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What Is The Purpose Of Coffee Enemas

Couple Addicted To Coffee Enemas Up To Four Times A Day

Liver Detox with Coffe Enemas

So-called Gerson therapy is unproven and can be risky, say doctors.

Florida Couple Can’t Stop Their Coffee Enemas

The St. Petersburg, Fla., couple refuses to drink the caffeinated beverage, which they say is bad for their health. Instead, they use it as an enema. They each have at least 100 coffee enemas a month, 6,000 in all since their addiction began two years ago.

“I started the whole debacle,” Trina, who did not want to reveal her last name, told “Then it took on a life of its own. I twice tried to stop and felt worse, so I do this every day and as much as I can. But it’s very time-consuming.”

“I love the way it makes me feel,” said Trina. “It gives me a sense of euphoria.”

The couple admits they perform their caffeinated enema at least four times a day. Once, Trina said she did “nine or 10” in a 24-hour period.

Her husband Mike, 45, said he initially thought, “Oh my god, how disgusting,” but then he tried it, “and now I am addicted.”

TLC has outdone itself in the fourth season of “My Strange Addiction,” which always carries the warning “do not attempt” this at home. The couple heats up the coffee on the stove and injects the liquid into their colons to clean out their lower intestines.

More “My Strange Addictions”

As for Mike and Trina, for the past two years they have been “unable to function” without their coffee enema, a ritual that takes five hours of planning and executing each day.

The habit began after Trina had a series of issues with her health.

When Used Caffeine Is Preferentially Absorbed In This System And Goes Directly To The Liver Where It Becomes A Very Strong Detoxifier

It is an ancient herbal hydrotherapy that consists of carrying a bag of enemas with a mixture of water and coffee, it is introduced through the rectum, and left there for 15 to 30 minutes before evacuating.

It causes the liver to produce more bile and moves the bile into the small intestine for elimination.;This seems to increase in the liver to process more toxic incoming materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream.

Coffee does not enter the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is performed incorrectly.

Coffee contains some alkaloids that also stimulate the production of glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme used by the liver to make the detoxification pathways work.

It is essential in the formation of more glutathione, one of the main chemical products of conjugation, which allows the elimination of toxins through bile in the small intestine.;So, in other words, a coffee enema accelerates the detoxification process and minimizes the accumulation of substances not yet detoxified.

S Of Weight Loss Results With The Help Of Coffee Enema Is It Possible

A coffee enema can help with weight loss in two fundamental ways. First is by acting as a highly potent antioxidant and lowering overall toxin levels in the body. Caffeine directly entering the liver has the desired effect of accelerating bile flow which carries embedded toxic deposits in the colon and lower intestines. The result is a body that is free from the burden of toxicity and is better able to convert excess fat deposits to energy with regular exercise.

Another way that coffee enema helps with weight loss is the act of expelling toxic deposits itself. In many coffee enema reviews, you will often hear about how people lost a substantial amount of weight immediately after taking their first enema. The latter is not surprising when you consider that the average individual can have as much as 2.25 kgs worth of embedded waste and faecal matter in the body. ?Needless to say, that is a significant amount of weight when you consider that many people struggle to lose a few kilos even with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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Lemon Juice Enema Recipe:

  • ;2/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2;litres warm filtered water

Squeeze the juice from the lemons, filter and mix with 2;litres of warm water. Administer and retain for a comfortable length of time.


  • Lemon juice enema solutions are mildly irritating to the intestinal lining and may cause more cramping than other enema solutions. If you have a sensitive tract, you may want to use less lemon juice in your first enema to see how you react before using the full strength of this recipe.

Coffee Enemas Can Help Detoxify And Protect The Intestines

Detoxify Your Body with Coffee Enemas

The main coffee constituents can also have potent detoxification effects in the intestines as well. Different enzymes and chemicals control all our genes within the body. The rate of detoxification in the intestines is no exception. These palmitates can double the amount these genes are expressed. Coffee enema protocols can double your detoxification rate in the intestines! Glutathione has also been shown to increase.;

Its important to note that glutathione is more than a powerful antioxidant in the body. While it’s performing its amazing detoxification action, it also helps to inhibit neoplasia. Neoplasia is the growth of new, abnormal and uncontrolled tissue. These new tissues can eventually become tumors. Blocking our tissues from this abnormal growth could be vital in preventing disease. It can also help to create optimal function of our intestines.

Weve talked about the important role of palmitates are in detoxifying the liver and intestines. Its important to note that coffee is the only known source of these two constituents.

Another health promoting part in coffee is theophylline. Theophylline reduces inflammation in both the liver and the intestines. It might be especially useful in ulcerative colitis.

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What Is The Purpose Of Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are used to stimulate the liver, gallbladder and colon to expel harmful stored toxins, Potent, naturally-occurring compounds in coffee including caffeine, theobromine and theophylline dilate blood vessels, bile ducts and relax smooth muscles, increasing the release of bile. This process helps relieve the toxic load on the liver, which filters a variety of toxins and free radicals from the bloodstream. In addition, coffee enemas help dislodge waste materials from the colon. The documented use of coffee enemas dates back to the 1800s when medical doctors used the therapy to treat poisonings and in post operative care. They are a powerful cleansing therapy that can be administered in the comfort of your own home with a range of benefits including detoxification and immune support.

What Is The Difference Between A Coffee Colonic And A Standard Colonic

A coffee colonic seeks to enhance detoxification via the liver and bile ducts by stimulating increased activity of the bodys enzyme system. The intent is to cleanse the body and improve liver function.Coffee enemas involve the opening of the bile ducts which helps the liver to release toxins and cleanse itself as reported in Healing The Gerson Way.

A standard colonic seeks to enhance the cleansing of the bowel and the colon without the reported detoxification process stimulated by a coffee colonic.When having a coffee colonic the 500-700 mls. is absorbed into the bowel and held for 12-15 minutes midway through the session.

The reported process is that caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into the enterohepatic circulatory system enhancing toxins to travel to the liver for detoxification rather than circulating through the rest of the body.The intent is that by reducing toxins in the body the liver is able to process more easily toxins that maybe accumulated in other; organs, tissue and bloodstream.Whilst there is conflicting medical opinion about the benefit of coffee colonics, the Gerson Institute promotes the Gerson therapy approach to healing developed by German-American physician Max Gerson, as a means to promote healing and detoxification of the body.

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Coffee Enemas Are Not Suitable For Everyone

Enemas of any description should not be used during pregnancy. Some people are very sensitive to caffeine.

Some people have a genetic variation which means they cannot detoxify caffeine efficiently. Other people, particularly people with adrenal fatigue / M.E., can find coffee enemas too stimulating.

Coffee enemas would also be contraindicated with diarrhoea; heart, kidney or respiratory failure; inflammatory bowel diseases; removal of part of the colon or intestines; high blood pressure and post-surgery unless under supervision from a qualified naturopathic nutritionist.

Whilst absorption of caffeine is minimal with a coffee enema in comparison to drinking caffeine, there is still some absorption taking place.

Its also important to make sure you are well hydrated, i.e. you are drinking 4 pints a day of still, pure water read my blog on hydration for more information on the best way to get yourself hydrated. Coffee enemas can be quite dehydrating on the body so are really not a good idea until you have your hydration levels up.

If you are unsure how you react to coffee, start very slowly with a teaspoon of coffee in your coffee solution. If you react ok to this, you can then start to slowly increase a teaspoon at a time.

Dangers And Side Effects Of Coffee Enemas

About Coffee Enemas

It is best to talk with a health care professional before you perform a coffee enema, especially if you have had complications with enemas in the past. A doctor can help supervise and direct you through the process for your first time.

The reason behind this is to make sure the coffee enema recipe is made correctly and performed safely. Pregnant woman and children may be particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine and therefore it is not recommended.

  • Tears in the colon or rectum
  • Dehydration
  • Infection
  • Burns and irritation
  • Death;- While rare, according to Mayo Clinic and the U.S National Cancer Institute some deaths have been attributed to coffee enemas. In particular, they can be most dangerous to those who are allergic to coffee.

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Who Should Consider Getting A Coffee Enema

There arent any official medical guidelines about who should get a coffee enema.

According to an article by alternative medicine physician Linda L. Isaacs, M.D., people are continually exposed to toxic chemicals and pollutants in food, air, and water. As a result, she believes that anyone may benefit from coffee enemas as a way to help stimulate the liver to rid the body of these waste materials and pollutants.

Coffee enemas may be used as an alternative to stimulant laxatives to cleanse the bowel for a video capsule endoscopy. A 2014

What Is The Best Kit To Use

There are several different types of enema buckets to use, such as a thick, red rubber bag, a plastic bucket, a glass bucket, and a stainless steel bucket.

However, based on my experience, I use and recommend a stainless steel bucket for the following reasons:

  • The most recommended enema equipment is the stainless steel enema bucket, due to its non-toxicity and ability to be sterilized and cleaned.
  • Plastic enema bags can leech toxins into your enema water.
  • Most plastic enema bags are made in China and are not BPA-free.
  • Stainless steel enema buckets are BPA-free.
  • Medical grade silicone enema tubing is the highest grade and safest enema tubing you can buy.
  • Food-grade PVC enema tubing is also safe to use for enemas, but cannot be cleaned as easily.
  • PureLife medical-grade silicone enema tubing can be sterilized in boiling water.
  • There are many different shaped enema nozzles to insert.;; The basic nozzle is called a straight-in enema nozzle.
  • A colon tube, or enema catheter, or rectal catheter is for reaching higher up into the colon for a higher cleansing.

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Evidence For And Against The Use Of Coffee Enemas

Several studies have been carried out to investigate the use of coffee enemas.

A study published in Clinical Nutrition Research in 2014 studied the use of coffee enemas in preparation for video capsule endoscopy, which allows a doctor to view the inner portions of the gut.

Researchers divided the studys 34 participants into two groups. The first group received a coffee enema plus polyethylene glycol and the second group received just polyethylene glycol.

The researchers found there was no difference between the two groups in terms of visibility of the first portion of the small bowel. However, the doctors found that visibility of the middle and lower segments of the small intestine was better in the participants who had been given the coffee enema.

An article published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology detailed a case of inflammation of the colon and rectum from a Korean female who used coffee enemas.

The 60-year-old woman had used a traditional preparation of 2 tablespoons of roasted, ground coffee mixed with 1 liter of water. She cooled the water and used the mixture as an enema. After about 24 hours, she began to experience rectal bleeding and pain.

The authors pointed out that coffee enemas had also caused reported cases of death due to electrolyte imbalances as well as bacterial infection after frequent coffee enemas. They concluded by saying Coffee enema has no proven benefit and carries considerable risk of provoking unwanted complications.

Benefits Of Coffee Enemas For Males

How Im using coffee enemas to reduce fatigue, brain fog ...

There are probably a ton of reasons you should try a coffee enema. What Ive tried to include are the biggies for men.

1. Eases bloating and improves overall digestion.

2. Helps eliminate parasites, including shigella.

3. Reduces level of toxicity levels by nearly 600%.

4. Improves mental clarity and lifts overall mood.

5. Reduces incidence of reoccurring depression & anxiety.

6. Assists the liver with detoxification and repair.

7. Helps the immune system, particularly for HIV+ persons.

8. Helps the colon move stool more efficiently through the rectum.

9. Assists the large intestine heal itself from extended backups.

10. Offers a warm, pleasant and refreshing anal experience.

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Why & What Is An Aloe Vera Enema

An Aloe Vera enema is ideally suited to any inflammatory condition within the digestive system. Aloe Vera is a moisturiser and soother so its presence in the enema can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the colon*.

On completion there is often a feeling of calmness and a positive effect on the skin*

Why You Should Consider A Warm Coffee Enema

For years, I suffered from chronic constipation and found myself getting nowhere through traditional medicine. In fact, between the daily glasses of Metamucil and synthetic drugs prescribed by my doctor, I felt miserable.

The worst part was not being able to bottom. You see as a gay man, Ive always enjoyed doing this, particularly when Im involved in an intimate relationship.

Tired of having to abstain, I decided to my own research and take a holistic approach to regularity.

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Along the way, I discovered the powerful benefits of a coffee enema in helping rid my colon of stool while promoting many other health benefits.

When youre bound up for too long, you run the risk of developing diverticulitis; a condition where tiny pouches in the colons lining forms. Ive experienced this and can tell you its no fun.

One of the great things about coffee enemas is they help to flush out the colon while stopping diverticulitis from occurring in the first place.

Ive written this coffee enema guide for men and women for these reasons and many more. My hope is to create a go to source that you can turn to in an easy to follow format.

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Coffee Enema: A Tragically Foolish Way To Die

Coffee enemas consist of the administration of warm coffee via the rectum into a patients intestines. They are popular, not least because they cause profuse bowel movements and thus lead to immediate relief of constipation and therefore to short-lasting weight loss.

Coffee enemas are promoted for detox under the erroneous assumption that that the content of our colon is toxic, an obsolete theory known as autointoxication. Other notions assume that coffee enemas have beneficial antioxidant effects or stimulate the liver. Supporters of coffee enemas also claim they are effective treatments for:

  • boosting immunity
  • excreting parasites from the digestive tract
  • removing heavy metals from the body
  • alleviating depression
  • treating cancer

Coffee enemas can cause adverse reactions some of which can be severe and have even caused fatalities:

  • electrolyte imbalances
  • dehydration
  • bowel perforation

This new systematic review was conducted to investigate the safety and effectiveness of self-administered coffee enema and to provide evidence about its benefits and risks.

Nine case reports that describe adverse events were identified and included in the analysis. The reported problems included:

  • colitis,
  • cardiorespitatory arrest, followed by death,
  • hepatic failure, followed by death,
  • vomiting, dyspnoea, followed by death.

No study reporting on the effectiveness of coffee enema was found.

Can Coffee Be Used To Do Enemas

COFFEE ENEMA Procedure To Beat Diseases – How To Make A Coffee Enema for BEST Results – PART 1

Are you skeptic about your health? Do you have consistent or frequent constipation? Are you having faulty digestion? Do you want to reset your body health to the optimum? Do you often get an intestinal infection? Are you looking for the methods of detoxification? How to cleanse your liver and gut? If you have any of the given questions; you need to know about the coffee enema.

Coffee enema means injecting the coffee liquid in the colon through a tube, retaining it for 20-30 minutes and then flushing it out. It is a form of hydrotherapy where water carries the mixed coffee in the gut where it gets absorbed to starts its cleansing purpose.

Coffee enemas have been used by physicians and surgeons since late 80s for a number of clinical benefits. While looking for cancer treatment options, the coffee enema was brought into consideration as it has already been used in traditional medicine for gut healing. In 1884, it was included in the famous Merck Manual. Then, the first article on coffee enema was published in 1866 that implied the use of coffee enema in treating a child with accidental poison intake. In the same times; it was used for postoperative patients with abdominal surgeries, accidental poisoning and intoxication.

What is the Purpose of Coffee Enema?

How Did it Become Popular? The Dr. Gerson Therapy

Why is Coffee Enema Different Than Drinking Coffee?

What is Required for Coffee Enema?

Following are the essentials for preparing a coffee enema:

  • Gloves and lubricant
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