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What Can I Drink Instead Of Coffee For Acid Reflux

Dark Roasting For Balance

Acid Reflux and Coffee

Contrary to what might seem to be true, it is the dark roast varieties that may be the coffee that’s easiest on the stomach. The 2014 study showed that a dark roast, compared to a medium roast, has increased NMP content and decreased chlorogenic acid content.

For those looking for a coffee easier on the stomach, a dark roast, which may have fewer of the compounds that increase stomach acid and more of the chemicals that decrease stomach acid, is going to offer the greatest chance of a coffee that doesnt cause symptoms.

Best Ways To Make Coffee Less Acidic

Acidic drinks dont sit well with everyone. If you have medical conditions like ulcers, then you may feel like you have to give up your morning beverage.

Some coffee lovers even develop sensitive stomachs out of nowhere, making coffee drinking a thing of the past. You dont need to give up coffee though, in fact, by picking up coffee that is less acidic, you even gain some health benefits.

Below is everything you need to know about coffee acidity and how to get a low acid coffee.

Drinking Coffee On A Full Stomach

Coffee on an empty stomach giving you a funny tummy? Then youll want to know the best breakfast foods to eat with coffee.

First off, why not try breaking the fast with some alkaline or less acidic foods to reduce the overall acidity of your meal? Healthy breakfast foods like avocado and eggs can be a top alkaline pairing to coffee and will help to take the acidity down a notch. Fibre-rich wholegrain foods like brown bread and porridge can also help to combat the symptoms of acid reflux. We see avo on toast coming on

Embrace a milk moustache and include some calcium in your breakfast, too. This will help to neutralize stomach acid and the acid found naturally in your coffee. We all know that milk and yoghurt are high in calcium, but did you know that almonds, kale, chia seeds and malted brown bread are also good sources?

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Which One Is Worth Drinking

While coffee may give you your morning pick me up, caffeine can actually irritate your acid reflux and make GERD worse. While the science is sketchy and theres little concrete evidence linking GERD and caffeine consumption, there does seem to be a trend in GERD being aggravated by drinking coffee. Along with spicy food, alcohol intake, and stress, eliminating these potential triggers could help you get to the root cause.

Drinking herbal tea is a much safer option as many of these teas have soothing properties to help heal the stomach rather than irritate it. Cut down heartburn and coat your stomach in soothing goodness by skipping the coffee and turning to certain kinds of herbal tea.

Drinks That Can Prevent Acid Reflux

Have Acid Reflux? Dont Stop Drinking Coffee

Managing and controlling the signs and symptoms of acid reflux or GERD is all about avoiding those substances that trigger the condition. Since acid reflux occurs right after you have consumed your food, it is quite simple to narrow down items that induce such a condition.

If you are searching for what to drink in acid reflux? here we discuss certain simple yet effective drinks for acid reflux that you can consume and get instant relief.

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Drinking Coffee In The Morning

We all like a coffee in the morning. Its our sippable alarm clock, the get-up-an-go elixir that sees us out the door. Whats its secret? Why does coffee wake us up in a way that, say, cornflakes, just dont?

Let us introduce you to adenosine. By decreasing the rate at which nerve cells fire, this important body chemical makes us feel sleepy. The shape of caffeine molecules is pretty similar to that of adenosine molecules. This doppelganger likeness means the caffeine can bond with the brain receptors instead of adenosine. Caffeine gives nerve cells a boost rather than putting them on slow-mo and this, coffee lovers, is why your morning coffee wakes you up.

Tips To Brew Coffee That Won’t Irritate Your Stomach

Some studies have linked coffee consumption to certain health benefits. However, coffee doesnt always love peoples digestive systems.

In fact, some studies say it could lead to symptoms such as heartburn or dyspepsia, acid indigestion, and reflux. Generally, that’s because coffee causes an increase in stomach acid. This leaves people who enjoy coffee looking for solutions to this problem.

Heres where researchers step in to look for answers. Scientists have broken down which compounds are found in coffee and whether they can be adjusted in order to make a more palatable brew. Could drinking certain varieties of coffee cut down on some of the stomach issues experienced by coffee lovers?

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Inadvertent Low Acid Coffee

Inadvertent low acid coffee refers to coffees that are naturally low in acid. As a rule, coffee thats grown at low elevations tends to be low in acid. The soil in coffee producing nations such as Brazil, Sumatra, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico naturally yields beans with low acid content.

Its also possible to reduce the acid content of coffee by mixing the grounds with a stomach-soothing powder. Alkalizing products like this are effective in reducing the acidity of the brew, but they do interfere with the flavor.

Is Decaf Coffee Better Than Regular Caffeinated Brews On An Acid Reflux Diet


One study showed that people with GERD, the chronic form of acid reflux, suffer fewer episodes of heartburn, and less severe episodes of heartburn, if they choose to drink decaffeinated coffee or tea instead of regular coffee or tea . Another study indicated that decaf coffee still leads to acid production, potentially triggering heartburn, however .

Low acid brands of coffee that could be compatible with an acid reflux diet and hep you get rid of heartburn include Puroast Coffee, Don Pablo Cafe, Volcanica Coffee, and Java Planet.

If you’d like to try low acid coffee for yourself, we’d suggest you keep a simple food journal to note what you eat and drink and when you get heartburn. After a while, you will figure out whether or not a certain coffee causes episodes of acid reflux. If it doesn’t, you can keep it. While you go through this “experiment”, it’s best to not change anything else about your diet if you want to test whether your new coffee is helping in a semi-scientific way.

Meanwhile, also keep in mind that coffee, decaf or not, is less likely to give you heartburn if you consume it with a meal than if you drink it on its own and on an empty stomach . Chewing gum after you’re finished with your meal or drink has likewise been shown to be one of the most effective natural heartburn remedies, so we’d encourage you to try this out as well .

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Beware Of Bottled Green Tea

Another property of green tea and other teas made from the Camellia sinensis leaf that can be bad for reflux is acidity. Acidic beverages irritate the esophageal lining on contact, so they can be particularly bothersome if your esophagus is already irritated or inflamed from acid reflux.

While normal brewed green tea is actually quite low in acid, green tea that comes in a bottle is another matter. Most bottled green teas are fortified with an acid preservative such as ascorbic acid, which can increase symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, according to a January 2018 article published by theKorean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology. Some bottled teas are also flavored with citrus juices, making them more acidic.

Can You Drink Coffee If You Have Acid Reflux

If you regularly experience acid reflux, coffee may aggravate your acid reflux symptoms. If your doctor has put you on a low acid diet due to gastroesophageal reflux disease or other digestive disorders, you may still be able to enjoy coffee by switching to a less acidic coffee. Please consult with your doctor before switching to low acid coffee as an alternative to standard coffee.

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How To Quit Coffee With A Reflux Specialist

Creating a plan to lessen your heartburn can take a lot of work and dedication. And sometimes its hard to do it on your own. Make the journey easier by talking to a reflux specialist here at the Tampa Bay Reflux Center! Well help you create a personalized plan to pinpoint the root cause of your heartburn , and advise you on the best treatment even if that means helping you learn how to stop drinking coffee! Give us a call to set up your consultation today!

Treated Low Acid Coffee

11 Types of Food You Can

Treated low acid coffee refers to coffee thats produced using special processing techniques to deliberately produce low acid results. For example, Brazilian coffee thats roasted using a very slow or interrupted roasting process will be less acidic. Also, steaming the beans to get rid of their waxy outer coating before roasting has a similar effect.

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What Else Can You Drink If You Have Acid Reflux

Consuming yogurt or cold milk can help you relieve the effects of acid reflux.

Given that coffee can aggravate acid reflux, you can substitute a healthier beverage to meet your daily fluid intake needs while also relieving the effects of the backflow of acid or that burning sensation you feel.

These are drinks you can choose from that wont cause a flare-up of stomach acids:

  • Plain water
  • Ginger tea
  • Yogurt

Its best to stay hydrated throughout the day but avoid consuming large amounts of any drink in one sitting.

Also, avoid drinking fluids late at night except for water and drink water again as soon as you awake to help your stomach neutralize the acids.

Tiemans Fusion Coffee Low Acid Medium Roast

Tiemans Fusion low acid ground coffee is created from 100% Arabica beans sourced from South and Central America. The fusion part in the coffees moniker refers to the addition of Rooibos red tea, goji berry, and Matcha green tea, rendering the finished product near neutral pH and therefore very low in acid.

Also, the coffee contains five times your daily requirement of antioxidants. The Matcha green tea burns stored fat as it creates energy, so you get to enjoy the caffeine boost without the jitters and the dodgy stomach, and you might lose a few inches off your waistline too.

The flavor you can expect is ultra-smooth, and this coffee makes a fabulous French press brew.

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Does Coffee Cause Acid Reflux

Despite the blame game, experts have found no definite link between coffee drinking and gastrointestinal issues. It very much depends on how your body responds to acidic foods. Any food with a pH under seven is considered acidic, so anything from tomatoes to zingy grapefruit could trigger acid reflux. And coffee, just so you know, has an acidity level somewhere between 4.85 and 5.13.

Acid reflux is a diagnosable condition which cant be caused by coffee, but might be triggered by it. But it might also be set off by tomatoes. Or alcohol. Or chocolate. Or It just depends on the person. Were all youuu-nique!

Whatever You Choose Drink Slowly

Are carbonated drinks bad for acid reflux? * healing GERD & LPR *

Avoiding this list of drinks may help you to reduce your reflux symptoms. And no matter what you choose to drink, itâs important to do so slowly. In fact, consuming food quickly has been shown to increase reflux episodes even in healthy people. Drinking slowly is one easy lifestyle modification you can make that may reduce your reflux symptoms.

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Coffee Bean Processing Methods

A coffee bean is actually a seed that resembles a bean. It comes from the red or purple fruit of a coffee plant. There are three methods for processing harvested coffee beans: wet, dry, and semi-dry process methods. Two of these coffee processing methods reduce acid levels in the coffee bean.

Dry Processing Method

The dry process, also known as the natural process or dry natural, is the oldest method of coffee processing where the newly picked fruit from a coffee plant is sorted and dried in the sun over a period of days. The dried fruit is then stored until the outer layers are removed from the coffee bean by a hulling machine.

The dry process produces coffee beans with lower acid levels and sweet, earthy flavors. The dry process, however, does not produce consistent outcomes due to weather conditions and human factors during the drying process.

The dry process is predominantly used in dryer regions due to the lack of water needed for the wet process and semi-dry process.

Wet Processing Method

In the wet process, also known as washed coffee, the coffee fruit is separated from the bean in a washing process before the beans are dried. Coffee beans produced through the wet process have higher acid levels and fruity flavors.

Semi-Dry Processing Method

Will Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach Make Acid Reflux Worse

Should you drink coffee on an empty stomach? Or should you wait till after your toast?

Some say yes, you should wait, because there are no other foods in an empty stomach to stop the acids from damaging the stomach lining. However, no hard-and-fast scientific evidence exists to prove this theory. It depends much more on you and your body. If youve been drinking coffee on an empty stomach for years without a trace of burpiness, then youre probably just fine to continue as you are!

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Prevent Coffee Heartburn By Only Drinking Shade

Did you know there is a difference between Shade-Grown coffee and Sun-Grown coffee? Its not surprising if you dont its not something you hear a lot about. Why? Because Sun-Grown coffee is of poorer quality, and much cheaper to produce!

Many grocery-store coffee blends use sun-grown beans to reduce costs. But, coffee isnt supposed to grow in direct sunlight. By being exposed to the strong rays of the sun, it grows faster hence being much cheaper but it then contains more acidity and bitterness. By clear-cutting the forests and planting coffee in rows like corn it also removes the nutrients from the soil without replacing them and creates soil erosion.

Because they have less acidity, Shade-Grown beans are much less likely to cause problems with coffee heartburn. You should always look for coffee that is labeled as Shade-Grown, to ensure youre getting the smoothest cup without the jitters and to prevent coffee heartburn.

Herbal Teas The Traditional Method

Can I Drink Coffee If I Have Acid Reflux?

Herbal teas are a great drink to cure acid reflux. These tea have been used to cure stomach disorders for a long time. Not only do they promote quick digestion, but they also alleviate the burning sensation in the chest and have a soothing effect on the body.

You can try caffeine free drinks for best results. For instance, teas like chamomile, fennel, and slippery elm tea, serve great drinks to cure acid reflux.

Another notable tea for acid reflux is licorice. It helps in building the coating of mucus around the food, which in turn can help relieve the release of excess acid in the stomach.

How to Use

Making herbal teas to bid farewell to acid reflux is quite simple and convenient. All you have to do is add a spoon of the herb in boiling water and strain it before you consume. You can also add a little bit of honey and lemon to enhance the taste and nullify the bitterness of certain herbs.

To see instant results, it is advised that you have at least 2-3 cups a day.

If you are on any prescribed medication, contact your doctor before consuming these drinks since they might react with a particular medication.

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Tricks For Making Smoother Coffee

A few other changes in your coffee-drinking habits may relieve you of these symptoms and allow you to reap all the health benefits coffee has to offer.

  • Dont drink coffee on an empty stomach.
  • Limit the amount you drink to no more than 3 to 4 cups.
  • Switch from creamer to low fat milk. Or use low sugar almond, soy or oat milk as a creamer.
  • Use a paper filter instead of a metal filter, as paper traps more of the acids that would otherwise flow into your cup.

If heartburn, acid reflux and bloating continue to be a problem, consult with your doctor.

Drinks like matcha, green tea, black tea or kombucha contain caffeine but have different effects on the body.

Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

Our top pick for low acid coffee is Lifeboost Coffee.

The secret behind this low acid bean is that nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Its purely due to its location and the way it is grown.

These Nicaraguan beans are non GMO, fair trade, specialty bean, USDA certified organic, certified Kosher, single-origin , and shade-grown at an elevation above 5700 ft, which is ironic since most low acid coffee is grown at lower elevations.

Shade grown coffee acquires complex, desirable flavors as the coffee cherry has time to properly mature. The fruits natural sugars burst through and add a rich flavor to the final product. Less than 2% of the worlds coffee is shade grown and Lifeboost is at the top of that 2%.

Farmers handpick only the best beans and each bean is not allowed to be picked until it is completely mature. Lifeboost coffee beans are then sun dried to the perfect humidity of 11.5% to ensure there is no mold. Finally the coffee is slow roasted giving you a smooth, chocolatey caramel flavor that is ultra low acid with no bitter aftertaste.

We tested a cup with pH testing strips and it comes out as a pH of 6.

The downside? They are a bit pricey. But, high quality often comes with a price.

Save 40%

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