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Commercial Espresso Machine With Built In Grinder

Do You Recommend Two Group Machines For Coffee Shops With Drive Thrus

Best Built-in Coffee Machines of the year (w/ Grinder & For Espresso)

For drive thrus, it is especially important that you are able to deliver finished products to the customers as quickly as possible. If you dont, you will reduce the likelihood that your customers will return again in the future. Most drive thru coffee shops can be quite busy as many commuters prefer the option of going through a drive thru vs getting out of their cars and going into a building. In order to make drinks as quickly as possible, a large two group machine can work. We recommend something like the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Group Volumetric or the Digit or T3 version would also work well. We also recommend upgrading one or both steam wands to an auto steam wand so that making milk-based drinks is as easy and quick as possible.

Want A Personalized Commercial Espresso Machine Recommendation

No matter the needs of your coffee-serving establishment, you can feel confident that any of these espresso machines will provide the quality craftsmanship and superior performance that will make your job easierand your customers happier, too.

We know that making a decision on thetype of equipment can be a daunting task. We are here to listen to your needs and help you make the best decision for your business. Please call us at 459-5594 or complete the form below and we will respond on the same day.

The Best Espresso Machines For A Small Business

Updated: February 26, 2022 by Owen Richardson

Choosing an espresso machine for your home is tough enough when it comes to choosing one for your business, that is a whole different ball game. There are so many different machines that you need to check out that it will inevitably take you time and a lot of effort to go over everything. Luckily for you, I have narrowed it down to the seven best espresso machines for small businesses that you need to look into!

Some of these machines are more expensive than others, while some come with more automation than others. Depending on your skill level and the exact type of business you are planning on using the machine for, you should look into the machines on this list and find the perfect one. No matter if you run a coworking space or an actual coffee shop, there will be a machine that will be just right for you.

Stick around to see which machines made their way to this list and what it is that put them here. I am ready to get started whenever you are!


My top pick for the best commercial espresso machine for a small coffee shop is the Breville BES870XL Barista Express. This baby has all the features that you would ever need in an espresso machine, including a bean hopper, grinder, dose control, automatic tamping, steaming wand, and an ergonomic portafilter that can be used with a single- or double-filter basket.


  • Grinder might be somewhat inconsistent

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Breville Bes990xl Oracle Espresso Machine

The Breville BES990XL Oracle is a semi-automatic espresso machine that comes with a large 2.5L water tank and a 225g removable bean hopper. The bean hopper is easy to detach for cleaning. It features a built-in, conical burr grinder with 40 different grind settings. It automatically grinds, stamps, and doses beans. And an advanced automatic milk frother, which can be used manually too.

This espresso machine has a dual boiler that makes it possible to brew and steam milk at the same time. It is worth mentioning that it comes with a pre-infusion feature that slightly soaks the coffee before extraction. Thereby providing for an even and flavorful extraction.

Another great feature of this espresso coffee machine is its customizable self-cleaning steam wand. It allows you to select your desired steamed milk texture. Furthermore, it is equipped with the programmable PID temperature control feature. It can be used to adjust the brew boiler to a temperature of your choice.

This commercial espresso coffee machine comes with a cup warmer feature. What it does is heats the drink without relying on the machines boilers. It has an LCD touch-screen that is used to control various settings. The volume of grinds, pre-infusion, grind settings, shot temperature and anything else now is way easier to adjust.

Key specifications include:

Victoria Arduino White Eagle

Lelit Kate (PL82T)

Beauty and efficiency are combined in the Victoria Arduino White Eagle.

With configurations that come in two- or three-group options, its ideal to grace the counters of larger businesses.

Its volumetric dosing or manual dosing choices make it so more experienced baristas can enjoy more control or beginners can guarantee the same level of quality as their advanced counterparts.

  • Volumetric or Manual Dosing The ability to choose between volumetric or manual dosing can challenge experienced users or boost novices.
  • Cool Touch Wands Cleaning steam wands is no longer risky, with steam wands that are cool to the touch.
  • Reverse Mirror Monitor each drink closely for quality with a reflective back plate that also looks shiny and sleek.
  • Automated Cleanings Closing shop at the end of the day is even quicker with an automated cleaning function that will clean whichever group the user chooses.
  • Raised Group Heads Pour directly into cups of virtually any size, lowering the risk of disturbing the perfect layer of crema at the top of the drink.
  • Shot Timer Theres no need to buy a separate timer, as the White Eagle has built-in shot timers on each group head so each shot can be timed.
  • T3 Technology Temperatures for each group had can be programmed easily by baristas for a higher level of accuracy.

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Adjust The Grind Size

Adjusting your grind size is one of the most critical steps in creating an excellent cup of espresso. If you purchase an espresso machine with a built-in grinder, its important to grind your beans fine and create your espresso within 30 seconds.

If you purchase a separate espresso grinder for your machine, choose a high-quality brand, preferably the same quality as your espresso maker.

Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine

The Solis Barista Perfetta espresso machine is a Swiss-built entry-level machine that will appeal to serious home baristas with a smaller kitchen. However, it offers features usually reserved for a significantly bigger, more expensive machine.

For example, there is an automatic pre-infusion for even extraction and the elimination of channeling. Meanwhile, the adjustable temperature option is similarly rare for an entry-level machine, which you can tweak to suit your coffee roast levels and taste preference. The machine has a professional steam wand for creating foamy milk for cappuccino or microfoam for beautiful latte art.

It also has a manometer, so you can find the perfect grind size by monitoring the bars of pressure with each batch. Another superb feature rare in entry-level machines is a 3-way solenoid valve, which ensures your coffee puck is dry straight after brewing, meaning knocking it out is mess-free. Theres also a quick thermoblock heating element, auto-cool flush, the programmable shot volume, energy-saving and standby modes and all in a sturdy, compact machine.

The Solis Barista Perfetta also has great accessories, including a stainless steel milk jug, water filter cartridge, and pressurized and non-pressurized filter baskets. We have tested this machine and here is our hands-on review of the Solis Barista Perfetta.


  • More expensive than most other entry-level machines

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Other Options We Tested

  • Gevi 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Grinder: This coffee maker is a solid, well-rounded option, but it doesn’t stand out enough to include on the list. Our product tester says it’s easy to use and enjoyed the coffee it brews however, there are alternatives at a similar or even cheaper price that offer the same performance.
  • Chefman Grind and Brew Coffee Maker: While the affordable price tag and compact design are appealing, this little brewer didn’t perform well enough in our testing process to recommend it. It’s hard to clean and the blade grinder doesn’t noticeably improve the flavor of the coffee.

Commercial Espresso Machines Faqs

Lelit PL82T Kate Espresso Machine w/ Built-in Grinder

Why are commercial espresso machines so expensive?

The primary reason commercial espresso machines are expensive is that they are designed and constructed to handle heavy workloads from some of the busiest coffee shops and restaurants. They come with durable components like boilers, multiple group heads, as well as pumps.

Which espresso machine type is better for a small coffee shop?

Generally, small coffee shops often have less traffic volume, which in turn means a lesser workload for the machines. Semi-automatic espresso machines with one or two group heads are ideal for small coffee shops and restaurants since they cost less and are more comfortable to operate and clean.

How hard is it to maintain a commercial-grade espresso maker?

Commercial grade espresso machines are designed to be sturdy and durable, making them capable of withstanding heavy workloads. Although there is no single method of maintaining your espresso machine, however, most commercial-grade espresso machines are easy to maintain because they come with the automatic self-cleaning and descaling feature.

Should I install direct plumbing to my espresso machine?

How Much Do Espresso Machines cost?

There is no single price for commercial espresso machines. Such factors as the manufacturer, group heads, boilers, and other features determine the price. Larger Super-automatic espresso machines tend to cost more than the small manual machines.

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Qualities To Look For In A Commercial Coffee Grinder

Commercial coffee grinders focus on serving up a broad aspect but even then, certain features are more prominent than others.

With the right commercial coffee grinder, it is easy to cater to specific needs. Some common qualities or features are for everyone. These are:


Commercial coffee grinders definitely dont come in cheap and this is a great deal of investment for any coffee place owner. These machines come in a wide spectrum of budgets.

The price of a machine is based on the quality, efficiency, and technological advancement of a machine.

Expensive coffee grinders dont just concentrate on grinding but also work on keeping the flavor of the coffee beans intact.

The size of the motor, the type of burr in the grinder, the size of the grinder this is important when it comes to pricing. Cheap commercial coffee grinders have a short lifespan with low-quality parts.

Dosing Options

Large volume cafes need to brew quite often, so it is a hassle to have to grind for every shot. Better to ground it at the beginning of service and keep on serving shot after shot without any major delay.

This is possible if grinders have a built-in chute to store ground coffee, known as doser. Primarily the purpose of doser is to serve the right amount of ground coffee for every shot.

Note: Doserless grinders are a great option for low-intensity cafes.



Precision and Consistency

Ease of Use

Ease of Cleaning

Bezzera Magica Best For Catering Or Espresso Carts


Bezzera was the first company to patent an espresso machine in the early 1900s, and their over-a-century of experience is clear in the quality of their products. The Bezzera Magica combines the best of classic, time-tested elements with modern, practical features, making it an ideal addition to your home or small commercial set-up.

The Magica uses the industry-standard E61 group head coupled with a copper heat exchange boiler, so you can pull a shot and steam milk at the same time. Two gauges on the front panel allow you to monitor boiler and pump pressure, making it easy to achieve consistent results. Its a semi-automatic machine, so it does require a bit more barista skill and attention than an automatic.

The steam and hot water wands are operated with joysticks rather than knobs, which is more ergonomic in a commercial setting when youll be making a lot of consecutive drinks.

The casing is a mirror-polished stainless steel. Not only does this add a touch of glamor to your set-up, but its ultra durable, which is important if you plan on regularly transporting it to and from gigs.

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Do You Want A Water Tank Direct Connect Or Switchable Espresso Machine

A good way of narrowing down the numerous espresso machine options is by deciding whether you want a machine with a water tank or with direct water line connect or both. Some machines are switchable so if you want a machine with a water tank, but plan to have the option to direct connect in the future, these types of machines would be a good choice for you. Water tank only machines tend to be lowest cost than direct connect machines because they cost less to make. For direct connection, more robust components are needed to handle the constant water line pressure, including rotary vane or magnetic gear pumps. Most water tank only espresso machines use vibratory pumps which cost a lot less to produce.

Estimate The Number Of Drinks Per Day And More Importantly Per Hour

Commercial Espresso Machine with Integral Grinder

A good place to start the commercial espresso machine search is by coming up with an estimate of how many drinks per hour you will need to make with the espresso machine. If this is a start up business, one way of doing this is by going to other local coffee shops or businesses that sell coffee and estimate how many drinks they are doing. This estimate will help determine the size of the espresso machine that would best fit your business.

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The Best Espresso Machines You Can Buy Today

The Breville Bambino Plus impressed us in our testing, consistently producing high quality espresso and offering an excellent automatic milk frother for that extra professional finishing touch. It’s difficult to produce a bad coffee from this particular espresso machine, and with a speedy three second heat up time you’ll be enjoying a fantastically brewed shot in no time at all.

Like many of the best espresso machines, you can adjust the espresso settings for a shorter or longer shot, however the adjustable pre-infusion settings here are particularly impressive. Similarly, being able to customize both the temperature and texture of the milk while also automatically steaming luscious micro-foam was a particular draw in our testing.

Some reviewers note that the portafilter that holds the filter with ground coffee can stick after you pull a shot, an issue we’ve also experienced on occasion. Users who love to be hands-on may balk at trading customization of each cup for consistency, but most people will find the compromise worth the guarantee that youâll get the same rich, nuanced drink every time.

The water tank holds about a quart of water or enough for many cups of espresso and can be removed from the machine to be filled at the sink. Thanks to its compact size this machine wonât hog too much of your precious countertop space. All in all, this is a great model if you want a really good cup of coffee and donât care too much about lots of bells and whistles.

Why You Should Trust Us

As a former lead barista with 10 years of experience in high-volume coffee shops in New York City and Boston, I know what is integral to making an ideal espresso and latte, and I understand the obstacles that can hinder even the most skilled barista from crafting the perfect cup. In those years, I also learned to identify subtle variations in coffee flavors and milk texture, skills that have come in handy throughout multiple iterations of this guide.

While researching this guide, I read articles, blog posts, and reviews by coffee experts, and watched product demo videos from sites such as Seattle Coffee Gear and Whole Latte Love . For our 2021 update, I interviewed ChiSum Ngai and Kaleena Teoh of Coffee Project NY in New York City. It started as a standalone coffee shop, but later expanded into a roastery and coffee-education company with three additional outpoststhe Queens location is the state’s only Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus. In addition, I interviewed other lead baristas, as well as product experts for the beverage category at Breville, for previous updates. This guide also builds on earlier work by Cale Guthrie Weissman.

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Is A Commercial Coffee Grinder Worth It

Good commercial coffee grinders are worth every penny. A café would have its own acquired brew taste with a grinder to churn up freshly ground coffee.

For coffee place owners this is a must-buy. Coffee lovers would appreciate a fresh-tasting coffee over stale coffee.

Besides, a café caters to different types of coffee lovers, and a café must serve and do more than whats average. Grind size for different styles of coffee varies, a good grinder can grind in variations without wasting any product.

Why Should You Buy A New Commercial Espresso Machine For A Small Coffee Shop

REVIEW Amazon Commercial Barista Espresso Machine with Grinder HOW TO USE

If youre opening a small coffee shop or downsizing your business, you may want to consider a small commercial espresso machine option. Theyre more affordable than large commercial machines, they take up less space, and they can still perform most of the same functions.

Is a Commercial Espresso Machine for a Small Coffee Shop Worth Buying?

  • Theyre compact: Commercial coffee machines for a small coffee shop will take up much less space. They feature many of the same components that you need to make great espresso, but sit conveniently on your counter without getting in the way.
  • Theyre affordable: Smaller espresso machines cost less. They have fewer groups and steam arms, enabling them to sell for much less than a larger commercial machine.
  • Theyre certified: Small commercial espresso machines are still certified, so you can ensure that the espresso youre serving not only tastes great, but came from a machine thats safe.
  • Theyre versatile: With 1-2 groups and 1-2 steam arms, you can serve more than just espresso. You can froth milk to create signature and artisan beverages that everyone will enjoy.
  • You dont need a direct water source: For shops that simply dont have access to a water line and dont want to pay the money to install one, small commercial espresso makers often offer models with water reservoirs, so you dont need to worry about a direct water source to the machine.

Why a Commercial Espresso Machine for a Small Coffee Shop May Not Be For You

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