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What Is The Best Keurig Coffee Pot

Best For Carafe Brewing: Keurig K

BEST 4: Keurig Coffee Maker 2019
  • Single serve and carafe brewing

  • 24-hour programmability

  • Carafe doesn’t stay hot for long

  • Requires regular cleaning

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is the best of both coffee worlds. Not only does it offer the company’s signature single-serve brewing, it also includes a 12-cup thermal carafe for when one cup just isn’t enough. And the options don’t end there. When using the carafe, you can brew 6, 8, 10, or the full 12 cups; when using the single-serve setting, you can fill your mug with 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces. Another handy feature is that the K-Duo Plus can be programmed to brew up to 24 hours in advance, which is a unique luxury among Keurigs.

The K-Duo Plus is a newer iteration of the K-Duothe latter being a cheaper but bulkier option. The two share similar features overall, but the main difference is that the K-Duo Plus has only one brewing spout for both carafe and single-serve. This saves a lot of space width-wise, though users should keep in mind that the K-Duo Plus is fairly tall, so measure your cupboards ahead of time.

Colors: Black | Water Reservoir: 60 ounces | Frothing: No | Strong Brew: Yes | Dimensions: 14.19 x 7.68 x 15.88 inches

“Not only is it so easy to use and set up, but it also makes good coffee and comes with several extras such as the auto-brew feature and the movable water reservoir.” Cheyenne Elwell, Product Tester

How Do I Clean My Keurig

Regularly cleaning your Keurig device is the best way to ensure consistent long-term performance. Common issues that arise from lack of upkeep include: the device dispensing too much or too little coffee; coffee grounds ending up in your cup; the water not getting hot enough; and the machine not turning on at all.;

Descaling is the most thorough cleaning process for a coffee maker. This is where users remove the mineral residue that builds up inside a machine where it has been contacted by water. The first step in descaling is to empty the water reservoir. Second, pour a mixture of descaling solutionthis can be a product specifically sold for coffee makers or just vinegar you have at homeand water into the reservoir. Third, run the brew cycle until the reservoir is empty and the Add Water light turns on. Finally, its important to rinse or hand-wash various parts of the machine to remove any leftover vinegar or descaling solution. Keurig recommends descaling once every three to six months.

Aside from descaling, users should regularly disassemble and clean individual piecesthe reservoir, lid, mug holder, pod holder, get the best results from their device.;;

How To Care For And Maintain A Coffee Maker

It’s essential that you know how to clean a coffee maker so that all your brews can taste as fresh as the first one. You’ll find a quick rundown here, but if you need to know how to clean a Keurig we’ve got even more tips for you as well.;

  • To avoid a stale-tasting brew, start with cold water and fresh-ground coffee. ;
  • Don’t overfill the basket with coffee grounds. If you add too much, the grounds can overflow and clog the machine.;
  • Regularly clean all the parts of the coffee maker that come into contact with coffee grinds. The grinds leave behind an oily residue that builds up over time and affects the taste of the coffee.;
  • Run a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water through the machine to descale it, or prevent build-up of mineral deposits that can clog the device and slow the brewing time. If you’re waiting longer than usual for your Java to be ready, your brewer is overdue for a descaling.

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Find The Best Keurig Machine For Your Everyday Needs

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong

Keurig is one of the most recognizable names in coffee. Known for its array of pod-based machines, the company helped spark the 21st-century wave of single-serve brewing.

These convenient coffee makers can be found everywhere from offices to dorm rooms, and the collection is extensive enough to suit a variety of needs. Some machines are designed to save space on cluttered countertops. Others come with milk frothers to craft lattes and cappuccinos right from home. Keurig now even produces its signature K-Cups for more than just coffee drinkers, with myriad options for tea and hot chocolate.

Here are the best Keurigsjust pop in a pod and go.

Are Expensive Coffee Makers Worth It

Keurig K250 Single Serve, K

Some of the best coffee maker brands charge incredibly premium prices for their creations. It should be noted, though, that some expensive coffee makers might not necessarily be worth it for the everyday consumer. Prices that range up to $600 or $700 often focus on flexibility and precise control over aspects of brewing like temperature, steeping times and intensities, bloom and grind density.;

If you’re looking for a pro barista grade experience, these more expensive coffee maker options can be well worth their price. However, if you just need a quick shot to get you up in the mornings, we’d recommend steering clear of these more premium devices.;

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How Many Times Can You Use A K

Listenwe know sometimes money gets tight and buying K-Cups can get expensive, but listen to us closely when we say this:;you can only use a K-Cup one time. Though it may be tempting to try to squeeze another cup of joe from the coffee grounds in your used K-Cup, they are only designed for single use; use them any more than that and youll end up with a cup full of flavorless murky water. Gross.;

Best Thermal: Cuisinart Dcc

  • Hot plate with thermal carafe

  • Leaky carafe

  • Difficult to remove carafe lid

This petite coffee maker from Cuisinart has a four-cup carafe so you can make enough coffee to share or enjoy by yourself, and it has a pause feature so you can grab your first cup before the brewing is done. An indicator light lets you know that the coffee maker is on, and the warming plate turns off after 30 minutes, so you dont have to worry about it burning if left unattended.

While it doesnt have as many features as larger coffee makers, users say that it makes a good cup of coffee. The carafe is made from stainless steel, so its unbreakable, while the knuckle guard keeps your hands from the hot pot while you pour.

Grounds or Pods: Grounds | Capacity: 4 cups | Dimensions: 5.25 x 8 x 10 inches | Warranty: 3-year limited| Wattage: 550 | Voltage: 110 to 120

  • No automatic shutoff

  • Water tank prone to leaking

While brewing coffee with pods is certainly convenient, it can quickly become expensive. This slim 5-cup brewer solves the issue by letting you use your;favorite coffee grounds instead of pods. Other perks include a removable water tank for easy filling and a keep-warm plate that can be turned on and off with a side-located switch.

Grounds or Pods: Grounds | Capacity: 5 cups | Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 10.6 inches | Warranty: 1-year limited | Wattage: 650 | Voltage: 120

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For Convenience And Ease Of Use

If you really want a machine thats quick, simple, and pod-based, we would recommend buying a Nespresso. While most Nespressos make concentrated, espresso-like drinks rather than a big cup of coffee, the cheapest Nespresso we recommend can make a drink called a lungoan espresso made with double the amount of waterfor people who dislike the strength of espresso. And our upgrade pick can brew two sizes of Americanos, a diluted espresso drink more similar to coffee than an espresso. Nespresso machines also work well as coffee machines in Airbnbs or rental units because theyre easy to use and require very little cleanup. Nespresso drinks taste more watery and bitter than espresso from a coffee shop, but theyre still stronger and more flavorful than anything that comes out of a Keurig. If you like both Keurig and Nespresso, the Instant Pod will make both.

How We Picked And Tested

Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker! (Quick & Easy)

Keurig has two lines of coffee machines: the classic line and the 2.0 line. The only meaningful difference between the lines is that Keurig 2.0 machines can brew a carafe of up to 30 ounces of coffee using a larger K-Carafe pod. The 2.0 machines also offer touchscreen controls and more options for cup sizes, such as a 16-ounce cup. But the latter feature isnt particularly useful, as we found anything larger than a 6-ounce cup of Keurig coffee so watery as to be undrinkable.

Keurig 2.0 machines scan the lids of the cups to ensure they accept only 2.0-compatible Keurig pods, shutting out the third-party pods that erupted on the market after the K-Cup patent expired in 2012. People dislike the 2.0 brewer because of the newly incompatible pods, but the machines have stuck around because they offer the option to brew a full pot.

To test the machines, we made drinks of every possible size using different brands and blends of pods available on the Keurig site.

For our 2020 update, we tested the Instant Pod 2-in-1 Single Brew Coffee and Espresso Maker, a machine from the makers of the Instant Pot that can brew both Nespresso and Keurig pods.

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Keurig With Milk Frother

The $199.99 Keurig K-Cafe is the only model with a built-in milk frother that allows you to froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The K-Cafe has 4 coffee sizes: 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces, plus the Shot button for lattes. The machine also has a Strong brew option.

The milk frother can do hot and cold froth so you can easily make iced lattes as well. Read full review

While its considered to be the only Keurig that makes espresso, this is not completely true. You should know that Keurig K-cafe doesnt make a real espresso but uses regular k cups to make a really concentrated brew very similar to espresso.

Best Budget: Black+decker 5

A small, affordable coffee maker, this doesnt have a lot of frills, but it still makes a good cup of coffee. The carafe holds five cups, so you have plenty of coffee to last the morning, or to share. It operates with a simple on/off switch that lights up to let you know that the coffee maker is on. The hot plate will keep the carafe warm as long as the coffee maker is on, but there is no auto-off feature.

The carafe is designed for ergonomic handling and drip-free pouring, so you wont make a mess, and the lid is completely removable for easy cleaning when the coffee is gone. If you cant wait for the first cup, this stops the brewing process, so you can pour a cup without making a mess. A permanent filter is included, so youll never need paper filters.

Grounds or Pods: Grounds | Capacity: 5 cups | Dimensions: 7.25 x 8.2 x 10.75 inches | Warranty: 2-year limited | Wattage: 650 | Voltage: 120

“Considering the good drip coffee it makes, as well as its compact and storable size, youre really getting a good deal on this little guy.” Cheyenne Elwell, Product Tester

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How To Choose The Right Keurig Coffee Maker

Not all Keurig brewers are created equal. While the overall technology may be the same, some Keurig machines are suitable only for home use while others are only necessary to have if theyll placed in a slightly busier location, like a hotel lobby or office break room.With that said, here are our top picks.

Good Alternatives To Keurig Coffee Machines

7 Best Keurig Coffee Makers (Reviewed Oct. 2018)

Discover 6 good alternatives to Keurig coffee machines here. People love Keurig. Its easy, convenient and the k-cup maker is almost every coffeeholics dream. But you have other options these days .

Im somewhat of an expert on single serve coffee makers . Ive tested many models over the years and am an avid coffee drinker.

Keurig has been the leading single serve coffee maker brand since 2003. While many know that Keurig was founded by two former;college roommates who; decided to create an excellent cup of coffee with a revolutionary brewer, not everyone knows that they just looked up a Danish-English dictionary and chose the wordkeurig just because it means excellent. In fact, they were so dedicated to achieving excellence that Sylvan had a case of caffeine poisoning while testing out their prototypes.

People love Keurig. Its easy, convenient and the K-cup coffee maker is almost every coffeeholics dream. However, these days there are many alternatives to Keurig coffee machines. Some use K-cups while others dont. Our list below includes a variety of options. Its not that Keurig machines are bad ; its just good to know your options.


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How To Clean The Needle On A Keurig Coffee Maker

Since we all know that Keurig is one of the most popular and demanded coffee maker machines globally, approximately 30 million people own and use Keurig inside their homes and offices; like all coffee machines, proper cleaning and maintenance should be proper one of its priorities, making it long-lasting. Perhaps, Keurig needle can be clogged with dirt and many more, which makes the Keurig coffee maker brew only halfcups of coffee or start to leak coffee. Cleaning your Keurig needles should not take more than 5 minutes because its an easy and fast process. After cleaning and unclogging your needles, your Keurig coffee maker is ready to run like a new one again if you follow the steps provided here.

The Machine Isnt Brewing

If the machine isnt brewing properly, you must first think about cleaning it properly. A machine that hasnt been cleaned properly for a while will usually stop working properly. So, clean the machine and descale it before you use it again. This should solve your brewing problems with ease.

You should descale the machine every six months. However, if the water in your area is harder, you should do this exercise every three months. If the machine is still not working, clean the filter of the machine once again and then switch it on. Your machine should work like before.

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Keurig K150 Brewer Commercial Brewing System

Lets start with the Keurig K150, a simple but versatile single-cup brewer ideal for small offices and business waiting rooms. Its smooth, clean interface is easy for customers to navigate, and it offers 5 cup sizes from 4 to 12 ounces.

A large 90-ounce reservoir limits the number of times youll have to fill it throughout the day. The reservoir is removable, too, making it easier to fill from a sink or water cooler. You can also put it in quiet spaces without it becoming a distraction since it doesnt make a lot of noise when its brewing.


  • Not as many brew adjustment options

Compare All Keurig Models: The Complete Guide

Keurig K-Cafe Review and Demo

Keurig coffee makers are a mess-free and fast way to brew up a cup of coffee, but with so many models to choose from it can be tricky to find the right one for your home or business. Luckily for you, were here to help! Weve researched every Keurig model and compared their specs and features in the article below. Youll also find some helpful tips for maintaining your Keurig once you have it!

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How Much Coffee Is In A K

Each K-Cup holds between 10 to 12 grams of coffee , or roughly two heaping tablespoons.

For a dark, bold roast, this is enough to make;one decent 6-ounce cup;of coffee. You can get away with using 8 ounces of fluid for the coffee, but you will dilute the flavor of the brew. Thankfully, the richness of the dark, bold roast will prevent severe dilution.

For a lighter, milder roast, youre at risk of ending up with too-diluted coffee if you brew with more than six fluid ounces. Youre better off using K-Cups to brew espressos or cappuccinos where the extra strength of the roast and the reduced water usage produces a more robust, better-flavored brew.

Which Keurig Is The Best And How To Choose The Right One For You

Wondering which Keurig is the best? We put just about every Keurig home brewer to the test to find the best model out there.

Coffee is about convenience now.

Keurig was amongst the first brands to introduce capsule machines, which have changed the way traditional drip coffee is made. Single-serve coffee make is a great choice for anyone who wants a quick, easy way to make a variety of coffee drinks, but doesnt want to brew a full pot.

If you like the convenience and speed of brewing coffee directly into your cup, you want to brew different types of coffee, or maybe your family or friends have particular preferences for coffee, Keurig is for you. There is no wasted coffee since youre brewing one portion at a time, and youre always guaranteed a fresh coffee right when you want it.

However, not Keurig coffee makers are created equal. So, we;put just about every Keurig home brewer to the test to find the best model out there, and help you find the one that will make you happy.

Things to consider when buying a Keurig

The water tank: Consider how often you brew the coffee. A large water reservoir means less refilling.

Size: Keurig machines come in different shapes and sizes, so its something you should also think about.

Options: Think about cup sizes, strength control, auto ON or if you want to also froth the milk.

Speed: Some models need to heat the water for each cup, while others reheat the water between brews in 30 seconds.

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