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What’s The Newest Keurig Coffee Maker

It’s Lacking An Automatic Pod Disposal

NEW Keurig 2.0 Review, the Good & the Bad!

I wish there was an automatic pod disposal system, which is common among Keurigs competitors. When I do use pod coffee makers, I like to collect the used pods in one place and do the recycling altogether instead of piecemeal. As it stands, I have to manually take out each pod thats done brewing and theres no convenient place to keep them.

Why Would You Need One

What makes Keurig machines such a popular choice is the fact that they can give users hot coffee fast without sacrificing too much flavor. Plus, the machines are reliable, simple to use, and pretty low maintenance.

Granted, you wont get the same precise control over your brew that drip machines or a French press would give you. However, what a Keurig coffee maker can guarantee is consistency, convenience, and speed. Plus with around 160 flavors to choose from, youre bound to find some that you enjoy.

Keurig coffee-making machines will brew in under one minute an essential consideration for those who need their morning caffeine fix in a hurry. Even better, many Keurig machines are fully programmable, so you can set your coffee maker to deliver your early morning cup of joe before you even get out of bed.

Of course, if you want high-quality specialty coffees such as latte, cappuccino, and espresso, you may need to research semi- super-automatic espresso brewing systems. However, these machines are significantly more expensive than most Keurig brewers and might not suit your budget.

Other important considerations are ease of use, ease of cleaning, and ongoing maintenance. A Keurig is a whole lot easier to manage than an espresso machine on all counts.

The Difference Between A Drip Brewer And A Keurig

A Keurig and a drip coffee maker are two very different things. The first difference is that the keurig uses capsules, which can be expensive to buy in large quantities for those who subscribe or it might not always be available at your local grocery store so if you use them regularly then this could become an issue since theres no way around purchasing new ones on occasion also these machines usually need replacement filters after about six months because they dont brew as well when old-so keep up with trying out different brands. Whereas iced brewed tea/coffee comes from water mixed directly into hot tea/coffee, which can be bad for your health when you drink hot liquids in very cold weather.

A drip brewer is a much better choice because it makes tea or coffee thats already cooled down to the optimal temperature so you dont need to worry about receiving an injury from drinking something really scalding hot also these machines are usually much cheaper than the Keurig and they dont use up as many resources either. Theyre also more versatile since you can brew anything thats hot like tea, cocoa or soup its not limited to just coffee!

The main difference is that a drip brewer uses paper filters, which are easy on your wallet but bad for the environment since theyre not biodegradable however the Keurig requires little plastic cups to be placed at just the right depth for each type of drink so its not very eco-friendly either.

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How To Use A Keurig Coffee Maker Quieter

Keurig coffee makers are a great way to get a quick cup of coffee in the morning. But some of their models can be quite noisy. If your coffee maker loudly rattles or walks on the kitchen countertop, here are some easy ways to reduce the noise.

Try placing a corkboard, mouse pad, or cutting board under the coffee maker to reduce the noise.

You can also turn the unit over and check the feet on the bottom. Some models have the black rubber feet not touching the countertop, rather, the hard plastic frame that supports the unit. This could be the part of creating the loud sounds.

Purchase silicone cabinet door bumpers from a home improvement store. Install them as soft feet to cushion the bottom of the unit and reduce the noise.

If it comes to the worse case that you can really fix the noise of your Keurig coffee brewer, you can get one of these quietest Keurig coffee maker machines in this guide to save yourself all the trouble.

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Keurig K2500 Plumbed Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker

Kitchen Keurig K

If youre looking for a Keurig that is suitable for an office or doctors office, or you simply hate refilling a water reservoir, then the K2500 Plumbed Single Serve Commercial Coffee Maker is for you. This machine offers a high-resolution color touchscreen with customizable features like the high altitude setting, 5 cup sizes, auto on/off, and programmable sleep mode. It also meets NSF-4 and ANSI cleaning and hygiene standards.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Keurig Brews Too Little Coffee

No caffeine-lover wants a Keurig machine that prepares a small amount of their favorite coffee beverage. Am I right? I know that none of us at Koobies coffee would like that. So why should you make do with it! With that in mind, heres how you can get to the bottom of the issue.

Water line clogging is often the culprit here. When the water line gets clogged, the amount of coffee that comes out of the brewing process is drastically reduced. And water line clogging is a very common problem with Keurig. Its because these water lines are quite fragile.

Another potential reason could be coffee grounds and debris clogging the water line. The solution, in both cases, is very simple.

Run the brewing cycle using only water and not K-cups. Do this a few times. You can even use a needle for taking out all the debris and coffee grounds from the line. After you unclog this water line of your Keurig, your coffee servings are definitely going to be the perfect amount as before.

How Do I Clean My Keurig

Regularly cleaning your Keurig device is the best way to ensure consistent long-term performance. Common issues that arise from lack of upkeep include: the device dispensing too much or too little coffee coffee grounds ending up in your cup the water not getting hot enough and the machine not turning on at all.

Descaling is the most thorough cleaning process for a coffee maker. This is where users remove the mineral residue that builds up inside a machine where it has been contacted by water. The first step in descaling is to empty the water reservoir. Second, pour a mixture of descaling solutionthis can be a product specifically sold for coffee makers or just vinegar you have at homeand water into the reservoir. Third, run the brew cycle until the reservoir is empty and the Add Water light turns on. Finally, its important to rinse or hand-wash various parts of the machine to remove any leftover vinegar or descaling solution. Keurig recommends descaling once every three to six months.

Aside from descaling, users should regularly disassemble and clean individual piecesthe reservoir, lid, mug holder, pod holder, get the best results from their device.

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Smallest And Most Portable Keurig

Maybe you have a small kitchen, a dorm room, or vacation home. Perhaps you like the security of taking your favored brewing method with you when you travel. Then small is best and Keurig has that covered.

K-Mini and K-Mini Plus

Keurigs slimmest brewer is the 5 wide Mini. Highly portable and stylish, this machine will give you the coffee you love in the method you trust just about anywhere.

It comes with a strong brew option, a choice of cup size between 6-12oz, will accommodate a 7 tall travel mug, and is compatible with the My K-Cup universal reusable coffee filter, so you can brew your own ground coffee. The K-Mini Plus is the same machine but comes with a pod storage unit for up to 9 K-Cups and fits in your brewer. .

K10 and K15

The K10 and K15 come in at 6.9 wide, larger than the Mini Plus but still ideal for those looking for compactness. It offers three cup sizes. The K10 is the predecessor of the K15. They look exactly the same, but the K15 comes in a choice of colors: black, red, blue, platinum, and jade.

What Is The Difference Between K

Unboxing Of The New Keurig K Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker

You might think K-Cups and coffee pods are interchangeable, and honestly, thats not such a crazy thought they do look kind of similar. But in actuality, the differences between the two are like night and day. Though both are single servings of ground coffee, pods are usually packaged in filter paper and wrapped in foil for added freshness. K-Cups, on the other hand, use little plastic cups to store your serving of coffee.

Coffee pods arent as compatible with as many machines as K-Cup pods are, you cant use coffee pods in your Keurig brewer and there are fewer options for coffee pods than there are for K-Cups, but when it comes to sustainability, theyre the obvious winner thanks to their typically environmentally-friendly packaging.

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Considerations For Keurig Coffee Makers

First, lets walk through the Keurig machine basics. Keurig captured the public interest as a one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker. The coffee comes in individual serving packs filled with fresh-ground coffee, or other beverage mixes like cocoa powder. These are the K-Cups. Theyre a great way to sample different types of coffee and unique flavors. The cup itself is made up of a plastic layer, a filter layer, and a foil layer to keep the coffee fresh.

The machines themselves keep water in a reservoir, which comes in different sizes depending on the model. When someone wants a single cup of coffee, they add the K-Cup, press the button, and get no-fuss coffee.

According to Keurig, their machines should last for years. As with many products, how well you take care of your machine impacts its lifespan.

A Keurig machine needs maintenance in the form of cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy process.

When the Keurig needs cleaning, a descale indicator light pops up in the message center on many models. That means that calcium and other mineral buildup is high enough to require cleaning. When the indicator activates, you need to run diluted vinegar through the system.

You can also buy products like Dezcal to descale the brewer. However, refer to your owners manual for specific and proper use.

The Best Keurig Machine

  • Weve updated the environmental impact of using a Keurig machine now that Keurig pods are recyclable .

We hate to break it to you, but after more than 20 hours spent researching and testing Keurig machines, we dont recommend them for anyone. Keurig machines brew expensive coffee that we didnt find particularly strong or tasty. And they often break within warranty, all while taking a toll on the environment. A Keurig also doesnt save you much time, shaving just a few minutes off other single-cup brewing setups. If you absolutely must get one, the Keurig K-Classic was the best model we tried. But you dont really need a Keurig machine.

We understand why Keurig appeals to so many people: Its easy to use and lets you choose from a huge variety of blends and flavors every time you make a cup of coffee. But a Nespresso machine offers a similar experience with better-tasting coffee and a smaller environmental impact. And other methods of brewing coffee, such as a pour-over, French press, or regular old coffee maker, cost less and taste much better than either Keurig or Nespresso, for just a bit more effort. With so many options available, we recommend you buy literally any other setup before you buy a Keurig.

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Keurig Commercial Coffee Makers

The convenience, speed, and clean-up ease of K-Cup brewers is especially appealing in a commercial context. It lets retailers and offices offer hassle-free refreshments to their customers. These days, youll see Keurig machines everywhere, from hotel lobbies to the waiting area in your mechanics garage.

Keurigs commercial offerings range from compact in-room machines for hotels and motels to massive multi-drink bean-to-cup models that can be used in restaurants and convenience stores. Whatever kind of business you operate, one of Keurigs many commercial brewers is sure to fit your needs.

Complete List Of Keurig K Series Commercial Brewers

Top 10 best keurig orange coffee maker 2018

Keurig K130

  • Dimensions: 13.8″W x 15.3″D x 15.3″H
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Other Features: Ability to brew cafe-style beverages with froth button, brew over ice function, 24 hour digital programmable clock, Auto-On/Off
  • MyBrew technology reads the capsule you inserted and pulls up the proper temperature and other brew settings
  • Capable of brewing up to 16 oz coffees plus tea and hot cocoa K-Cups
  • Large 60 oz water reservoir
  • Discontinued model and product line
  • Compatible with K-Mug and K-Vue pods, which Keurig no longer produces, so why own a Vue machine if you can only brew K-Cup pods?
  • Locks out unlicensed Keurig pods

Keurig Vue V600

  • Dimensions: 10.1″W x 11.8″D x 12.5″H
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Other Features: Ability to brew cafe-style beverages with froth button, brew over ice function, 24 hour digital programmable clock, Auto-On/Off, comes with K-Vue variety box
  • MyBrew technology reads the capsule you inserted and pulls up the proper temperature and other brew settings
  • Capable of brewing up to 18 oz coffees plus tea and hot cocoa K-Cups
  • Comes with K-Vue variety box
  • Discontinued model and product line
  • Compatible with K-Mug and K-Vue pods, which Keurig no longer produces, so why own a Vue machine if you can only brew K-Cup pods?
  • Locks out unlicensed Keurig pods

Keurig Vue V700

Essentially, they’re the smallest, most basic way to get access to Keurig’s K-Carafe brew size.

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What Are The Different Types Of K

K-Cups come in more than 60 brands and there are hundreds of varieties available. Most of these are different roasts and flavors of coffee. These days, you dont have to rely on national chains, either. Some small craft roasters offer K-Cups, too.

You can also make other beverages with a Keurig coffee brewer, even if you dont have the latte frother addition. Tea and hot chocolate are the most popular coffee alternatives you can brew in a Keurig. There are even K-Cups for drinks like apple cider and chai lattes.

When Your Keurig Stops Brewing Coffee

This one seems obvious. When a coffee maker stops making coffee, it is broken. You could try and have it repaired. I applaud that. Repairing an otherwise perfectly good machine is a great way to reduce waste and help protect the environment.

But getting your coffee maker repaired might not be the most economically efficient option. Keurig coffee makers are not easily fixed. As with many consumption goods today, the Keurig is designed to be built as efficiently as possible. They were not necessarily built to last a lifetime. Im not saying these are bad machines. Because they are not. They are excellent for what they are. Repairability just isnt the most important thing when the Keurig coffee makers are designed.

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Complete List Of Keurig K300 Series Brewers

Keurig K300

  • Comes with carafe, K-Cup/K-Carafe variety pack, and water filter kit
  • Discontinued model
  • Part of the Keurig 2.0 series, which has pod-scanning system to lock out unlicensed K-Cup pods
  • Compatible with K-Mug and K-Carafe pods, which Keurig no longer produces, so why get a pod-based carafe brewer when you can only use K-Cup pods?
  • Doesn’t come with reusable Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup

Keurig K Series Commercial Overview

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker Setup Instructions

Keurig’s K commercial brewers come in 4 different series:

  • K130: Hospitality brewer designed to be compact and easy-to-use for hotel and vacation rental guests
  • K140: OfficePRO brewers designed for heavy daily use in office environments
  • K150: Customer-facing brewers designed for medium-traffic settings
  • K3000SE: Customer-facing brewer that requires direct water hookup and compatible with a coin charger

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Keurig Wont Brew Coffee Properly

It can be devastating when you insert the most delicious K-cup only to find a little bit of coffee has been brewed. A clogged Keurig is the most probable cause of the compromised quality and quantity of your brew. Here is troubleshooting for your Keurig that wont brew properly:

  • Debris and scales build-up blocking the internal pipes and water lines.
  • Over time, your Keurig can get clogged with scale if you use hard water to brew coffee all the time. The scales are mineral-based deposits and they eventually make your machine to stop functioning normally. On the flip side, if the water is too lacking in minerals, your machine may struggle to function properly as well.

    You can avoid this by using the best water treatments.

    • Softened water Softened water contains high levels of sodium and bicarbonate ions and is useful in preventing scale build-up.
    • Ultra-pure water- Also known as reverse osmosis, this water treatment method involves passing hard water through minute holes under high pressure. Large particles like copper, sodium, magnesium and fluoride remain behind as the water is filtered through. The only downside to this method is that it produces water with no minerals that can make you an overly acidic and unbalanced cup of coffee.

    You can try to fix the clogging problem by: brewing a few rounds of coffee without a K-cup. This will allow the system to get flushed with water to remove any gunk or scaling.

  • Air bubbles in the water lines.
  • Insufficient warm up time
  • Keurig B60 Special Edition Buyer’s Guide

    The Keurig B60 truly was a Special Edition brewer when it was first released in 2013.

    Well, it isn’t 2013 anymore. While you can still find B60 brewers on Amazon, eBay, or other online marketplaces, we recommend you go with Keurig’s new-and-improved K-Classic.

    How does the K-Classic compare?

    • Same 6, 8, and 10 oz brew sizes
    • Same 48 oz water reservoir
    • Same features
    • No LCD messaging center, using LED indicator lights instead
    • Slightly narrower 9.8″ width vs the B60’s 10.1″

    If it’s basically the same thing, what makes the K-Classic new-and-improved?

    Feature-wise, nothing. But it’s built using brewing technology and parts that are 7 years younger. That means better performance, better reliability, and better coffee.

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