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How Long Should Coffee Table Be

Make Your Coffee Table Wider

How To Build A Coffee Table By Bending Plywood !

The quickest fix for a coffee table that is not wide enough is to add another table on the side of it. This will increase the tables area until you find a long-term solution in the form of a larger coffee table. If you are able to find a table that is similar in height and color to your existing coffee table, that would be ideal.

To make your makeshift table look more put together, you could put a mat over it to cover up the separation between the two tables.

Do I Need A Coffee Table

When it comes to needing a coffee table, we do not think having one is necessary. With that said, adding a coffee table to your living room is an investment in your home and will be a great place to rest your feet.

If you arent into side tables or console tables, we think a coffee table is a good addition to your living room.

How Long Should A Coffee Table Be

The question of how long should a coffee table be is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Before you get started, you might want to ask yourself if this is really a piece of furniture youre going to enjoy having for a very long time. Do you like to play chess with your coffee table? Do you like to read your books on it? Do you like to put magazines on it? Or do you prefer to put your feet up on it occasionally?

Be aware of the Height. There is nothing worse than a coffee table that is either too short or too long. To make sure that you truly feel comfortable in your lounge, choose a coffee table which is the same length as the highest cushions on your sofas or one up to 2 inches longer. Coffee tables which are too short to create a feeling of claustrophobia and can make it difficult to comfortably get around the room. On the other hand, coffee tables that are too long to create a feeling of emptiness and as a result, many people find themselves looking for bigger areas to stretch out.

The width of coffee tables table area is also an important factor. You definitely do not want your living room to look cramped. Many people actually prefer wider living spaces simply because it makes the house appear homey. Therefore, make sure that the coffee tables which you are considering do not exceed the width of your sofa.

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Noguchi Coffee Table Dimensions

This one is a classic countertop designed with two irregularly cut id wood interlocked supporting a 1.0cm thick glass tabletop. The base wood comes in cherry, walnut, black, and white ash colors. As for the dimensions, the Noguchi coffee table is 50inches in length, 36inches in width, and 15.75inches in height. It will look beautiful in spacious living rooms.

From Other Large Items

How Long Should A Coffee Table Be : What Is the Average ...

Keep the coffee table from turning into an obstacle in the room by allowing at least 30 inches of open space between it and other pieces of furniture. In narrower rooms, this space can be sized down to 24 inches.

Keep an open space of 12 to 18 between a coffee table and the sofa. Allow 24 to 30 between the coffee table and TV stand.

Having all the necessary measurements will make finding the right coffee table a breeze. It will be the perfect accessory for your living room, giving everyone a place to set down their drinks. Or even prop their feet!

If you have recently purchased a coffee table, wed love to hear about your experience. Use #MyAshleyHome on to possibly see your space shared on our feed. You can also find more adorable ways to decorate your space by browsing our boards.

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About Coffee Tables: Whats The Big Deal

When it comes to furnishing a home, individuals thoughts tend to be directed at the most important pieces of furniture. These normally include items such as beds, mattresses, dressers, dining room tables, and sofas. While these are certainly very important pieces of furniture, theres more to furnishing a home than just these items. Furniture such as coffee tables can also help to create the right look in your home. Not do these tables serve as nice additions to your homes furnishing, but they are also functional. In other words, they dont just sit there and look pretty you can also put them to good use!

So, whats the big idea? Whats so special about having a coffee table? Well, we have already mentioned the fact that coffee tables can add a decorative element to a room. But, theres more where that came from!

Coffee tables can sometimes provide extra storage, depending on the type of table you purchase. A coffee table can also offer you or your guests a place to hold food or drinks while enjoying time in the living room, perhaps while watching TV or relaxing on the sofa. Finally, these tables can sometimes serve as areas to display family photos or hold reading materials such as books or magazines!

Can A Coffee Table Be Higher Than The Couch

The key thing to remember for this question is that a coffee table should not be too short since it will compel you to bend every time you have to get something from the table and not too high that it will look more of a countertop than a coffee table.

To get the best coffee table height in relation to the height of your couch, your coffee table should not be 4 inches lower or higher than the couchs cushion.

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Length Of The Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table with an ideal length is important too. Using one that is too long can obstruct or restrict movement inside the room. While a shorter one may be insufficient to support the objects that you need to place on it.

To get the ideal coffee table length for your home, pick one that is about 2/3 the length of your sofa.

For example, if the length of your sofa is 72 inches, then the ideal length for your coffee table is around 48 inches.

Using one that is close to the recommended length is preferable. It will allow people to reach things and walk around the room with ease and comfort.

How Big Should A Coffee Table Be

How to Build a MODERN Round Wood Coffee Table

Your home would not be complete if you dont have the right coffee table to match your existing decorations. A Coffee Table is great for entertaining guests and displaying your books and arts. It serves as a place to rest your tired feet and relax after a busy day at work.

So how big should your coffee table be? A coffee table should be big enough to be positioned 12 to 18 inches away from all adjacent sofas and chairs. It should be 2/3 the length of the adjacent sofas. The height of the coffee table should match the height of the sofa cushions.To better understand, let us first define what a coffee table is. And then we can discuss in detail how you can find the perfect coffee table for your home.

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The Width Of Your Main Couch

The width of your prominent couch gives you yet another guideline for choosing a coffee table that isnt too small. If you have an extra-wide 96 couch, a 20-inch wide coffee table would not only look odd, but it wouldnt provide much in the way of functionality.

When youre entertaining guests, and everyone is seated, if your coffee table is only a fourth of the width of your couch, only a couple of your guests will have access to the table. This is precisely why the guideline mentioned earlier is so important. If you are using your coffee table at all, it should be large enough to get some use out of it.

Conversely, if you live in a small apartment or studio and your couch is small, you can get away with a small coffee table. In cases like this, you may not need to worry at all about whether your table is too small- the concern then is to make sure the couch is small enough to fit within your space.

Coffee Table Buying Guide

  • Look for a coffee table around 40×60. Go up or down in size based on budget, availability, and your actual room size.
  • Measure everything! Use a free floor plan app to drag and drop furniture in and compare scale or hire a local designer!
  • Search for real wood rather than wood veneer.
  • Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are great options for finding a treasure in budget.
  • Vintage and antique shops may have great pieces hiding :).
  • If your budget is tight, try buying 2 smaller square tables and placing them side by side!

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Tips For Decorating A Room With A Small Coffee Table

Even if you know that your coffee table is too small, there are some things that you can do to make your small coffee table work. The following list will give you some helpful tips:

  • Ensure balance. If your coffee table is small and you have no intention of purchasing another one, you can change up other parts of your living room to help with balance. For instance, you can incorporate side tables on the side of each of your couches, or you can bring in other pieces of furniture to fill in empty space.
  • Mind your rug. If your coffee table is small, make sure that you havent paired it with an oversized rug. Your coffee table and rug should be proportionate. Choose a small-to-medium rug to draw attention away from the fact that your coffee table is small.
  • Create a multi-piece table. Who says that you cant have multiple coffee tables? If the one that you have is too small, you can add one right next to it or in front of another couch .
  • Push your furniture closer to the table. Furniture does not have to be against a wall. If your tiny table is far away from your furniture, this can look awkward. Moving your furniture closer to your table can make your room decor feel a lot more cohesive.
  • Choose a smaller couch. Addressing the scale of your furniture can make a lot of difference. To make your existing table look larger, you can consider pairing it with smaller furniture. For instance, a loveseat would look much better with a tiny coffee table than a traditional sofa would.

Where To Get A New Coffee Table

How Long Should A Coffee Table Be : What Is the Average ...

You can go to one of the following stores to find a new coffee table without breaking the bank:

  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Your local furniture store

If you take a few minutes and browse the available options, you could find a new coffee table that is the right size for an affordable price. The best thing about going to a physical store is that you can see the table in-person. However, online shopping gives you many more options than youd find in any one furniture store.

When shopping online for your new coffee table, its critical that you look at the tables specifications and measurements. This is the part that you should spend the most time on. If you misread the length, width, and height of your coffee table, you can end up with a table small enough to fit in a dollhouse.

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What Is The Average Size Of A Coffee Table

You need to know the average size of a coffee table for you to avoid cramping up the living room. The average size of a coffee table is between 36-48 inches in length and 18-24 inches in width.

Or just keep in mind that the average size of a coffee table should not be more than 2/3 of the length of your couch .

Strike The Right Balance

Another handy rule to follow when choosing a coffee table is its “weightiness.” In other words, it should complement the other furniture in the room to make the space feel proportional and balanced. What does this all mean? If your sofa has high skinny legs, consider a table that’s solid all the way to the ground or has shorter chunkier legs. On the other hand, if your sofa has no visible legs, choose a coffee table that has higher skinnier legs. An interior designer once told me that when a room feels too “leggy,” it doesn’t feel as groundedand it’s something that’s never left me.

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What Size Coffee Table Should I Use With My Sofa

The answer to this question depends upon the size of the sofa as well as the additional seating furniture that is paired with the sofa. You want the coffee table to be proportional to sofa yet allow for enough walking space within the seating area.

A good rule of thumb is to have the table at least 2 feet shorter than the length of your sofa. This will allow a foot on either side of the sofa to serve as an adequate walkway. Scale is important but dont obsess about the actual measurements!

Additionally, when purchasing a coffee table keep in mind the style of your sofa in order to create a balanced look. If you sofa is heavy looking and hovers just above the floor, you may want to opt for a lighter leggy looking table to open up the space. Likewise, if your sofa has turned legs and a lot of detailing, a blocky wood table that is solid to the floor might work best. You want the table to compliment the sofa and not compete with it.

What Size Should My Coffee Table Be Versus My Sofa

How to Make a Coffee Table

Your new coffee table deserves to be shown off in the very best light and ensuring it is the correct size, shape and height for your living room will do just that.

When choosing a new coffee table, one of your main considerations should be its size in relation to the height, width and length of your sofa.

If your coffee table size is nothing more than afterthought, it will be glaringly obvious, and you run the risk of it either dwarfing your sofa or rendering your coffee table unnoticeable.

Coffee Table Size Guide

Although there is no standard sofa size, depending on how many your new sofa is going to seat, common sofa sizes range from around six to eight feet.

Likewise, there is no standard coffee table size, but the general school of thought from designers is that your new coffee table should be roughly half to two thirds of the length of the sofa.

Although this is a good guide, you also need to take into account the size of the room a small living room might look great with an oversized sofa, but could be better suited to a pair of side tables rather than a central coffee table.

If you have two sofas or a large living room with lots of seating, a pair of matching coffee tables can work better visually than one large coffee table.

Coffee Table Height

Coffee Table Positioning

Aim to leave at least 16-18 inches all around the coffee table for ease of manoeuvring around it. In smaller spaces, a coffee table on wheels is a good flexible option.

Coffee Table Shape

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Where To Shop For Coffee Tables:

  • Restoration Hardware: I honestly really like RHs coffee tables. I think theyre beautiful, the right size, and I love their wood finishes. For what they are, I also think theyre pretty affordable. If you have an outlet near you, you can find great coffee tables at a great price!
  • Big Box Stores: You can find beautiful coffee tables from big box stores by using their filtering systems. Just select 48+ to browse through the larger options.
  • Utilize your favorite interior designers shops! Its like free design advice! Theyre essentially telling you: this is the good stuff. Read More: How to Shop for Furniture Like an Interior Designer
  • Search Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist
  • Browse local antique stores .

Ikea Lack Coffee Table Dimensions

This one is a hard-lined coffee table available in white, black, and dark brown color. It is ergonomic, complete with shelves for you to keep the magazines. It is designed by IKEA Sweden. As for the dimensions, the IKEA lack coffee table has a surface area of 55cm, a length of 35 3/8 inches, and a width of 21 5/8 inches. For the height, it stands at 17 ¾ and is a good pair to sofa cushions of the same height or up to 19 3/4.

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Heres All You Need To Know About Your Coffee Table Dimensions

A good coffee table is a vital piece of furniture. It enhances the look of your living room and gives it great functionality. A good coffee table in your seating area helps add a comfortable vibe to your home, and it serves several functions, which is why getting the coffee table dimensions right is vital.

You can use the coffee table to serve drinks, place a laptop to relax your feet, and even play fun games. There are several different designs and coffee sizes of table sizes available. Creating a functioning living room with a great coffee table is essential. You should consider several factors before choosing the right kind of coffee table for your living room.


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