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What Is The Most Healthy Coffee Creamer

How To Make Healthy Coffee Creamer

Healthier Homemade Coffee Creamer

Let’s walk through the steps in making this healthy vanilla coffee creamer and don’t forget to watch the video.

Begin by putting the ingredients into a small saucepan and whisking to combine.

;Next, warm the mixture until it just begins to boil then remove the pan from the heat. Be very careful not to actually let it boil, because it will result in a big mess!

Next, scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and stir them into the warm paleo coffee creamer mixture. Then add the whole vanilla bean pods.

After the vanilla beans and pods are added, cover the pot, and let it sit for 30 minutes for the vanilla bean flavor to really infuse into the healthy coffee creamer.

Choose a large glass jar and place a;fine mesh metal sieve over it. Strain the vanilla coffee creamer into the jar and discard the vanilla bean pods.

The #1 Worst Coffee Creamer On Shelves Says Dietitian

Your favorite coffeecreamer is a little touch of comfort that also makes mornings a little more bearableand it’s just a drop, right? If you’ve secretly been wondering whether your favorite coffee creamer is actually as harmless as you hope, a dietitian has analyzed the nutrition facts of over a dozen brands to help you determine. Now, she reveals a few of the most noteworthy, including the one well-known creamer that you might need a wakeup call about along with suggestions for some healthier, while also appealing, selections .

Keep reading to learn which coffee creamer brand a dietitian says you may want to avoid. Also check out the 10 decaf coffee brands that contain a harmful chemical, according to a recent analysis.

Milkadamia Unsweetened Latte Da Barista Blend

Per one-cup serving: 45 calories, 4g fat, 1g carbs, 1g protein, 0g sugar

Ingredients: filtered macadamia milk, pea protein, calcium phosphate, potassium citrate, potassium phosphate, natural flavor, locust bean gum, salt, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum

If almond milk just doesnt excite you anymore, its time to branch out. Macadamia nuts make for a richer, silkier, less chalky product than almonds. If you prefer flavored creamers, try Milkadamias Unsweetened Vanilla variety.

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Why I Love Keto

Even though counting calories has its place in losing weight, the success of the Ketogenic diet proves that weight loss is not only a matter of calories in vs. calories out.

The types of food we eat have a huge impact on our bodys ability or inability to store and burn fat. Im no Keto nut, I know that different lifestyle choice is going to work better for different people.

However, the lessons we learn from the Keto diet can be applied to choosing the best coffee creamer for weight loss.

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Pumpkin Spice Creamer

June 27, 2018

If you love coffee, like many of our staff, we have good news! Weve compiled some of our favorite ways to make your coffee creamier, a little sweeter, and add flavor without using the little pink and blue packets or the non-fat dairy creamers or the sugar-laden creamers youll find in the dairy aisle.

Experiment with different combinations and report back with your favorite flavors! Here are some combos that we enjoy:;;

  • 1-2 Tbsp. cream + 1 or 2 drops of stevia + a dash of cinnamon
  • 2 tsp-1 Tbsp. unsalted butter + drizzle of maple syrup
  • 1-2 Tbsp. coconut milk + drizzle of honey + a dash of nutmeg or pumpkin spice

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Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Creamer

Nutrition per serving : 40 calories, 1.5 gram fat , 5 milligrams sodium, 6 grams carbohydrates , 0 grams protein

There may be better ways to satisfy a sweets craving than opting for one of Starbucks’ new at-home creamers. Nutritionally speaking, none of their creamers are all that impressive; in fact, we can’t recommend any of them. They’re high in added sugar with about 6 grams per tablespoon.

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Vaxxen Labs Keto1 Delightful Healthy Coffee Creamer

Vaxxen Labs prides itself on developing health and fitness products which are based on extensive scientific research. All of their supplements are made in such facilities which have been certified and inspected by the FDA. Due to these measures, the customers can rely on them with a higher level of confidence.

Their ketogenic creamer called Keto1 Delightful is no different! The special formula and process they used to develop this product have made it eligible for making a low-carb diet even healthier. Using it in your daily beverages like tea and coffee will help you replenish the lost athletic abilities effortlessly.

It contains the powerful MCT oil which increases ketone production in your blood and improves your energy levels drastically. The coconut oil present in this creamer gets you the healthy fatty acids and encourages burning fat. Moreover, its grass-fed butter gives your body vitamin A and antioxidants like beta carotene.

All these components together keep your appetite suppressed and prevent you from snacking unnecessarily at odd hours. As a result, you dont gain any extra weight on your healthy journey and manage to keep the lost weight off for the long-term.

It comes in four tasty flavors like cafe mocha, vanilla, salted caramel and Italian creme cake. Of course, you dont have to limit yourself to only enjoying these flavors with coffee. They can also be used to blend into tea and other similar beverages.

Highlighted Features:

Best Coffee Creamer For Weight Watchers / Loss In 2021

The BEST Coffee Creamers To Buy At The Store…Including Dairy Free!

The journey of losing weight may seem exciting and glamorous in the beginning. However, as time goes on, it becomes more and more of a challenge. Motivating yourself to go to the gym every day or sticking to the dietary restrictions can start to seem harder than before.

A warm cup of coffee can bring some peace of mind in this journey. It can fill up your mind full of enthusiasm again while leaving a delicious taste in your mouth! Adding a good creamer will make the experience even more gratifying.

But can they really help you lose weight or will they make it even harder? Well seek answer to this question in this exhaustive guide.

Alongside, well also discuss the best coffee creamer for weight loss you can find available online or offline to make the whole shopping process easier for you!

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, here’s our top 3 recommended coffee Creamer for weight watchers.

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The Problem With Low Fat And Low

Although fat has been victimized for years, evidence now shows that many fats are actually healthy!;Even with the significant evidence in support of healthy fat, low fat and low calorie foods are still common, as much of the public is not yet convinced.

Low fat processed foods compensate for the loss of fat by adding sugar, additives, and other toxic ingredients. In fact, the science backs it up: several studies;have shown that low fat foods contain more amounts of processed and artificial sugar than products with regular fat.

That is why its best to avoid coffee creamers labeled at low fat or low calorie, and embrace healthy fats for all of its incredibly short and longterm health benefits!

Can You Use Almond Or Coconut Milk Instead Of Creamer

Yes, you can use almond or coconut milk for your coffee instead of creamers. These substitutes are for those looking to reduce how much creamer they take with their coffee for health reasons. It is also perfect for people looking to reduce the consumption of sugar and calories offered by creamers.

Almond milk is a non-dairy milk substitute that you can easily find in your grocery store. However, there are some flavored variations of almond milk, so watch out for the sweeteners or added sugars.

When added to hot coffee, almond milk tends to curdle. To attain the best result, coffee experts recommend that you buy quality almond milk.

People with nut allergies should not use almond milk or any other nut-related milk.

Coconut milk is another non-dairy creamer substitute you can add to your coffee. When added to coffee, it has a similar texture to creamer, excluding all the additives. Like almond milk, coconut milk is a perfect substitute for people who are lactose intolerant.

Coconut milk is becoming quite popular as a substitute for the traditional coffee creamer. Like oat milk and almond milk, it is dairy-free. This makes it appealing to vegans. Coconut milk is also appealing to keto dieters because of its high-fat content.

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How To Make Homemade Coffee Creamer

You wouldnt believe how easy it is to make homemade coffee creamer. What once was a magical solution of sweet goodness is really just a few simple ingredients for coffee bliss.

Here are the easy steps for how to make homemade coffee creamer:

  • Prepare homemade condensed milk using raisins and milk
  • Combine condensed milk with more whole milk, pure maple syrup, arrowroot starch, and vanilla extract
  • Refrigerate
  • Enjoy!

Thats seriously it. Have it ready for your morning coffee or an afternoon iced coffee. So easy and so simple.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Creamer

Cashew Coffee Creamer Recipe ( Vegan )

This creamer is great for someone looking for a nut-, dairy-, and soy-free option thats still creamy and delicious. The original flavor clocks in at only 10 calories per tablespoon and contains natural ingredients like organic coconut base and cane sugar. So Delicious creamers also come in French vanilla and hazelnut.

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Ingredients That Should Be Avoided In Your Coffee Creamer

  • Non-dairy creamers: need to be processed in the liver, spiking insulin levels for up to 18 hours after digestion. Insulin is a hormone responsible for fat storage!
  • Skim milk and Low-fat milk: This seems to run in opposition of everything we have been told about dieting and weight loss. Why would I substitute a low-fat milk in my coffee for a whole fat option? The simple answer is, eating fat is not the same as storing fat!
  • Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!: Stay away from artificial sweeteners at all costs! Not only are these glucose filled ingredients going to fill you with extra calories, they will shoot your insulin levels way up. Again, spikes in insulin = fat storage.

Dont Be Fooled By Fat Free

Coffee-mate Fat Free The Original powder has just 10 calories and no fat, says its Nutrition Facts label. But its second ingredient is hydrogenated oil. What gives? The labels numbers are for a paltry one-teaspoon serving. And labeling rules let companies list less than ½ gram of fat per serving as 0 grams. Of course, a one-tablespoon serving has about 25 calories and 0.9 grams of fat . We know because we sent a sample to a lab for analysis.

The information in this post first appeared in the March 2019 issue of;Nutrition Action Healthletter.

Nutrition ActionNutrition Action

Find this article interesting and useful?Nutrition Action Healthletter;subscribers regularly get sound, timely information about staying healthy with diet and exercise, delicious recipes, and detailed analyses of the healthy and unhealthy foods in supermarkets and restaurants. If you dont already subscribe to the worlds most popular nutrition newsletter,;;to join hundreds of thousands of fellow health-minded consumers.

Have a comment, question, or idea?Send us an email at;. While we cant respond to every email, well be sure to read your message.

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Nutrition Low Calorie Coffee Creamer

If you miss the sweet taste of sugar and are fed up with artificial sweeteners on your diet, the keto coffee creamer from 360 Nutrition can be a great alternative. It provides you with all the necessary macronutrients while not affecting your weight loss journey negatively.

It can fill up every cup of your morning coffee with the right nutrients while not forcing any bland taste on you! The creamer comes in a delicious natural flavor that originates from organic coconut sugar. So every time you make Keto coffee with it, you dont have to dread the oily taste that often makes people gag.

Thanks to the combination of both MCT powder and coconut oil, this creamer boosts your metabolism! Also, these ingredients encourage higher production of ketones and thus your body can enter the ketosis stage faster. As a result, you dont have to wait too long to see notable positive changes in weight.

However, its compatibility with beverages is not limited to only coffee! You can also use it to make your diet tea taste better. One of the notable aspects of this creamer is it doesnt need a blender to mix into your drink. You can just add a couple of teaspoons of this powder to your tea or coffee when the water is hot.

Highlighted Features:

Looking For The Healthiest Coffee Creamer Here Are 15 To Try


Unless you take your coffee black, youll need a splash of something light and creamy to make your morning brew magical. As delightful as silky caramel macchiato or triple-mocha-flavored concoctions are, they tend to be packed with sugar. But not to fear, fellow java lover: There are plenty of better-for-you options to turn to. Here are 15 of the healthiest coffee creamers out there, plus a dieticians advice for making a more nutritious cup of joe.

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The Natural Health Benefits Of Coffee

That cup of morning coffee can certainly get you going right after you wake up or get to work. There are very good reasons, though, to make a fresh pot or stop at a coffee shop throughout the day.

Research has shown that its safe for healthy adults to consume as much as 400mg of caffeine per day; thats about the amount contained in four cups of coffee what experts call a moderate amount. Studies have also concluded that any negative effects associated with coffee drinking dont begin to appear until consumption reaches six cups or more per day.

Thats how much you can drink. Should you?

Thats up to you, but here are just some of the health benefits that coffee can deliver:

And those are just the big four. Theres evidence that moderate coffee consumption can help prevent the development of liver disease, Parkinsons disease, and even some forms of cancer. There are also nutrients in coffee; a single cup can provide 10% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B2, plus lesser amounts of vitamin B5 and minerals like potassium and magnesium.

That leads us to ask a very important question.

We Tried 9 Healthy Store

Love a lighter cup of coffee? Switch things up with these plant-based options.

Some of us dont like to drink black coffee, and thats okay. But store-bought creamers tend to have unnecessary fat, added sugar, and artificial colors or flavors that can wreak havoc on your health .

Not to mention the ingredients. Look at what’s in a standard dairy-based flavored creamer and youll find things like water, oil, cellulose, and artificial flavoring. Yuck!

So we sought out the healthiest creamers we could find and brewed up a few pots of coffee to find the ones that also tasted great. After reviewing the options at our local grocery stores, we purchased nine different products that passed our nutritional guidelinesa mix of flavored and unflavored, plant-based and dairy creamers. And believe it or not, the highest-rated ones all happen to be plant-based! Here, our three favorites:

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Healthy Homemade Coffee Creamer

Theres only one time and place for store-bought coffee creamer: never and in the trash.

Seriously though, starting your day by drinking nasty chemical-filled coffee creamer sets you up for a terrible day. The sugar in store-bought coffee creamer will spike your blood sugar leaving you hungry all day, and the artificial ingredients can cause headaches, mood swings and lack of focus. Yuck.

Lets take a look at the ingredients in Vanilla Coffeemate: water, sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, and less than 2% of sodium caseinate **, dipotassium phosphate, disodium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gel, cellulose gum, color added, carrageenan.

I dont even know where to start! Nothing on this label is real food. A better name would be Cancer-In-A-Bottle.

I dont like to send fear-based messages and Im not going to breakdown each nasty ingredient here so we can move onto a way better alternative, but seriously, you have to stop drinking this asap. Its not even a treat for every once in a while, its just poison.

Im not just picking on the Coffeemate brand specifically, just about all store-bought coffee creamer is in the same boat.

Dont fret, I have good news! There is a really easy and actually healthy way to make your own healthy coffee creamer. Youre essentially making homemade cashew milk and can adjust the consistency as you like it.


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