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How To Package Coffee For Resale

Selling Coffee Online Is Convenient

AFTER THE ROAST- Bagging Coffee For Resale

Convenience makes selling coffee online the perfect side hustle.

Now more than ever, working from home is essential. Whether you work in your pajamas or not, selling coffee online from home is super convenient.

Since selling coffee online can be done on a part-time basis as well as on your schedule, there’s no need to quit your current day job. You just have to make sure that you are available to ship out your coffee on-time.

Decide What Coffee Products You Want To Sell

After you know your target audience, you can determine what type of coffee to sell that will best suit their needs. Determine if you want to offer cups for Keurig, pods for Nespresso, coffee beans, or a combination. According to the NCA, 41% of coffee drinkers own a single-cup machine, while 63% of home coffee drinkers use a drip-brew machine.

When deciding what products you want to sell, be sure to look at what your competitors have on their shelves and online. You will want to offer products that set your business apart, while keeping up with current coffee trends.

Form A Relationship Not An Account Number

Our mission is to help people experience better coffee, and that mission extends to your customers as well. We focus our efforts on responsibly sourcing and craft roasting, so your customers can experience the best coffees possible.

If you choose to work with us, you can have confidence in knowing the product you serve is crafted in the hands of a small team that cares about the quality, consistency and experience of each and every cup brewed.

As a Driven Coffee wholesale customer youll collaborate with a dedicated account manager and be treated like youre a part of our team.

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Where Will You Get Your Coffee From

Where do you get the coffee that you will sell to your customers?

Your source of wholesale coffee really depends on what type of online coffee business you plan to establish and which products you wish to sell.

For example, if you want to roast your own coffee beans and sell them online, you will need green beans. That is coffee that hasnt been roasted yet. You will most likely go through a green coffee broker.

Starting your own coffee roasting operation can be beneficial in the long run, driving down costs and allowing you the freedom to create your own coffee roasting profile. However, it will take more upfront costs to buy your coffee roaster, install it properly, and buy green coffee beans.

If you are looking to sell roasted coffee beans but not start your own roasting company, consider approaching local coffee roasters in your area. This is, by far, the easier and least expensive route to take.

Often, local roasters would be delighted to work with someone who is buying coffee from them even at wholesale rates. You can consider their coffee directly in a curated format. Successful online coffee businesses are doing this very well, like Bean Box.

Another great option is that you can sell your own private-label coffee with any number of local private-label roasters. Selling private-label coffee means that you will be buying coffee beans from a roaster in bulk and package them with your own bags and label.

The Benefits Of Partnering With Joes Garage Coffee

Label and paper packaging for coffee beans Vector Image

Whether you want to sell coffee online or open a coffee shop or cart, Joes Garage Coffee is a trusted private-label coffee supplier that can help get your business off the ground. With outstanding service and superior quality products, Joes Garage Coffee can supply delicious coffee to keep your customers happy. Our low minimums mean you can get your foot in the door affordably, and our fast turns mean we can keep up with your customer demand and business growth. Here are a few more reasons to choose Joes Garage Coffee as your private-label coffee supplier.

  • Low minimums. Joes Garage Coffee offers competitively low minimums, so you can start selling coffee no matter your budget. As your company grows, we have the capacity to keep up with your high-volume orders without sacrificing quality. Our lower minimums also allow you to provide more competitive prices for your customers to keep them coming back for more. Using Joes Garage Coffee as your coffee supplier means more money in your pocket.
  • Fast turnaround times. With an advanced inventory management system, Joes Garage Coffee can fill orders quickly so you can keep up with your customer demands. Whether you are keeping inventory stocked for your online store or brewing coffee in your restaurant, Joes Garage Coffee will provide what you need quickly and reliably.

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Learn About Google Page Ranking

There are millions of web pages available online. A majority of websites never get found because they have poor search ranking on Google.

How does Google sort and prioritize all of these web pages?

The short answer: Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a general term for developing your website and its content in an optimized manner for search engines.

For example, Google loves to boost website rankings to websites with fresh and relevant content for potential readers. Additionally, Google loves when a website is user-friendly and responsive with any device.

In contrast, Google does not like plagiarized websites or content that is copied from other sources.

Setting up your website with WordPress and Shopify are all great for this. But you still have to do the work in creating content that Google believes is relevant for your niche. This is why creating and maintaining a blog, offering detailed product descriptions and other text and pictures will be important.

Google loves when you start blogging and offering your customers a depth of information. This is also a win-win situation for you because the longer your customer stays on your website, the higher the likelihood that they will buy from you.

Establish Your Coffee Business Structure

Just like any other business, an online coffee business needs to establish itself as a legal entity. This will help open up some important doors and provide you with the legal protection you want.

Additionally, it will help you establish a bank account, allow you to write off legitimate business expenses, help you get insurance, possibly provide tax benefits, etc.

All these things will be important as you move forward. So, make sure you consider doing the following:

  • Establish your business structure within your state.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Determine any further operating requirements
  • If you live in the U.S., you will need a resellers license.
  • Once you create your business structure , you will apply for various permits and a local business license. Depending on how you handle your coffee, you may need a county food handlers card.

    How To Sell Coffee Online

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    What The Market Will Bear

    Once you have an idea of your costs and overhead, you can begin deciding how to price your product. But how much markup should you add to your price? Knowing your market is critical for all business operations, but is especially important here. Why? Because sometimes charging a higher price will result in more sales than a lower one, while other times marking up your product too high could result in no sales at all.

    Seems strange, doesnt it? You would think that people would always prefer the lower price to the higher. But most of us have enough experience in shopping to understand that more expensive usually equals better. Better quality, better service, better value for our money. Whether or not a product actually is better doesnt matter as much as giving the impression that it is.

    Knowing what your customers expect to pay for a product, and what the market will bear, is extremely important when pricing your products. Take Apple, for example. Their cost for the iPhone 6 is estimated somewhere between $200-$247, with labor accounting for about $4.50. Yet those of you having purchased one know they retail for much higher, around $649-$849, resulting in a nearly 66% markup!

    Fun Facts: Coffee Drinking Around The World

    How to ship coffee cup mugs cheap & safely

    Do you have your own special ritual for drinking coffee? Most coffee aficionados do. But did you know that coffee drinking rituals also differ from country to country? For example, in some countries coffee is taken quickly like a shot, standing at the bar, while in other cultures coffee drinking is a ceremony that can take a couple of hours. If you often travel on business or for pleasure, you may want to get yourself acquainted with the coffee drinking etiquette around the world.

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    Coffee Types & How To Buy Green Coffee To Sell It For A Profit

    As a coffee roaster, sourcing green coffee is one of the most important aspects of what we do. To make sure we get the best coffee for our retail, wholesale, and drop shipping customers, we work with a selected group of farmers and exporter/importers that we have deep relationships with. These connections allow us to get the freshest and most desirable coffee throughout the year.

    Before you commit to a coffee, its important to understand what coffee types are available to choose from.

    Ground Coffee Beans Considerations

    Ground coffee deteriorates in a very similar way as coffee beans do. However, they have one major difference. By grinding up the coffee beans, those intricate pores and structures within the coffee bean are broken down. Instead, all the internals are exposed to the air. As a result, all that built up carbon dioxide can escape easily. Instead of waiting days for the degassing to occur, for ground coffee beans its a matter of hours or a day.

    This exposed inside does have the disadvantage that is it more prone to spoilage. The flavours can escape more easily as well and oxygen can enter the powder without any issues. This is why ground coffee generally needs some more protection.

    Vacuum packs

    A common packaging solution for ground coffee is to pack it under vacuum. The absence of any air helps delay most reactions and it keeps all the flavours within!

    Metal cans

    Another common option is to find ground coffee stored in metal cans. These provide some sturdiness and again arent very well penetrable for any gases.

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    Establish Your Online Coffee Business Goals

    You will want to establish your online coffee business goals before you set out to start your business. Consider the following questions:

    • How much coffee do you intend to sell?
    • Who are you planning to sell your coffee to?
    • What are your ultimate business goals?

    Take a moment to address these questions. Go ahead and look at them again and ask yourself those three basic questions.

    For example, let me answer these questions for you and let me use them in the upcoming example.

    My example online coffee business scenario:

    I would like to sell at least 40 to 60 pounds of coffee every week to people who want to try coffee from local coffee roasters in my city .

    I will not sell my own roasted coffee, but I will develop 10 local coffee roasters.

    My customers will be local and national customers who want to send gifts to family and friends or try local coffee from their own homes.

    I will develop a great brand and offer unique packaging.

    My goal is to make a profit online and grow my side business to leave my current job eventually. I wish to work from home to be able to spend more time with my family. To do this, I will need to sell 50 lbs of coffee a week.

    I want to give you a basic picture of where one of you might be coming from. In this sample scenario, I’ve chosen to skip the roasting of coffee beans altogether.

    The point here is to develop an online coffee business plan to ensure that youve fully developed all of your thoughts.

    How To Sell Coffee Online

    Company Sustainability And Circular Economy

    Coffee packaging design template Royalty Free Vector Image

    Gruppo Gimoka has risen to the challenge of the essential issues of environmental sustainability and the circular economy , by actively working to develop packaging solutions that meet the following criteria: To be easily recyclable, in line with EU Directive 852/2018 which will be enforced by 2025, and . Our prospective commitment is to use single materials to make sure they are easier to recycle. To be compostable, or transferable to the industrial composting chain for organic recycling. The challenge is the use of bioplastics which, in addition to ensuring that the capsule works brilliantly, can work like an oxygen barrier to avoid an acceptable product shelf life without having to resort to cover wrapping or additional packaging which might be difficult to dispose of.

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    What Your Online Coffee Shop Website Needs:

    • Must look good with any device .
    • Load quickly.
    • Be able to process orders safely and securely.
    • Needs to describe and present your coffee well.

    The great news is that it’s easier than ever to create a website with shopping cart features. There are affordable options to create high-quality, secure websites without knowing or understanding any computer techie stuff!

    To easily start your online store, we recommend Shopify. Their professional website and secure checkout system make it easy to start selling coffee right away.

    To learn more about selling coffee online, visit Shopify.

    Selling Coffee Online You Will Take On The Following Roles:

    • website designer
    • inventory manager
    • customer service representative

    When it comes to starting an online business, thats just the way it often is you are a one-person band. All of these take some time to get your footing. Start slow, be methodical, and patient. Try not to get overwhelmed.

    If you hang in there and stick with it, you will have a better chance of reaching your goal!

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    The Price Is Right Finally

    Deciding what price to charge for your products, or how much to mark them up, can be a difficult decision. Get it wrong, and you wont sell as much as if you had got it right. Understanding you costs, your customers, your competition, and your market will go a long way toward helping you find that perfect price. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but if you apply these principles to the way you price your products, youll have a better change of selling your products for a price you and your customers can live with.

    Why Aren’t Wholesale Discounts Higher

    How to Pack eBay Orders | Top Resellersâ Tips on Preparing Your Items For Resale â»ï¸? E-CASH S1â¢E10

    Some companies make up obviously fake list prices so that they can offer discounts that look like big numbers. We don’t do this. We start with an aggressively priced product that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re a business or consumer.

    This is simply a matter of respect for your intelligence.

    There’s nothing inherently special about running a “business”. What is special about businesses, is their ability to purchase large volumes. This is where economies of scale come in and the ratio of overhead to raw-product-cost allows us to reduce costs.

    It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a little old lady ordering $300/month, or a shop that orders $300/month – both deserve the same price based on merit.

    Many of our long-term customers are regular consumers who order higher volumes that some of our wholesale customers, and deserve the same pricing.

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    Roaster Life: 6 Factors To Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

    Roasters, choosing the best packaging for your coffee is about a lot more than just an attractive design although thats important too.

    Your packaging is what keeps your coffee fresh for longer, meaning it has a direct impact on the taste of those beans youre selling. Its also what you have to work with every single day. And its what your customer will picture when they hear your name. Packaging is a very important part of a product which is why custom printed packaging has become so popular for manufacturers all over the world.

    So that means you really want to get it right. Of course, there isnt one right type of packaging it all depends on things such as the scale of your business, your filling processes, and what you customers are like.

    Im going to tell you the six critical things you need to consider when selecting your consumer packaging. If you take these into account, youre sure to choose the best packaging for your business. Packaging is essential for all products, not just coffee. Consequentially, any business in the marijuana industry might find it to be a smart decision to look at this guide on .

    What coffee packaging is right for your beans? Credit: Dutch Pack Coffee

    Getting Your Shipping Materials & Coffee Bags

    Packaging and shipping will be an important part of your online coffee business. You will have to pack and ship every order you receive fast and affordably every time.

    Shipping materials , your time, and your postage can be a large ongoing expense. So, efficiency will be important to make a profit.

    Offering a novel and sensory experience should be a priority. Since your packaging will be a part of your offering, spend a lot of time researching and perfecting your customers unboxing experience.

    My recommendation is that you experiment a little. Maybe you want to package your coffee beans in small bags, glass jars, or tin containers? Determine whats easier, affordable, and affirms your coffee brand the best.

    At the end of this article, you will find the list of the best drop shipping companies in the US.

    How To Sell Coffee Online

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