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How To Make Good Iced Coffee At Home

How To Make Iced Coffee


Youve come to the right place.; Im going to show you How to Make Iced Coffee. Watch the video showing you How to Make Iced Coffee, then scroll to the bottom of this post so you can print out the recipe and make it at home.; You might also be interested in a more authentic way of making Iced Coffee:;How to Make Cold Brew Coffee. Be sure to check out that post because that recipe makes really great iced coffee too! Oh, and Boozy Iced Coffee is another favorite .

Im not much of a coffee drinker. No sirree. No caffeine needed. My body is hard-wired to have an abundance of natural energy from the moment I wake up. I guess Im lucky that way. I do love the flavor of coffee though coffee candies and coffee ice cream and even those foo foo frozen coffee drinks that contain your total allotted calorie consumption in just a dozen sips.

Thats why on one rather sweltering afternoon recently, I grabbed my husbands mug o coffee that had been sitting untouched on the counter all day long, and I made myself a rather delicious version of Iced Coffee.

Homemade Cold Coffee Recipe

I have since experimented with many versions, even before I knew what iced mocha was, I was making this beverage with hot chocolate and coffee. I am known for my mocha by the way, I make some mean ones.

Moreso, with all that is happening in the world this recent time also meant that I have been able to experiment with various DIY coffee drinks including frozen coffee. I will be sharing the recipes in due course.

When I am feeling generous with my time and not minding washing the extra dishes, I make myself and the family some Frappe. This is a glorified blended Dalgona or cold coffee by the way. Just kidding now. It is equally tasty and I love it.

You would be happy to know this recipe works with decaffeinated coffee too in case you are not keen on caffeine. I love the fact that you can still keep this iced coffee healthy using low fat milk or dairy free alternatives.

If you are not counting calories like me then this cold beverage is perfect with some flavoured coffee creamer or condensed milk.

Today’s recipe is similar to this Starbucks copycat brown sugar oat milk shaken coffee. It is great if you are vegan and lactose intolerant.

What Makes Iced Coffee So Special

Did you know that every morning, rain or shine, sleet or snow, I drink iced coffee?!

It’s my absolute favourite way to wake up there’s something so refreshing about a big tall glass of slightly sweetened iced coffee, but the same old thing can get boring so I’m here to bring you outside your routine to try a few new spins on everyone’s fave summer drink.

I’m convinced iced coffee is better than hot coffee because it’s kind of like a dessert in a glass: add in your ice, your coffee, a splash of flavoured syrup and dairy milk of choice. It’s an amazing combination worth trying, and it’s SO easy to do at home!

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What Type Of Ice Is Best For Iced Coffee

I know this may not seem important but choosing the right ice for your iced coffee is key! Here are your options:

  • Crushed ice this is what you see in this recipe. Because I had a ton of coffee to make I picked up a big bag of crushed ice and used it liberally. This is typically what I use for iced coffee
  • Medium-sized ice cubes this is usually what people have on hand in their freezer and I say go for it!
  • Large ice I like to use larger blocks of ice if I’m going to enjoy my iced coffee outside. They are slower to melt this way!

Making The Iced Vanilla Latte

Protein Iced Coffee

Vanilla lattes are so easy to make and you dont need to splurge on an expensive vanilla bean to get good flavour with this syrup. Like the rest of the syrups here, the formula is pretty straightforward. Make a plain simple syrup by mixing boiling water and sugar together, then add in your flavouring of choice.

For this vanilla latte, I used plain old artificial vanilla extract but you could use the more expensive pure extract or opt for the vanilla bean if you can find them. But really, the vanilla latte is the easiest of all to make. Like the machiatto, start with an empty cup full of ice. Brew two espresso shots and pour them over the ice, then stir in 1 cup of milk and add vanilla syrup to your taste. Yum!

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Can You Store Leftover Iced Coffee In The Fridge

Yes and no. This really depends on how much of a coffee snob you are to be honest. If you’re used to a fresh brew, storing any leftovers in the fridge may not be a good idea. Cold brew typically lasts 2-3 days in the fridge if you’ve covered it properly the flavours will last a bit longer because it’s brewed cold.

However, drip coffee that has been chilled has a shorter shelf life before the robust coffee flavour starts to disappear and become stale. I wouldn’t recommend keeping it for more than 24 hours. However, there will be nothing inherently wrong with the coffee other than the taste so feel free to go ahead and judge by your taste buds.

Tips For Making Great Iced Coffee At Home

Nothing quite beats an iced coffee from your favorite restaurant or coffee shop — but, did you know that you can perfect your iced coffee recipe at home?

Too often, DIY at-home iced coffee gets a bad rap because people pour piping hot coffee over ice and dilute it to bean water . These tips and tricks will ensure that your iced coffee comes out perfectly, every single time.

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Are You Someone Who Loves Iced Coffee I Am Sharing 20 Of My Favorite Easy Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Its the time of the year where I switch from hot coffee to homemade iced coffee. I love sitting in the warmer weather with my iced coffee. I have some friends though who love their iced coffee not only on hot summer days, but even in the dead of winter! I swear, a cup of coffee is a good idea any time of the day.

I hate buying Iced Coffee though because it is always more money when you getting a big glass of ice! These recipes are for delicious iced coffee with no extra cost.

Making my own iced coffee has been apart of my coffee routine for a couple of years now. One of my favorite ways to make the perfect iced coffee is to pour coffee into ice cube trays and then you have coffee ice cubes for the next time you want ice coffee.

Or the easiest way is to make homemade coffee concentrate by pouring room temperature black coffee into a large container and refrigerating it.

I either use extra coffee in the pot or just make a new pot of coffee.

How To Serve Cold Brew Iced Coffee


This recipe makes a coffee concentrate. Unless you like really strong coffee, you will probably want to dilute it with water when you serve it. I use about a 1:1 ratio of coffee concentrate to water, sometimes a little more coffee since I like my iced coffee strong.

You can serve your cold brew over ice or even heat it up for a hot cup of coffee. The smooth, less bitter flavor of cold brew makes a perfect cup of hot coffee in the morning! The easiest way to heat cold brew is in the microwave.

Serve your cold brew coffee black or with a splash of milk or cream. Sometimes Ill stir in cream, a drizzle of honey and a pinch of sea salt for a sweeter iced coffee. It tastes like an iced salted caramel latte!

Enjoy your iced coffee in the morning with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal or this whole wheat pancake recipe, or as an afternoon pick me up with a slice of healthy banana bread.

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How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee At Home That Is Smooth And Delicious

Add coffee granules and sugar to a tall glass, then add about 2 tablespoons of warm water and stir until dissolved.

Dilute the coffee with chilled water and stir to combine. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Add milk of choice stir to combine and finish it off with some ice. Give it another good stir and serve with a straw or drink it straight from the cup. Enjoy!

Instant Iced Coffee Recipe

  • Dissolve one packet of Waka coffee into about 3 or 4 tablespoons of room temperature filtered water
  • Stir until all coffee crystals are dissolved
  • Add around 8 ounces of cold filtered water
  • Stir and add desired amount of ice
  • Taste and flavor with cream and sugar

If you didnt make liquid sugar sweetener beforehand, you can easily dissolve some sugar in a little hot water and add it to the iced coffee.

Because the coffee is cold to begin with the hot water wont make a noticeable difference. This is what I do and it works great. Because WAKA coffee has citrus flavor notes I dont find it needs much sugar.

Another delicious cold treat to make with instant coffee is coffee ice cream. Check out this post for a quick/easy recipe.

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How To Make Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Heres a great video that will show you how to make cold brew coffee with a mason jar.

Watch on

As you saw in the video, its pretty easy to make cold brew iced coffee at home. All you really need is a glass jar/container with a lid , coffee grounds, filtered water, around 12 to 24 hours, and ice.

Heres an easy cold brew coffee recipe to get you started. As youll notice the cold brew method makes a concentrated coffee, so its often diluted before drinking.

S For Making Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make a Cup of Coffee That Tastes Great at Home in ...

Here’s how it works: Grind the coffee coarsely, which you can do yourself at home or wherever you buy the beans. Combine the grounds with water, then let it steep overnight, or for around 12 hours.

During this time, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew. Strain the next morning, and you’re ready to go.

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The Perfect Delivery For Iced Coffee Enthusiasts

Now that youre a pro and know how to make iced coffee, it wont be easy going back to standing in line or waiting in the drive-thru to pick up coffee every morning. And why would you?

With a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, youll receive a world tour of amazing coffee delivered fresh to your door every month . With exotic coffees from countries you cant find online or on the shelf, youll be creating the most incredible beverage at home whenever you want.

Iced Coffee Method: Regular Drip Coffee Chilled Overnight

  • Time: 5 minutes brew time plus overnight cooling time
  • Overall rating: 2/10

About this method: According to the National Coffee Association, the ideal coffee-to-water ratio is 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. I prefer a stronger cup and went for 2 tablespoonsfor 1 cupin my drip machine. I made a half pot of coffee, about 2 cups. I placed grounds in the basket, added water to the machine, and flipped the switch on. In minutes, my coffee was ready. I transferred it to a glass jar, waited for it to cool to room temperature, then sealed the jar and placed it in the fridge overnight.

Results: This was my least favorite of all the methods. None of the delicious flavors and aromas that came through in the other methods were represented in this cup. It was bitter , murky, and stale-tasting.

My takeaway: If this is the only way you can make iced coffee, then so be it. But if you are able to try a different way, I recommend that instead.

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Iced Coffee Method: Overnight Cold Brew In A Mason Jar

  • Time: 18 to 24 hours
  • Overall rating: 7/10

About this method: To make cold brewed coffee, begin by grinding your beans until they are coarsely ground . Youll need 1 ounce of coffee beans for 1 cup of coffee. Stir together coffee and water in a Mason jar, then steep overnight for 18 to 24 hours. The next day, strain the coffee concentrate. Combine equal parts coffee and cold water.

Results: I found this to be a bold cup of cold brew . Nice flavors and aroma came through, but I did find it to have a slightly intense, bitter finish.;

My takeaway: This method is good. You can make a large batch and have it for up to two weeks. The concentrate is strong and you can adjust its strength to taste with how much water you put in. This is a great method for the people who really love a bold cup of coffee.

How To Make Vanilla Iced Coffee And More Icy Deliciousness


Now that weve talked about how to make iced coffee at home, lets talk about bringing it up to the next level with some vanilla iced coffee.

Vanilla is a very popular flavor and all you really need to make vanilla ice coffee is to;add a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to your iced coffee, its that easy!

So you can choose any of the brew methods mentioned above and add your vanilla, milk/cream, sweetener of choice and youre set. But theres another way, an even easier way

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How To Make Iced Coffee At Home

Learn how to make iced coffee at home with our top barista tips. See how to make classic drinks like cold brew, iced lattes and Dalgona coffee.

Experience your favourite coffee shop at home with our top recipes and barista tips. Recreate classic drinks like iced lattes, cold brew, frappés and trendy whipped coffee.

Get started with the best coffee beans to buy online, or;upgrade your kitchen kit with the best coffee machines to buy.

For the ultimate selection of recipes, see our coffee collection.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee

The fastest wayto make iced coffee is to make it with instant coffee and its super easy. Just like making iced coffee from cold brew, you dont have to worry about shocking the glass and you dont have to wait for the coffee to cool down.

This really is a super quick way to make iced coffee and it tastes delicious if you use the right kind of instant coffee.

For the following recipe, I use WAKA Coffee. Its got great citrus flavor notes perfect for iced coffee. And its made from 100% Arabica coffee beans which add to the pleasant flavor.

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Iced Coffee Vs Cold Brew Coffee

Why might cold brew be a better way to make iced coffee? Lets break it down:

  • Iced coffee is brewed with hot water which means more of the oils and acidic flavors are released, this can result in a bitter taste.
  • Cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water so that does not happen because the oils and acids are not as soluble in cold water. The sweet compounds in coffee are soluble in cold water so;cold brewing results in a smooth/mellow flavor.
  • Cold brew can also be easier on people with a sensitive stomach, and because its brewing process brings out the sweet flavors better for people who are trying to cut down on sugar.

If you want to make your iced coffee from cold brew coffee youll need to plan ahead because its best to let it brew for 12 to 24 hours before you use it, otherwise you wont get the benefits of the mellow flavor.

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How To Make Iced Coffee: The Best Way

2 Easy methods to make great cold brew coffee at home ...

If youre like me, the first time you had iced coffee was at a cafe. Thats probably because traditionally when we make coffee at home we make it hot. But once we have it iced we want to bring that deliciousness into our home, and share it with all our friends. Thats what this post is all about.

There are a number of ways to make iced coffee at home, some of them are fast, and others like cold brew take more time. But, is cold brew the best way to make iced coffee? Lets talk about that.

As hot coffee cools it can take on a more acidic/bitter flavor, so the faster you can cool it the better. And when it comes to making iced coffee, all the better if it never gets hot in the first place, thats where cold brew comes in.

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