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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee

How Is Vietnamese Coffee Brewed

How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee — easy recipe

The Vietnamese coffee was rich, flavorful, sweet and perfect on a cool day, but the method for brewing and serving the coffee is what really impressed me. The coffee was brought out with a layer of condensed milk at the bottom of a small, clear thick glass, with a stainless steel Phin Vietnamese filter sitting on top.

The coffee was already dripping into the glass and mixing in with the condensed milk. My friend, Philip ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee , so he had the same setup along with another glass filled with ice.

When our coffees were done dripping, we stirred them to combine the coffee and condensed milk. Mine was ready to enjoy. Philip poured his coffee into the glass full of ice, and voila!

As coffee addicts even before this experience, we had to go to the one Asian market in town to buy some of those Vietnamese style stainless steel coffee filters so we could make our own Vietnamese coffee recipe.

We also got our hands on some of the Vietnamese coffee that the restaurant used. The condensed milk is the Longevity brand. Philip said he has been using the same brand for years! As for the Trung Nguyen brand of ground Vietnamese coffee, it has a deep rich flavor with just a tiny hint of hazelnut flavor.

Best Vietnamese Coffee Beans

Vietnamese coffee should be made with Robusta beans. These beans are easier and cheaper to grow than Arabica beans. Robusta beans tend to be more bitter, less acidic and contain almost twice as much caffeine.

Theres nothing stopping you from brewing your Vietnamese coffee with freshly ground Arabica beans, bear in mind that it will taste very different to what is typically sold in Vietnam.

If you want the absolute best coffee possible, you should consider grinding your robusta beans fresh each time you brew a cup. A medium grind would be best to ensure the grinds dont fall through the holes, but also compact enough to prevent water draining straight through.

To make things easier, we choose not to grind our own Robusta beans. Unlike Arabica beans, your coffee will still turn out amazing if you purchase pre-ground coffee beans. This is much easier and will ensure you achieve a consistent brew each time, so we recommend buying your beans already ground.

Your pre-ground beans will stay fresh for longer than a year as long as it has been vacuum sealed. Once open, it will maintain its flavour for at least 3 months.

Now, any Robusta coffee bean will do the trick. But we feel that if you want to make a Vietnamese coffee, then you should use Vietnamese coffee.

Another popular choice for Vietnamese coffee is a French blend called Cafe Du Mond. Its not made in Vietnam, but it is made with Robusta beans so it should be very similar.

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee With Coffee Pods Or Coffee Capsules

The speediest route to making a good Vietnamese coffee is by using a capsule machine. I didnt think I would ever go down this route, but when you barely have time to brush your hair in the morning, let alone wait for your coffee to slowly drip into your breakfast mug, I think you would be forgiven for cheating.

You need a very intense coffee to stand up to the sweetness of the condensed milk, so any robust espresso capsule will work well in a cheats version. I typically use espresso or ristretto capsules with a very high intensity.

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Option : The Standard Coffee

To make Vietnamese Iced Coffee, start with using the right grind of coffee. Look for MEDIUM coarse grind coffee. Ive found French Roast is best, but you can use any type of coffee, as long as the coffee is medium coarse grind.

Fine grind coffee would fall right through the little holes of the coffee press.

Many Vietnamese in America like using Café du Monde coffee from New Orleans. If you are interested in the history of why the Vietnamese use Café du Monde, head over to The Secret Ingredient to Americas Vietnamese Coffee. The yellow can is the most popular

Hot Vs Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Recipe (Iced optional! Cà  Phê Sữa Ä?á)

In Vietnam, coffee is enjoyed both iced and hot, its really up to personal preference.

  • Hot: Simple enjoy the coffee brewed straight from the phin. If you want your coffee slightly diluted, more like an americano, add some hot water.
  • Iced: There are two ways of making iced coffee. You can brew the coffee then pour it over ice or you can brew the coffee directly over ice.

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Vietnamese Coffee


How To Brew Coffee Without A Vietnamese Coffee Filter

You can brew coffee in a regular stovetop brewer, a traditional South Indian coffee filter, or even a French Press. But make sure to use the freshly brewed coffee for making Vietnamese iced coffee.

The South Indian coffee filter usually gives a good result as it also works on the exact mechanism as the Vietnamese coffee press.

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee Traditional Style Filters

We tend to be a bit obsessive over coffee. Heres some of our favorites for traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee:

Remove The Filter And Stir The Coffee Into The Condensed Milk

How to make traditional Vietnamese coffee

When the coffee has finished dripping, remove the filter from the top of your glass or mug.

Set it down on top of its upturned lid to avoid any drips making a mess of your counter top.

If youve used a heatproof glass, at this stage youll be able to see two distinct layers.

The caramel of the condensed milk will sit at the bottom, with a dark brown layer of coffee on top.

Take a moment to appreciate the sight before mixing the two layers together.

If you want your coffee hot, nows the time to settle back and savor the unique flavor of what is known in Vietnam as cà phe sua nong.

Or if not

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How Is Vietnamese Coffee Prepared And Enjoyed Traditionally

Today, coffee preparation in Vietnam is almost a ritualistic one. The drip coffee method is ubiquitous coffee is brewed in an aluminium drip filter known as a phin. Reminiscent of a French press, the phin consists of a small cup, a filter chamber, and a lid.

Its simplicity also makes for an artful process. Preparing the coffee using the phin can be a meditative experience as you set it up over your preferred cup or glass before watching the mesmerising drops of dark, fragrant liquid fall, drip by drip.

This is a flavourful, indulgent break from the chaos of daily life. The slow-drip brewing method allows us to sit back for a bit and savour both process and product both equally beautiful. With its origins in Vietnam, its no wonder that the drink is so popular in the bustling cities of the nation.

Coffee is not just a morning drink in Vietnam its enjoyed throughout the day, even at night, at home and at cafes, or next to stalls along the street. This is a drink bursting with flavour. Strong, bold flavour profiles are trademarks of Vietnamese coffee, as the slow, dark roasted Robusta beans are usually far more bitter than its Arabica counterpart.

This is a flavourful, indulgent break from the chaos of daily life. The slow-drip brewing method allows us to sit back for a bit and savour both process and product both equally beautiful. With its origins in Vietnam, its no wonder that the drink is so popular in the bustling cities of the nation.

Coffee And Caffeine Content

For the most part, the longer you roast coffee beans, the less caffeine they have after roasting. But, it also highly depends on the caffeine content of the actual coffee beans.

Heres how Vietnamese coffee compares to other types of coffee in terms of caffeine.

  • Regular black coffee. It usually has less than 100 milligrams of caffeine. However, when you add espresso shots or a lighter roast, your coffee will have a little more caffeine in it.
  • Even though its supposed to be decaffeinated, most decaf coffee still has some lingering caffeine. Its likely going to have less than 10 milligrams of caffeine per serving.
  • Espresso. Made of dark roast coffee beans, espresso has a lot of caffeine in a small serving size. In every shot of espresso, you might be looking at over 100 milligrams of caffeine.

There are also other variations of Vietnamese coffee out there. If you combine regular Vietnamese coffee with a shot of espresso, you might be taking in 300 milligrams of caffeine in a single cup.

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Vietnamese Coffee Recipe Instructions

Heres what youll need:

  • 3 tablespoons Vietnamese ground coffee
  • 1-3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, depending on your preference
  • 6-8 ounces water that is close to boiling point, depending on your desired coffee strength

We used the Trung Nguyen brand of ground coffee for this Vietnamese coffee recipe, but you can use any good French roast coffee, too.

Our Vietnamese Phin coffee filters are the 6-ounce size, but they come in different sizes depending upon your brewing needs. Alternatively, you can use a French coffee press or your favorite drip coffee method.

Update: We received a suggestion from one of our readers to rinse the phin filter and the cup with/in hot boiling water so the coffee will bloom and drop better. It cleans and pre-heats the filter and it works!

Measure 3 tablespoons of ground coffee, and distribute it evenly into the filter.

DO NOT shake the filters or compress the coffee, or the coffee grounds will drop into the holes of the coffee filter and plug up the holes! The result will be that the coffee takes forever to drip, or the grounds may clog the filter entirely. Place the metal filter gently on top of the coffee.

Pour 1-3 tablespoons of condensed milk into your coffee mug or heatproof glass.

Measure out 6 ounces of near boiling water. Use 8 ounces if you dont like your coffee with such a strong kick in the pants.

Wait about 5 minutes for the coffee to finish drip brewing!

Heres How To Use A Phin To Make Vietnamese Coffee

vietnamese coffee hot and iced
  • Place the phin on top of a glass with a mouth thats 2.75 3.85 wide
  • Preheat your with mug and phin by running hot water through it
  • Discard hot water from glass and remove phin
  • Fill a preheated glass with 1-3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
  • Add 3 tablespoons of coarsely ground Vietnamese coffee to the phins brew chamber.
  • Compress the grinds with the perforated tamper.
  • Set the whole unit on top of a glass
  • Pour in a few cycles of hot water.
  • This should take roughly 4 5 minutes to make one cup a coffee.
  • Stiff and enjoy

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What Are The Coffee Grounds In Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is often made from Robusta coffee beans. In the traditional preparation of Vietnamese coffee, Robusta is intentionally dark roasted on a low heat for fifteen minutes, and often mixed with other ingredients, such as chicory or corn, to improve its flavor and increase yield.

Does Vietnamese coffee have more caffeine?

Robusta coffee contains more caffeine and less sugars than Arabica coffee, and some may consider it to taste stronger and this is what adds to the distinctive taste of Vietnamese coffee.Example: a 6oz cup of Arabica coffee contains around 75-130 mg of caffeine whereas Robusta is roughly at 200 mg. This makes it almost twice as much in caffeine content from the Arabica bean which is typical used in black coffee.

Rounded Tablespoons Of Vietnamese Ground Coffee

Yes, we know we usually say you should grind your own beans, but most Vietnamese families use pre-ground coffee.

If it works for them, why not spare yourself some hassle and follow their example?

The iconic Vietnamese coffee brand is Trung Nguyen.

You can usually find it in Asian supermarkets, either pre-ground or as whole beans.

Another favorite amongst Vietnamese ex-pats is Cafe Du Monde French Roast Chicory coffee.

Alternatively, any good, dark or French roast coffee will do the job.

Make sure, though, that its made with Robusta or a Robusta blend, rather than Arabica beans.

Youll need a more bitter flavor to balance out the sweetness of the other ingredients.

And if youre buying your coffee pre-ground, make sure its a medium coarse consistency.

Anything too finely ground will slip through the holes of the coffee press.

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee At Home

Vietnamese coffee has a rich, sweet taste like many other types of coffees. Though it is quite tasty, many people are still not aware of this type of coffee. Due to the lack of popularity of Vietnamese coffee, only some people worldwide drink this coffee regularly.

However, with time, Vietnamese coffee is also becoming popular because of its taste and caffeine content. Most coffee lovers who want to try the Vietnamese version of the coffee want to prepare it at home.

If you also do not know how to make Vietnamese coffee, do not worry because we will help you with this article. Here, you will find the guide to prepare this delicious beverage at home, and you will also learn about its benefits.

Ingredients Needed to Make Vietnamese Coffee

The ingredients required to prepare Vietnamese coffee are different from other types of coffees available. Following are the ingredients that you should have if you want to make Vietnamese coffee at your home.

Steps To Make Vietnamese Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply Original Phin Kit

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee (The Cafefin Recipe!)

Sahra Nguyen, founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, which sells a wonderful 24-oz. jumbo phin that I use at home, says that seeing the vitriol against robusta beans lit a fire under her to do something. It takes a community to shift the narrative, she shares. When I started, self-professed coffee experts would tell me theyd never had robusta beans before. I wanted to change that. The demands of the market have historically forced farmers in Vietnam to compromise the quality of their beans, but Nguyen, along with other Vietnamese founders in the coffee space, are working to break that cycle by investing in the production of organic grade, ethically farmed robusta beans.

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Vietnamese Coffee: What Makes It So Special Among Asian Coffees

Vietnamese coffee is an integral part of the culture of the Southeast Asian country. Introduced by the French in the 19th century during the colonial period, the staple food coffee has become an integral part of everyday life for the Vietnamese population. No matter where you go, you can find the small, traditional coffee shops on the street corners. People meet here for a coffee in the morning, the first meal of the day.

Traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee & A Modern Style With Espresso

If you walk into our house or work with us in our studio, youll end up sipping one of our favorite coffee drinks. Its a Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Cafe Sua Da. For the morning, a manual pressed espresso or cappuccino will start the day. In the afternoon when we start feeling sluggish, a Vietnamese iced coffee is the perfect pick-me-up. This popular Vietnamese Iced Coffee is acombination of strong coffee and a hit of sweetened condensed milk with ice. Our Vietnamese iced coffee recipe is simple and can be made by various methods.

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Option : The Upgrade Coffee Experience

The coffee in the mustard yellow can is okay. Its not the best coffee, but it is the standard amongst 90% of Vietnamese restaurants in America.

To me, the stuff is bitter and flat. But the sweetened condensed milk will cover the coffees flaws.

If you are looking to upgrade your Vietnamese Coffee experience, try Nguyen Coffee Company.

Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first ever Vietnamese-American-owned importer, supplier, and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York. Theyve partnered with a 4th generation farmer, Mr. Ton, who owns and operates his family farm in Vietnams famed Central Highlands.

Give their coffee a try! UPDATE: They are giving Steamy Kitchen readers 10% off

Vietnamese Coffee Bean Brands

Vietnamese Coffee

In America there are sooo many popular brands of Vietnamese coffee you can order and have shipped to your doorstep:

These are just to name the popular ones available in America! Lately there are many new roasters in America trying to hop on the Vietnamese coffee scene. There seems to be a few small companies popping up every year starting as local roasters, selling at farmers markets, and eventually shipping their beans nationwide and worldwide.

We saw the big name coffee brands like Trung Nguyen above have chains of coffee shops when visiting Vietnam in 2020. In Vietnam there are countless other brands producing, roasting, and selling Vietnamese coffee and beans though that you simply cannot buy in America.

People are passionate about their coffee, and asking which brand or type of Vietnamese coffee is best is sure to stir up some arguments!

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