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How Much Is Coffee At Aldi

Bachelor On The Cheap

Aldi Coffee Pods : Refilling and Price Comparison

Back in May of 2019, I completed a hazelnut flavored coffee challenge, in search of the best one. I’ve since found another one to add to the list. Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee, available at Aldi, is definitely a coffee you should consider. Costing me $3.79, that’s a VERY Bachelor on the Cheap friendly price and this coffee rivals what I determined to be the best available back in May – Seattle’s Best – which costs $4.99 for the same amount of coffee. Despite being a light roast Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee gets 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars and is most worthy of a repeat buy.

Coffee Challenge

Like so many working stiffs, I’ve GOT to have my coffee in the morning to get jump started. Traditionally, I’m a Folgers Classic Roast kind of guy and I doctor my coffee with some hazelnut flavored creamer. So no, I’m NOT a coffee snob. I don’t do the whole beans and a coffee grinder thing, screw that, buying ground coffee works just fine for me.

Here’s the list starting with the worst Hazelnut coffee of the lot. Figuring into the evaluation was price, aroma, availability and most importantly, taste.

Dunkin’: Over-priced and disappointing. The coffee delivers on the nutty flavor and it’s a smooth taste, but I will say the coffee as prepared per the package instructions brews up rather weak. The instructions recommend 1-1/2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water, I recommend two.

And the top Hazelnut flavored coffee is……

Can I Recycle Aldi Expressi Coffee Capsules

ALDI previously offered a recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle, however the program reached capacity earlier than expected and is currently not available. ALDI is exploring options to expand its recycling program and has said that it will update customers once the program has been finalised. Alternatively, the supermarket recommends you check with your local recycling authorities to ensure that the capsules meet their standards. Youll need to thoroughly remove all traces of coffee before recycling the pods.

Barissimo Fair Trade Single

I was excited when Aldi first started offering Fair Trade coffee. I was even happier when they added two single-origin, organic Fair Trade varieties in the Barissimo line: one from Peru, and one from Honduras. The packaging tells you that the Peruvian coffee comes from the San Pablo Estate and the coffee from Honduras is grown in the Montecillos region. Having never been to either place, that doesnt mean much to me, but it might to a more refined coffee connoisseur.

Single-origin organic Fair Trade certified coffee is the holy grail for people like me who love coffee but worry about both pesticides and poor labor practices. In a word, modern hippies. Both of these varieties meet those standards and for a great price . They are both good medium-roast varieties, but with slight differences in taste.

These are packaged as whole bean coffees, but you dont have to own a coffee grinder to get them to the right consistency. Ive had good success using my food processor as a grinder. You can also use a blender or grind by hand by putting the beans in a bag and rolling it with a rolling pin

I use a French Press, so I need a fairly coarse grind larger pieces than pre-ground coffee provides. If you use a drip machine, you need to grind it much more finely. However you brew your coffee, refer to your machines manual to know exactly how course or fine your grind should be.

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What Does Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee Mean

Fair Trade coffee must fulfill the standards set by a particular Fair Trade organization that is certifying them.

Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions, and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.

Certified USDA organic means that all steps between the farm and the store have been verified organic. Organic certification requires that farmers and handlers document their processes and get inspected every year.

Both of the coffees claim to be committed to product quality and environmental care. They also focus on improving their communitys quality of life by providing educational scholarships to children of workers families.

The Best Aldi Coffee You Can Buy

Top Ten Things to Buy from Aldi

Aldi, the German-owned budget grocery chain, is known not only for its low prices but for offering an intriguing variety of specialty items kind of a discount Trader Joe’s, which isn’t that shocking once you realize that the two chains actually . While Aldi can be a fun place to pick up luxury items like imported chocolate and specialty cheeses, it’s also a great place to stock up on staples such as coffee.

Aldi offers a fairly extensive selection of different types of coffee, so if you’re a real java junkie you may just want to try them all. If you’re only in the market for one bag of coffee, and you want the best of the best, here are our top picks.

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We Tried Every Aldi Coffee And Found The 5 Best

Whether we brew our own coffee or grab a cup at our corner café, we end up dropping a pretty penny on our caffeine addiction. Thats why we turned to Aldi, where a 12-ounce bag of beans retails for about $4 on average. We methodically brewed and tasted our way through the 15 different varieties available at Aldi year-round to bring you the crème de la crème.

Aldi Introduces New Coffee Brand

On its Facebook page, Batavia, Ill.-based ALDI Inc. introduced a new brand of coffee called Barissimo. The brand’s line is said to be made from 100 percent premium Arabica beans. The coffee line includes single-serve, ground and ready-to-drink .

The single-serve cups come in flavors such as Donut Store Blend, French Vanilla, Dark Roast and Hazelnut. They retail in a 12-count box priced at $4.79. The ground coffee comes in Fair Trade Medium Roast, Fair Trade Dark Roast, Caramel Crème, Cinnamon Spice, Morning Roast, Donut Store Blend, French Vanilla and Hazelnut varieties. It varies in price from $3.99 to $4.99 for a 12-oz. bag. The RTD coffee, meanwhile, comes in a French Vanilla iced coffee format and retails for $1.19 per 9.5-oz. bottle.

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Beaumont Coffee Classic Decaf + Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel Creamer

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We mainly drink half-caffeinated coffee in the morning and are disappointed we cant purchase this at Aldi. However, we also keep decaffeinated coffee around for other occasions that arise, because a cup of decaf coffee is perfect on a cold winter evening. Desserts such as pie or a sticky bun just demand to be accompanied by a cup of coffee, no matter what time of day they are eaten! As we live in a rural community, home-baked versions of these and many other desserts are readily available, and we find that Beaumont Coffee Classic Decaf and Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel Creamer pair well with these sorts of goodies.

Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee From Aldi

Aldi Espresso Blend Ground Coffee Review.

But first, coffee? Oh, we get it. Everything’s a little blurry before that cup o’ joe brings it all into focus… until the afternoon slump hits, and it’s time for a shot of java again. That Starbucks habit is getting a little pricey, though, isn’t it? Even if you’re forgoing the frothy, flavored drinks in favor of some basic brew, your starting price is around $2, depending upon your location same with Dunkin’ . Considering that 64 percent of Americans have at least one cup of coffee a day , and that the average American spends $1,100 on coffee a year , we probably could stand to find a more affordable way to caffeinate ourselves… aside from drinking less of the stuff .

Good news! Aldi’s coffee is much more affordable than a ‘Bux visit, and java junkies think it’s on par with Starbucks and DD… and maybe even better. A coffee-addicted couple who didn’t have time for their usual morning to-go cups made themselves some Aldi German Roasted Regular Ground Coffee in a moment of pure desperation. The result, reported in The Kitchn, was, “it blew our minds!” Reddit is filled with similar stories: “I’ll never buy Starbucks beans again!” raved user playback0wnz.

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Aldi Coffee Makes Fewer Cups Than Advertised: Class Action Lawsuit

Two consumers have filed a federal class action lawsuit claiming Aldi coffee doesnt make as many cups as is advertised on the products labeling because the packages are underfilled.

Eileen Brodsky of New York and Rhonda Diamond of California both say theyve purchased Beaumont Coffee products from Aldi grocery stores and found them to contain less coffee than the coffee labels say they should. Beaumont is Aldis house brand of coffee.

Brodsky says she bought a canister of Aldi coffee that was packaged with a label indicating it would make 210 6-ounce cups of coffee. One tablespoon of coffee would make one 6-ounce cup.

The package only ended up having 137 tablespoons of ground coffee in it, though, she claims.

That equates to a 35% difference.

Diamond, meanwhile, says she bought a 90-serving container of the Aldi coffee at her local store, but only ended up getting 64 cups of coffee out of it meaning the package was underfilled by nearly 28%.

Lawyers for Brodsky and Diamond filed a class action lawsuit on their behalf Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Aldi Inc. and the two coffee roasting companies that supply the ground coffee, Coffee Holding Company Inc. and Pan American Coffee Co. LLC, are named as defendants.

In July, a woman filed a class action lawsuit against the Kroger grocery store chain in federal court in California for allegedly misleading consumers about the amount of coffee in its ground coffee packages.

Aldi Has Cheap Coffee For Your French Press Coffee Maker Or Keurig Or You Can Buy Their Expressi Machine

Forget how do you take your coffee how do you make your coffee? French press, old-school Mr. Coffee, or a pop-in-a-pod method like a Keurig? There really isn’t an answer to this question that won’t result in you finding a great buy on a solid brew from Aldi. If you grind your own beans which you can do with a food processor if you don’t own a coffee grinder you can find Fair Trade whole beans at Aldi for $4.99 that will rock your world . Ground coffee options range from flavored to light and medium to a robust, dark roast that actually does not taste burnt, all for $4 per 12 ounces .

If you own a Keurig machine, you’re likely used to paying 60 cents to $1 per K-cup for Starbucks . Aldi’s SimplyNature Organic brand of K-cups gets a thumbs up from coffee lovers and is around half that price .

Now, if you really fall in love with Aldi coffee, you might want to consider investing in Aldi’s version of the Nespresso machine, which they call Expressi and only accepts Aldi coffee, espresso, and milk pods designed for this high-end espresso-making contraption at $149, it’s half the price of Nespresso, and is “barista quality,” per Yahoo! Finance.

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Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel Creamer

Now we come to what I truthfully view as the most important part of a cup of coffeethe creamer! While I am pretty laid back about my coffee itself, I happen to be quite particular about what goes IN my coffee. I was first introduced to the daily habit with Peppermint Mocha, and I can make do with French Vanilla, but it never feels like MY coffee until I have Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel. At Christmas this year, I was quite excited when my sister-in-law showed up with a brand-new bottle, so we didnt have to go without while visiting our parents!

Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel creamer comes in a 32-ounce container with the traditional spout for a coffee creamer and sells for $1.79 . The label claims 35 calories per 1-tablespoon serving, and I need about that much per 6-8 ounces of coffee. Used this way, this container allows for 63 servings.

Yes, I know the ingredient list contains many, many things I cant identify or even pronouncebut health reasons or the lack thereof are not why you should include this creamer in your daily coffee. Use it because it is a perfect balance of sweet, cream, and the slightest bit of salt to keep the sweet from being overpowering.

What I like best about Friendly Farms Vanilla Caramel creamer is that I have been unable to find anything comparable anywhere else. It really surprised me that no other national brands appear to offer a similar flavor.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap

New Mummy

One of the things I appreciate about Aldi is how consistent they are with their pricing. When it comes to items like their coffee cups, all of which come boxed in packs of 12, no matter the flavor or coffee type, the Everyday cups remain $3.55.

Walmart sells their own coffee pods under the store label Great Value. Their 12-packs sell for $3.92, and it must be said that their variety is much greater, with more like 15-20 different kinds.

Wegmans also sells their own store label coffee pods, for just a few cents more than Walmart, at $3.99 per 12-count. Wegmans also has a terrific variety, over 20 different types of Wegmans pods alone, including multiple flavors and roasts, and even an organic option .

Aldi coffee pods are cheap, cheaper than their competition by at least 37 cents.

However, other grocery stores very likely have many more options, as I didnt even include the name brands like Starbucks , Dunkin and McDonalds .

And to really drive home how cheap Aldis pods are, consider your typical coffee order from Starbucks $4? $5? More? For one coffee. The pods come out to 30 cents each!

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Introducing New Aldi Barissimo Coffee Line + Reader Giveaway

Hey coffee lovers Aldi is introducing an all-new line of Barissimo premium coffee products made with 100% premium arabica beans. You may have formerly known these products as the Beaumont Coffee products brand, but they transitioned to the new Barissimo brand in early 2015. The taste and pricing remain the same just the name and packaging are different.

The Barissimo line features nine bagged and single serve coffee items, along with additional seasonal and Special Buy items that will be available for a limited time. These are the current items selling under the Barissimo brand:

    • Ready-to-drink Iced Coffees $1.19
    • Whole Bean Coffee $3.99
    • Fair Trade Coffee $3.99
    • Donut Store Ground Coffee $3.99
    • 12 oz. Bag Coffee $3.99
    • Assorted Flavored Coffee $4.99
    • Flavored Coffee Cups $4.79
    • Regular Roast Coffee Cups $4.79
    • Specialty Roast Coffee Cups $4.79

Prices based on retails on 1/7/2015. Prices subject to change and may vary by store location.

Reader Giveaway:OVER But you can enter to win the Cross Country Cafe Giveaway below!!One lucky Thrifty Jinxy reader will win a three-month supply of Barissimo coffee. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 3/16/15. Good luck!

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines

Aldis Everyday coffee pods are not compatible with Nespresso machines, which are used to brew espresso at home. Nespresso is owned by the Nestle company, and while their machines are popular in Europe, they havent quite caught on as much Stateside.

Aside from fit issues, Aldis Everyday coffee pods have the wrong type of grounds in them to be used in a Nespresso machine.

While the Everyday pods dont fit in Nespresso machines, Aldi did release coffee capsules in the U.S. that were made for them, as part of their Specially Selected label. These Aldi Finds were available in a few different flavors and cost $3.49 per box.

However, noted that they were having a difficult time finding them Ive never seen them in stores, so perhaps it was a Find that didnt catch on.

Finally, because Nespresso machines are more popular abroad, the European Aldi stores carry espresso pods as part of their Everyday lines. These sell under the label Alcafe.

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Gender And Vulnerable Groups

A key element of the project is to ensure that coffee cultivation is seen as an attractive proposition for female farmers and young workers. The project funds group workshops and trainings to equip young people with knowledge in agroecology and the ability to generate income from activities such as running composting facilities and selling compost to local farms.

There are far fewer female than male coffee farmers in Honduras, and women are less likely to have seats on management boards. Self-organised and financial independent female coffee traders are not automatically accepted. The project enables capacity building for womens groups in coffee production and income diversification. This leads to a higher representation of women in cooperative decision-making bodies, and more young women are given positions of responsibility, e.g. accountants, agricultural advisors, and quality controllers.

Sourcing Fairtrade certified coffee promotes gender equality and non-discrimination also in a number of additional ways. The Fairtrade smallholder standard for instance has the following requirements:

  • No tolerance of gender based violence and other forms of violence
  • Identification of disadvantaged/minority groups
  • Development and implementation of a gender policy by every cooperative
  • Implementation of activities to improve the social and economic position of identified, disadvantaged/minority groups by every cooperative .

Barissimo Fair Trade Certified Organic Honduras Coffee

Aldi Espresso Coffee Beans Review.

The Honduran coffee is also a medium-roast, but the flavor is less complex than its Peruvian cousin. It has a slight chocolate undertone, but overall, the flavor is a little darker and significantly plainer it reminds me of Folgers coffee. Its a passable medium-roast cup, but its not very interesting. Ive tried it with cream, and it doesnt significantly change the flavor.

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