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How Much Caffeine In Zevia Cola

Is Zevia Bad For You

Zevia: Mountain Zevia, Dr. Zevia, Cola, Caffeine Free Cola Review

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Zevia soda has a good demand in the market where people are trying to find zero-calorie drinks for themselves. Many keto practitioners too are leaning towards Zevia soda for cutting calories from their drinks.

Probably you might be one having Zevia regularly! So, it gets important for you to know- Is Zevia bad for you? Or is it healthy?

In order to make the correct decision for you, we will take the following steps into our account:

  • Review the ingredients present in Zevia.
  • Look whether any one of its ingredients has side effects or do they harm you anyway.
  • Does it provide any additional benefit compared to other zero-calorie drinks?
  • Excited! Lets dive in.

    What You Will Learn?

    What Is The Best Rum And Coke Ratio

    There more than likely is a perfect ratio of rum to coke for this cocktail.

    However, it is important to make this recipe your own, meaning you can find your perfect ratio. Of course, we provide a recipe and recommendation, but you can find your ideal portions.

    The good news is, using these ingredients, you can basically create whatever ration you want without having to worry about adding carbs.

    Zevia Products Are Sugar

    Well, this is a good start. For years, sugary foods have been frowned upon.

    These days, with the rise of the Ketogenic diet, sugar has become nigh on a swear word, and a large number of people are looking for the words sugar-free before they buy any food or drink.

    However, the aversion to sugar is not unfounded.

    There is plenty of research on the topic, and high sugar-intake is widely considered to be a contributing factor to many health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and tooth decay.

    So, not using sugar in their soda is a point in favor of Zevia being considered healthy.

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    Calorie Carbohydrate Protein And Fat Percentages Of Beverages Zevia Cola Caffeine Free

    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contains 1.13 grams of carbohydrate, 0 grams of protein and 0 grams of fat. It consist of 100% carbohydrate, 0% protein and 0% fat. 100% of total calories of the food are from carbohydrate, 0% are from protein, 0% are from fat. 100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free is approximately 0% of daily carbohydrate needs, 0% of protein needs and 0% of fat needs of an adult consuming about 2000 calories of energy a day. Recommended percentages are 50-55% carbohydrate, 15-20% protein and 20-30% fat. Total nutrition content should be close to these percentages for healthy eating.

    What Clear Soda Has Caffeine

    Zevia Cola, 16 FO (Pack of 12)

    Guarana, mountain due and sunkissed are all caffeinated, but not dark. Tab Clear was clear and caffeinated. And Red Bull tend to be clear. Caffeine adds a certain bitter flavour to a drink thats why caffeine free coke doesnt taste as good.

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    How Much Caffeine In Mountain Zevia

    Mountain Zevia contains 55 mg of caffeine in one can .

    Mountain Zevia 55mg 4.58mg/fl oz

    In comparison, a 12 fl oz Diet Mountain Dew has 54 mg of caffeine and a Mello Yello Zero has 51 mg of caffeine in the same size.

    The caffeine in Mountain Zevia is high for a soda. However, its caffeine is much lower than many energy drinks and coffee products. For example, a brewed coffee has approximately 144 milligrams of caffeine per 12 fl oz. A Monster Energy has about 120 milligrams per 12 fl oz.

    Mountain Zevia Ingredients:Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, Caffeine.


    Nutrients In Beverages Zevia Cola Caffeine Free


    0 kcal


    1.13 gr

    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contain the 0% of your total daily needs: 1.13 grams of carbohydrates.


    Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free is sugar-free

    Dietary fiber

    Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free is fiber-free


    6 mg

    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contain the 0% of your total daily needs: 6 milligrams of Sodium.


    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contain 98.9% of water, 98.87 grams.


    Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free is protein-free

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    What Is Zevia Soda

    Categories Soda

    We all know that as tasty as sodas are, they are not all that healthy for us.

    Most brands have come out with healthier alternatives to their original drinks.

    However, these are primarily sugar- or caffeine-free and still contain a lot of other ingredients like artificial colorants.

    Now, however, you may have been hearing about a relatively new range of healthy sodas called Zevia.

    So, what is Zevia soda?

    Zevia soda is sold in the USA and Canada, and it comes in a range of flavors.

    It is a zero-calorie soda sweetened with stevia.

    It doesnt contain artificial ingredients.

    It is technically healthier than many of the mainstream brands as it isnt bloated with many of these other artificial ingredients linked to coloring, preservatives, and artificial sweetening.

    Whether you have just heard of Zevia soda and you want to know what it is, or you are interested in just how healthy the soda is, then this article has got the answers you are looking for.

    When Will Coke Zero Be Back

    Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Cola & Caffeine Free REVIEW 4 alternative to drinking Soda’s

    As of August 2020, there is still no resolution to the aluminum shortage. The high demand for sodas at home has permanently increased the worldwide need for aluminum for cans. As long as more people are out of work or working from home the demand will stay high. It will likely take several years for the worldwide supply of aluminum to increase to meet the demand.

    The artificial sweetener shortage has just started in mid-Summer 2020. Factory disruptions in China have caused the supply of sweeteners to be unpredictable. Most factories making sweeteners have reopened but no one is sure that they will remain open. They will also need to catch up with the demand which has remained constant.

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    Beverages Zevia Cola Caffeine Free Nutrition Facts

    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contain 1.13 grams of carbohydrates, is fiber-free, is protein-free, 6 milligrams of sodium, and 98.87 grams of water

    100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free contain 0 calories, the 0% of your total daily needs.

    Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free have 0 milligrams of Cholesterol and 0 grams of fat.

    Zevia Products Do Not Contain Caramel Color

    Here is another ingredient with mixed opinions.

    When caramel color is manufactured, a byproduct known as 4-MEI is produced. In 2007, reports were issued by the National Toxicology Program indicating that 4-MEI increased the incidence of tumors in mice.

    This caused some agitation in society as the widely used colorant was branded a potential carcinogen.

    However, according to the FDA, the mice in the study were exposed to much larger amounts of 4-MEI than humans are exposed to through the consumption of caramel-color-containing foods and drinks.

    As with GMOs, if you are against caramel color, then Zevia ticks another box for you.

    If you have no problem either way, then this is not a factor for you.

    Zevias take on the matter is, why include it? And, they have a pointthere is nothing wrong with a clear soda.

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    Can I Use Something Else Besides Zevia

    My Opinion and More: ZEVIA ZERO CALORIE SODA

    You can, yes. As mentioned above, the reason we use and suggest Zevia is due to the fact it has the fewest amount of artificial ingredients and no artificial colors. Of course, this doesnt make for the greatest pictures

    However you can easily use other colas for this recipe. Do, however, make sure you have used them before and they dont slow your progress or knock you out of ketosis.

    A few suggestions for a cola replacement you might use are:

    • Coca-Cola Zero
    • Diet Pepsi
    • Diet Rite

    You might have regional brands in your area that would work, so make sure you to check the canned drink aisle at your local grocery to see.

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    Is There A Coke Zero Shortage In 2020 Discontinued

    You havent been able to find Coke Zero at the normal places. Supermarkets have been sold out and some online stores are out of stock. Youre wondering if they stopped making it. What is going on?

    Coke Zero has not been discontinued. Increased demand for sodas at home has created a shortage of aluminum for cans. In addition, there are disruptions in the supply of artificial sweeteners caused by COVID-19. These issues are causing a temporary shortage of many canned beverages.

    Know The Types Of Rum

    While some may only be acquainted with certain brands or types of rum, there is actually a large range.

    The three most popular types of rum are: gold, white, and dark.

    Light rums are: clear, have no distinct flavor, usually used in cocktails, and are aged at least a year. These make a great rum to use in your rum and coke!

    Gold rums are: golden in color, have a spicy/smoky flavor, can be used in mixed drinks but often drank by itself, and are aged for several years.

    Dark rums are: deep in color, very rich flavor, matured for many years.

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    Zevia Products Are Naturally Sweetened

    Almost every sugar-free product out there on the market is still sweet, but how?

    The sweetness in these products comes from sugar substitutes.

    Many of these are artificial sweeteners.

    The FDA has approved certain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose, for use in foods as an additive.

    However, there is still some uncertainty regarding how healthy these substances really are, and many people prefer not to ingest artificial sweeteners.;

    On the other hand, stevia is a natural sweetener and has received the classification of GRAS from the FDA.

    Stevia sweeteners are obtained from the stevia plant, which originates in South America, and it is the sweetener of choice in Zevia products.

    So, according to the FDA ratings, stevia is considered to be a healthier option, but be aware that the acceptable daily intake of stevia is 4 mg per kg of bodyweight.

    Zevias Nutrition Facts And Ingredients: Can I Have Zevia On Keto

    Zevia: Cola, Cream Soda & Dr. Zevia Review

    Latest updates;

    We dont give up. We dont want to give up our favorite carbonated sodas.

    So why should we?

    When we first began our keto journey, the first drink we went to, other than water, was a soda. Theyre addictively refreshing, curb our sweet cravings, and are conveniently packaged.

    After finding out about the bad side effects and additives in the most popular diet sodas, such as Diet Coke, we decided to venture down a path to find the perfect keto-friendly soda.

    Thanks to the surge in popularity of the keto diet, many companies have been trying and trying to make a keto-friendly drink.

    Believe it or not, we found it. Zevia . This canned, heavenly, fizzy beverage simply replaced all bad diet sodas for us and helped relieve us from sugar withdrawals.

    The best part?

    Keep reading to find out. We dont want to give you any spoilers!

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    Zevia Soda Nutritional Content

    We know youre wondering where we are pulling out all of these amazing facts from, right?

    Why dont we prove the praise behind Zevia soda using some facts?

    Zevia soda contains absolutely no calories, fat, net carbs, and protein. It only contains 45g of caffeine.

    Sounds too good to be true? Lets look at the ingredients behind this glorious drink.

    • Carbonated Water
    • Caffeine

    Does anything stand out to you?

    Thats right. The typical artificial sweeteners used in most diet sodas are not present in Zevia.

    Does this make Zevia healthy? Can I drink multiple cans per day?

    Sweeteners In Zevia: Are They Keto

    As you have probably guessed from its name, Zevia is an allusion to the sweetener used in its products, Stevia.

    Stevia is a natural sweetener used in most keto-friendly drinks and desserts. It is extracted from a plant called the Stevia Rebaudiana.

    Stevia has been used commonly as a replacement for normal sugar and is about 30-150 times sweeter.

    Stevia is the most popular keto-friendly sweetener for these three reasons:

    • Zero carb
    • Glycemic Index 0

    What does this mean for you?

    As discussed in previous articles, the glycemic index tells us the likelihood of food to affect our insulin and blood sugar. Given that the glycemic index of stevia is zero, this means that it will NOT cause a change in our blood sugar and alter our state of ketosis.

    Why is that? How can we eat something that gives us no calories?

    Simply put, the active ingredients of stevia, stevia glycosides, cannot be metabolized by the body and so are not broken down into calories!

    The only downside of stevia is that there have been reports of an unpleasant aftertaste which the other ingredients in Zevia can alleviate.

    So whats the catch?

    Guess what? There isnt one!

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    Zevia Products Are Non

    Zevia has received its verification from the Non-GMO Project.

    GMOs are genetically modified organisms and are a controversial topic, so we are not going to dig too deep here.

    If you consider GMOs to be harmful, then knowing the drink is as GMO-free as the Non-GMO Project is allowed to claim will be a point in favor of Zevia being healthy.

    If you dont consider GMOs to be harmful, then this point is not going to sway you. ;;

    What Is Zevia Cola

    Zevia {Review & Giveaway}  Brigham Knows Best

    Zevia was launched in 2007 as an alternative soft drink for those who want to avoid both added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Zevia colas contain no carbohydrates and are sweetened with liquid stevia.

    There are multiple flavors of Zevia soda including grape, cola, and orange. There are fourteen flavors of the beverage in total.

    Zevia is often a keto/low-carb go to because it contains a small number of ingredients in comparison to other diet soda. Secondly, it contains no artificial colorings, making each flavor completely clear.

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    Minerals In Beverages Zevia Cola Caffeine Free

    The body uses minerals to perform many different functions -from building strong bones to transmitting nerve impulses-. Just like vitamins, minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy.

    Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free got no minerals.


    6 mg

    Sodium works in close association with chlorine and potassium to ensure a proper fluid and electrolyte or pH balance in our body. Sodium also plays a special role helping in the nerve transmissions, muscle contractions and hydration.In 100 grams of Beverages, ZEVIA, cola, caffeine free, you can find 6 milligrams of sodium. It provides the 0% of the daily recommended value for the average adult.

    Total Fat


    0 mg

    Is Zevia An Intelligent Choice For Zero Calorie Drink

    Which zero calorie soda is best?; Is Zevia better than other zero-calorie drinks? Such questions are quite obvious to arise while selecting your drink!;

    Some other zero-calorie drinks popular in the market are- Coke Zero, Fresca Original, Pibb Zero, etc. These sodas use Aspartame as their sweetening material while Zevia uses Stevia as its sweetener. Lets see some major points of difference between aspartame and stevia.

    Both aspartame and stevia are 200x times sweeter than sucrose or table sugar. Aspartame is an artificial sugar whereas stevia is a natural sugar. As stevia is natural, it is very less likely to cause any side effect while aspartame may lead to an increase in insulin and glucose level. At the same time aspartame, mostly resembles sugar while stevia has a bit of liquorice aftertaste.

    Takeaways: You may say Zevia an intelligent choice for a zero-calorie drink, as it doesnt use any artificial sweetener or flavoring agent in its product. But you might get to compromise with your taste while going with the same.

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    Zero Sugar Cola Alternatives

    No Coca-Cola fans like to hear this, but the best alternative to Coke Zero is Pepsi Zero Sugar. It really is the second best=tasting cola without sugar youre going to be able to get right now. Pepsi Zero

    Zevia makes a very popular all natural sugar free cola. But, believe me, it doesnt taste anything like Coke Zero. Its got a lighter taste that will take getting used to. But, if you can get used to it, there make a ton of other flavors like cherry cola, ginger root beer, a Dr. Pepper clone, and a bunch more.

    What Is The Ph Of Zevia Soda

    Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Caffeine Free Cola — 6 Cans TASTE TEST FAIL!!

    The pH of Zevias sodas ranges from 2.0 to 4.0.

    The citrus flavors fall in the lower pH range of 2.0 to 3.0.

    According to a tweet from Zevia in response to a customers query, Zevias cola and crème soda drinks have a pH of between 3.0 and 4.0, while the citrus flavors run around 2.0-3.0.

    How does this compare to other brands? Well, A&Ws cream soda has a pH of 3.86, Coke has a pH of 2.37, and Sprite has a pH of 3.24.

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