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Brita Water Filter Espresso Machine

Brita Aquagusto Water Filter Features

Installing a Brita C150 water filter with Pierro Coffee Machines

Real Savings Protect your Equipment and minimise downtime.

Easy to Install Design for practicality and ease of use. Simple and immediate filtration.

Eco-Friendly The cartridges are recyclable to reduce the carbon footprint.

Proven Technology With Trusted expertise in water filtration, Brita offers better tasting coffee.

Better Taste in the Cup The secret ingredient to good coffee? Great Water. With enhanced coffee flavour, aroma & appearance.

Which Size Brita Filter Should We Buy

The correct filter size will depend on the level of temporary hardness present in the water supply. The level of hardness and the volume of water used determine how long filtration is effective for. For example a Purity C500 cartridge will filter 4000 litres of water in an average area. However it will effectively filter 2000 Litres in a hard water area.

Therefore the length of time the filter lasts ultimately decides the best size to buy. The best way to gauge usage is by using a water hardness test kit. This kit will help to gain a true level of understanding regarding filtration needs. Testing will give evidence of the levels of harness present. Consequently the decision is made easier as a result.

Correct filtration means espresso machines live longer. Also helps to make better espresso.Do not underestimate the importance of water quality in espresso. Its is a mistake to ignore this advice.

Further information from research, instructions and a guide, can be found on the blog. Testing water for carbonate hardness.

As a very rough guide the following list demonstrates typical use and application.

Choosing A Filter For Your Home And Espresso Machine

When selecting a water filter for your coffee machine, three key areas of filter performance should be taken into consideration:

  • Sediment reduction removal of algal spores as well as small particles of dirt, sand and rust will protect the flow path of your machine. It will also prevent the boiler from accumulating sediment which can form a sludge which acts as a catalyst for scale development- and theres your answer to the age old question: Why do I need a filter?
  • Chemical reduction reduction of chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines which will negatively affect the taste of espresso as well as having detrimental effects on stainless steel boilers
  • Total hardness reduction: This refers to the presence of Magnesium and Calcium salts in the water. Some of these salts can precipitate to form scale. This scale coats boiler surfaces elements, valves, solenoids, gicleurs and water flow paths. Scale buildup can adversely affect water temperature, pressure, steam performance, water flow rate and taste. Whilst scale can be removed by chemically descaling the machine, minimising the accumulation of scale with the use of appropriate filtration will dramatically slow the rate of accumulation. Descaling requires the use of acid and this acid will ultimately degrade the thin copper tubing used to link machine components. We do not recommend routine descaling, rather the use of appropriate filtration.
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    Why Does Water Matter So Much When Brewing Coffee

    Think about how coffee is made.

    Beans + water = coffee.

    Your coffee contains around 98.75% water and 1.25% dissolved solids .

    The tap water in our homes contains a myriad of minerals, chemicals, and gasesthe amounts of each vary depending on your location and water source. This means you can brew the same coffee with different types of water and get contrasting flavors every time.

    With this in mind, its easy to see why coffee brewed with water at your local coffee shop will taste different when brewed using the tap water at your home.

    The Best Water For Coffee Our Conclusion

    Brita C150 Water Filter Kit with PLV for Coffee Machines  Barista ...


    One thing is for sure, and that is that coffee is about 98% water so how can it not affect its taste.

    The reason we felt the need to write this article was partly because so many people complain about their coffees taste, and yet many people overlook the water as the main cause.

    On the contrary, water is at the top of the list for probably causes of bad tasting coffee.

    How does one deal with this issue? Filtration is one answer, and from there it depends on if you want to spring for a Brita and give that a try, or just go all the way and install an RO filter in your home.

    Ultimately, in the quest for better tasting coffee, starting with great water is imperative and so getting that looked after ASAP we think is a great idea.

    Happy coffee drinking!

    About Bryan Albuquerque

    Bryan Albuquerque is a coffee lover and vaping advocate who writes reviews and information about coffee accessories and KYG. A former coffee addict, Bryan traded his morning fix for an electronic cigarette in an effort to quit smoking, and has never looked back. Hes dedicated to helping others make the switch to vaping, and believes that its one of the best decisions anyone can make for their health.

    Thoughts on What Is The Best Water For Coffee?

    Grinder / Coffee Talk

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    When Do I Not Necessarily Need To Use A Water Filter In My Super

    A water filter might be essentially redundant if you live somewhere that already has soft water. If you have a water softening system installed into your houses plumbing, you can probably do without a water filter. Additionally, if your tap water already passes through a water filtering system of some kind, such as a Brita filter, or if you use bottled water, then you also probably dont need a filter.

    Of course, if you do decide to use a filter in any of these situations, it wont hurt anything. Its just not necessary, and doesnt make much sense.

    Brita Water Filters: Protecting Your Espresso Machine From Limescale

    For me, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to limescale. Yes, I know you can descale your machine, but why head down that path if you dont need to? Removing limescale tends not to improve the life of the seals in your machine, it is time consuming, and generally a pain in the butt.

    Note that what Im about to write doesnt specifically address the highly technical debate about the optimal composition of water for espresso, or indeed coffee in general. This has been addressed by Jim Schulman online already, fully supported with a detailed discussion of the chemistry at work. His recommendation for those of us wishing to just make some great coffee and get on with our lives was to use Volvic water. Readily available in numerous countries, relatively economical, wont scale your machine, and an acceptable taste for coffee . So, Volvic provides a practical solution, which we thoroughly endorse.

    Volvic brings the added benefit of standardisation, reducing a variable from the coffee equation. This allows you as a customer to know that we have optimised the roast using Volvic water and to use the very same water in your machine, eliminating a significant variable from the equation. This makes it easier for you to taste the coffee the same way as we did. Given that a cup of coffee is probably something like 98% water we think this is quite important.

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    Q: How Can I Protect My Equipment

    Easy by following the advice Im about to give you.

    Its no secret that water can ruin your coffee equipment . An overabundance of minerals can build up and wreak havoc on your equipment. Cleaning your machines can be a good idea, but distilled water for coffee machines, or other proper filtration options for your coffee water, can also be a preventative of future chaos.

    What Is The Best Water For Coffee

    How to Change Britta C150 Water Filter on Commercial Espresso Machine

    by Bryan Albuquerque

    One thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to making a damn fine cup of coffee is the thing that would seem to be the most obvious: the water!

    Any barista will tell you that the quality of your water is going to be key in the flavor of the coffee youre making.

    Using bad-tasting water? Expect to get bad-tasting coffee.

    Tap water, which often doesnt taste very good in a lot of locations, is a common culprit for ruining what might be an otherwise tasty cup of coffee.

    What Is The Best Water For Coffee

    Also, the water you use, depending on whats in it mineral-wise, can really affect the equipment you use to brew your coffee as well.

    Too many minerals in the water have been known to afflict all sort of different coffee gear, as you have probably experienced yourself if youve spent years brewing coffee or tea.

    The wrong water can ruin your equipment.

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    What Do The Cartridges Filter

    The water filters for coffee machine we supply are the Brita brand. The reason these are supplied is simple. They work. Not only do Brita filters help reduce temporary hardness in the water. They also reduce lead, copper and chlorine. As well as many forms of bacteria.

    The cartridges need a head to connect to. Once installed the cartridge is easy to change. The head does not need to be replaced, unless broken. Every Litre of water which passes through becomes less harmful in use. Brita filtration 4 stage model is proven technology.

    Third Wave Water Is Sca Standard Water On

    Instead of using a simple Brita pitcher, coffee shops use commercial-grade water filtration systems to ensure their customers enjoy the best cup of coffee possible. But customers dont have this luxury at home.

    A team of coffee pros wanted to bring this experience into the homes of customers and created Third Wave Water, a perfect blend of dehydrated minerals ideal for brewing coffee with. This blend of minerals was developed with the SCAs water quality standards and consumer tastes in mind.

    To use Third Wave Waters products, pour the packet of minerals into reverse osmosis or distilled water and shake until dissolved. Remember, these types of water are considered pure and free of minerals. So, youre starting with 100% H20 and adding just the right amount of minerals you need to brew the best tasting coffee at home or on the road.

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    Q: What About Distilled Water For Coffee Machines

    So, hard water seems alright, but has its problems. Soft water is a bad idea. Can you make coffee with distilled water, then? Once again the debate continues regarding whether distilled water is good for coffee or not. However, the truth is, its just not as simple as a yes or no answer.

    The reality is that straight-up distilled water can create a pretty sucky cup of coffee.Why? Its missing the minerals!

    Thats right. The very minerals filtered out of distilled water in bulk are actually needed in smaller amounts in order to get that ideal coffee taste. However, distillation can actually be part of the process of getting the perfect coffee water. You just might need to doctor up that water a bit as one final step.

    Distilling water is something you can do at home, as you can see below.

    You should know by now, however, that this is a painstakingly long process. If you choose to go the distilled water route, its worth getting an automatic water distiller.

    Before we move on, though, lets take a quick look at reverse osmosis.

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    Ispring Rcc7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

    Clarence Water Filters Australia
    Ispring Rcc7 High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System And Ultimate Water Softener-Wqa Gold Seal Certified, White

    If you want a more dramatic and permanent solution to this problem weve been talking about, maybe its time to look at something like a reverse osmosis filtration system, like the one pictured left, AKA the iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

    This elaborate water filtration system will cost you roughly $180 on most online stores, and one thing we can say for sure is that it has a great reputation according to our research on this product.

    In fact, it has a reputation where people really have nothing but good things to say about it. Pretty amazing for such a complicated looking device!

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    The Types Of Filters Available

    There are plenty of water filters available. BRITA water filters use a combination of alkaline water filter, ion exchange filter, and activated carbon water filter systems. For professional use, the Quell and Finest filters are tailored to reduce water hardness and protect professional machinery.

    Tap-mounted filters mean you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of filtered water, straight from the water source. In a busy environment like a café, this kind of automated water filtration system is ideal, as opposed to other home water filters.

    Home baristas can filter their water as well, of course. While a tap filter may be right for your home, sometimes an under-sink filter system is right. Many opt for water filtering jugs that they can use to keep their clean and healthy water ready for their next brew.

    The best way to better coffee flavour and coffee taste is with the right water. And the best water is the water you filter to suit your needs.

    For more information, see our products here or contact our friendly BRITA Professional Customer Service team today.

    Water Filters For Coffee Machines Cartridge Size And Typical Application

  • Purity C50 Small bean to cup or prosumer espresso machine.
  • Purity C150 Small to Medium bean to cup or 1 group commercial espresso machine.
  • Purity C300 Medium bean to cup or 1 group commercial espresso machine.
  • Purity C500 Medium bean to cup or 2 group commercial espresso machine.
  • Purity C1100 Medium to large bean to cup or busy 2 group commercial espresso machine. Also for a 3 group espresso machine as standard.
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    Philips Saeco Brita Intenza+ Water Filter Cartridge

    The best water for a more tasteful coffee

    The innovative BRITA INTENZA+ water filter cartridge has been specially developed to protect your valuable Philips Saeco espresso machine against limescale. It filters the water, intensifying the aroma and pure taste of your coffee. See all benefits

    The best water for a more tasteful coffee

    The innovative BRITA INTENZA+ water filter cartridge has been specially developed to protect your valuable Philips Saeco espresso machine against limescale. It filters the water, intensifying the aroma and pure taste of your coffee. See all benefits

    This product qualifies for VAT relief

    If you’re eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, you can claim it on this product. The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Look for full details in your shopping basket.

    Reverse Osmosis Water Can Work Wonders For Coffee

    Gaggia Saeco Brita Filter Installation

    Now while the information Paul gives us here may be true in some cases, we do not agree that you shouldnt use it for the purposes of making better tasting coffee.

    When it comes to the iSpring RCC7 water filter, many buyers have spoken out specifically to compliment how well they feel this water combines with ground coffee to give them their own ultimate cup of joe, which sort of flies in the face of saying that RO water isnt going to make your coffee any better.

    ISpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

    The iSpring RCC7 certainly is one of the best-reviewed, best-rated products for its price range weve seen on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter, and theres no doubt that it is a keeper when it comes to filtering water which is delicious.

    Now, will it pass the T.D.S. test weve been going on about in terms of having the right mineral count for your daily cup of coffee? That all depends where you come from, and what the waters like in the first place.

    Depending on such factors, having a complete water filtration system like the iSpring RCC7, or a similarly excellent system, might be just what you need to give you the ability to make top notch espresso and coffee at home.

    It is a pretty big investment, but if you really value your coffee , this could be the solution youre looking for.

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    Using A Water Filter For Better Flavour

    The biggest factors in water flavour are calcium and magnesium, though chlorine can play a factor in the flavour of drinking water as well. Water quality can vary based on location and environment. You might notice that your water tastes different if you move to a new region. With that in mind, the best way for a café or home barista to take control of their water is by filtering it with the right BRITA water filter for your location.

    A water filter system can reduce contaminants that you want to eliminate from your water. Drinking water is healthy for consumption, but a filter can remove impurities provide greater flavour and a better coffee consumption experience. There’s a delicate balance of minerals that leads to the best flavour from filtered water, and the best tasting coffee.

    The Australian environment itself plays into that delicate balance. Things like drought or bushfires can affect the water in the environment. That makes water filtration more important here than in other places for the perfect espresso.

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