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How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

How To Create An Elegant Coffee Table Vignette

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table In 4 Easy Steps | #AskKat | InStyle
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For a while, my coffee table served as a racetrack for Hot Wheels and a village for Little People. As my boys have gotten older, however, Ive managed to make this coffee table look grown-up again! Now, with the help of some blogging friends, Im sharing tips on how to create an elegant coffee table vignette so you TOO can transform your family room.

Think Beyond Just Looks

The look of your coffee table styling is vital, but you have to think of the other senses. Weve covered having tactile items you want to touch, but also consider scent. A fragrance candle is the easiest way to do this. I include a candle in most of my clients coffee table styling scenes. It also introduces a nice circular shape to the scene.

Heres my top 18 Aussie candle brands here if you need some ideas.

Fresh Flowers Are Your Friend

This is the number one thing I heard from designers when it comes to coffee tables. According to Abbe Fenimore, an age-old styling trick is to add fresh flowers. They will instantly add life and soften up the area, she notes. Fresh flowers also appeal to all five senses and can be changed with the seasons. Peddicord suggests to create a foraged look for fall.;

Photo by Cary Hazlegrove; Design by;Holly Lydick;for;H. H. Lydick Interiors.

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Bring The Outdoors In

To capture the farmhouse aesthetic, bring the outdoors inside by adding greenery to your coffee table styling either cut flowers or potted plants work for a refreshing feel. Wooden décor also provides a natural touch. Accessorize its surface with elements that provide a welcoming feel a simple engraved vase with a few fresh flowers or a lantern displaying small pillar candles provides a homey vibe.

Use Curves To Create A Contrast

5 Useful Tips When Decorating Your Coffee Table  2 Ladies ...

Cortney Bishop’s living room styling tips focus on making spaces feel comfortable and one way to do that is to incorporate a seating plan that centers around a coffee table. Choosing a round coffee table is a clever styling trick just as with a circular dining table, it encourages sociability in a space.

To boost character, go vintage: ‘Vintage is gold. Give the people something to talk about and incorporate something unique that no one else will have,’ advises Cortney.

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Pop Of Colour In Neutral Colour Scheme

If your entire living room is made up of a single colour or a couple of neutral colours you may want to switch it up just a little bit with a modern coffee table decor. Make sure that your drapes and rug match the decor of the rest of your room so that the centerpiece of your coffee table can stand out that much more.

On the smooth white table place a single elaborate vase with a bright bouquet of red tulips so that you have a hint of nature in your otherwise very contemporary living space. Dont add any other decorative pieces to distract from the decor of your room.

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Buying A Coffee Table Tips

  • Look for a coffee table that is about 2/3 the length of your sofa.
  • Rule of thumb height should be around 17 to 18.
  • When measuring, leave enough space between the table and sofa for your legs .

Now that you have your coffee table, what do you do with it? Coffee tables started out in the past as tea tables and were actually for taking tea! These days coffee tables are often the center of the room arrangement placed in between the sofa and occasional chairs. They are used more for random family objects as a catchall, or putting our feet on when relaxing. But they can look nice and lovely, especially if you add the simple element of a tray!

Small Table Simple Decorating Idea

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

If you are using a really small round table and want to make it more homely, you could try downsizing your decor so that it looks cohesive with your table. Use small throw pillows on your couch along with a muted throw cover over for a cozy inviting look. Instead of a vase, put your small flower bouquet in a votive or mug.

Keep your table items in a wicker basket to discourage accidental spillage and make cleaning easier too. Use the shelves available in your table for tea pots and other utensils you wont require the entire time you are using the table.

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Maximize Texture And Shape

If you love a cohesive scheme then incorporate your coffee table into it seamlessly. Clara Ewart, head of design at London-based interior studio, Kitesgrove explains why:

Coffee tables work most effectively when they coordinate with the room scheme so they do not appear too dominant within the space. We often choose coffee tables with more neutral tones made from natural materials such as marble and timber. Coffee tables need to be durable as well as providing space for more decorative elements such as books, trays and objets.

The more minimal you keep the styling in this instance the better a tray and two different sized bowls that pick up the colors from the cushions and side table are all you need.;

Reflecting Tulips In A Modern Living Room

When going for single style flower arrangements for your coffee table decor with not much else around it, I have noticed that tulips make fantastic flowers to display. Depending on the rest of the decor around your living room and the coffee table itself, choose the style of vase you want to display.

For a dark wooden coffee table with a reflective glass top, you might do well to choose a clear glass vase for minimum fuss. It allows you to show off the healthy tulip stals and the soft white colour of the tulips are easily reflected to different angles. This type of arrangement also frees up the rest of the table for you to easily entertain your guest around with some wine. Simply put, this is an elegant display.

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The Number One Best Coffee Table Accessories You Can Collect Are Trays

A tray works like magic to corral all the other accessories you will put on your coffee table! And it gives the things you will put on your table some boundaries.

Trays are usually inexpensive and having a few different types of trays will give you lots of variety when you style a coffee table!

Yes, you can style a coffee table without a tray, but a tray adds so much texture and our eyes love trays!

Styling A Coffee Table With No Tray

5 Useful Tips When Decorating Your Coffee Table  2 Ladies ...

With round coffee tables, it sometimes can be easier to not use a tray. This allows you to still have room to use the coffee table without being restricted with the perimeter of a tray.

Notice I use objects that repeat colors that already exist with the other decor in the room. This repetition of color is a fundamental principle of interior design. Think of it as every color needs a friend, somewhere in the room.

Notice, I use the same elements and principles as I did when I used a tray, but now my placement can be relaxed and spaced out a little. I like to keep 3 groupings for a round table so it feels balanced.

To recap: gather all your decor items for table styling in one place, focus on having 3 different heights of your objects, choose a tray with a different material than your coffee table, select a tall object, pick a short object, add greenery, and finally add a sculptural object. With this no-fail method you will have a beautifully styled coffee table!

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+ Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

The coffee table is the centre of your living room where all the real action happens. How you design the space on your coffee table and the area around it sets the tone for the whole living room. So it is natural that it should be as inviting as possible. The different coffee table decor ideas can help you create the perfect vibe that you desire. It will help you set the right mood for your guests and any visitors that you might entertain, since it is the first place they see and sit around.

Your coffee table is also the place to showcase your style and ability to create a beautiful and extraordinary tablescape. Using different objects vases, trays, books, centerpieces, sculptures, you can create a story for your room that allows your narration to flow. Creating different heights and adding texture to your coffee table will create dimension and depth to your living room.

Below are some coffee table decor ideas for you to use the next time you are styling your own coffee table so you can add charm and exquisiteness to your living space.

It is the point that usually ends up holding all your essentials like the remotes and magazines.

Objects For Decorating Trays On Coffee Tables

  • Flowers, plants or greenery
  • Personal momento or souvenir
  • Seasonal decor

A room that I dont show often! In our family room, we have a vintage wood shop check-out table from a friends store. Years ago I cut the legs down to coffee table size and painted/distressed it with milk paint in blue and white. I love the rustic look paired with the modern leather sectional, old floral oil painting in a barn-wood frame and modern gold swing arm light fixtures. The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug and this room serves as well as a family with 3 dogs. To decorate the wicker coffee table tray I placed a book, a simple water bottle with a cutting from our tropical garden and a favorite candle. A vintage 40s piece of white pottery holds the tv remotes and a conch shell that we retrieved diving on a Caribbean trip sits next to it.

Most likely your tray wont take up all of the real estate on your coffee table and will leave room for other groupings. Use similar principles of layering and remember that less is more in styling.

Some of my favorite coffee tables

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Bright And Chic Metallic Decor

For a dark coffee table set in a living room that also has a rich and dark colour scheme, bring in some light with some bright metallic decor. You want to complement your centrepieces in such a way that it brings everything together so that there is enough balance of different shades and colours.

Place a large rough edged contemporary dish on your polished table top so that reflects the image off for a mirrored effect. Inside your dish, continue with the theme of bright metallics by adding some candles with metallic sheen and another in a white holder.

Add some foliage too with a novelty reflective vase housing some shoots of money plant or other large leafed plants.

Appeal To All Of The Senses

How to Decorate your Coffee Table| Easy Tips

Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey believes that the best coffee tables appeal to all of our senses.;They are tactile and include items we can touch; they include things that smell wonderful like candles or scented wax sculptures; they have a small vessel for your favorite candies, and they are also visually interesting. Pro tip: Look for pieces that double as conversation starters.

Photo by Lesley Unruh; Design by;Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey;for;SCW Interiors.

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The Basics Of Coffee Table Styling

August 20, 2020Rachel

Today Im also joining 4 of my friends as part of our monthly, Simply Home Series. We are all sharing our favorite tips for styling and sources for coffee table decor. Be sure to check them out at the bottom of this post!

Artfully decorating a coffee table elevates the style and feel of a living space. It adds layers and textures to a room in a small scale, but really makes a room look put together and intentional.

There are many ways all kinds of designers will style a coffee table, but over the years I have learned combinations and a method to the madness that works for me.

The first thing you want to do is gather all the smaller decor items that could possibly work to decorate your coffee table. Pictured above is items I pulled around my house so I could look at everything in one place. Anything that wasnt in the color palette of the room I was working in, I excluded.

Minimal Christmas Coffee Table Decor

Create the perfect rustic farmhouse aura with holiday decor. Keep the christmas coffee table decor minimum so that it stands out among the rest of your festive decorations. Stack the sofas with plenty of white fluffy cushions having different textures to add dimension to your seating area.

For your rustic wooden coffee table, use a metal rack kind of tray to place all your miniature faux pine trees all in different heights and decorations that you can find and dont add anything else. Keep space all around the table to be able to place mugs and coasters during the holiday get together.

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Looking for inspiration?

Add Books To Your List Of Coffee Table Accessories

39 Coffee Table Decor Ideas

No wonder some books are called coffee table books. Books are amazing filler and perfect risers. And of course they are also great to read!

Stack books in or along side of your coffee table tray and you have an instant paring that looks balanced and beautiful!

But dont let a stack of books stand alone. Add the next smart element that every table vignette should have

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How To Style A Coffee Table: 18 Tips For All Table Shapes

Today Im sharing my 18 insider tips on how to style a coffee table. Its a topic design clients and blog readers are always asking for help with, so I figure now is as good a time as any to jump into this style challenge.

The thing to keep in mind with this topic is that different coffee table shapes will all be styled differently. They have to be because the table top will have different parameters you have to work within. So below I want to outline my general rules when it comes to coffee table styling, and then Ill get more specific around individual table shapes after that.

Place Small Decorative Trinkets

Incorporating smaller decorative objects in just the right size that fill in the gaps will help make the setup aesthetically pleasing. When selecting accessories, make sure you think about the theme of the table overall.;Include a candle, candle snuffer, and box of matches: lighting a candle will make your living room cozier in two seconds.

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Add Some Natural Elements

Whether you prefer moss balls, a potted plant like orchids, topiaries, or flowering branches, they can all go well on your coffee table.;

These pieces of nature are both fantastic looking and can quickly improve your moods and general health.

If caring for a live plant is too much of a hustle for you, then opt for a faux one or an easy-to-care-for plant.

The Inspiration: Coffee Table Tray Decor

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table

This month, our inspiration photo came from Yvonne at StoneGable who shared her Summer Open House Tour. Its a sight to behold!;

Yvonne always has expert decorating tips and interior design secrets on her blog. I promise youll be glad you visited.

In my vignette below, Ill walk through how I took elements from Yvonnes photo and created my own version using items I already had on hand.

Im a big believer in repurposing objects and accents to revitalize your home without spending moola.

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