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How To Keep Coffee Fresh

Can You Refrigerate Whipped Coffee

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh: A 30-Day Espresso Experiment

Can you refrigerate whipped coffee? The short answer is yes. It can be stored in the fridge for a week and still taste great! Just make sure to store it away from other foods since odors can transfer to your drink. However, once the whipped cream has been added, it is best to consume it within a day or two.

To add to this, if you are making cold coffee drinks, it is okay to store them in the fridge for up to a day. For the best results, just make sure to stir the drink well before consuming. Youll need to ensure that the sugar is dissolved!

This is because coffee drinks are made of different liquids. There may be some settling, which can happen over time. This is why its important to stir well before enjoying your coffee drink! If you plan on making additional drinks, it is best to make them fresh.

A Dark Cool Place Is Best

Once you choose the type of air tight container you will use to store your coffee, the next step is to find the perfect spot to store it.

Most of us choose to store our coffee out in the open and close to hand, but in order to ensure freshness, store your coffee away from air, moisture, and sources of light and heat.

Can You Keep Coffee In The Fridge Or Freezer

Theres some debate about frozen beans. You want to use coffee beans as close to the roasting date as possible. So its usually recommended to buy smaller amounts of coffee more frequently, as opposed to bulk buying and throwing them in the freezer.

However, if youre not going to be using your coffee beans for a while, the freezer can be a good second bet. Freezing will help ensure the coffee isnt subjected to high temperatures or moisture in the air. However, keep in mind that frozen coffee beans can lose some of their flavors over time.

Note: Even if youre storing them in the freezer, you want to keep the beans in an air-tight container to avoid condensation on the beans.

The freezers okay, but can you keep coffee in the fridge?

We dont recommend putting coffee in the fridge, because itll be too susceptible to moisture and air. Just like how vegetables go bad in the fridge faster than the freezer, so do coffee beans!

Check out Huffposts opinion piece about keeping coffee in the freezer to learn more.

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General Guidance On Coffee Shelf Life

When stored properly, whole coffee beans and even ground coffee can last for a long time. Since coffee is dry, the varieties you buy for at-home use arent likely to develop mold or other forms of spoiling that stem from moisture.

However, the shelf life of coffee varies by its method of preparation.

In general, coffee that hasnt been brewed lasts longer than brewed coffee. Where you store coffee whether on the counter or in the pantry, fridge, or freezer also makes a difference.

If coffee isnt kept in a sealed, airtight container, its freshness and taste can start to deteriorate. Cold temperatures in the fridge or freezer can affect the taste of dry coffee, but they can also preserve coffee for longer periods.


Properly stored, dry coffee can generally last for a very long time. However, the type of coffee and how its stored make all the difference.

Dont Store It In Glass Jars

How to Store Coffee Beans, Grounds, Brewed, and Instant ...

While it may look pretty in mason jars or glass canisters, you should never store coffee in jars that let in light. That is unless you like stale coffee.

Know what you should do with those glass jars though? Make some coffee extract! Learn how in this article: How to Make Coffee Extract for Flavoring.

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Freeze An Entire Pot Of Coffee:

Just like freezing coffee in an ice cube tray, you can also freeze an entire pot of coffee in a plastic carafe. This would make it easy to prepare a large batch of iced coffee or, even hot coffee if you want to reheat it in a microwave or even gently on a double boiler.

Store your coffee in the freezer some kind of airtight container or jar. Then, 12 hours before you wish to serve the coffee, move the coffee to the fridge. Your coffee will be cold, liquid, and perfect tasting.

The Best Way To Store Coffee To Keep It Fresh

The best way to store coffee for the ultimate freshness is just as important as that first cup in the morning. Nothing is worse than going in for that first sip only to be disappointed with the taste and flavour.

Yes you can store coffee to keep the freshness going for weeks or months after the purchase, but how do you do that?

Here are our top tips for keeping coffee fresh and the best ways to store it.

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How To Keep Coffee Fresh At Home

How to keep coffee fresh at home?

Coffee tastes good when fresh. So how do you keep it at home so it stays fresh forever?

There are many tips and tricks, but some of them do more harm than good. Read on to find out why we need to store coffee properly. How to keep coffee fresh at home and important tips to get the best coffee.

You Might Want To Leave The Coffee In The Bag

How to Keep Coffee Fresh With FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Oxygen is the ultimate enemy of coffee beans, which is why most bags of coffee nowadays feature a small valve hole. This one-way hole is for de-gassing carbon dioxide to escape , and doesnt allow oxygen into the bag. This means that the bag is primarily filled with carbon dioxide making its way out of the bag, and very, very little oxygen.

According to Giuliano, the carbon dioxide in the bag even acts like a blanket to cover the beans for oxygen, and that even if youre re-opening the bag to make coffee, you arent losing much carbon dioxide. If you dump all the beans into a new container which contains oxygen you are basically disposing of that valuable C02 blanket, and replacing it with oxygen-containing atmosphere, Giuliano said. The effect of vacuum containers which remove the air from the interior of the canister, like Fellows new Atmos canister, remain untested, according to Giuliano.

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Store Ground Coffee Instead:

If you are worried that cranking up your favorite coffee grinder will wake the dead at the crack of dawn, you grind a whole batch in advance. While it is true that ground coffee loses flavor after a couple of hours, there are some ways to get around this.

To store ground coffee, simply store them in a tight airtight container away from sunlight. But how to store brewed coffee grounds? There are lots of things you can do with used coffee grounds like using them in a compost bin or repurposing it as a body scrub.

Place your used grounds on one or two sheets of kitchen towels. Squeeze out any moisture left in them. Then leave them to dry out on the counter, on a windowsill, or even out in the sun if thats possible.

The key to storing the coffee grounds properly without them going moldy is to dry them as thoroughly as possible. Then store them in a freezer or fridge in some kind of airtight container.

Is The Roast Date Important

How long is it going to last?

The bag is what matters. Or rather, based on how your beans are packaged, they can remain fresher for a longer period of time . In fact, paper design bags with thinner lining will not last long. You will be able to consume it in a week, but it may taste sour after that.

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Director Of Training Michael Phillips On Keeping Your Coffee Fresh

Coffee storage is one of the perennial topics of our industry, and its an issue we take very seriously.

And why wouldnt we? Whether youre tearing open the new single origin that just arrived in the mail, or standing in the doorway of one of our roasteries, the smell of fresh-roasted coffee remains one of the worlds most distinctive in our humble opinion, its also one of the best.

Ensuring our beans retain their freshness is a priority in our cafes, and we want you to be able to enjoy them at home for as long as you can after theyve been roasted . Though we offer basic coffee-storing tips on our website, we asked Michael Phillips, Blue Bottles Director of Training, to add some depth.

Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

How to keep coffee fresh...air tight container, such as a ...
  • Unopened, in Pantry: 12-24 months past best-by date
  • Opened, in Pantry: 6-12 months past best-by date

Whole coffee beans will last a lot longer than ground coffee. However, because the roasting process uses heat, it triggers a chemical reaction that causes the natural oils to start breaking down. Like with ground coffee, roasted whole beans will still eventually go bad.

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Valve Sealed Is Better Than Vacuum Sealed

Valve sealed is more effective for maintaining bean freshness because of the process used. Coffee beans that are vacuum-sealed have already sat around and lost some of their flavors before the vacuum sealing process begins.

I personally tend to buy my coffee beans loose and keep packets as a back up for occasions when I run out.

Forget The Freezer This Is How You Should Be Storing Your Coffee

Stop putting your coffee in the freezer. Storing coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the best ways to keep your coffee fresh with no hassle.

When it comes to storing coffee, everyone has their own opinion about how to do it best. Some people keep the coffee in the can or bag and leave it in the cabinet. Some vacuum seal it and throw it in the freezer. Some never give it any thought at all.

It doesn’t have to be overly complex. This is how you should store coffee.

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Which Coffee Storage Option Works Best For You

Its no secret that for the freshest tasting coffee its best to buy a weeks worth of coffee at a time. And if you can grind it yourself beans are better.

Wondering what kind of beans to buy? My favorite is medium roasted arabica beans with sweet flavor notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. A couple Im loving right now are Z Wrangler and Tierra Madre .

But maybe you dont buy coffee beans, maybe you buy ground coffee and maybe you love storing it in the fridge or freezer. Thats great, its all good as long as youre loving your coffee.

How do you store your coffee? I would love hearing your feedback, any tips or how to suggestions you have can help the EnjoyJava coffee community. Please join me in the comments. And if any of my tips help make your coffee experience better, well, I wouldnt mind hearing about that either

One more tip before you go: try a cold brew

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Stop Freezing Coffee Beans

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh | Perfect Coffee

In most cases, storing coffee in the freezer is a waste of time, especially if you’re a daily drinker.

If you buy your coffee off the shelves of a grocery store, the odds that it’s already stale when you purchase it are quite high. Coffee is only considered to be fresh for up to two weeks after its roast date. Some argue it will remain fresh for up to a month off roast. That time frame is severely shortened if the coffee is preground.

Most larger coffee brands, however, do not offer a roasted on date on their packaging, and many of those coffees have likely been sitting on the shelf for months.

About a month ago, I saw a bag of Counter Culture coffee in a nearby grocery store with a roasted on date of sometime in early August 2015. The most fresh bag of Counter Culture there was already three months old.

So if you purchased a bag that had been sitting on the store shelves that long and took it home to freeze it, you would be trying to maintain the freshness of coffee that is already stale.

Further, freezing coffee introduces a few problems. Humidity levels inside a freezer fluctuate and coffee beans are very porous. If you do not store the coffee completely airtight, the coffee beans will be subjected to moisture and can take on the flavors of other frozen items around it.

All of that said, there is at least one scenario where freezing coffee beans does make sense.

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Even Light Roasts Prefer The Dark

Coffee beans look beautiful in a glass canister. Displaying several different roasts in different shades of color is especially appealing.

Unfortunately, light is also an enemy of fresh coffee. So glass containers are not a good coffee storage option, unless you keep the canisters out of sight in a pantry cabinet or in another space away from the light.

Opaque containers are a much better solution. If you store your coffee in an opaque canister, you can keep it handy on a countertop or in another convenient place without worrying about deterioration from light.

To get the best possible protection against the four enemies of fresh coffeeair, moisture, heat, and lighttry one of the specially designed coffee canisters or coffee vaults with an air-tight seal. They keep out air, moisture, and light. If you put them in a place thats not too close to heat, youve got everything covered.

Knowing how to store coffee to keep it fresh is not rocket science. But buying the right amount of coffee and storing it correctly will go a long way towards giving you a great tasting cup of coffee.


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Keep Beans In Their Bag

The safest way to store coffee is in the bag it comes in. When coffee beans are roasted, gases from within them and must escape. Most coffee bags are built with a gas mechanism on them, which does an excellent job of allowing the gas to escape without allowing air to enter.

Another advantage of product packaging

It keeps out sunshine, which damages coffee beans. If you do want to move beans to your own container, please ensure its tightly sealed and out of direct sunlightyoull automatically degas beans once you open it to make coffee.

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Should I Avoid Buying Pre

Buying pre-ground coffee is not bad, but there is a reason why people think it is. We always recommend buying little and often, making sure youâre only getting enough to last a week or two and constantly topping up with a fresh roast. Our coffee is roasted, ground, packed and dispatched the same day to ensure your coffee makes it to your door fresh. As soon as you break that bag seal though, your coffee gets hit with oxygen, moisture, CO2 depletion and potential contamination, all of which affect flavour and freshness. This is particularly noticeable with the increased surface area that comes with ground coffee.

These factors can all be reduced with proper storage but if youâre a real stickler for getting the best flavour out of your brews, the safest bet is to invest in a grinder for home and stick to whole beans.

At the end of the day, the best way to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible is to buy little amounts of fresh coffee, often and to have your airtight container ready to store your coffee in once youâve opened the bag.

How To Tell If Coffee Is Bad Or Spoiled

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

It is always good to observe safety precautions to avoid any food-borne diseases. Coffee tends to look the same regardless of its age. This makes it hard to determine whether it has gone bad or not. Always trust your nose, as this is the best way to tell whether your coffee is good. When coffee goes bad, its sweet aroma goes away, as well as the taste. Although this coffee will not harm you, it will not have the taste and aroma that you love. It might also lose its rich color and appear lighter.

As soon as coffee beans get ground, they start to lose flavor since all of their oils start to evaporate. Always remember that there may be health risks associated with spoiled drinks, and you may lose any benefits associated with drinking Coffee. So be sure to practice food safety and drink your coffee well before it outruns its shelf life.

We at Kopi Luwak Direct help that you have enjoyed this information on the Best Way to Store Coffee Beans. You may also enjoy our other writings on coffee such as: the story of Middle Eastern Coffee Culture , Our infographic on the history and use of coffee , eating coffee beans , and how to make coffee without an espresso machine .

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Is It Better To Store Whole Beans Or Ground Coffee

Die-hard coffee drinkers have their preference when it comes to storing and brewing coffee. Some prefer a coffee maker while others swear by their French press.

However, they all agree that instant coffee is a no-go. But, how long does ground coffee stay fresh compared to whole beans?

Ground vs Whole Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are a dry good, so they essentially last for a very long time. Are espresso beans the same as coffee beans? As far as storage goes, yes. However, they lose their complex flavors after two to three weeks. Try and buy beans that have a roasters date within the last seven days.

This is nearly impossible at a big chain store, so look for a local or online coffee roaster. The shelf life of ground coffee is significantly shorter than beans and not nearly as flavorful. Its important to grind your beans immediately before making a fresh pot of Joe.


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