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What Shape Coffee Table For Sectional

Standard Sizes For Sectional Sofas

How do coffee tables fit in with sectional sofas?

If youre interested in something a piece of furniture a bit larger than the standard sofa, a sectional might be a good option to complement your coffee table and other living room furniture.

Sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes and can vary from seating three to a seven seater sofa depending on how many additional sections you add to a customizable option. Their measurements can also vary widely as sectionals come in a range of sizes and shapes. Lets look at a few common options.

Equal Sides Sectionals

Sectionals with equal sides typically come with five seats and average dimension of 95 inches by 95 inches with seat depths varying from 37 inches to 40 inches.

Chaise Sectionals

Chaise sectionals, one of the most popular, have an average depth of 37 inches to 40 inches with varying lengths depending on the number of total seats. However, a typical seven seat chaise sectional is 195 inches to 215 inches long.

Three-Seater Sectionals

The three seater sectional sofa is 37 inches to 40 inches deep and 78 to 88 inches long. Seat height can varies

Wondering about seat height? Most couches range from 15 to 20 inches from floor to cushion top, with 17-18 inches being the standard.

What Is The Height Of A Coffee Table

So now you know how much length of table you want. But with length, hight is also playing a major role to choose the right coffee table.

You may be surprised to know that more than 500 people search this question every month in different ways on Google,

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Maybe you have the same question, Right? , So

  • The height of your coffee table should be about even with the height of your sofa seat or one to two-inch lower.
  • the standard height of a coffee table is 16 to 18 inches.
  • but as I mentioned earlier if you are a working person or you like to eat with your favorite show on T.V, then choose a coffee table with three to four-inch higher then the sofa seat.

So, if your sofa is 96-inch long and 20-inch tall then your coffee table should be around 50-64 inches long and 18 to 24 inches tall.

And with this knowledge of the right size and height, Congratulation your 70% work is complete now.

How Far Should A Coffee Table Be From Your Sofa

We recommend leaving between 12 and 18 inches between the coffee table and the surrounding seating. While you want the coffee table to be close enough that its functional for people sitting on the sofa, you also want to leave enough space for people to easily navigate around the furniture without bumping into anything. Ready to put this coffee table size guide to good use? Star Furniture has you covered! Browse our huge selection of living room furniture, including occasionals like coffee tables and end tables. In the meantime, check out our interior design blog, where we cover everything from frequently asked questions about living room layouts to living room seating ideas youll love!

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Table In The Corner Of The Room

  • Due to the small footprint of your cocktail table, you might place it in the corner of the room, across from the sectional sofa. Placing the table in a corner area that’s separated from other furnishings provides a place to offer or pour drinks for family and friends. Guests won’t have to maneuver around the sectional sofa or other furniture to get to the cocktail area and will be less likely to spill their drinks. If your cocktail table is square, you can also put it flush against one of the corner walls and put a cabinet or cart with glassware and beverages against the adjacent wall.

  • Square Vs Rectangle Coffee Table

    15 What Shape Coffee Table Goes With A Sectional Sofa Ideas

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    Choosing the right shape of coffee table to go with your sofa is not easy hence we discussed two of the most recommended shapes that are very similar – square and rectangle. Explore their differences and see other coffee table shapes to consider.

    After your sofa, your coffee table is one of the most important features in your living room. But its not easy picking the right coffee table. Whether you have a standard sofa or one with a chaise or sectional, picking out the right shape to match your decor is far easier said than done. So, which should you get, a square or a rectangular coffee table?

    Your coffee table should be fulfilling its function for the living area and blend well with your other furniture. Rectangular coffee tables are better suited for smaller rooms with two sofas facing one another, while square coffee tables work well with larger rooms with more furniture.

    Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, not just squares and rectangles, and when deciding on which shape to get, you need to consider how it will tie your seating area together and its practicality.

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    Best Coffee Table Shapes For Standard Sofas

    If you have a standard sofa, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to picking a coffee table. You can safely go with just about any shape, and its just easier to know where to place it. So, really, it just comes down to preference. Below, youll see how different coffee table shapes work with a standard sofa.

    How Do I Choose A Coffee Table For A Sectional Sofa

    When choosing a coffee table for a sectional sofa, you first have to consider the size and shape of the sofa. This is not as simple as saying fit this sectional sofa into this corner! Each sofa has its own peculiarities which make it different. For example, a corner sofa is long and narrow whereas a love seat is short and broad. Then there are other structural features such as the angle of the base and whether the legs will be curved or straight.

    Once you have decided how big and what shape your new sectional sofa needs to be, then you can start looking at individual pieces. Look at the design of the piece. Is the top made from one solid piece, or is the top made from many smaller ones? Does each piece have a unique design or pattern? These are all important factors in your choice of table.

    As you consider designs, also take into account the textures and materials that the furniture in the room is made from. For example, wood needs to be treated properly to keep it in good condition and a coffee table made from high quality wood will last much longer than a cheaper material. You should also consider the workmanship that went into the construction of the piece.

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    How Do You Choose A Coffee Table For A Sectional

    Though your coffee table needs to fit in with your sectional, it also needs to fit in the rest of the room. This includes style and shape in addition to size. There are countless combinations of these factors, so you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. Before we discuss the best table for each type of sectional, here are a few things to think about in general.

    Do You Need Added Functionality

    How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table

    The level of functionality your coffee table offers depends on how you want to use it. While most coffee tables have a flat surface supported on a base, there are plenty that offer additional features.

    • Look for coffee tables with additional shelves, drawers, or compartments if you need them to double up for storage.
    • Trunks and ottomans can offer lots of storage.
    • Casters and wheels are useful if you need to roll away the coffee table.

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    Corner Sofa Pick: Henn& hart Glass Coffee Table

    • Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 17


    • The frame is not resistant to scratches
    • Takes a while to assemble

    The modern Henn& Hart glass coffee table is inspired by the Hollywood glam and makes a perfect addition to any living room.

    This glass coffee table is available in 3 finishes and it gives you options to choose from to find the best match for your corner sectional sofa.

    Theres a tempered glass top resistant to wear and heat while the shutter provides a lot of storage space.

    Additionally, it offers more than enough surface to place several coffee cups on top.

    The steel frame ensures maximum stability and sturdiness while also looking very luxurious on the other hand.

    Its worth mentioning that the Henn& Hart coffee table comes with a reasonable price tag considering its functionality and the premium materials it is made of.

    Choose Your Materials Carefully

    Lastly, before shopping for your perfect coffee table, pick a few materials that would work well with your lifestyle and your space. Don’t just default to woodthere are so many options out there. Now that glass is out of the question for families with small children, think of other options that could work well for your lifestyle. If you have a small space, a lucite coffee table could be a good option to not visually clutter the room. If you have hardwood floors in a mid-tone color, try staying away from woodand pick something complementary like marble or travertine. Think of whether you’d rather be able to move the piece easily or if you’d rather have it anchor the space permanently. These are all questions that can help you choose the perfect coffee table.

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    Round Coffee Table With Storage

    This powerful table has a solid iron support base that can support up to 300 lbs of items. It even has extra storage to accommodate more items to keep or display. Gorgeous because of its rustic style. It will match any large sectional sofa.

    Pros: rustic solid wood surface solid iron support base super easy to put together heavy-duty and well made.

    Cons: when assembling, the screws would not tighten well.

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    What Kind Of Coffee Table Goes With An L

    15 What Shape Coffee Table Goes With A Sectional Sofa Ideas

    When we think of sectionals, theres no doubt that the L-shaped type is what immediately comes to mind. And if its the style you own, the shape coffee table for an L-shaped sectional is rectangular. This way, you wont have too much negative space in the area with the shorter section of the couch.

    Place the rectangular coffee table parallel to the longer section, but make sure that it wont be longer than the sofa itself. It would be best to familiarize yourself with how tall a sofa table should be so the result stays visually appealing and functional. And finally, note that you dont always need to have the table perfectly centered, especially if youre already providing symmetry with other decorations near the sofa.

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    Be Mindful Of The Height

    There’s nothing more awkward than a coffee table that’s too high or too low. To ensure you feel comfortable in your living space, opt for a coffee table that’s the same height as the cushions on your sofa or one to two inches lower. Any more and you risk the space looking and feeling just a little off.

    Standard Coffee Table Size For Your Space

    Are you feeling overwhelmed with the vast number of coffee table size options and have no idea how to choose the right one? Admittedly, choosing the right table size for your living room isnt the easiest task, but there are some basic rules you can follow to avoid making the wrong decision. Keep reading to find out the right measurements you need when choosing a coffee table for your home as well as my insider tips on selecting the best shape table.

    Dont have time for the whole article reading. Heres a quick answer.

    The average size of a coffee table size should be measured against the surrounding sofas and couches. Typically, its height is 1 2 inches lower than the sofas seat height meanwhile its length should be no more than two-thirds of the sofas length. As such, in a room with a 2-3 seat sofas , an average coffee table size would be around 30 48 inches in length, and 16 18 inches in height. It should have 18 of space from the sofa and 30 clearances from other furniture in the room.

    In This Article

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    Stylish Pick: Convenience Concepts Coffee Table

    • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 18


    • Available in 5 color options


    • Gets scratched easily

    This coffee table with curved cabriole legs boasts both a classic, yet modern look and it is a part of the American Heritage collection.

    It provides a super-convenient surface to place cups of coffee, other beverages, remote controls and decorative objects.

    Plus, it has a bottom shelf that gives extra room for storing other magazines, books and other items.

    Still, note that this low-profile coffee table goes best with low-profile sectional sofas.

    The MDF with solid rubberwood and rich veneer construction makes this coffee table for sectional sofa quite solid and durable.

    And it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble while being very easy to maintain as well.

    When You Shouldnt Buy That Rectangular Coffee Table

    Coffee Table Size, Shape, & Placement Guide | size of table according to sofa

    There are so many things to consider beyond do I like this piece of furniture? when designing a room from scratch, and most people dont consciously consider the shape of furniture they are including in their room. But this is a very important thing to consider, especially if you are working on a small space. Like when you are considering a rectangular coffee table.

    I recently began working with a single professional guy on his Nashville townhouse. While many living rooms I work in are rectangular shaped, this living room is a small square shape. Its open to the dining room, which is a smaller square space. We have decided to do a clean-lined, mid-century inspired sofa with chaise. This will be a much better alternative to the oversized puffy sofa currently in the space! I love the longer bench seat, rather than the traditional three-cushion scenario.

    My client was initially thinking of purchasing a rectangular coffee table one that was large, traditional, and visually heavy. This is similar to what hes been accustomed to seeing with the puffy leather seating he currently owns:

    We discussed how he really needed something smaller, less boxy, and more leggy to increase the sense of space in the small room. Plus, the sofa chaise would already be covering a good deal of the fabulous new rug we were eyeing, and a piece like the one above would obscure that even more. When he saw this rectangular coffee table, he fell for it hard:

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    Other Ways To Choose The Correct Coffee Table Size

    Of course, if you don’t have a tape measure to hand, or don’t want to do the maths, there are easier, much simpler ways to work out whether a particular coffee table works in your living room layout .’If your legs bump against the table when you sit, the space is too narrow. If you have to strain to reach items on the table, its too large. The shape and style of your coffee table will also determine its bulk.’ says Dunford.

    Square Vs Rectangle Coffee Table For Standard Sofas

    Suppose your living room has a floor plan with two identical sofas facing each other. In that case, your best bet is to go for a rectangular coffee table or, better yet, two square tables placed alongside one another for a larger surface area and visual effect.

    Bear in mind that, with standard sofas, you want your coffee tables length to be roughly between to the length of the sofa.

    This is because you have full access to the coffee table from either sofa, and you can also place armchairs or something else to sit on at the short ends of the coffee table.

    Square coffee tables are just too small for the standard living room setup, and you should favor rectangular coffee tables based on practicality alone.

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    Do You Need End Tables With A Sectional

    Do note that coffee tables are not the same as end tables. End tables are the tables you place at each end of the sofa to add visual appeal and also hold items within reach when sitting on the couch. However, you dont need an end table with a sectional because the area might end up looking too crowded.

    Instead, consider plants or lamps on the ends of the sectional. The coffee table close to the seats should suffice. But if you genuinely need an additional place for decorations or for holding items while lounging, try a console table.

    according to your needs and aesthetic preferences for the room instead of lengthening the sectional more with end tables.


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