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Is It Cheaper To Buy Ground Coffee Or Beans

Do I Buy Coffee Beans Or Ground Coffee And Why

Why you SHOULD buy a COFFEE GRINDER! – Whole Bean Coffee v’s Pre-Ground Coffee

Should I buy coffee beans or ground coffee? That is a question that gets asked a lot these days and today, we are going to do our best to break it down so that you will have better knowledge about both.

For starters, let me just go ahead and say that you should buy coffee beans and grind your own. Why? Thats a great question. Lets look at the facts, shall we?

Coffee Brands To Avoid

There are so many coffee brands on the market not only in retail stores but also online. How does one possibly choose which one to buy?

Most people have just a couple qualifiers when purchasing their coffee, such as:

  • Price
  • Taste

However, when buying coffee more than just price and taste should be considered.

There are some dirty coffee brands out there and they may be doing harm to not only your body but also our planet.

For this list, were using factors such as how the coffee is picked, sustainability practices, the quality of the coffee used, the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and the ethical practices of the company thats producing it.

Brewing: The K Cup Or Ground Coffee Way

What is the difference between the k cup and ground coffee when it comes to brewing? A huge difference actually! And the resulting brew is not the same. This doesnt mean you enjoy one more over the other. But understanding how each is brewed could help you decide which one would be your preferred option.

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Which Brands Make Pod Coffee Machines

The world of pod coffee machines is a tad more complicated than bean to cup. Pod type for example, Nespresso or Dolce Gusto and machine are linked, so mostly you have to buy the brand name pods the machine is designed for although there are sometimes compatible pods available.

Of the big sellers, youll find Tassimo pod coffee machines from Bosch. Krups, Magimix and DeLonghi, among others, make Nespresso machines, and youll also find them on the Nespresso site. You can also buy Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines on the Dolce Gusto site, and find them via DeLonghi and Krups.

How Long Will It Take Me To Grind My Own Coffee

Is It Cheaper To Grind Your Own Coffee Beans? Or Buy ...

The time it takes to grind your own coffee will vary depending on the type of grinder you use and the ground size you want to obtain. The number of coffee beans you grind may also influence how long it takes to grind your coffee nonetheless, the average manual grinder takes 30 to 40 seconds to coarsely ground 10 grams of coffee.

Meanwhile, a coarse grind on a basic electric grinder takes roughly 10 to 15 seconds.

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You Get To Control The Grind Of Whole Coffee Beans

One of the reasons we choose to buy coffee beans and grind them ourselves is because we get to control the grind of the coffee. Yes the size of the grind can change the flavour of your cup of coffee all the way around!

Here is a small breakdown of what the grinds look like. These can be accomplished simply by changing the size on your grinder.

Extra Coarse
The size of powdered sugar.
Turkish Grind The size of baby powder.

The amount of time that water and coffee need to be in contact with each other is directly related to the particle size of the grind. The finer the grind, the more surface area of the bean is exposed to water. The more surface area, the less dwell time is needed.

If you grind it yourself, you can make up a batch of coarse coffee for your French press. Or, you can also make some fine grinds for an espresso machine.

Even the simplest coffee bean grinder will give you the control over your grounds. Since youll only be grinding small amounts right before you brew, you can change the fineness whenever you want.

Tips To Save Money On Coffee

There are a lot of factors that add to the cost of coffee which include the quality of the beans used. Whole coffee beans are mostly of high quality and thus they cost more than pre-ground coffee. Pre-ground coffee is mostly made from low quality beans and it also includes fillers and additives that lowers the overall cost.

Pre-ground coffee is also made in greater volume and this decreases the total cost of the coffee. There are, however, some brands of pre-ground coffee that sell high quality coffee that is expensive as compared to whole coffee beans. If you are determined to save money on coffee, youll find the following tips useful:

  • Buy coffee beans in bulk from any of your favorite brand.
  • Grind your own coffee beans using a coffee grinder. A coffee grinder doesnt has to be fancy, a normal cheap or mid-range one is good to go.
  • To make a super tasty cup of coffee, grind your coffee beans again so that it is in the form of fine granules.
  • To save time, grind your coffee for three to four days. You can use the coffee grinder and set a round for 8 to 10 cups.
  • Clean your coffee grinder regularly so that it lasts long.

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How Often Do You Drink Coffee

Coffeewhether whole or groundis stored in airtight bags or container after being roasted to lock in their freshness. Ground coffee, compared to whole beans, lose its freshness faster because the surface area bared to air is increased after grinding.

If you are among the typical coffee drinkers, your ground-up coffee beans should be kept in an airtight container and must then be used up within 1 or 2 weeks to maintain optimal freshness in every brew. If this time frame is too short for you, opting for whole bean coffee is a better and more cost-efficient option.

How Do You Brew Your Coffee?

Believe it or not, the brewing method you use also dictates the kind of coffee that you must use. We recommend that you use pre-ground coffee if you use drip brewers such as the manual pour over or a standard coffeemaker. Since pre-ground coffee has the perfect coarseness for these machines.

The problem of using coarser coffee grounds with the wrong brewing method is that the coffee is filtered too fast resulting in a weak flavored drink. If the ground is too fine, the flavor becomes bitter as it is overly extracted. Using pre-ground coffee beans removes the guesswork when it comes to determining the grind size.

On the other hand, if you use a percolator or an auto espresso machine, we recommend that you use whole bean coffee because these methods for brewing require either fine or coarse grindsomething that you wont get from pre-ground coffee beans.

Grind Size

Turkish coffee

Measure The Coffee Grounds Yourself

5 Benefits of Grinding Your Own Coffee | Why You Should Use Whole Coffee Beans & Drink BETTER COFFEE

Some coffee grinders have a setting that allows you to choose how many cups of coffee youre making and in turn, the grinder will grind enough beans for those cups. Be sure your grinder is accurately measuring. My grinder gives me 5 extra tablespoons when I set it for 10.

Think 5 tablespoons doesnt really matter? Think again!

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Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans Vs Pre

From a pure price perspective, the difference between grinding your coffee beans and pre ground coffee is not that much.

You might end up getting the same amount of coffee both ways. It makes us wonder why to make all this fuss when this is the case.

For example, Starbucks sells a 12-oz pack of pre ground coffee for $8. Whats the price of a 12-oz pack of coffee beans from Starbucks? The same $8. There is no difference.

Even La Colombe is pricing a 12-oz pack of pre-ground coffee as well as a 12-oz pack of coffee beans at the same price of $13.

While there is not much of a difference when it comes to price, there are many factors that come into play when you grind your coffee bean at home. These factors ensure that you are getting a much better coffee experience .

How Long Does It Take To Grind My Own Coffee

How long it takes to grind your own coffee will depend on the type of grinder you are using, as well as the ground size you are trying to achieve. The number of coffee beans you are grinding may also affect the time it takes to grind your coffee however, the average manual grinder usually takes between 30 to 40 seconds to coarsely grind 10 grams of coffee.

Meanwhile, a basic electric grinder typically takes about 10 to 15 seconds for a coarse grind.

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Do You Have Enough Time To Make Coffee

When you use whole bean coffee, you need a burr coffee grinder and measure the right amount of coffee beans to use for your everyday cup of brew. You also need to make sure that your burr coffee grinder is milling the coffee beans to the right mass for your brewing machine.

If you have free time plus youd like to put a little effort in making your coffee, then whole bean coffee is for you. If you are on a tight schedule and want to skip all these preparations, Keurig k200 brewing system is also a good choice.

Opting for whole beans and grinding them yourself can have a lot of benefits. But the caveat is that, for you to be able to enjoy your coffee, you need to be able to accurately calibrate the grind size depending on the brewing method that you prefer.

When preparing your own coffee, you need to know how to determine the correct grind size. To make it easier for you to remember the grind size, we created a chart to help you identify the grind size that you are making.

Grind Size

Very powdery like flour

What Is The Best Type Of Coffee Grinder To Begin With

10 Things You Dont Have to Refrigerate

Fortunately, even the most basic coffee grinder will still produce a superior flavor to preground coffee, provided you are using a basic coffee maker however, for best results, you should begin with a simple blade or manual grinder before moving onto more elaborate coffee grinders, which require a bit more knowledge and skill to perfect the grind size.

Manual grinders are also small and easy to carry, which means they can also be brought along when traveling, and more.

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Alternative To Coffee Beans Nespresso Cups

If you cannot choose between buying pre-ground coffee to save time or buying whole bean coffee for the price and multi-purpose, you might want to consider buying coffee cups. Like Nespresso or K- cups.

These coffee cups are sealed directly after the coffee is ground, thus keeping the coffee inside extremely fresh. Because of the smaller surface area that the coffee cups bring, the cups seal is really tight. If you compare this to a packed of pre-ground coffee, the quality difference is insane.

The ease of use of coffee cups is unbelievable. All you have to do is turn on your coffee machine , preheat the boiler by running hot water through the machine, and then adding the coffee cup to start the process of coffee making.

You wont have to go through so much trouble to get a nice cup of joe in the morning.

You can also choose between a variety of flavors. The coffee beans all come from different countries and regions, all with their unique flavor. Once you put your machine on, you will be able to make delicious coffee at home using a button. It has never been so easy.

There are multiple ways to enjoy these coffee cups at home. There are espresso and lungo variants the grind size in these cups differs to bring out the best flavor possible. If you have bought the fancy Nespresso machine, you will also be able to make a delicious ristretto at home.

  • Add your espresso coffee cup to your machine.
  • You can stop the machine from running by pressing the espresso button once again.
  • Delicious Coffee From The Best Available Grounds

    There are several ways to make coffee: that most delicious of hot or cold beverages that manages to pick us up when were down, provide a little lift to the middle of the day, or smooth out the remaining wrinkles at the end of a great meal. You can pour hot water over ground coffee directly into a cup or carafe. You can let the machine do the pouring for you. You can percolate it under pressure on the stove top or in a free standing percolating machine. You can press coffee grounds into a fixture and force steam through it. You can add hot water to ground coffee in a pitcher and then press the grounds to the bottom with a strainer. You can add cold water to ground coffee and let it steep over night cold in your refrigerator. The list just seems to go on and on!

    You can even take pre-measured, super convenient Keurig K-Cup® Coffee Pods, already sealed with the proper amount of ground coffee inside, insert them into your Keurig coffee maker and push a button. Here at, were big supporters of all the terrific uses for ground coffee. Make your coffee the way you want to, using your ground coffee in whatever established way you like. Or go rogue and create a new way to brew coffee!

    The method isnt as important as the result: a terrific cup of hot or cold coffee brewed specifically to suit your needs. Here at Coffee For Less, we are out to save you money on coffee by providing it directly to you from the worlds best coffee companies and roasters.

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    Benefits Of Purchasing Whole Bean Coffee Vs Pre

    Is there truly a difference between pre-ground fresh coffee and whole bean coffee? Yes, but which route you choose depends entirely on your distinct coffee likes and dislikes.

    Coffee beans go through a very long process from seed to plant, and plant to fresh coffee bean. Once the bean is ground up, it starts to age rapidly.

    The main difference between pre-ground and whole-bean coffee is freshness, flavor and scent. When using pre-ground coffee there is the convenience of not having to grind your own coffee and doing it improperly. Although, you are taking away from the freshness of your home brew and the length of time it has until it goes stale.

    The benefit of whole bean coffee is having the freshest cup possible every time if properly stored. It is hard to compare the freshness of pre-ground coffee and whole-bean coffee if you have never experienced a fresh cup of whole-bean coffee when ground just minutes before being brewed. The aroma and flavor of the fresh brew is highly noticeable. A great comparison is freshly baked brownies out of the oven. When they are first taken out and cooled to an eatable temperature they are at their best. Once left sitting the aroma dies down as well as the overall flavor of the brownie. This is exactly how grounded coffee is. The first moments it is grounded up it is at its best.

    For more information, tips, and recipes visit our website or contact us today!

    Whole Bean Coffee Vs Ground Coffee: Which Should You Buy

    Instant Coffee VS Ground Coffee | Reasons To Switch & Benefits!

    If you drink coffee regularly, you might have wondered which coffee is the best one out there like me. Although there is no right or wrong here, I will explain the differences between these coffee beans.

    So which should you choose? Let me explain the differences in the coffee beans in this article. I will get into the flavor, the ease of use, and the price of the coffee beans. Hang tight and read along!

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    Whole Beans Means You Adjust The Grind Size

    Speaking of, lets talk about grind size for a moment here. The upside to buying and using whole bean coffee is that you decide what grind size you use.

    Meaning that youll always get the exact kind of coffee you want, provided youve developed some skill in grinding coffee.

    No worries, no one gets it right in their first couple of tries. But in time youll manage to get the exact grind size youre looking for by just knowing when to stop the grinder.

    Right, so what grind sizes would you need ? After all, we just discussed that pre-ground coffee already comes in the sizes most folks use.

    Very true, but lets also keep in mind the previous point pre-ground coffee becomes stale very quickly. And if youre the kind of person who does drink drip-filter coffee, but only twice a week, youll lose a lot of coffee this way.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the very extremes of the grind spectrum very finely ground coffee and coarse/extra coarse coffee are pretty hard to find. Or at least to find in the exact size you want.

    Meaning youll end up grinding you own coffee anyway. For this youll need a burr grinder, since that brings the best consistency in grind size, without getting bits that are too small or too large.

    This will also increase the overall cost of your coffee, since getting a grinder can set you back anywhere from $30 to $200, depending on what model you want.


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