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Where To Buy Batdorf And Bronson Coffee

Gettin Schooled On Coffee With Ren:

Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Presentation

Single Origin Coffee All beans came from the same region / farm.

Blend If the name sounds a little crazy , it is most likely a blend. Blend coffees because different coffees have different flavor profiles. They are a combination of single origin, and the final product is more delightful that having them by themselves.

Burr Grinder If you dont have a burr grinder at home, then it is better off to grind your beans at the grocery. This is the only grinder that properly ensures the best grind for optimal flavor.

Fair Trade This refers to the farmers being part of a cooperative of Co-op that charges fees that often times the farmer cannot afford. This negates the entire purpose of Fair Trade.

Direct Trade The coffee roaster has an agreement with the farmer with no middle man involved. This ensures that they really get a fair price for their work in the coffee farming business.

Degas Just roasted coffee has a grassy taste. If you wait a couple days the essence goes away. Batdorf and Bronson roasts their beans and only sends them out after one to two days, giving the coffee proper time to degas.

What kind of grind is the best for my coffee? Drip coffee medium grind, French Press coarse grind, Espresso very fine grind. If coffee is too finely ground and used in the wrong kind of process, it makes your coffee bitter. Espresso is only in contact with water for 20-25 seconds. Coffee for French Press is contact with water for about four minutes.

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Batdorf & Bronson Coffee

I’m just now getting to be more particular about my coffee. A couple months ago when my generic drip machine broke, I bought a $5 pour-over cup and Hario grinder. I’ve been pouring out of a glass measuring cup and using grocery store bought beans with decent results but I’m stepping up my game.

I’m waiting for UPS to deliver a V60 and Hario kettle today, and I just discovered that Batdorf & Bronson is literally a 2 minute drive from my place so I just picked up a bag of their Dancing Goats blend . They actually had everything I needed in there…v60s, filters, Aeropress, french presses etc which is good to know. They also gave me a free cup of some Costa Rican blend that is pretty good. The coffee itself was $12 for 12oz.

I’m just sitting around now, excited for my gear to show up so I continue on this journey for the perfect cup! Has anyone here tried this company before? How did you like it?

Batdorf And Bronson Coffee Roasters Is 30 Ren Doughty Invited Us To Tour The Facility And Find Out Whats Kept Them Successful For Three Decades

If youve dined at many of the fine restaurants in Atlanta and had coffee, youve probably drank Batdorf and Bronson coffee. They source coffee beans from farmers in about 17 countries across the globe. Batdorf and Bronson was started in 1986 by Dick Batdorf and Sharon Bronson. Though they are no longer involved in the business, their core ethos have remained intact. Batdorf and Bronson continues to produce outstanding quality coffees for restaurants and doing so while treating their employees and vendors with incredibly high standards.

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Why We Know Youll Love Our Coffees

Discover Your Next Favorite

Exclusive coffees, award-winning roasters, endless variety: Bean Box is your all-access pass to the very best artisan coffees. Discover new roasters, enjoy small-batch microlots from across the globe, and transform your morning cup.

Expert Curation

Let us be your guide. Every Bean Box coffee is chosen by our curator Maryna Gray, a juror with the prestigious Cup of Excellence. With her expertise, and your sense of adventure, its never been easier to dive into the world of specialty coffee.

Freshness You Can Taste

No ifs, ands, buts, or old beans: quality and freshness are our core values. Every Bean Box coffee gift is packaged with love in Seattle, and delivered fast– so you can enjoy every cup at peak flavor. Guaranteed.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

Batdorf and Bronson. Love you mwah...

650 North Ave NE Ponce City Market

  • 435 W Peachtree St

Nearby Arts & Attractions

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Dancing Goats Is Our Best

INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans


Featuring coffees from each of the worlds growing regions, East Africa, Central America, and Indonesia, Dancing Goats® blend is our most versatile coffee blend, performing well as both a brewed coffee and in all espresso applications.


This bold and toasty blend is dark, smooth and sweet, with a beautiful floral aroma. Exceptionally clean and balanced acidity accompanies a heavy body and pronounced nuttiness reminiscent of almonds. The sweetness is predominantly chocolate but includes hints of caramel. The flavor of fresh citrus fruits emerges from beneath the sweet spice notes in the finish.

  • 18g In / 27g Out
  • 24-26 seconds
  • 200 Fahrenheit

Coffee 101 At Batdorf & Bronson

Even if you havent heard of Batdorf & Bronson coffee, youve probably had their coffee before. Batdorf & Bronson coffee is served at many of the fine Atlanta restaurants you eat at every day. Id heard about Coffee 101 through Atlanta Culinary Tours, but Id not yet been on the tour myself. A group of friends and I were invited to a Coffee 101 class recently. And it was pretty eye-opening.

I really cant tell you about Coffee 101 without telling you about Jason Dominy. Jason does these really cool things called coffee ambushes. Hell go to a business and just start brewing his coffee . Gradually people come in, sit down and listen to his story of why his coffee is so much better than the stuff they have been brewing. Pretty soon, hes giving them lessons on how to brew the perfect cup of joe. Neat, huh?

I dont want to give away too much of the class, otherwise it would spoil it and you really should go. Jason is a terrific guy doing fantastic things, and I can tell you my synopsis wont even come close to doing Coffee 101 justice. Basically during the class, Jason educated us on the history of coffee, the process, regions where it comes from and how they differ.

Jason shared with us that the cheaper National brands you find at the grocer wont tell you when they were roasted because it has been so long. Hint: it is much longer than 30 days. And dont even get him started on Starbucks, which he refers to as Charbucks.

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Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Knows The People Behind Its Coffee

Olympia may not have the proper climate to grow coffee, but we do our share of roasting and drinking it. Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters continues its history of investing in relationships with coffee growers and producers across the globe. These long-term friendships add another layer of flavor and depth to the numerous coffees available by the cup or bag of beans. Coffee drinkers are an essential link in this line of relationships, each person absorbing the benefits of years of attention.

When you get coffee at Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, you know what you are going to get. Our customers appreciate that consistency, notes Bob Benck, Batdorf & Bronsons Coffee Roasters coffee buyer who has been part of the team for almost 25 years. There are both continuing and rotating varieties, but each element is highly scrutinized to ensure just the right taste. We have taken that consistency seriously.

Consider for a moment the complicated business of buying coffee. Crop yield and taste are influenced by the weather , and plant diseases, such as leaf rust, appear. International currencies fluctuate. The on-going world pandemic has influenced supply lines and new roads to success are being paved. Every purchase is unique. Decisions must be made without the aid of a crystal ball. Other considerations involve fair pricing to all the hands that touch the coffee before it arrives in your cup.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters / Dancing Goats Coffee Bars

Interview With Ren Doughty

New Toys: Stanley Pour-Over

How did you get into coffee? I grew up in a family that never drank coffee. As I got older I developed an appreciation for coffee. I eventually started working for Starbucks. I worked at Starbucks for years, and was promoted into a job that had me on the road 20 days a month, which I grew tired of. Plus, you cant have the best quality coffee when you are buying for 200,00 stores. I knew it was time to make a move to a smaller coffee producer.

Whats something most people dont know about Starbucks? Starbucks original sales strategy was to sell equipment to brew your own tea and coffee at home. It was only in the mid 1980s that they changed their format.

How did you connect with Batdorf and Bronson? I competed in coffee competitions at Batdorf and Bronson. These are comprised of about 50 people who are friends and work for different coffee companies. We are coffee enthusiasts at heart. I would think nothing of helping a colleague come up with a unique coffee blend.

Taste our coffee, meet our people. Batdorf and Bronsons Philosophy

Why did you choose to come work there? I really like their philosophy. The marketing philosophy is Taste our coffee. Meet our people. Another slogan that we have around here is Not every pot is meant to brew Batdorf. We put people first and want to serve the local restaurants while caring for the environment.

L: Unroasted beans, R: Elvis oversees coffee production at Batdorf and Bronson

The coffee roasting process at Batdorf and Bronson

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Roasted When You Order To Ensure Freshness

Freshness Matters. That’s why when you order online, your coffee is roasted by our artisan roasters the next morning in Olympia, WA or Atlanta, GA and is packaged and shipped the same day. When your coffee arrives on your doorstep it is fresh and ready to be brewed into the best cup of coffee possible.

Batdorf And Bronson Coffee Ambush Cnn Newsroom

Whats a coffee ambush, exactly? Its when a bunch of passionate coffee experts come together to drop knowledge and meld minds across the workplaces of America. Communities blend, doors are kicked down , and lives are changed, or at least the part in peoples lives where they make and drink coffee. It looks like a lot of fun and them boys at Batdorf and Bronson were at it again this week.

Interns couldnt hold back the onslaught when Batdorf ambushed the CNN Newsroom and Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Armed with whisks, Abid Clevers, scales, Nicaragua Finca Santa Gema, Colombia Estrella Del Sur, and Guatemala Finca El Valle, baristas Chandler, Alex, Ren, Logan, and Jason ambushed the living heck out of a bunch of busy newsmen and women.

We sat down with Jason Dominy, the longtime Batdorf rabblerouser behind these ambush tactics, and had a conversation with him about the whole rigamarole.

Jason Dominy, tell us in your words what a coffee ambush is.

Coffee Ambush is a unique way to spend a morning manual brewing coffee for an office full of folks, along the way being able to share knowledge of coffee in general, how best to brew it at home, and where to find proper specialty coffee around Atlanta

To date, how many ambushes have you organized?Hmmhold on. 26.


Some I didnt do videos for. You can see all the videos and some of the other places here.

Tell us about your favorite ambush. Take us there.

That sounds heavenly. Thank you, Jason.

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Meet The Multitasker My Signature Coffee Blendfrom The Folks At Batdorf & Bronson

Designed for brewing via multiple methods from pour over to electric drip, mocha pot, or French press, this is as close to a multitasking coffee as I can get. While all the beans are harvested from the same variety of tree , the differences in terroir, that is where and how theyre grown, harvested, and processed means each brings distinct characteristics to the cup.

So, heres the parts list: 60% Nicaraguan, 25% Costa Rica, and 15% Sumatra.

To preserve the beans individuality, were only roasting them to full city so theyre not as dark as say an espresso roast, and yet, they still make darned fine espresso. My favorite method: a simple pour over, and heres the recipe.

To me the flavor reminds me of toffee, black cherries, toasted sesame seeds, and just a dash of old library book in a good way.

Where We Began

Batdorf &  Bronson Coffee Roasters Introduces a Sustainable ...


  • Dick Batdorf & Shannon Bronson open the doors at 513 Capitol Way, being the first specialty coffee roaster in Olympia, WA.
  • Gardner’s Seafood & Pasta Restaurant is Batdorf & Bronson® Coffee Roasters first wholesale account.


  • Larry & Cherie Challain open Dancing Goats Espresso Company, a coffeehouse on 4th Ave in downtown Olympia, featuring Batdorf & Bronson® coffees.
  • The first overseas Mail Order is shipped to a customer in Somalia.

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