Nespresso Canada: Limited Edition Capsules Inspired by Australian Iced ...

    Most people fall into one of two coffee categories: iced lattes in summer or iced lattes all year long. Whatever your allegiance, it pays to know how to make a great one at home. Its a simple drink: Just espresso and milk over ice. But do you need an espresso machine? Should you froth your milk? Whats the perfect ratio?

    The experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab can answer all these question because theyve tested and tasted to find the best methods to make espresso, cappuccino, hot lattes and more. Theyve evaluated pour over coffee makers, single-cup brewers, drip coffee makers, portable coffee makers for camping, cold brew coffee makers basically all types of coffee makers. And theyve tested machines with all the bells and whistles as well as stand-alone coffee grinders and milk frothers.

    DeLonghi Barista Partner Simon-Pierre Caron, co-owner of Café In Gamba, in Montreal, Quebec is also shareing his tips for making a great iced latte at home.

    Read More + Read Less

    Prep Time: 0 hours 5 mins

    Total Time: 0 hours 5 mins

    Ice cubes

  • Fill a 10-oz glass with ice cubes. Add the milk.
  • Top with the espresso.
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    How I Make My Iced Coffee At Home

    March 1, 2022 By Stephanie Hope

    I get asked a lot on Instagram how I make my coffee every single time I post a photo of it. I figured it would be easiest if I make a quick blog post about it so its always available for you to look back on! If you know me, youd know that I have a huge obsession with iced coffee. I mean, I have practically made it my entire personality. Ill drink iced coffee in the middle of winter and be perfectly happy while I shiver, taking tiny sips and enjoying every ounce. So, lets break down how exactly I make my iced coffee at home.

    What I Use For Coffee

    I recently splurged and got myself the Nespresso Vertuo during black Friday and it was the best purchase I have made for myself. Before that, I was using a regular Keurig machine with the latté maker attachment. It was great but it didnt make cold foam, so it was hard to make iced coffee with it. Now, I use the Nespresso pods and Aeroccino to make my drink. My go-to espresso is the Melozio Decaffeinato. It makes 7.77 ounces which fits perfectly in my cup!

    How I Make It

    The first thing I do is add a Torani syrup of choice to the bottom of my coffee mug. Then, Ill pour the espresso over it and stir. The reason I dont pour the coffee into my glass cup already is that the sudden temperature change can cause the glass to break and I dont feel like tempering my cup every morning.

    Best Nespresso Coffee Pods To Use

    This is the most important part of this iced coffee recipe. You will need to choose your favorite coffee pods of Nespresso to use. But what if you dont have any experience with Nespresso pods? This is where I come in.

    Because of the amount of milk used in this recipe, you want to pick a Nespresso pod with a good amount of flavor in it.

    The coffee pods that I recommend for this recipe are the coffees that have been dark roasted.

    These coffee pods start from level 9 of the intensity scale of Nespresso. Choose an espresso variant for this recipe to really give that amazing iced coffee feeling.

    If youd like to use a Lungo pod instead of an espresso coffee pod, please feel free to do so. But be careful with the amount of milk youre going to add.

    The Lungo pods will produce more coffee than the espresso pods, and you might want to add less milk to balance it out.

    Also, make sure the Lungo coffee pods are strong in flavor. You need to balance the flavors between the milk and the coffee a bit.

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