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What Is The Best Vegan Coffee Creamer

What Do Vegans Use As Creamer

Which Whole 30 & Vegan Coffee Creamer is the Best? [taste test with dairy free creamers 2020]

I have recently tried the Starbuckscaramel oat milk creamer and its way too sweet even if I just used a little on my coffee. So, Im ruling out Starbucks creamer on this list.

And now my newest favorite is the classic silk coffee creamer. I love it because it does not contain tons of foreign substances. Plus, its really creamy!

So, Ive done a little research about what most vegans use as coffee creamer, and heres what Ive found:

Sown Organic Oat Creamer Sweet & Creamy Barista Oat Milk Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Plant Based

  • Sweet & Creamy Zhuzh up your morning coffee with SOWN Sweet & Creamy Organic Oat Creamer.
  • Smooth & Creamy We use rolled oats instead of oat flour for unparalleled taste and texture.
  • The Cream of the Crop Organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, allergy-friendly , dairy-free, vegan, carrageenan-free, with no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

Why You Shouldnt Drink Coffee Creamer

You can increase the likelihood that your cholesterol will be affected by coffee creamer If you drink it every day, the oil may be partially hydrogenated, which puts you at risk for extremely high trans fat levels. The data from EatFresh shows that excessive trans fat consumption boosts your risk of developing bad cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. This page is available at http://www.ostra.org.

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Most Popular Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands

As you already know, there are numerous vegan coffee creamers on the market. You can choose one of them and find the one that meets your requirements. However, we think you want to make sure that you have the best coffee creamer that is really tasty and absolutely healthy. Below, we have gathered information about the most popular and high-quality vegan coffee creamers in the modern market.

Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk Creamer


Califia Farms Almond Creamer is made with real almonds and coconut cream to give a rich, full-flavored texture and has 2 grams of added sugar. The consistency is so thick its more like a heavy cream rather than a creamer substitute. Regardless, it froths up well and is very creamy. The almond taste is noticeable but the creamer isnt bitter or grainy. You dont need to use a lot of it a little goes a long way!

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The Best Coffee Creamer

Overall there are a huge number of non-dairy coffee creamers on the market, and when it comes to finding the best one it really comes down to personal preference. If you are wanting a classic coffee creamer give one of the Coffee-Mate options a go. If you are wanting Vegan creamer, Nutpods or Milkademia are good options. Or if you are looking for a Keto option try Califia or Prymal coffee creamers. It may take a bit of trial and error but you are sure to find one to complement your morning coffee.

Amy Hyslop

Califia Farms Better Half Coffee Creamer

Califia Farms makes a variety of vegan milk coffee creamers.

When Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto invest in a company, theres a strong indication that the product will not disappoint. Califia Farms makes a range of both almond and coconut milk creamers, though the Dairy-Free Better Half is the most subtle of the line, focusing on the creamy element rather than the sweetness and blending perfectly with coffee.

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Best Vegan Coffee Creamer For 2022

If you are looking for the Best Vegan Coffee Creamer on the market today, you’ve come to the right place. We have completed extensive research and testing of all of the top-rated products in this category. Our goal is to make sure that our reviews contain nothing but well-researched information that can be helpful in your search.


Califia Farms – Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer 9.8
Earth Circle Organics – Organic Coconut Cream – Milk Powder 9.4
SOWN Organic Oat Creamer Sweet & Creamy – Barista Oat Milk Non Dairy Coffee Creamer – Plant Based 9
KOS Organic Coconut Milk Powder – Sugar Free Coffee Creamer Powder – Vegan 9
nutpods Keto-Friendly Sweetened Coffee Creamers With Zero-Sugar 9
Laird Superfood Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer Cacao 8.8
Califia Farms – Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream 8.4

Is Delight Creamer Better Than Coffee Mate

Top 5 Vegan Coffee Creamers That I LOVE! (100% Dairy Free)

International Delight has that in common that only has to be recognizable, something which doesnt exactly add up since it comes off sweeter than Coffee Mate and better in terms of savory flavor, if you will. Towards the end, there is also a tinge of bitterness. Whether palm oil can be described with a particular way of tasting is a mystery, and I cant help it.

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Vegan Coffee Creamers So Good Theyll Get You Up In The Morning

Need a morning pick-me-up? Coffee is pretty much the standard to get people going in the a.m., and a delicious drop of your favorite coffee creamer can add a bit of extra sweetness to your mug.

And the best reason to use these non-dairy creamers? You dont have to skimp on flavor when you choose compassion instead of contributing to cows suffering.

Check out our go-to vegan coffee creamers:

Our 12 Favorite Vegan Coffee Creamers For Your Morning Coffee

Dave Hoch | creamers, vegan

A 2015 study revealed that veganism is becoming a healthy lifestyle choice for many people these days. There are around 0.4 to 3.4% US adults, 1 to 2% British adults and 5 to 10% German adults consume more plant-based products, like putting vegan coffee creamer in their morning cup. Google Trends even highlighted the growth in popularity of veganism from the searches charted from 2004 to the present.

Currently, the demand for plant-based food products continues to outpace the supply. In January 2020, the Veganuary campaign managed to launch new 1,200 vegan products. This includes meat-free burger patties, vegan steaks, and spaghetti with veggie balls.

With the constant demand for plant-based products, its no longer a surprise if vegan coffee creamer would be on the list. Thats because a lot of people consider drinking coffee a morning ritual.

So, if youre on the lookout for a healthy coffee creamer, check out our awesome list of vegan creamers we made for you.

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Califia Better Half Unsweetened With Almond Milk & Coconut

Are you looking for that perfect amount of creamy vs sweet to add to your morning brew? This coffee creamer covers all the bases when it comes to flavour. One of the ingredients is coconut milk which adds the perfect dose of sweetness as the almond smoothes it right out for a seamless blend for any hot or cold coffee beverage. This creamer is not only vegan but soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free and non-GMO. For that reason, its safe to say this will quickly become a staple in your fridge, and you can find it in many local grocery stores too!

Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands and Where to Find Them
  • SATISFYINGLY SIMILAR: Made with better-for-you ingredients, this plant-based creamer is a close match to dairy half and half.
  • PERFECTLY CREAMY: The blend of coconut cream and almond milk is deliciously creamy, but not too thick.
  • KETO-FRIENDLY: With zero carbs, Unsweetened Better Half wont tip you out of ketosis.
  • MILD-FLAVORED: The balanced blend of almond milk and coconut cream has a mild flavor thats not too coconutty or too almondy.
  • SUBS IN SEAMLESSLY: Unsweetened Better Half subs in seamlessly for half and half in your coffee, baked goods, and savory recipes.
  • GUILT-FREE: With just 15 calories, 1.
  • BOX-CHECKING GOODNESS: Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan.

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Exactly What Is Coffee Creamer

Heres the easy answer: its a substitute for the milk or cream you might ordinarily add to your coffee.

Heres the more important answer: its an unregulated mixture of ingredients designed to taste and act like milk or cream. It might contain soy, nut milk or pea protein it might contain oil or corn syrup it might contain added sugar or sugar substitute it might even contain milk or cream.

Ingredients like almond or soy milk are understandable. It also makes sense that some companies might include a little milk or cream, or add sweeteners.

But whats the deal with oil and corn syrup?

Dairy substitutes dont have the same consistency and mouth feel as milk or heavy cream, so they usually wont be as thick when you add them to coffee, and wont feel the way that coffee drinkers expect. Some wont even mix into a cup of coffee theyll just sit on top. Additives like oil and corn syrup are often used as thickening agents, to make a coffee creamer seem more like a real dairy product.

Those ingredients might make a creamer taste delicious or act more like whole milk. But needless to say, oil and corn syrup arent always healthy choices. Thats why we have two different categories of creamer: best taste and healthiest.

That gives us another category for our list: the best dairy-free creamers wont contain lactose or milk proteins.

Buying Guide For Keto Coffee Creamers

Why buy keto coffee creamers?

The most obvious reason to buy keto coffee creamer is if youre a coffee lover on the ketogenic diet. Whether youve started or are going to start the keto diet to lose weight or for other health reasons, there are some foods and drinks youll have to cut out altogether, which isnt an easy task. Thanks to keto-friendly coffee creamers, your morning cup of coffee doesnt have to be one of them. Even better, you wont be stuck drinking black, unflavored coffee. Keto coffee creamers allow you to add some flavor and froth to your coffee without cheating on your diet.

Even if you arent following the keto diet, you may still find it worth your while to invest in a keto coffee creamer to add to your morning coffee. If youre looking to cut down on your carb or sugar intake, substituting regular coffee creamer for keto coffee creamer can be a small but effective step towards this goal. Since the keto diet is designed to be low-carb and low-sugar, keto coffee creamers will contain small amountsor noneof both. These creamers can also be good for people who are vegan, lactose intolerant, or have certain dietary allergies, as many keto coffee creamers are non-dairy and free of many common allergens.

What should you look for in keto coffee creamers?

How many different types of keto coffee creamers are there?

Whats the difference between sweetened and unsweetened keto coffee creamers?

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Trader Joes Coconut & Almond Vanilla Creamer

Taste: slightly sweet but not overbearing at all. Vanilla flavored.Texture: Super creamy and smoothFrothability: This one froths well and is pretty similar to what you would get from dairy cream.Overallrating: 10/10- love this one!

This is my second favorite and my go to for daily use. I originally wanted to find a good PLAIN creamer that could replace my half-and-half but I actually like the vanilla flavor in this. Such a great all around creamer!

Ripple Original Half & Half Non

Homemade vegan coffee creamer 3 ways // MoreSaltPlease

If you’re on the lookout for non dairy creamers that can double as an ingredient in your cooking, look no further! This unsweetened “half & half” creamer is perfect for your coffee or your creamy dishes! It’s also nut, soy, and gluten free, and non-GMO! Pick up a bottle today, right here.

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Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamer

Taste: rather sweet and the oatmeal cookie flavor really comes through in a good way!Texture: creamy and smooth and mixes well into the coffeeFroth-ability: not *super* frothable Overall rating: 10/ 10 YUM!

This is my absolute favorite that I have tried so far! The sweetness kind of threw me off at first and I wasnt sure I liked it. However, Ive since become obsessed and Im pretty sure that Ill keep this around all of the time! But if youre not a sweet coffee person, this might not be for you.

Nut Pods Almond + Coconut Hazelnut Creamer

Taste: Super gross! This had an overwhelming artificial flavoring taste to me and I hated it. Texture: similar to the other nutpods creamer, the texture was really niceFrothability: Very frothyOverall rating: 3/10

I just really hate this one. haha. Its the only one that I just couldnt finish and I usually love hazelnut flavored things.

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Nut Pods Almond + Coconut Caramel Creamer

Taste: a bit sweet with the faintest taste of artificial sweetener to itTexture: creamy and a bit thinFrothability: this is the frothiest of all of the creamers that I tried and I like it for that reason alone.Overall rating: 7/10

This was probably the second most recommended creamer but I just wasnt a huge fan. If its all I had, Id be satisfied but I didnt love it. The overall texture and foam is good but the taste was meh to me.

Warning: Most Creamers Are Non

Cashew Coffee Creamer Recipe ( Vegan )

We alluded to this at the start, but it bears repeating. Most commercial coffee creamers are not vegan-friendly.

For example, Coffee-Mates regular creamers contain either sodium caseinate or micellar casein, milk derivatives that make them non-dairy but not dairy-free. However, the company does produce a smaller line of dairy-free Natural Bliss creamers that use oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk or coconut milk as their base, instead of dairy milk. They appear to be vegan according to their ingredient labels, but theyre not certified vegan. They dont come in cool flavors, either.

Its the same story for Starbucks creamers – most arent vegan, but a few are. The majority of Starbucks creamers contain both milk and cream, so no detective work is required. The company has introduced three dairy-free flavors, though: caramel macchiato, hazelnut latte and pumpkin spice latte, all made with a base of almond and oat milks. Once again, they appear to be vegan but theyre not certified.

The picture is clearer for International Delight creamers. They all contain sodium caseinate and are not vegan.

Theres no need to stick to Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamers, however. An enormous number of companies now sell terrific dairy-free coffee creamers that are all vegan-friendly.

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Almond Breeze Original Almond Creamer

Another almond-based creamer option is from the Blue Diamond almond company. It has both almond milk and almond oil that helps replicate the mouthfeel of dairy-based creamers.

It may not be the creamiest on this list, but it also wont set you back too many calories. There are only 10 per 1 tbsp serving and zero grams of sugar.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Review

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Looking for a delicious and frothyvegan creamer for your morning coffee? Ive got you covered! Ive tried MANY dairy free creamers lately and Im going to let you know what I think of all of them below!

After doing Veganuary this year, ive now tried a LOT of different vegan coffee creamers. As Ive tried to cut more animal products from my diet over the past few years, my daily coffee has been a place of resistance for me. I LOVE a good creamy coffee and have stuck with simple half and half for a long time out of ease.

But when I tried Veganuary, I wanted to go all out. SO, I asked on Instagram what creamers you all recommended and I tried many of them for myself.

I also have a FULL video review of the creamers on 🙂

Today Im going to share the GOOD, the BAD, the FROTHY, and the NOT SO frothy creamers that I tried. My plan is to continue trying out new dairy free creamers in the coming months and Ill surely add to the list every time I try a new one. There are SO MANY on the market right now so Im sure itll take me a while 🙂

So, without further ado, lets make some coffee, shall we?

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Powdered Vegan Coffee Creamers

Laird Superfood

There are 12 varieties of this powdered vegan creamer, and theyre not just dairy-free, theyre also keto-friendly, non-GMO and gluten-free. Why Superfood? They add a number of healthy, so-called superfoods like turmeric, functional mushrooms and aquamin to the creamers. These vegan creamers use powdered coconut milk or oat milk as bases, and there are delicious options like cacao, pumpkin spice and vanilla flavors.

Coconut Cloud

Dairy-free ingredients and the choice of large canisters or single serving packets for some flavors like salted caramel highlight the offerings from this company that sells vegan coffees, cocoas and of course, coffee creamers. The coconut cream-based creamers are designed to work with keto diets, with MCT coconut oil among the natural ingredients the only negative here is the inclusion of processed maltodextrin as a sweetener. There are six flavors to choose from.

Other brands you might want to also check out include Chobanis Oat Barista Edition, Ripple Foods Original Half & Half, Walden Farms dairy-free creamers, New Barn Organics creamers, and Elmhurst Milked Oats. Theyre all very good, too.

Vegan Coffee Creamers You Need In Your Morning Cuppa


Dont talk to me until Ive had my coffee. We get it. Coffee is a simple pleasure for some and a necessity for others. Whether you drink it hot or iced, most can agree that theres nothing like watching that beautiful cloud of creamer bloom and swirl through your morning cuppa. We crave that experience, which makes it all the more disappointing when we watch our almond or soy milk turn our coffee into a cup of curdles. Thankfully, it doesnt have to be this way. There is an easy vegan solution, and it doesnt require any of the hacks that have become so popular on the internet.The vegan creamer market is growing. According to new research from the Good Food Institute, the category is currently worth $226 million. In the past year, sales have grown 40 percent, and in the past two years, theyve grown 193 percent. Its a crowded market, but how do you choose which one is right for you? Here are 10 of the best vegan creamer products currently on the market. Discover your favorite and get caffeinated!

Mooala now offers vegan coffee creamers.

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