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How To Decorate With Coffee Table Books

New Interior Design Coffee Table Books

How to Decorate With Random Books on a Coffee Table : Easy Designing & Decorating Tips

Ive selected 15 new interior design coffee table books, from interior books by well known interior designers such as Beata Heuman, Amber Lewis and design duo Pierce & Ward to books from well-known bloggers/instagrammers like Frida Ramstedt , Reena Simon and Rebecca Lawson .

These coffee table books are absolutely packed with interior inspiration that will transport you to beautiful homes and will feed you with knowledge to create your own dream home. Enjoy!

Leave Room For Pieces To Breathe

Lastly, scale is really important. You want to fill the coffee table up with your styled objects but still leave room for day-to-day activity like putting a drink down. You also dont want plant leaves drooping into your drinks, so just keep an eye on that. Leave an adequate gap between your objects and the edge of the coffee table.

OK, weve covered off the general rules, now here are some quick-fire tips on how to style a coffee table thats round, square, rectangle and oval.

Combine Shapes And Textures

Create visual interest in a coffee table display by mixing shapes and textures. Pair curved items with straight, shiny with dull, textured with smooth, and hard with soft. While most of the items in this display from One King’s Lane;are square or rectangular, the burst of shapes that comes from the floral arrangement adds contrasting textures.

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British Designers At Home By Jenny Rose

British Designers at Home is for anyone curious to find out more about designers, and glean ideas and practical information for their own homes. This engaging and visually enticing book profiles over 20 of the most important names in British design and decoration in their own personal spaces.Names include: Alidad; Edward Bulmer; Emma Burns; Nina Campbell; Jane Churchill; Octavia Dickinson; Mike Fisher; Veere Grenney; Beata Heuman; Gavin Houghton; Roger Jones; Kit Kemp; Robert Kime; Rita Konig; Penny Morrison; Paolo Moschino; Wendy Nicholls; Guy Oliver; Colin Orchard; Carlos Sânchez-García; Daniel Slowik; Justin van Breda; Sarah Vanrenen and Philip Vergeylen.Each designer has been profiled and photographed at home alongside details of their working life and the story of how they became interested in design, they talk at length about the house itself and the thinking behind its design and decoration. From the unexpected to that classic British look, this is an exciting look at modern British interiors.

This Is Home: The Art Of Simple Living

Top 10 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Home with Books

This is Home is a practical guide with tons of tips on how to create happy interiors that reflect both your functional needs and style. Its a coffee table book filled with gorgeous pictures of global interiors, but it also is a great guide with tips about budget decorating, finding your decorating style, how to achieve balance in a space, and how to keep your home looking fresh. Get your copy HERE.

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How To Decorate A Coffee Table Like A Pro

Lets talk about how to decorate a coffee table and do it as seamlessly as the pros! Its all about creating a small vignette that can be a mini focal point in your room! All you need are a few items and these savvy tips!

This post contains affiliate links.

I used to feel so out of my element when I tried to style a coffee table! It never looked like the fuzzy, but beautiful image of the styled coffee table I had in my mind!

Im all about finding easy ways to reproduce something over and over. My mantra in so many area of my life is


So I started to pour over coffee table vignettes to see if I could find common elements that made easy and attractive ways to decorate a coffee table. And guess what, I did. I found 5 things that make up most of the most appealing coffee table!

And Im sharing these 5 things in a recipe for how to decorate a fabulous coffee table every single time!

Please remember this, decorating your coffee table is not rocket science. There is really not one way to do it correctly. Its using these 5 easy tips and then getting a bit inspired and creative to add your own personality to your coffee table!

Look around your home and start a collection of coffee table accessories that show off your personality and style!

Corralling Objects With A Tray

Using a beautiful tray on your coffee table helps hide your remotes. All you see at a glance are the books and greenery. Kelly W.

Kellys Coffee Table Book Recommendations

The Fall season is all about Halloween for me, so I love bringing in my Londons Strangest Tales, Scottish Myths & Legends, and Scottish Folk Tales books.

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Play With Varying Shapes

Round coffee tables can be a little tricky. Generally, they look their best when items are arranged in a triangular shape: a stack of books, a tray, and a bowl, for example. Too many square or rectangular items can also make a round surface feel a little off. Playing with a variety of geometric shapes, from circles to hexagons, will help the surface feel more dynamic.

Design The Home You Love By Lee Mayer & Emily Motayed


Interior design can be daunting, and as a result, many of us never even attempt to design our own homes. In Design the Home You Love, Havenly founders Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed break down the ambiguous world of home design. First you learn how to identify your own style and then how to incorporate furniture that matches your style and fits your budget. Design the Home You Love takes you step-by-step and room-by-room through each part of the house to help you fulfill your homes potential.

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Single Low Bowl With Flowers

This post is going to be a lot like this is your life coffee table.

Youll see the same coffee table styled different ways. When I looked back I couldnt believe how many coffee tables Ive styled and this coffee table is so simple and yet its one of my favorites.

You just take a low bowl, crisscross the top with scotch tape and fill it with water and flowers.

Girly Bohemian Decorations For A Luxury Look

A chic bohemian-style look depends on a variety of pieces: some will be new or high-end, and others will be secondhand or inexpensive. You can capture that bohemian style in a more upscale manner by buying all new items but mixing up shapes and textures. Contrast a velvety rectangular couch with a mirrored square coffee table filled with elements like a cylindrical vase, little round glitzy disco balls, and a starburst figurine.

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The Inspiration: Coffee Table Tray Decor

This month, our inspiration photo came from Yvonne at StoneGable who shared her Summer Open House Tour. Its a sight to behold!;

Yvonne always has expert decorating tips and interior design secrets on her blog. I promise youll be glad you visited.

In my vignette below, Ill walk through how I took elements from Yvonnes photo and created my own version using items I already had on hand.

Im a big believer in repurposing objects and accents to revitalize your home without spending moola.

Oasis: Modern Desert Home By Io Tillett Wright

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table with Books

Creatives are drawn in by the extreme landscapes and limited resources of the desert; in fact, theyre inspired by them, and the homes theyve built here prove the power of an oasis. From renovated Airstreams to sprawling, modern stucco, desert has become the new beachfront.In Oasis, artist iO Tillett Wright captures the best of this specific culture that emphasizes living simply, beautifully, and in connection with the earth. He highlights the homes that define this desert mindset, featuring the classics like Georgia OKeefes in Abiquiu, New Mexico, alongside more modern homes such as Michael Barnards Solar House in Marfa, Texas. With Casey Dunns stunning photography, Oasis will transport you to these relaxing refuges, where youll learn what elements create the balance of intentionality, ease, style, and function that these homes exude.

*this post contains affiliate links, for each purchase Ill receive a small fee

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Homebody: A Guide To Creating Spaces You Never Want To Leave

After Fixer Upper first aired in 2013, Joanna Gaines sparked a design revolution with her signature Farmhouse style. In Homebody, she walks you through how to create a home that reflects your;personality, with practical steps for discovering and embracing your own design style. ;Filled with beautiful pictures of Joannas work, this is a great book for anyone who has been a Fixer Upper fan, but also a lovely-looking book for your coffee table or bookshelves. Shop your copy HERE.

Architectural Digest At : A Century Of Style

This simple, elegant-looking coffee table book, has fabulous neutral coloring, and will look gorgeous among a stack of books on your coffee table or bookshelves. Inside, youll find some pictorial history about the magazine itself, but, youll also get to peak inside the private spaces of celebrity homes, and see the work of top designers throughout the years. If youve looked at an Architectural Digest magazine, then you know the type of beautiful full-page pictures that await you in this book. Buy your copy HERE.

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Every Room Should Sing By Beata Heuman

Swedish-born, London-based interior designer Beata Heuman founded her eponymous studio in 2013 after working for Nicky Haslam for nine years. In a short amount of time her lively interiors and custom furnishings have made her one of todays most in-demand creatives. Heumans rooms, colorful spaces enlivened by exuberant elements and poetic inspirations, capture her signature quirkiness and Scandinavian attention to detail while staying rooted in practicality. Lauded for international residential and commercial projects, Heuman has also garnered praise for her growing collection of bespoke fabrics, wallpaper, lighting, homewares, and furniture.Every Room Should Singpresents Heumans innovative approach in book form for the very first time. Organized according to design principle, each chapter offers fresh ways to think about decorating a home, finding your voice, making ordinary details extraordinary, and forging a truly unique space. Vibrant photographs showcase standout propertiesincluding several London town houses and a Nantucket vacation residencethat are brought to life by cheerful color palettes, unexpected contrasts, and a dégagé use of bold patterns and texture. With original drawings and whimsical graphic details, this new tome is a dynamic look into the ethos and work of one of the most exciting names in interior design today.

How To Style Books

Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Decor and Coffee Table Books

Once you have your books in hand, be sure to consider how to style them in your space. You might not need more than one or two books to complete your table. Think about the colors of the books and of course, the sizes. Its a good idea to order 3 or 5 books and then select the best ones for your table based on these two features. You can always use the extra books in other rooms!;

When it comes to arranging the books on your coffee table, it depends on the shape and size of the table itself. If your table is small in size, you might just have room for one stack of objects in the center.

If its rectangular, then you may want to have two or three groups of objects. Two groups creates a nice, symmetrical balance. Three groups will create a more design-approved layout.

A large square coffee table could comfortably fit four groups of accents. I wouldnt recommend going with more than 4 groups of objects to prevent the area from looking cluttered!

Consider working with other objects like a vase of flowers or an oval or rectangular tray to create a balance of diverse objects.;

Layering with different objects like candles, vases, trays, and small accents will add height to your coffee table design.

What your favorite living room books? Let us know any good ones youve found in the comments below!

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Shop Some Of My Favorite Books

Here is my current list of favorite coffee table books if you are looking for an unique gift for someone else or looking to spruce up your coffee or console table with an interesting book:

I also grouped the books below into categories to help you find just what you are interested in, but they are still listed in order as they are featured shown below:


1 THE FINER THINGS: TIMELESS FURNITURE, TEXTILES, & DETAILS I own this one and really love it.The gilded gold outer design is obviously a big win it will easily add style to a table!

2 ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST AT 100: A CENTURY OF STYLEThis really covers it all in terms of style! And a good large, black and white

3 JOSEPH DIRAND: INTERIORA nice white book underneath this cover that looks classy and chic, not to mention the beautiful interior shots inside.

4 LOUIS VUITTON: THE COMPLETE FASHION COLLECTIONS I like this fashion book that is different than what you normally find, yet its still as classic and sophisticated as the fashions inside. And the brown cover is a good neutral to work on a table.


5 WALKER EVANS: AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHSSuch a beautiful book of photography! Any style of home would benefit from this book on a table.

6 SLEEPING BY THE MISSISSIPPIModern and cool new book on my wishlist. Would really work with an eclectic style.

8 SALLY MANN: A THOUSAND CROSSINGSNatural, moody landscape photography this cover is a change from just typical black and white.

Creative Ways To Design A Coffee Table Photo Book

Need ideas for what to do with your old photos? Now that youve digitized them with Legacybox, a photo book is a great way to use old photos or the digital copies.

A photo book on your coffee table sparks conversation and reminds you of all the great memories you and your family have had over the years! One big plus is all your old photographs are actually viewable rather than stored away in a dusty box.

You might be wondering, what is a photo book? A photo book is similar to a scrapbook but with a hard cover binding like a coffee table book. The majority of the content is photographs showcasing a particular event or family album.

A lot of people make photo books online now with websites like Shutterfly and Mixbook. But you can also make one yourself using a hardcover blank book from your craft store.

Before you get started, check out some of these suggestions for creative ways to design a coffee table book.

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Chanel: Collections And Creations

I see this book everywhere!; Its definitely a favorite of both designers and home stagers because of its timeless, traditional vibe, and versatile black and white color. Not only is the book a great decorative piece, but it will take you on a beautiful visual journey, as well. This coffee table book is a true classic! Buy your copy HERE.

Light Up Coffee Table

5 Decoration Tips for Your Coffee Table

Add a bit of ambiance to a coffee table by using candles in a vignette. How pretty!

Im using three-wick candles I got on sale at Pier 1. Its Citrus Cilantro! See it HERE.

But dont be afraid to use a tall candleholder topped off with a chunky candle if you need a little height in your decor.

As you are creating a fabulously decorated coffee table you might want to keep these things in mind too

  • vary height
  • keep a tight color palette
  • edit, edit, edit- dont overcrowd a vignette

These 5 coffee table accessories will help you seamlessly create coffee table decor like a pro

  • 1 basket

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Vanity Fair 100 Years

The simplicity of this book cover makes it a great book for decorating, but the true beauty of this book is the historical journey and groundbreaking imagery youll find inside. Its a stunning collection of visual storytelling that reflects the changes our society has seen over the last century. Buy this big, heavy book for whats on the inside, and use it as the base of your coffee table book stack. Get yours HERE.

The Number One Best Coffee Table Accessories You Can Collect Are Trays

A tray works like magic to corral all the other accessories you will put on your coffee table! And it gives the things you will put on your table some boundaries.

Trays are usually inexpensive and having a few different types of trays will give you lots of variety when you style a coffee table!

Yes, you can style a coffee table without a tray, but a tray adds so much texture and our eyes love trays!

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Style A Console: 2 Ways

For this look, we started by examining the colors in our Valentino Rug and our Portal Art piece both of these pieces have icy blues, taupes, and grays. Those;colors will guide the color palette of our accessories.

First, we;brought in something tall with Bunny Williams Diana Bust which will anchor one side of the console table.;The bust is a smooth, matte marble, while the table is rustic wood. Because these are seemingly opposite materials, it makes the combination of them interesting.

Next, we brought in;a pair of standing sunbursts which lead your eye down and across the top of the table. The round shape works to balance the very angular shape of the console table and square painting. We used this same strategy when picking our Oval Back Louis Side Chairs. Because we already have two very angular pieces, chairs with curves;balance those angles.

On the opposite side of the table, we used two vases of different heights to balance the bust.

Console tables with lower shelves can be tricky because you need items with just the right height to fit on the lower shelf. We used a tall stack of books and two baskets. The baskets are easy catchalls for blankets, pillows, dog toys, or even shoes if theyre near the front door.

Just like our round mirror, our Double Gourd Lamp;lends this great tension to the whole arrangement. Our console table has a rustic wood finish, our mirror has a chippy paint finish, and the lamp adds a new texture a very glossy finish.


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