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Where Is Super Coffee Sold

How Supercoffee Aims To Become The Best Selling Bottled Coffee

9300 fresh eggs sold to local super market and coffee shop !

SuperCoffee provides a healthy alternative to other bottled coffees that are loaded with sugar


SuperCoffee was born from Jordan DeCiccos search for healthier bottled coffee to get through the days and nights as a student athlete. Together with his brothers Jim and Jake, the DeCiccos decided the world needed an alternative to the sugar-filled Frappuccino. In advance of our panel at FounderMade Discovery At Home, I sat down with oldest brother and CEO Jim DeCicco to talk about this journey of launching a CPG and why the time is now for emerging brands.

Dave Knox: I want to start with the backstory of SuperCoffee. When Jordan came to you with the idea for the business, what gave you faith to jump in?

Jim DeCicco: I think it was naivety. I’m not sure it was fate. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. I joke now that if I knew back then what I know today about how difficult it is and the obstacles we had to overcome, I don’t think we would have been able to jump in so bravely. Early on. we knew that we were making a difference on an individual level. Every customer that tried Super Coffee in that first local grocery store in Washington, D. C. said, “Wow, this is a product that I’ve always needed or I am a diabetic and I cannot drink sugary coffee drinks. Thank you so much for changing my routine.” One at a time we were like, this means a lot to some people. And there’s more people like this out there.”

What Happens If Super Coffee Coffee Super Vanilla Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

  • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

Peets Caf Domingo Whole Bean Coffee

The Best Whole Bean Grocery Store Coffee

Roast: Medium

Price: $9.99 per 12-ounce bag

Where to buy it:Online and in most national grocery stores

To be honest, most of the Peets coffee beans youll find at the grocery store are solid contenders . But the Café Domingo blend, made from three Latin American beans, stands out as a great middle-of-the-road, medium-roast coffee, especially if you like your medium roast to taste kind of like a dark roast. By that we mean, its very smooth and medium-bodied, with nutty, chocolatey vibes and an overall balanced taste, but might be too bitter or dark if you prefer a lighter roast. Wed happily take a cup of this over our bougie $5 latte any day.

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Adaptogens Herbs And Supplements For Bulletproof Coffee

  • Collagen peptides I almost ALWAYS include a big scoop of these. I find its an important supplement in my daily routine to help support nail strength, a healthy gut, healthy hair, skin, and joints. I definitely notice a difference in the health of my nails, skin and digestion whenever I fall off the collagen train. While not a complete protein , it does boast a nice array of amino acids that make up the building blocks of our bodies.
  • Maca powder Also known as peruvian ginseng, this herbal supplement has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Well known for its ability to help with certain hormonal imbalances and energy levels.
  • Ashwagandha powder Also known as Indian Ginseng, this well researched herbal supplement has been documented in its ability to improve a stress resistance, anxiety and boost low libido.
  • Medicinal mushrooms This is a broad category of supplements, and includes everything from Chaga to Reishi, and Lions Mane. Each one has different beneficial properties from boosting immunity to increasing focus and physical performance if you want to learn more about the many options the Four Sigmatic Blog has a TON of educational resources available.
  • Turmeric A bright yellow anti-oxidant rich Indian spice that is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Works best when paired with just a tiny bit of black pepper.

Super Coffees The Deciccos

Super Instant Ginseng Coffee Mix

Brothers spreading positive energy nationally from their Austin headquarters

Article by Jennifer Birn

Originally published in Austin Life

Jimmy, Jake and Jordan DeCicco are brothers you should be keeping up withThey are the owners of Super Coffee, the fastest-growing coffee company in America and the third biggest ready-to-drink coffee brand behind Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Like the siblings themselves, the company is built on the premise of spreading positivity and operates on the simple principle, Work hard and be nice to people.

The DeCiccos, all collegiate athletes, started Super Coffee just over six years ago when youngest brother Jordan began mixing coffee concoctions in his dorm room to find a healthy alternative to Starbucks Frapuccinnos. The company is now valued at nearly $400 million and has investors including Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Aaron Rodgers, Baron Davis, Patrick Schwarzenegger and more.

This month Super Coffee was honored as one of Inc Magazine’s top workplaces and opened an 8,000 square foot headquarters in Austin. We caught up with them to learn more about the move and motivation.

What drew you to make Austin your base of operations?

Jimmy: The entrepreneurial energy, the creativity and the collaboration.

Its very Austin of you to be excited to work with similar brands.

What makes Super Coffee so super?

How much sugar have you eliminated from the bodies of consumers?

Youve mentioned converting sugar to energy?

Final thoughts?

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How To Choose The Right Grocery Store Coffee

No matter what type of coffee beans you choose, whether theyre whole, pre-ground or in a brightly colored plastic tub at an impossibly low price, youll get the best flavor if the coffee is fresh. Some brands print a roasted on date on the packaging, but not all do. If you cant find out when the coffee youre buying was roasted, another good way to check the freshness is by looking at the expiration date.

Best Whole Bean Coffee

More often than not, youll find whole bean coffee sold in 10- to 12-ounce bags at the grocery store, but some places also offer them in the bulk section. This is our preferred form of grocery store coffee, for a few key reasons. One, coffee beans rapidly start to lose flavor and freshness the minute you grind them, so buying them in their whole form means theyll last a little longer and are more likely to taste fresh when you buy them. Two, that also means you have the freedom to grind them to your preference and tailor the grounds to your brewing method.

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee In 3 Easy Steps

Creamy and delicious bulletproof coffee is a staple at our house in the mornings! Made with healthy fats and customizable with adaptogens and flavor combos that will bring a little more YUM to your morning cup of joe. Today Im sharing how to make bulletproof coffee in 3 easy steps so you can start your day on the right foot!

Im not gonna lie. Discovering how to make bulletproof coffee in 3 easy steps AT HOME was nothing short of a life changing experience for me.

I had tried it a few times and heard people talk about it for a long time before I made it myself, because somehow it seemed intimidating. Every time I even THOUGHT about making it myself I ended up with more questions than answers.

What even IS bulletproof coffee?

Is bulletproof coffee good for you?

Can you make it hot AND cold?

Do you need a blender to make it?

Is it sweet? Not sweet?

How do you make it so creamy?

What does it taste like?

But mostly how good could coffee with butter and coconut oil even BE?!

Well my friends, after taking a big deep dive into the world of bulletproof coffee Im happy to report that when you make it right, it is indeed very, very good. And not at all hard to make.

Flavor Combinations And Sweetener Options For This 3 Step Bulletproof Coffee

SOLD 1994 Toyota Hiace Super Custom LTD

If you want to add some flavor your bulletproof coffee, the possibilities are literally endless.

Some spices and flavorings that I love are:

  • Cacao or Cocoa powder Anti-oxidant rich and mood boosting.
  • Cinnamon A powerful spice for quelling sugar cravings and balancing blood sugar.
  • CayenneFor a little extra kick! Great paired with cacao and cinnamon for a Mexican Mocha style bulletproof coffee.
  • Vanilla extract A classic cozy flavor enhancer for coffee!
  • Almond extract When paired with coconut butter the addition of almond extract channels some serious birthday cake vibes!
  • Peppermint extract Peppermint extract with a little cacao powder makes a delicious peppermint mocha coffee!

While sweetening your bulletproof coffee is optional, sometimes its nice for a little treat. Especially if youre adding a fair amount of adaptogens, as they can be rather bitter.

Some healthy-ish whole food sweeteners are:

Again many of these adaptogens, sweeteners and flavor additions can also be found on Thrive Market!

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Kitu Super Coffee Enhanced Coffee Beverage 12 Oz

Our Vanilla Super Coffee is anything but basic. We’ve elevated the vanilla notes in this brew with added protein and a splash of MCT oil to provide long-lasting energy. Shake up your coffee routine with a luxurious vanilla taste like no other Vanilla Super Coffee is packed with the protein and MCT oil you need for sustained energy. Can’t find a healthy iced coffee? Vanilla Super Coffee found that perfect balance – rich, but not overpowering sweet, but not added sugary. Super Coffee delivers Posiitive Energy without the Crash: While other bottled coffees load up on added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, Super Coffee combines iced coffee, whey protein, MCT oil and just a touch of monk fruit extract – a protein coffee that you can’t put down. Also the perfect keto coffee for a low carb diet!

  • Contains one 12oz. bottle of delicious Vanilla Super Coffee
  • Sweet & Creamy Ready-to-Drink Vanilla Super Coffee!
  • 0grams of Sugar
  • 10 grams of protein and 0 grams of added sugar!
  • No artificial ingredients or flavors.
  • Black Label Devil Mountain Coffee Company

    Caffeine: 1555 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

    Bean type: Not Listed

    Black Label just may be the worlds most dangerous cup and has blown the competition out of the water with its blend of highly caffeinated beans. People need to be extremely cautious when drinking this one and not only be highly tolerant to caffeine but also have a low sensitivity to the caffeine molecule.

    This organic coffee is

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    Wait You Guys Add Saturated Fat To Your Coffee

    That’s Right!

    Our Super Coffee utilizes healthy fats for fuel! Coconut Oil has become one of the most popular “superfoods” for its powerful good fats, the elusive MCTs . The fast-burning energy source also has some antimicrobial activity, clearing your gut of bad bacteria. MCTs are metabolized very quickly, giving you a fast-acting, sustained energy boost without the crash.

    MCTs have been shown to:

    • stabilize blood-sugar levels

    Pwcs June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey

    Consumer Goods Myanmar Limited

    I think these past five years, weve done a great job with sales execution, and we have good products. Were the third-largest bottled coffee brand in the United States. But we have a lot of work to do when it comes to creating that emotional connection in the minds of consumers, and when it comes to building the brand. Our brand awareness ranking is 4%. That means 96% of Americans have never heard about Super Coffee. The way we look at it: weve got good sales, weve got a lot of traction, we have loyal customers who buy our product. And with that, we have so much opportunity to get the brand out there.

    S+B: Did you see any shifts in terms of sales during the pandemic? Was there more demand for online purchases?DECICCO: Five years ago, beverages were mainly sold in stores. When Bai sold to Dr Pepper in 2017 for $1.7 billion, 3% of Bais sales happened on the internet. Right now, 20% of our revenue is generated online, and 80% is in stores. I imagine keeping that ratio, or maybe even growing e-commerce to 25% or 30% of revenue. But the bottom line is the worldand shopping habitshas changed in these last 18 months. Grocery stores arent going anywhere, so we still need to win there first. But I think we have a lot of work to do to improve our e-commerce and our online business.

    If as a leader youre not clear about where you want to be as an organizationfrom a revenue standpoint, a product standpoint, an ethical standpoint, and a cultural standpointthen youll waver.

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    Does Super Coffee Actually Taste Good

    Plain and simple, yes. Plenty of beverages that are touted as healthy don’t deliver on the taste factor, but in my experience, that’s not the case with Super Coffee. The DeCiccos knew that in order for Super Coffee to work, people had to actually like the taste of the beverage as much as, if not more than, they liked the ingredient list.

    Super Coffee offers four flavors: Creamy Black, Vanilla Bean, Smooth Mocha, and Maple Hazelnut. All are gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, but more importantly super creamy, sweet, and delicious. They’re just indulgent enough, but still manage to be light so you feel fulfilled without going into a food coma. My personal favorite is the Smooth Mocha when poured over ice or sipped straight from the bottle, it tastes like a grown-up version of chocolate milk, making it a delicious upgrade to your plain, black morning coffee.

    Is Bulletproof Coffee Sweet

    Only if you add a sweetener.

    On days where Im feeling a little extra indulgent, or if I have added a lot of bitter adaptogens to my bulletproof, I will add a little bit ofmaple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar.

    But sweeteners can easily be left out of the equation if you want to avoid added sugar and keep this recipe low carb.

    If youre using bulletproof coffee as a part of a low carb / keto protocol then you definitely want to leave out sweeteners.

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    Is Bulletproof Coffee Healthy/good For You

    This depends on a broader question if you generally feel ok consuming caffeine, than mostly likely the answer is yes!

    Even though the fat in bulletproof coffee can slow the way the body processes caffeine, if youre highly sensitive to the effect of caffeine adding fat to your coffee may not change that much.

    If you dont do caffeiene but you really want to give it a try theres always decaf! Or you can bulletproof or boost a matcha latte or another type of tea, instead.

    But if you start with high quality coffee beans and high quality fats then youre doing bulletproof coffee right, and if can be a highly beneficial addition to a healthy diet. Of course anything in excess isnt good one bulletproof coffee a day is a good amount.

    Why Should You Drink Bulletproof Coffee

    KITU Super Coffees New Carmel Creamer / My Keto Journey

    While I dont encourage replacing a meal with a bulletproof coffee, a creamy cup of this stuff is an excellent way to get more nutrient dense, healthy fats into your diet.

    For some, it also helps slow down the absorption of caffeine, and minimize the crash that can come along with a big cup of joe.

    Since its high in good-for-you fats and low in carbs it can not only boost your energy levels but also increase your ability to focus and reduce brain fog.

    If you work out first thing in the morning but dont really like to eat before exercising, bulletproof coffee is definitely your friend. When Im getting movement in before I start work a creamy cup of bulletproof coffee is my favorite way to kick things off.

    It gives me just enough energy to rock a morning workout without feeling lightheaded because I didnt eat first.

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    Is Bulletproof Coffee Hot Or Cold

    It can be made either hot or cold! I generally drink it hot, but you can make a cold version by using MCT oil.

    If you make bulletproof coffee warm you have more options for fat choices.

    MCT oil is the only fat that will work for a cold bulletproof beverage, since it is liquid at room temperature and will stay emulsified with with your coffee even when its cold.

    What Makes Super Amazing Coffee Special

    Nutritionist Approved Formula

    Made with 12 superfoods that are nutritionist approved for natural weight loss. It’s sugar free & safe for diabetics as well as people with high blood pressure.

    Safe, NON-GMO Ingredients

    Proudly made in the USA at a FDA registered facility with natural, NON-GMO ingredients. It’s safe and natural to use! Each coffee is packed with 12 amazing superfoods.

    Tasty, Cocoa Flavor

    Superfoods coffee is made for coffee lovers. It has a smooth and rich, nutty cocoa flavor. Customers love it! It has hints of cocoa and cinnamon and tastes great by itself or with creamer.

    Your Daily Superfood Supply

    Drink 1-3 daily to improve skin, shed pounds, boost brain function, & restore gut health. Combine with Super Amazing Coffee for maximum beauty & weight loss results.

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    Can You Make Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender

    Or do you have to blend bulletproof coffee?

    Well, not technically. But will it taste exponentially better if you do? 100% yes.

    I usually use my blender, but if you dont have one , a great alternative is a battery operated milk frother. is less than $20 and its the best one Ive ever used.

    It also works great for making bulletproof coffee or matcha lattes on the go. Its literally always packed in my suitcase when I go on trips!

    From what I understand you are not supposed to make hot drinks in Magic Bullets, so using that instead of a blender is not recommended, but I havent personally tested it.


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